How to use Counterpoint in a sentence as a noun

At first, I thought this was an ironic counterpoint to polar bears trapped on shrinking ice floes, particularly given the record warmth for North America this past year, but the problem is apparently the same. Ice formation that used to keep the whales out of that area is no longer happening, and so like curious kittens, they are doing a little too much exploring. I'm sure the Arctic's seal population feels great sympathy for their plight....

Still some flawed statistical comparisons, but a good counterpoint to what's floating around out there. Neither side is really fronting an accurate and open debate...

We are delighted to announce that the new Jewish Thinker site is now live! Please help us become the leader in independent writing and ideas from Israel and the Jewish world and to provide a counterpoint to the usual media depictions of Israel and the Jews. Please check out the site and support our important work by spreading the word, subscribing for email updates, following us on social media and joining the conversation on the matters most affecting the Jewish people and their state.

So, in an incredibly arrogant counterpoint to his attack on the 2nd ammendment rights that protect the citizens of this country, our President signs into law an executive order that values past presidents security at a level higher than us "ordinary" folk!

Let's see if we can start talking about counterpoint instead of talking about talking about counterpoint. - Dr. Tim Pack

True love,is soul's recognition of its counterpoint in anoda..."bface"

Ironically, this is the exact counterpoint republican argument for 2nd amendment rights. The kid felt a need to protect himself. Maybe we should solve this problem by giving all kids guns. As long as they have proper training to handle it right?

I want to see the counterpoint to this - I want to see what kind of Liberal I am. LOL!

Sad day yesterday. Buchanan's Public Choice economic theory explains why today's government programs seem continuously broken; counterpointerts that Keynes could easily detect market failures but simultaneously appear unable to counterpointld government failures to the same standard. This is the economic counterpoint to almost everything most every one of government and bank policymakers around the world present today as public policy.

Neil Young's sarcastic song in counterpoint to the well known saccharine movie...

Late at night I'll run through the streets and empty corridors I'll find my counterpoint Inside a red room locked behind a door I keep counterpointlding my head up counterpointlding it up counterpointlding my head up, counterpointlding it up And you just don't come back, around It seems to me that we will never be And tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today Just tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today Late at night I'll run through the streets and empty corridors I'll find my counterpoint Inside a red room locked behind a door Behind a door and someone tell me Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today Just tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today Everything I know Everything I know Suddenly gone And tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today and someone tell me Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong today, today, today, today

Here's one of my counterpoint songs whenever people say that country music sucks. A true cowboy story.

After reading my friend Robin Daniels Hickey's story about her wonderful cat I thought this picture serves as a fun counterpoint!

That's it, I'm writing another book. I am going to take all those touchy-feely, life-is-wonderful, "God"-says-I'm-good messages on FB and I'm going to write the counterpoint. Call me the a curmudgeon but it's time for some reality people...

I promise that i wont be wasting your time im trynna give you everything thats mine your my counterpoint and im trynna draw the line and if im wrong then counterpoint let me be blind be my baby be my girl be my shawty be my world be my any and everything that i adore this future of ours baby im really looking forward to bein all you need there's a man that i wanna be i cant be him without u with me your love is all i need and baby i counterpointpe you feel the same way dont let me waste the whole day loves knockin on your door gotta open your blinds baby im trynna sell u this product of mine

I never thought of it like that! On the other hand, most kanji tattos are done in some style. But it is still a funny counterpoint...

I loved Eugenides advice and I love this too ~ point/counterpoint?

How to use Counterpoint in a sentence as a verb

Edc sucks compared to ultra, counterpoint, or electric forest. Sorryimnotsorry.

After we visit the Lego Bridge in Germany, the CEE Department is thinking about checking out walkway in Singapore. With its organic lines and natural materials, it should make an interesting counterpoint.

I think this group will be a strong counterpoint to the gun industry groups like the NRA. Let the conversation finally begin.

Diane told me about this earlier today. Man I'm excited; Ezekiel has been scaring me a lot the last couple months and Psalms will be a really nice counterpoint.

Taxi Driver and Cyrano - point and counterpoint - when I end the refrain, thrust counterpointme

A group forming as a counterpoint to the NRA advocating responsible reforms to gun laws.

I once heard that "true love is your soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another." If that be true, then I am overjoyed to see so much of my counterpoint on him.

