How to use Croaking in a sentence as a noun

Sore throat again this morning, yesterday talking like Barry white, today croaking like a frog

Quote Examples using Croaking

Kesha. 4 times in 4 croakingurs. if i have to hear her whiny, bratty, demonic croak one more time, i'm stabbing myself in the ears with a pen. fall off the planet, you no-talent, annoying, tramp with a false sense of self-importance. who cares if you write your own music; you lack talent and a valid message.


Come quietly to the camp. you'll look nice as a drawstring lamp. Dont you worry its only a shower. For your clothes heres a pretty flower. Die! or organic poison gas. Zen fascists all ready hatched. You will croak you little clown. When you mess with president brown!


Three years ago today, Rick literally walked into my life and world. Wow! Talk about change! Mostly good, but there were some rough times. I'm still glad he showed up. He has challenged me to be more and do more than I thought I could be and do. Thanks, Sweetie, for coming and for not turning around and running back to OR. I love you and look forward to our First Wedding Anniversary next week!!! Till we croak...


"The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up & get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part & a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you." - Chuck Close


I went to the local clinic on Sunday after coughing all day Saturday and Sunday night. I do not have the flu. The shot worked. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for bronchitis. I had a similar case of bronchitis several years ago and coughed so hard I broke a rib. I croakingpe I don't repeat that episode. Anyway, the meds appear to be working. Happy birthday to me.


Snapshot of the 6th gen starters from left to right. Froakie the water type, Fennekin the fire type, and Chespin the grass type. I love water types so I'm going to start with Froakie. Also, you're not the only who thinks Chespin looks like the grass version of Oshowatt. Who would you choose? - Zayne


I would like very much to discuss roadside memorials. I'm not a fan. There is a very large one on hwy 43 in West Linn... And I believe the time has come to remove it. I have to drive by it 4/5 times a week, it's depressing. I don't know the family of the young father that was croakinged there. I'm sure it was devastating , and I'm so sorry his children will not have their dad around... But it's been a few years now and lets move on. Am I a heartless croaking ?


An interesting study into my awkward social skills: walking down hall. See girl with awesome coat. Proceed to stare at girl the entire time down hallway. She's friendly enough to say "hi". I just barely croak out a damn reply before speedwalking around the corner and down the hall. Am I a well-adjusted adult? In this society, where teenagers are cutting themselves to stop bieber from smoking pot and social networking is done almost entirely without ever actually meeting anyone, yes, I believe I am.


OK, Pokemon Gen 6 is confirmed now, and the starters look awesome, so being the nerd that i am, I've been thinking about the typing's of each, and this is what I'm thinking so far. Chespin: Now, this is the one I'm gonna be choosing for my first play through! This guy looks sweet. Now, Grass is obvious, but what about it's second type? At first i thought Dark due to its arm's and the markings on it's face, but then i got thinking. Nathan put forward the idea of it being Steel from the look of it's hat thing, which would be cool, totally destroyed by Fire, croakingwever. Then I got to thinking about it's name, Chespin. Now, from this I get the idea of chess, of which the game pieces are made out of wood, fitting into the Grass typing, but chess is like two armies going into battle, which makes me think that there is a possibility of it being Fighting, plus, it's arms are similar to Mienfoo. Final thought's, it's tale looks a lot like that of Axew, so could we be getting a Grass/Dragon starter? Doubtful, but would be cool. Fennekin: This thing looks pretty cool, and finally no more Fire/Fighting. From the yellow coloring that this thing has, I'm thinking that it's second typing might be Electric, but then it looks like it could also be Normal, the opposite of the last 3 Fire starters. That's all I've really got to say about this one. Froakie: Quite obviously Water, 'oak' as in soak, but also in croak as it's a frog. For a second type, I guess Ice, coming from 'fro' in frozen. It also shares colors with other Water/Ice types we've seen before like Dewgong and Walrain. This one is straight forward. All I can say now is that im super psyched for the new gen, October can't come quick enough right now, and to anyone who made it this far, what are your thoughts?


Just wondering, all you Obama supporters... well, the ones that work, at least... croakingw did you like your first paycheck of 2013?I still don't see what any of you believe in with this arrogant, short sighted failure of the people!!!... Obamanomics = Lifestyles of the Ethyopians.... thanks again to all who voted for him, because we all dont work hard enough yet....


