Cursive in a sentence as a noun

It's more like the way cursive writing used to be -- you won't get far without knowing it.

Its more like older generations of all sorts nailed cursive.

Imagine if at school you were taught how to write cursive while also being taught how to hold the pencil.

If she wrote an article like yours about how email is ruining cursive, she'd have a valid point.

The "drawing" comment was made about why many people's cursive handwriting is so poor.

They're nice machines - I have one with a cursive font that gives me a headache from the hammering noise whenever I use it.

Buginese and Meroitic cursive?> Did you ever visit websites that use glyphs your font doesn't know?Yes?

"In fact, cursive writing is a bit like sex: Youngsters are going to do it whether we like it or not"I think that's ignoring the point.

Cursive in a sentence as an adjective

The premise of the article is that cursive is the natural consequence of writing more efficiently.

The question to whether or not to teach cursive isn't top down, based on some ideological desire of some school administrators.

Except for difficult-to-read cursive scripts, pretty much everything looks fine.

Exactly what does the iconic cursive Coca-Cola script represent?

Certainly cursive is often pretty, and that may lend the claimed aesthetic quality, but readability beats aesthetics for content any day.

So when students need to write cursive script quickly, they don't have enough time to render each letter correctly and consequently they develop their own methods muscle movements, which usually leads to sloppy handwriting.

But your other complaints strike me as either being your own fault for how you used the tool, other people's fault for doing the same bad things that people have been doing forever, or minor differences of opinion about usability... or just lamenting the decline of cursive.

Cursive definitions


rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper

See also: longhand


having successive letter joined together; "cursive script"