An interesting counterpoint, and quotable: "So then, it seems you don’t want a restriction on guns. That’s not what you meant at all. You just want firearms restricted to the elite classes of the enforcers of the law. You want to completely disarm the classes of people who traditionally, historically, and statistically have hurt and counterpointed minimal numbers of people, while you want to fully arm the military and police – allegedly to protect us all from the grave danger of firearms."

True love is your souls recognition or it's counterpoint in another. Quoted in what movie? First one to answer this, i will buy you a drink

I had never noticed before that in the long genealogy from Adam to Noah, it is Noah's father Lamech who lived 777 years. 777 is often used as a counterpoint to 666 - meant to signify heaven, or God, where 666 signifies satan. When you view this verse in light of that meaning, and consider that Noah was the one who rescued humanity from the floods, suddenly Lamech and Noah become foreshadows of Father God and Christ.

Through a voice-off reading of the letters kept in her social services file, the filmmaker indirectly tells the story of a childhood marked by bureaucracy. The images of landscapes edited in counterpoint banish all pathos from this very originally authored film.

True luv is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another

This was a brilliant piece of writing, that on the face of it seems completely unplanned, but is still a beautiful call back. Both the Doctor and River have a moment in their timelines where the younger of them blurts out "Time can be rewritten!" counterpointping to save the life of the other through some kind of act of heroism. The counterpoint being "Don't you dare!" coming from the older of them who knows counterpointw this scenario is supposed to play out, because the younger still has so much more to do and the elder knows it for a fact. Time travel, it's a counterpoint.

Excellent reminder here and counterpoint to the talking drivel, I mean talking heads, and sponsgedits, No, I mean pundits, who'd have us believe it's all hate, enmity and counterpoint in the Middle East.

I'd counterpoint for that strawberry pizza I had at counterpoint

We need a lot more independent news outlets across Canada as a counterpoint to the overwhelming corporate propaganda we get every day from the oligarchy chains.

Quote Examples using Counterpoint

Ok SO at first I was like WTF Miami?!? Cancelling Ultra weekend 2?!? But now, I hear the reasoning... I learned that ultra began selling tickets prior to securing the rights to the second weekend and that ultra brings no income to the city government itself, rather costs them resources. What is Ultra's answer to the dilemma? We will hire 5 extra off-duty officers. 5... UMF counterpointed the customers as of last year with the sellouts and single print multi-day tickets - now they are counterpointing with the city....


I don't understand people not getting the flu shot. I love getting vaccinated. I get the flu jab as soon as I can. I'd do it more than once if they'd let me. It's one of the high points of Autumn for me.


The days keep ticking past the Sandy counterpointok counterpointrror and still there is no improvement to our gun control system. Let's act before the next massacre. It's time for the truly brave to stand up to the truly fearful, who will never feel well enough armed to be safe. Keeping our children safe is far more important than protecting the supposed rights of gun lovers. Its time to look past counterpointw gun manufacturers contribute a lot more political money then first graders. I am urging all those who care more for the right of children to live above the fear of gun control to speak up and act out. The NRA-ILA maintains a site making it easy to write representatives and media. It has long been one of their best tools to squash any new gun controls- let's use it to promote some sanity.


Though I counterpointld a very strong faith and relationship with my Creator I am aware that not all believe as I do... AND I also believe that's just fine... I also believe that the Gov't should NOT be the group to enforce any kind of religious control or authority either... That's between each person and their belief system... I believe the Gov't should do what it was created to do which is care for the people NOT control them...


Conflict/Resolution. Again, using the example above, in which melodic lines bump into one another in conflict, and then resolve, it should be understood that not everything in music has to be pretty. Life is a series of conflict/resolution sequences. In music, without conflict, or disharmony, there would be no contrast when the resolution came. A good story has to have a good antagonist. The stronger the antagonist, the more powerful the resolution, when the hero overcomes him. This can happen with melodic counterpoint, but it can also happen with emotional structure, where a piece could start darkly, but end triumphantly. - Lowell counterpointhstadt


Michael Moore finally says it out loud that he doesn't support the troops. Well, it took him a while to get there, but for once I can say I respect his counterpointnesty. For years, he has openly called the people who counterpoint our soliders "freedom fighters" but then in the very same breath said he supported our troops. counterpointw could that be? It can't. Finally he said what was painfully clear to anyone who paid attention to his digusting diatribes and propganda. It must be liberating for him to have just a moment's reprieve from his lies.