Winter Zac carrion of temporal silence In some câmpurii desolate ice And time in heaven hunted crows I croak the terrible fall. croakingw many trains derailed in winter- In snowy nights without you ... I poured Sunsets your name And croakingw would I mind, I'm still not well. Lights in windows late betegite And months of ice broke shreds Word agonizing longing, lovers And a white dream, so I left. And between moments şfichiuie windy Gem clouds of white smoke still hurts croakingw ning beautiful moments with you Winter after winter and croakingw I die. croakingw sad it snows over loneliness In cer-stained that I complain to fall. At night starving beasts condemns Have you missed me half. Chimeras hissing over desert And white vârtecuşuri into the sky, A wild fire dancing, the mystery And a sick longing and yet still alive. croakingw illusions-n cry ice candles And trains ran track As the skim silence sleep life And as I ning in winter without you! And between moments şfichiuie windy Gem clouds of white smoke still hurts croakingw ning beautiful moments with you Winter after winter and croakingw I die.


Been sick since Friday morning. First it was chills and fever to sweating and chills and runny nose and sneezing now I cant quit coughing. Cant take it anymore. Must go to doctors tomorrow. Try out this thing they call Health Insurance...


Related Sentences for Croaking

Erbody either croaked or bout to croak so im bout to strip & lay in my bed dolo!lol wat a night man smh... sn:bout to tightin up my circle if i aint been fxckin wit u im not bout to start so when u get cut off u kno why!!!

After a family meal one night, three generations of the family are sitting around chatting. Jenny, a four year old, is sitting on her grandfather's knee. Jenny: "Grandpa, can you make a noise like a frog?" Grandfather: "What?" Jenny: "Can you make a noise like a frog?" Grandfather: "Why do you want me to make a noise like a frog?" Jenny: "Well, last night Daddy said that when you croak we can all go to Disneyland."

Bed time❤ off to work in the morning for the third day in a row! Im over doing it. croaking me now.

Well im done bout to croak lol a croaking dyed his hair doe goodnight fb #turn down

I'm so ill I'd chew thru nails..but as a non-rich folk...I don't have dental can we keep it rhetorical?

Feels like a rabbit that's being roasted over a slow fire. Cough, sneeze, croak, squeak.

There has GOT to be a retirement age for refs. This OLD azz man is a croakingt mess getting up n down the court. Stop it already before u croak on the court.

I think I'm dying. Nauseous my left side is croakinging me n I'm hungry croakingrny and tired. Ugh

My phone is about to croak. it keeps locking itself, turning off and on, going from bright to really dim, telling me slide to turn off, taking screen shots by itself and Siri keeps popping up. anyone know if water damage can be repaired on an iPhone? I think Corban chewed on it one too many times

When Brook Lewis and our hateful conversations can make me laugh even on my worst nights♥ >>>

If I see one more pouty/sexy face self-portrait OR a fishing for a compliment status, I think I may croak. I may need a break from facebook. Gah.

This sucks when your car decides to croak on a lonely road... & ... No-one ti help!!! croakingping it's something simple ... I can use a mechanic Thank you ~My recuse team

I thought by age 45 I'd find mr Right now I gotta aim for 50 ughhh

My son gave me his cold. Omg I'm gonna croak. Bn pregnant can't even take no medicine.

Really cant get my hair color right lately .. I just turned myself maroon ish ... Hahaha.

I was just thinking for all the money people have and for all the achivements people get and all the freinds and loved ones you have. none of that maters when you die cause the last thing they will remember you for is you croakinging all over yourself when your bowls release after you croak. lol

Have you eve heard birds talking in the morning and thought croakingw beautiful. They obviously talk to each other cause I can hear them outside my window and in the distance ........ I actually don't find it so beautiful, I'm envisioning shooting that crow outta the tree with a giing ..... Sorry all you bird lovers but it seriously sounds like a bird choking.

Warm weather...out come the toads, turtles and palmettos!

This absolutely beautiful weather is gonna cause my crocus to come up too early and ...well, croak! ...I so can't wait for Spring <3

So I have bronchitis and clearly I'm pregnant. The 2 don't go together. Id love to take some NyQuil and pass out but that isn't an option. Any suggestions before I croak?

I wish all these maggot croaking filled croaking croakingins would just fall over and croak on a big blue croaking~TexasGal

2 weeks 4 days without so much as a puff off of one, walking laps in the morning with my dog is my next step, I figure to be fit just about the time I'm ready to croak.

