Conceivable in a sentence as an adjective

It's been long enough that it was conceivable that he may want to have some comment.

HFR is superior to 24fps in every conceivable way.

The Court simply finds there is no conceivable way to prove that the relative significance assigned to a given web site is false.

Perhaps more profoundly it'll hasten the day when it will be conceivable to use kickstarter to fund an interplanetary science mission.

The laws of physics say that driving on the freeway with no braking is, and will always be, much better for fuel efficiency, in any conceivable vehicle.

This is just wrong in every conceivable direction -- Ben has in a stroke created an organization ruled by fiat, bureaucracy and fear.

Till before a decade ago college education was thought to be the only, yes only, conceivable route to an honourable livelihood.

If this is the case, then it may be conceivable that existing programmers and programmers entering the country would both benefit as the growing industry has room for them both.

Vaccine reactivation is fun to worry about because it's scary, but in all conceivable circumstances presents far less risk than the disease itself.>There is no excuse for this.

It is actually conceivable that a Rapide buyer would cross-shop a Model S because of the unique cache of the Model S, and much less conceivable they would cross-shop a Mustang.

Not only is the compiler continuously complaining, once you ship code, your customers call in to complain about every conceivable bug and a great deal that weren't conceivable.

This is an important difference, but not a disadvantage of relational databases, any more than saying "In a relational database, you'd join URLs with IP addresses, and maybe five other tables; this design isn't even conceivable in a NoSQL database.

Conceivable definitions


capable of being imagined; "that is one possible answer"

See also: imaginable