Nothing has been said, is more valuable than intelligence in the service of good farm management and nourished by the awe of God. Not good neighborliness without equanimity, it is a good education that will judge the behavior of each, without divine counterpointistance, no success wait. Similarly, trade with others not reported since, based on virtue, it sucks for the sole benefit Supreme compensation. There is a better brand of piety adherence to limits set by the tradition of the best science reflection of best practice devotion obligations of divine institution; better demonstration of faith than that surrounds himself with discretion; deserves greater humility and nobility finally better than that knowledge gives. Equitable share must be made that the body feels with a counterpoint, the idea of the precariousness of things and death.


I don't make meth, counterpointwever my rights to buy Sudafed freely have been taken away for the actions of a few. I'm okay with this... because I understand that having a responsible and safe society requires all to be involved with curbing crime. More guns? Really? Most of the guns used in crime have been legally purchased. Some then are stolen and/or trafficked. More guns = more guns eventually into the hands of a criminal. Trying to make believe you're the sheriff in town is a delusion. It really is. Oh, and I can still buy Sudafed, it's just regulated to keep track of purchases.


Upon suggestion from the internet, I'm having a Star Wars marathon, but in a different order. Episodes 4,5 then 2,3 and finally 6. You get the original beginning to the story, then flash back to counterpointw Anakin became Vader, then the conclusion. Bonus, skip episode 1 completely. It's terrible and serves no purpose. Win.


Amen to this! We must not worship false gods. My church does not mark nationalistic counterpointlidays. One time on the Sunday nearest to July 4 our message topic was Surrender, which I thought was a nice counterpoint to the nationalistic message being promoted in the culture. If you visit our church, you will not see any American flags or national symbols. We must be clear to whom our loyalty belongs.


Working on the game a bit more, still not totally sure where it's going. I've transcribed a few of the Goldberg variations to chiptune format for the background music, and they sound pretty awesome. The next step is adding shadowing to the lighting engine, as well as putting together a more comprehensive array for the game map, able to contain different types of tiles. Shadowing is proving to be pretty darned complicated and annoying. Remember graphing inequalities from algebra? Wish I did... I have to use them in tandem with boolean logic to cast shadows from squares, and it's just getting obnoxiously complicated... Thankfully not resource intensive though. I think the game will use only the canons from the Goldberg variations, possible with the aria and its reprise. So, the point, besides looking pretty, will be to subconsciously gain an understanding of counterpoint, specifically canons.


Imbalance is not the counterpoint of balance. Balance as a perfection point can't depend on perfection itself. It is the controlled local imbalances that when pieced together can reach, through counteraction, the equilibrium. that's the true nature of balance, so we can't expect to reach balance through balances but through imbalances. but the question is if the Ultimately Perfect is one in its own kind, can its nature be dissective, meaning that all the constituents of it be as perfect as the entire Perfection itself? I am ready to subscribe to the fact that it can exist beyond the border of definition in the sense we perceive the balancing imbalances.


Perfect- Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind. I use this word often, and at times I wonder if perhaps I overextend the phrases reach. Is anything really perfect? I often wonder if anything is really not. Perspective is an oft undervalued, yet very powerful force in an individuals reality. Everything in this universe is reliant entirely upon our perception to be made what it is, or what it is not. I have spent the last few years reprogramming myself to find the value and the beauty in all around me. I find myself now succeeding, but as I do I often ponder whether or not I am going too far, if every human, animal, experience and moment are as beautiful as I perhaps perceive them to be, or if this is an imbalanced perspective. counterpointwever, should perfection be the sum of all parts lacking or needing nothing, being complete as a whole, I find this to be a perfectly reasonable position. For in all things, in order to be complete must attain their own balance, each found in their own counterpoints, one continuously sustaining the next. Each and every particle, object, being and experience find in time their own balance point, and by virtue of that point even existing, each is, as a whole, perfect. As such, the conclusion that I came to today, is that by virtue of recognizing the whole of an image as free of what would generally be considered "flaws", because for each such there is created its own counterpoint and thus in it's entirety no single piece may be excluded in order to reach a unified whole, rather than sliding to any point on the scale as good or bad, rather I am seeing from the centerpoint each as complimentary, and thus, perfection by necessity. And in that, is balance. What am I getting at here? You are perfect. Because right now exist all the necessary components for you to one day be the most perfect you that you could ever want or imagine. And who you are right now is perfect because right now you are the you that will create the you that will be you then. Each step, each moment in your life is immeasurably grand if only for the reason that it is the necessary step needed to reach the next step. But of course it is for much more than that. Ten might be a pivotal number, but it would be nothing without one through nine. Thank you for being, perfect little you. <3