Jst made conchitas&must say...not all. Well my husband didnt croak&da fire dept didnt need to b called Tkz Brandy. Was great to c all my gurlz Love uall..

Just went did 20 flights of stairs to find out the CBD area won't have power for a couple croakingurs. Awesome!!

I'm sick of working, I need a sugar mamma. I think I'll hit up the old folks croakingme when I get back and get me a rich blue hair.

You know your loved for those who go out their way to leave comments, who notice the silly things we post, and just say hi for no reason. Friends are the best.

Still having a hard time breathing! Starting to think this isn't normal! I really hate going to the doctor but its either that and possibly get air exchange in my lungs or not go and have absolutely no air exchange and be 6 feet under! Ugh! Hate being sick.

I need billy the exterminator's number!! Something got underneath croakinguse and crocked. Oh what a bad smell as I come into the croakinguse!!!

Gotta let dogs in then try to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hungry too but keeps comming up or the other way what do i do besides croak

"You're perfect," you tell me as you stroke my cheek with your calloused hands "You're lovely," you murmur as I fall into slumber in the passenger seat of your Pilot "I want you," you hiss as your fingers rake through my hair and you singe my skin with your lips "Stay the night," you plead into the cold night air as we lay together "I need more," you state with conviction and logic all it's own, irrefutable "It's not you," you beg me to understand as I fall apart "Let's stay close," you croak with bloodshot eyes and a look of terror on your face as you realize that I mean this goodbye "She's The One," I read in a Facebook message from croaking "They went through with it," I'm handed a wedding program "What do you want to be when you get older," I'm asked months later "Dead," is my vacant reply -Priss

I have the croakinguse to myself and I just ate a healthy dinner of croaking Jacks! Life is good!!

Ooooh I love this one "GrandFriends" isent that beautiful xx hugs Trish.

Have not done much today really, two nice walks with Bondie. Weather gone back to being grey & damp today. Bondie & Smudge have been having fun with two motion frogs that I bought yesterday, I put them by the pond & every time they walk past them they croak, mind you Smudge nearly fell in pond first time she walked pass one but she watched Bondie being brave & soon desided it was a good game lol. Love to all xxx

Hmmm...both of my life insurance policies were just very significantly raised. Don't know if I should be worried or excited that my family will be even better off after I croak. Lol!

Jake Davis wants my skull. Anyone wanna find a way to get it out for him?

I think i need a new barber..everybody that comes in here is from WW II lmao..somebody might croak well im waiting -_-

Wow- crazy to think! For all those who know him- Steve Suter has announced he's retiring at the end of January! Super sad in here today.

So Biggio gets 69% an just missed. Next year Maddux and Glavine are on the ballot for the first time. May be a threesome next year ?

"We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists" yea but its fun

Apparently there's some piece of croaking on Facebook calling him self Eugine Lang, causing trouble trying to say he's really me!!!! If I find out who u r i'll break ur croakinging legs

Swearrrrr I go into another croakinguse with dogs & when I get croakingme buzz is like top cop investigating where I was!! He hasn't stopped sniffing in had to give him slippers & croakingusecoat! Moron dog!

Why is it when you want a job youre offered an opportunity for a career in sales thats commision based wow can i ever catch a croakingin break

I hate croakingt flashing in the office, the youngin's think I am going to croak on the spot and all I want to say is " just wait grasshopper"- H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can never win classic video games they just keep getting harder and harder until you die. Just like real life...

I'm out of money. Who needs a hit man? For public relations, that is.

What does everyone think about the Cowboys coaching changes?

If i dont smoke a cigarette im going to wreck a village!

Im glad rob ryan was fired his brother should go to

:: I almost forgot, wishing a very happy b'day to Farhan Akhtar and that wonderfully talented frog that lives inside his throat!

It's always nice when your out sick and people call to check on you! Not because they care, they have a pool going to see croakingw soon you will croak! I freakin love it! Ha!

You wanna hate on my whip when yo croaking walking ... you got some nerve

"Better to have a short life full of what you love to do than a long one of what you hate to do." - Alan Watts

What do you guys do with all the stuffed animals that you don't want anymore? I just don't know what to do with them.

Shoot it in ur veins ... turn blue nd croak... croaking

Any writer friends here tried a Google Chrome laptop for working on manuscripts?

I don't distrust all politicians and cashers of government checks....just those who are not actively working to end their dependency on that government spending.

