Concept in a sentence as a noun

"The concept of the Overton Window [1] is interesting and germane here.

You just don't understand a very fundamental concept of design.

I think the point of Asher's essay is to show how much love and effort went into it, and that they were indeed the first to ship a full, polished game with that concept.

'Freedom' in this case being a nebulous concept that translates on-the-ground into something like 'able to load up porn apps on your phone if you want to'.

But such inventions at the concept and functionality level are protectable only under the Patent Act.

It is an impressive proof-of-concept for decentralized trust in cryptosystems, but it is hardly a currency.

It is easy to say today that everyone knows what the concept of a shopping cart is and that anyone could have come up with the idea of applying that concept to online shopping.

All of what you're reading makes perfect sense, because you are very familiar with the concepts author introduces, with methods of working with them, and with known results about them.

The biggest issue that I see with publishing this work in a physics journal is that although time travel is certainly a concept in physics, the research involved here is not physics research.

His entire concept of his job revolved around being the authoritative interface for retrieving and maintaining pieces of data that were no longer exclusively under his control.

One of the easiest things to do in poetry is to lose the reader--a great poet can put an incredibly complicated multilayered concept onto a small amount of paper--and require a graduate-level understanding from the reader to understand it.

Maybe someone more versed in the state-of-the-art can help me: has the concept of "speciation" ever been applied to genetic algorithms?In my instance, there are two predominant "types" of cars that are doing approximately equally well--the "rhinoboat" and the "assdragger".

As the alternate-you haven't spent months and years internalizing these concept to become vis second nature, ve has to look up every other word, digress into Wikipedia to use DFS to find a connected component containing a concept you just don't yet understand.

Reading some of the comments, I am reminded of the Greek concept of hubris...In particular, it is funny how programmers, who make their living by controlling complicated systems, jump to the conclusion that every complicated system is trivially subject to human control.

Therefore, if no-one notices a problem like this until after the planning submission, or perhaps fails to get someone higher up to take it seriously enough to change the concept design, then they will have to remedy it by using special anti glare coatings or just plain hoping it wont be too bad.

You also know that if you tried to express the concept defined in a previous sentence, but without using names for measures involved, and a notation for a value a measure assigns to some set, the sentence would come out awkward and complicated, because you would have to say that a measure is absolutely continuous with respect to some other measure, if whenever that other measure assigns a zero value to some set, the value assigned to that set by the first measure must be zero as well.

Concept definitions


an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances

See also: conception construct