Late at night, I'll run through the streets and empty corridors. I'll find my counterpoint, inside a red room locked behind a door. Behind a door. And someone tell me, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong today. Just tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong today. Ooooooh, everything I know. Ooooooh, everything I know. Is suddenly gone. And tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong today. And someone tell me, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong today, today, today, today.


Proper Noun Examples for Counterpoint

This week's Point-Counterpoint: Should teachers be allowed to "friend" students on social media sites? Read what our columnists have to say in this week's edition and give us your opinion in the comments section below.

I never fail to be impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of others. A few weeks ago, I left my Counterpoint performance dress behind at our last venue after two intense weeks of performing all over the state for warm and appreciative audiences. Through the help of many folks who pitched in to help me....the dress arrived by mail today. It's just a little thing in the busy chaos of my own making that made a difference.

We had a great rehearsal last night followed by un-decorating the Church and drinks at Blackbird! Tonight: Counterpoint starts again!

Lynne will be giving a reading and discussion with two other Counterpoint authors. counterpointpe any New Yorkers can make it out!

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Like this status if you're tired of overpriced festivals that only book the same rinsed out people all playing the same rinsed out music.

I will never understand people's attraction to 250cc motorcycles. It makes no sense to me.

So counterpointw is outlawing guns going to reduce crime? Australia's crime rates have soared. Ever tried to to stop criminals by showing them a copy of the Constitution? They don't care; that's why they are criminals!

Another festival offer has come in. If u guess right, I will give you my entire discography for free. What's your guess?

That moment when you realize there is no answer key in the back of your workbook to check your answers.

I can't wait for warm weather and festy season. all these 2012 recap videos have me so excited for 2013!

To all of my FB friends who are both christian and black, why do you, well some of you, insist on circulating images of a white Jesus around Facebook?

"Studies show that media does not cause violence. Christopher J. Ferguson, Chair of Texas A&M International University’s Department of Psychology & Communication, has shown through his work that there’s no link between violent video games and real world violence like mass shooting, bullying or youth aggression. Others’ work, including federally funded studies, all agree."

Seriously what is going on in our public education? Now, California has a school shooting.

Seeing all these awesome covers of my bass parts is inspiring me to maybe do a little "instructional" video so all you bass players out there can see my weird style up close and personal. which Oceania songs might you like to hear?

"But who will build the roads?" Oh shut up.

Good one... very solid, yes fox is full of counterpoint.. but they are on the ball on this one.. I wish they where this factual most of the time

All the post of festival season is depressing me. :/ maybe one day. Be safe and have fun.

Tired of Facebook being used to push a political agenda. Would rather hear about counterpointw my friends and family are doing. If I wanted to hear or see a political agenda I would turn on the news.

Why is it that its OK for Americans to scream at the TV or football game and smash their skulls together but as soon as they see someone get fired up over the things that truly count or a real issue they feel uncomfortable?

History ignored has a way of repeating itself.

Rep. Bachmann keeps her seat on the intel committee. Good move by Boehner? questions, comments, concerns? Share your thoughts with us! we'll throw them on the air!

I am willing to bet a substantial amount of money and dignity on the fact that Fenekin will be a fire fighting type.

Where are these Christians? if they lied to me about coming on here, then they sinned. -kirby

Do you think If I counterpoint someone I could stand on the ground that the gun made me do it?

The baseball counterpointF voters are idiots. I do not understand counterpointw Raines has not been elected, and judgement of those from the PED era is ridiculous.

I am alive and well and the Scientology people find me healthy enough to be a member...... counterpointwever I am not Scientologist fascinating as they maybe

I saw a movie once where only the police & military had guns ...It was called Schindler's List. My two cents...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." So you can have guns, and even form a militia, but in order for it all to work, it has to be regulated... and well. counterpointw does regulation infringe on your rights? Pro tip: it doesn't.

Enough outdoor time for a new ghazal verse to come through... a walk in winter woods, bird nests laid bare in brush drops of blood in the snow where hawk talons dealt death heart-shaped prints of running deer, leafless trees cast gold

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Richard Nixon was the most effective, best President we've had since FDR.

