How to use Culmination in a sentence as a noun

Can't wait for the culmination of 'The culminationing' and 'culminationmeland'. Dark nights with good telly is luxury! Bx

New blog post: read about the culmination of AM students' work with Refugio Conchal!

TSF5. Putting the lab together so you don't have to. Have some legit recording equipment being added to the culminationnal soon. You'll get to hear the culmination of the new studio space and equipment soon on the upcoming Giant Battle Monster album.

Where year after year players sidelined by injury have been replaced are still here in culminationpe. So when you talk to fans of culminationw they've had enough of culminationnal, its the current culminationnal that's boring and frankly not good enough via culmination of years of under investment.

Great lives are the culmination of great thots followed by great actions.....Peter Sinclair

The SA Contingent team executive meets for the last time tonight as we finalise our preparations for AJ2013. The culmination of over 2 years work is nearly upon us!

You are the culmination of your choices. Release what is in you, and live in harmony with your essence. You will be amazed what you discover!

The first Apple was just a culmination of my whole life. ~Steve Wozniak

My book is the culmination of several years of writing poetry/poems - all mystical in nature; seeking answers to life's deepest questions; a quest to discover the truth of one's being. Now, I m excited to bring answers and state of being human and what it means to you, my fellow members of humanity, once again, to be of service to all who might benefit from learning about the human condition, via poetry. <3

#thankful My mother said once, “pregnancy & labor is so hard, but then you give birth and it’s so beautiful, you want to do it all over again”…Aglow reading my students amazing final project culmination concepts reflecting on gestative 15 weeks of their first semester in major taking my course Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing. Blessed for my nurturing opportunity through teaching to develop others, to give back to my graduate school alma mater, to inspire through beauty™, to make my own indelible mark in academia & a one-of-a-kind industry program, as a professional & woman of color. #ProfessorB …Responsibility for the early stage of others changed my life. Will I muster the time & energy to do this again?

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Following Coffee culminationur this week, we will have a rehearsal with our Youth and Kids for the Christmas pageant. Eight days after our rehearsal, we will be gathered together celebrating the culmination of the season of Advent as we worship God together through our prayers, songs, pageants, and fellowship. Look forward to seeing you all there. -Rev. Schindler


The easiest way for me to relate to what has been a difficult concept for many of us is that all lives are simultaneous, as are all probabilities. That said, we live in parallel universes. The reason this is difficult to understand is because our culture has taught us that time is linear. Actually, there is no beginning, middle and end, and we don't live in a past, present and future. We live in many places at once, as we are multi-dimensional beings. Different parts of ourselves are choosing to have many different life experiences at the same time that our consciousness is primarily focused on this life. culminationwever, the indigenous cultures believe that all of life occurs in a circle, as opposed to linear, which makes the entire concept much softer and easier to understand. In any case, during the last 25 years, time has speeded up so fast that a year goes by in a flash. It is not our imagination! This is happening in order to raise the consciousness of the planet and all of us who live here, to dissolve linear time, and to awaken people to their multi-dimensional selves. As a result, we can no longer brush our issues "under the rug". This year especially is the final culmination regarding the results of not dealing with our "stuff". To be continued...


Even if The top 10 characters have been chosen... the people's choice award is still up for grabs for all 20 solo pics... goodluck guys.... results will be announced during our culmination on friday... still have super duper time to like you fave solo picture....


If my heart is right, I believe that your lips were meant to touch mine. Do you feel the same, my love? For it took a lifetime to find you & I just don't have the strength to turn away when it feels so right to even look at your face; the face I swear i've seen before in lifetimes past. So, culminationld me in your arms & tellme forever about the journey you took just to allow my soul to find yours. And let's marvel at the way in which we encountered each others' charm. Do you understand me like I understand you? I hear your voice like a symphony I have heard before yet I could never tire of it. And as your brown eyes pierce the aqua windows of my soul, I feel the serenade of your heart to mine. I want you forever. I never doubted it once. Are you ready to swim in the same river as I, darling? It will take courage, but courage we hav had to fight through thus life. Now let our courage be to love each other through the rest of life. I want you with every fiber of my being.


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Senator Steve Saland, one of four Republicans to cross party lines to vote to redefine the timeless definition of marriage, officially has conceded defeat in his re-election battle. Two of the four pro-same-sex "marriage" Republicans lost their seats in the November election; a third retired rather than stand for re-election. One was re-elected.

So Patch fans, anything you'd like me to write about in the next week or so?

Hmmm...trying to brainstorm drinks using culminationuse-made bitters - orange, pear, coffee-pecan, grapefruit, & apple.

Do any of you guys believe in that stupid 2012 end of the world conspiracy? - Unclean One

F*ck this not gonna get to sleep for a while tonight! don't give me no culmination about the board or the previous 7/8 years or Rvp etc just this Bradford game, just this 120 mins and the penalty shootout what went wrong? For me.. Only 3/4 of the players actually had decent games a few players just let us down, Podolski gervinho vermaelen ramsey mertesacker etc, bradford wanted it more and we were unlucky.. -Kaz

Culmination definitions


a concluding action

See also: closing completion windup


the decisive moment in a novel or play

See also: climax


(astronomy) a heavenly body's highest celestial point above an observer's horizon


a final climactic stage

See also: apogee