Biologists have recently produced immortal frogs by removing their vocal cords so they can't croak.

Think I am loving Lina's fish tank as much as her. I could spend croakingurs watching the fish, mostly her shrimp. They are so cool.

What did you think of Brent & Derek's prepping strategies on last night's episode? Anything interesting you learned? Any of their preps you weren't impressed by?

Finally off work tired as croaking prolly bout to croak in a few hit me doe while im still on here

Zzz quail not working no sleeeepy for Brandibear my mind feels like its melting and my eyes are bloodshot all to croaking when is the doc gonna fill me pills?! Do I have to croak first?

croakingw do I go about contacting the Department of Defense? This bug I have would be very effective for biological warfare.

NakamueeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I saw a frog opening the door of my fridge and I ask him what are you looking for and it said Where's the croak a cola nakamue eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left Cause I've been blasting and laughing so long, That even my mama thinks that my mind is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it Me be treated like a punk you know that's unheard of You better watch croakingw you're talking and where you're walking Or you and your croakingmies might be lined in chalk I really hate to trip but I gotta loc As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool I'm the kinda G the little croakingmies wanna be like On my knees in the night saying prayers in the streetlight

Just wondering if there is someone in Facebook-land who could please give me advice on preparing a will? Don't intend dying just yet - just need to do one! Thanks all

I had a dream last night that I was attacked by a shark. I was fine after losing my right arm, wandering around the croakingspital with two friends till I caught glimpse of a paper saying that I had died, my two friends turned into angels and led me away .... Ummmmm I really don't know croakingw to feel about that ; /

Kissing frogs happens to be a speciality of mine!

Sonya Eder, told you we had chocolate mice in Tasmania, have given these to daughters at easter for many years

Im rockin gold chains, im drinkin till i croak, smokin till i choke, my watch need a vote.......tahahaha -Wiz Khalifa-

Did anyone even give froakie a second thought? ~J

Bea, I must be an odd one...I stopped and listened to the birds sing this morning for about half an croakingur and the frogs croak last night for about 15 minutes; it was a sunny day and I stood in the sunlight and let it warm me while I looked at the trees around me....some fir with their needles; some deciduous that have lost their leaves. If there wasn't beauty in the world, I don't think I could survive. Too bad Joshua Bell didn't come this way, I would stop and probably listen to his entire selection.

When my parents get in my croaking tho -__-.... But I kno its cause they love me.. Shower ND croak mode.

Never been this sick in my life thank god for andy taken care of me and the kids i dont kbow what i woulda done

Bored... -flops over on the couch, tugging his quilt with him-

Ding dong 1 of the 3 witches is dead....Rob Ryan...then Garrett...and the old man can croak already!

As of Feb 3rd we will have been married 25 Years. That is so wild, I really want to do something amazing...

Just wondering if heart rate of 186 when you're running is good or bad thing! Lol

I was suprised to learn today that Gabby Giffords and her husband own guns. Yet they are promoting new ownership restrictions with the NRA? OK, so croakingw does that stop criminals and crazy people from getting their hands on them? Over 500 alone were croakinged in Chicago last year, but most were drug and gang related. croakingw is the NRA to stop that? I keep saying this, the only way to stop bad people with guns, is to arm good people with guns. This is not a difficult concept.

Dinner smells wonderful and is almost ready, husband is almost croakingme from work, mom and stepdad are coming to eat with us and then keep the kids while we head to the MST magnet school information meeting! Going to be a good night but still can't believe my kids are growing up so fast, its crazy to think WE are going to school meetings now and not our own parents, lol!!

Yesterday was d annoying croak of d toads,but now i'm so pleased with d sweet sound of d nightingale.

Well tonight it's gonna be a good night

On my way to Zumba for the first time in six months... croakingpe I don't croak!

"When I talk to my old friends from college do we croak or do we bark?"

Bored. wish i had a garage to tinker in.

The starters of the new game are said to be Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Fighting meaning that one is more dominant that the other. Game Freak, you have done it again.

Who stays near the benches in union st/ top of croall st that saw the polis earlier? c'mon share the gossip

This flu thing is crazy! I still haven't gotten my voice back completely. It's been 10 days!

Elvis movies on TCM all bad as I hate to admit it, I like those stupid movies. They're all getting DVR'd so I can make my wife suffer every night this week!

This what I want when I croak- and if you can pick what kind of tree you will become I wanna be a Manitoba Maple.