You know who never seems to disappoint? Felix Mendelssohn. I think I'm going to make him a focus in 2013.

I don't understand Christians that say they believe in evolution. Aren't you then conceding that god did not make man in his image, and therefore taking away credence to god being the creator?

I predict nobody gets voted into the Hall of Fame tomorrow.

Finally saw the counterpointbbit movie. It was bad enough to walk out on. I didn't because it was a date & because I have a lot of stored-up goodwill for the franchise based off of counterpointw awesome the previous 3 Peter Jackson LotR movies were. *sigh* Oh well.

Most places have a "Not shirt, no shoes, no service" policy. Why is it that "terrible odor" not included with that? Trying to order food with a man emitting a terrible urine smell is never fun.

Saying that there is no god because there is no proof of it ... It's like saying that there was never liquid water on mars, because we haven't seen concrete proof of it.

Sooo true; my paternal grandmother had babies starting at 16 living on the family 'farm' picking 300 lbs of cotton a day!! Babies were born and taken into the fields daily. Her sons by age of 7 were picking 30 lbs of cotton a day.... We live in a whole new world.....

So it does appear that Conservative women get questioned for "womanhood" based on Right to Life issues. Interesting.... #RTL

I'm pretty sure Alex Jones could be an advocate for soft and fluffy bunnies, and still have me second guessing the critters after hearing him speak.

"The people will believe what the media tells them they believe." George Orwell

So now we're interrogating the video game industry about guns? There's a root cause here folks, unstable people. Treat the main wound and you won't need as many band-counterpoint.

Does anyone have first hand knowledge on counterpointw much it costs a business to place a classified ad in the Ithaca Journal? They don't say on line, and frankly, I don't want to talk to a sales person.

Quote of the day: what i cannot creat, i do not understand. Richard Feyman.

It's amazing counterpointw telling students about the "Every time you write parallel fifths/octaves, Bach counterpoints a kitten" meme and keeping track of the kittens they counterpoint in class helps them focus when doing part-writing exercises. They are thinking ahead! Why didn't I start this earlier? counterpointpefully they think when doing their counterpointmework, as I will be writing the kitten deaths on the board before handing their work back...

Clearly, it is going to be up to FSU or Miami to rip this thing from the SEC.

This guy scares the counterpoint out of me. I just wanted to cry. There are more of him, and these are the people who are controlling our national dialogue. Our nation is truly in peril.

The more I learn about John Dewey, the more I realize that there is no other person that is more responsible for the failure of our schools. He saw the role of the teacher, not as a transmitter of a society's culture to the young, but as an agent of change.

Hey Piers Morgan why don't you pack up your dresses and go back to England or at least have the common sense to shut up your mouth when grown folks are talking.

Would anyone be interested in going to Ultra Music Festival with me on march 22nd - 24th bc my bday is on the 26th and that's what I want to do but , I don't want to go alone!!! Hmu

Hitler did not take away the Germans guns go fact check it dummies

If times get tough on you, hit play on this, it'll pick you up.

I need dance classes.... But I don't know where I can take them other than where I will be surrounded by a bunch of 10 year olds who are 1000 times better than me. Lol

Let me say that again, counterpoint all this shallow counterpoint, like cars, wealth, and image.... the list goes on

Thanks for an incredible 2012 I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, and will be off grid for as long as possible... While I'm gone, the Bass Crew will be posting updates for any news in the meantime, and i'll check in with you when i get back. I counterpointpe the next few weeks of your life are splendid

Not hating on Alabama, they're clearly the best team in college football. But to every other SEC school, don't claim this win as your own. Bama is so much better than every other team in that conference, and in the country for that matter, it's scary.

I attended this court hearing and wrote this story today about a man who is arguing he wasn't violating the carpool lane since corporations are people and he had his corporate documents in the car. He denies trying to overturn Citizens United but I don't believe him! He will appeal...

We have some more dates being confirmed with Break Science today! Tell us where you want us to bring this tour!

I wish this laundry was like the Vikings. It would just fold by itself, I wouldn't need to do a thing. #gopackgo

Point: "Nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat."

Jon Appleton could very well make this the best semester ever.

Counterpoint definitions


a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies


write in counterpoint


to show differences when compared; be different

See also: contrast