My hair straightener decided to croak today... Ugh. Guess ill have to be a messy curly headed girl for the rest of the week... Darn it!

Today just might be the proudest day of my life. I made the croaking croakinguse walls. As of today my legacy will be forever etched in sharpie on the job site port'a john.

I hate it when people croak when they talk like a frog. Quit being lazy and use ur voice right!

Ok lupe i know your gonna say something but i think this is cute so eat croaking n croak

Sometimes i really wish i could croaking the switch on this world and have a total black out just to show you croakingw useless most of you croakingers would be.

Lottery winners From new years day.. Just about to croak It, why doesn't anyone young win? Cuz it takes That croakinging long for your numbers to Come In!

So let me get this right, taking a high end Designers such as Chanel or YSL and putting it on a T-shirt,SnapBack,beanie or sweatshirt is considered designing??? That's that mediocrity croaking again...

So school over early ... apparently the croaking i buss in the toilet buss the croaking line>>>*Captain Frog*

Screaming happy bday to my bro.... My irish twin...Enjoy my nigg

I'm fresh outta Q-tips. Now, do I buy more OR buy the infomercial hand-held machine to clean my listening croakingles? Or wear headphones till I croak.

Daryl your ex burd and current burs have made the bbm slag list, where did you go wrong?lmao

People have to talk about something just to keep their voice boxes in working order so they'll have good voice boxes in case there's ever anything really meaningful to say. Kurt Vonnegut

Just requested info from a school. No sooner did I put in my # and those persistent goobers were already calling me! Lol

Win the lottery, then you croak? Gee, this isn't suspicious.

"Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be left waiting for us in our graves—or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth." | Atlas Shrugged

Just a Reminder that we need to save the Post office from the destruction that was caused by the Republicans trying to croaking another union.

Sweet baby jesus why yall making this guy croakingtt...if you protested against shawty low and all his underage baby mamas then why yall support dumb rappers like him. come on people yall got the game croakinged up. you may as well pop the pills and croak it...

The 'zero tolerance' stance is such bollocks. What the croaking are you going to do if something your precious self has 'zero tolerance' for actually happens? Update your status? Smug puffed-up bloody frogs. Croak croak, croak croak!

Did I tell you about the frog who parked illegally? He got toad!! Bahahaha ha

Small print disclaimer on press release: "Please note: the David Bowie who will be performing/releasing this year is the current version, not the 70's/80's version. Thank you."

Good work out this am Finna get some breakfast and croak

What's up FB land? I'm gearing up to go clean a croakinguse and croakingping to get a hike in later at Boyd before I get the boy off the bus, who's coming with me?

Smoke just like them hippies an I croaking croakinges sadiddy..broke croakings be petty an I'll croak croakings with this semi...have you croaking dawg like penny's...

Here's a video going over the official Pokemon X & Y trailer revealed, except with my own commentary! There are some interesting observations made in it!

Why is it when I didn't have any gigs last weekend I felt great, this weekend I have 2 and I wake up this morning with a sore throat? Oh boy here we go

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nuttin' left Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long that Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of You better watch croakingw you talkin' and where you walkin' Or you and your croakingmies might be lined in chalk I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc As they croak I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool I'm the kind of G the little croakingmies wanna be like On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the street light

My teen actually said "Bye Mama, I love you!" as she walked out the door this morning! What? Grab your coat and boots cause croaking's freezin' over today!! -T

4 am .. Feel like garbage truck . Puked like five times and can barley move cause my stomach hurts SOO bad . I hate being sick .

It found me. I don't know what it is but I want it to go away. I croak like a frog and can't seem to get my throat clear. Add the wet, hearing-impaired ears and I'm not happy.

Not looking forward to this day. happy my hubby came croakingme to hang with me.

So we're all agreed? Everyone's choosing the fire fox and nicknaming it Mozilla?

Pokemon gen 6 announced for all those who care

Lol the grass starter will be called grasshawott -ursa

Ooo no no no no to much alcohol last nite feel like croaking just done a DIY breth test I'm still 2ce the leagle limit god nose what I was when I road to work this morning

croaking off throat. Sounds like I should be making croakingtpot down the rovers return

The shed got to 42deg today Only lost 1 rat, thank god. Oh and both lawns are dead

I ent going too lie, this trying too be healthy, detox and all round good is stressfull and boring I think I'd rather croak it!! X

It is possible that intelligent tadpoles reconcile themselves to the inconvenience of their position by reflecting that, though most of them will live and die as tadpoles and nothing more, the more fortunate of the species will one day shed their tails, distend their mouths and stomachs, croakingp nimbly on to dry land, and croak addresses to their former friends on the virtues by means of which tadpoles of character and capacity can rise to be frogs. —R. H. Tawney

"croak... cough... sniff " ........ That is all ....

Iam proud 2be frm trbj constituency imagine da whole of wjr est including central is 500 votes ahead of trbj consituncy

Jersey shore , geordie shore wtf ! Whole new breed of human related closely to bull frogs ... Croak of shart ...

IM a rock star therefore im croakingt and hard? wherefor you may be cool but im that jewl. dimond ima lion no i need none of that man matafact im past the last fact that came masked and stacked against myself tryinta take myself but 13 is no unseen bad maf* red is the best but blue too cleen to go unseen man the one in the middle is the one seeing so clear your a john doe im a few grand in too to two deer that makes it a jews beer thats why i needa fly past here and the fake wanabe world take overs out here. im the boss and you know the only one too fear. God help me im so clean that i feel unseen and untouched is that to much to be always out in a rush first to help in a spurt break my back for them then for myself bust but trust im about to come out on top till my stop at the top where i stay till im paid for the tracks that i lay man im so cool i stay in the shade but get croakingt like black paved roads man i can croak up any tune just pay me a hundo and watch me bloom.

It is incredibly hard for me to listen to music when I can't sing. I just croak since I'm sick haha.

Ok I feel like I've been beat with a pillow case full of bars of soap! Something is wrong and I need to get to a doctor, goodnight!!!

Thursday night we had the missionary here and my visiting teachers, on the way the missionary stop to help a guy who was hit by a car, the victim was walking down El Mirage rod with a shopping cart,, a cop did stop and told him to get out of the road, but as soon as the cop head lights were a blurr he was back in the road, only to be it by a car, croakingping the guy survived, but I'm having a problem that his broken up shopping cart was left for all the see, to me this is a bit morbid, if it was a car accident the cars would be moved out of here so fast, yet a shopping cart is left.

croakingakk! Having two boys full of energy,, lol boys really sweating and enjoying themselves

Well in the croakingspital again, going in for surgury in the morning for a heart cateration, dont know whats going on but i guess its all good, wish me luck myfrinds

Keep ya head up smoke one drank one for the fallen croakingmies with me daw6 we blo back and bust out slobks knee caps pour a lildrank and croakingld ur cups up high at the croakingin6 sky wher my G's at! so take of ya fitted cap and sho respect can ya di6 that? ALL IS ONE my ni66a!

Once you've gone this low, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Might as well sit back & watch croaking unfold 'till I eventually croak.

Getting my wisdom teeth pulled next week and im worried sick about it...

If you shoved you finger up a frogs croaking, and wriggled it about would the frog croak it? Just asking!!!

Believe me or not, this guy is among 5 presidential candidates for the upcoming election in Czech Republic - place of my origin. What do you think? Would he make a good president?

If you know me, you know I'm bout my bread I'm smoking OG, I'm drinking champagne I'm standing on the couch, just throwing up my damn gang I spent the whole thing, I'm never going broke I'm rocking gold chains, I'm drinking til I croak Smokin' 'til I choke, my watch need a vote

Ahhh...a fire in that fireplace....I would never leave!

Jus smashed a batter dipped 4 piece tender..,Nah im finna take a bath & watch Tv til i croak!

Bee buzz bird cheep, chir, chirp, peep, tweet cat meow, mew, purr chick cheep chicken buck buck, chick chick, cluck cow moo cricket chirrup crow caw cuckoo cuckoo dog arf, bark, bay, bowwow, croakingwl, roof, ruff, rowf, woof, yap, yip donkey eeh aah, heehaw dove coo duck quack fish blub, glub, glug, swish frog croak, ribit goose croakingnk croakingrse neigh, whinny hummingbird hum kitten mew lion growl, roar mouse eek, squeak owl who parrot polly want a croaking, pretty baby pig grunt, oink rooster cock-a-doodle-doo, er-er-er-er-er? sheep baa, bleat snake hiss turkey gobble

Bout to croak work flow in da am

Do ya reckon Justin bieber will give me a bit for a joint ?

Croaking definitions


a harsh hoarse utterance (as of a frog)

See also: croak