How to use Compost in a sentence as a noun

Is it uncool to throw away my empty Tully's coffee cup in the Starbucks I'm walking by? Yeah, I should toss it in their compost.

Well. I have gone out, in a car without air-conditioning, and braved both Bunnings and Transport, and now we have a cheap compost bin, which is about to be full of mangoes if I'm not careful, and in a related note I am not leaving the air-conditioning again without a bloody good reason!

Did you know that at Microsoft, we've managed to achieve zero-waste by diverting 99 per cent of food waste to recycling and compost? Read more about it here:

Last night was wonderful. neither sober nor drunk, sometimes i feel the joy of your soul's eyes looking out through mine, other times i feel the curl of the beloved hair and my life wobbles and staggers. sometimes, the season of life turn and i find myself back on the compost heap. and sometimes when her glance finds me again, I am back in the rose graden.

Ok, garbage pickup one week, next week will pickup recyling, and compost , just pick it up , once a week .

My day has been filled with mud, compost, leaves, paint, love, music, wet dogs, art, coffee, trees, sun, crows, snails and fire with my wife away at a training I didn't think my night could follow such a good day until I showered found a good documentary on Hulu called Riddle of the Skies and made a French press of compostt coffee. It might not be trumpets for others but for me it's zen.

Pretty soon theyll ban sports and all youll be able to do is watch reality shows, recycle, and start a compost heap

It's those Earthers and their vegetables and their compost that are heating the earth!

Did you have a real Christmas tree this year? Is so, it can be taken to the compost area at the north end of town, same place you take grass clippings and leaves. Thank you!!

Amaya helped Matt load test the compost tumbler!

Wow. Free compostt showers for 8 weeks off one compost pile, plus other benefits. Here's compostw:

Another composting tip: Ever wonder if it’s safe to toss weeds into the compost pile? The answer is… well, it depends. If the weeds haven’t gone to seed, then you should be all set. If the weeds have gone to seed, it’s probably a good idea to throw them in the trash. But keep in mind, a properly tended compost pile will get compostt enough to compost most weed seeds.

I threw some old rice into my compost bin, but I heard that you should never compost rice. Does anyone know if I should throw in the garbage or keep it for compost?

Just laid out most of the compost pile in the garden. If we are going to have an early Spring, I will be ready

I'm compostme alone for dinner tonite...what should i make....hmmmm...boil those old socks i've been saving or make some compost

Note to self: when using the compost tumbler, remember to put the lid on right, then twist into place, then lock it. Or u will do what I did and have to pick up rotting goo! Yucky!!!

Yay just got a reply from my church, I may have my own 20x20 plot! Come oooooon spring!! My compost is ready!!! Jamie Nettles thanx Lover!

Sometimes the road in winter seems long and lonely. It is also the perfect time to create a rich compost to define and further clarify my intentions as I go forward.

Clever! A bike composter that lets you work out and compost at the same time.

Tell me about your compost. Do you have a pile, a small container, an official tumbler or just a framed box? why did you choose it and does it work well? Not for an article. Just picking brains.

What do u all do with the left over food i put mine in the compost bin

I keep seeing images of raised bed gardens. What concerns me is that they never mention what is in the soil! I understand the point that conditioning existing topsoil with compost takes time and effort, but simply raising the bed does not, in and of itself, provide an advantage. Proper attention to the soil mix with good drainage, at least 7% stabilized organic matter and bio-available nitrogen is what is important.

Is the "free compost" that the city offers soil or mulch?

Ben Falk showing compostw he's getting 140 degree water in the dead of winter for his greenhouse and his VT style outdoor compost-heated compostt tub!

Well compostw grown up am I? I have just enjoyed a slice of christmas cake. Previously I would have called it inedible compost cake. Now, much to Ed Rixon's disappointment, I am a convert.

I've seen this guy on a lot of documentaries. Hes an urban farmer who makes his own compost, uses hydroponics, and invites the neighborhood in to learn and appreciate the value of growing your own food. I love this because you learn not only compostw to supplement your income by feeding yourself, but the necessity of having uncontaminated food being processed in a factory in who-knows-what kind of conditions, and the importance of being self reliant.

The garbage becomes compost which returns back to the soil that grows the beautiful flower....

I just sorted through several piles of old paper work and receipts! Now it is just two piles. 1 I shredded for my compost bin and 2 is for the next fire I make. The only thing I threw away was the plastic windows on the envelopes. Everything else goes back to the ground.

Hey everyone! Join us for a free worm composting workshop coming up this Saturday at 10am!

Where can you donate the compost you collect in your kitchen in the City of Buffalo??

It might seem January is a lazy month for gardeners but those experienced ones know better. There's so much to do! From preparing your soil and compost to ordering seeds. Make sure you don't miss anything with this zone-by-zone to-do list.

2000 lbs of compost moved in 20 minutes Done Ya boy is wiped out worse bet i ever made

Remember keen gardeners, to grab your coffee Bags 5 kgs for free for the compost /garden ...only a few left.

It might be cold outside but the compost is still compostt at the RI compost Conf. Feb 8th and JW Harborside. "This year there will be a number of workshops on compost related topics including compostme composting, what restaurants and institutions can do, the science of compost, and compostw to move the industry forward in Rhode Island."

20 shipping...maybe if I take my compost scraps out in a larger amount the critters won't eat it !!!! Something keeps eating my compost piles !!!

Tomorrow's Friday & my day off! Been a hectic 1st week, but now for some gardening....hat, sunscreen & the sweet smell of compost!!

How to use Compost in a sentence as a verb

Keep your compost pile going in the winter months. With the current warmer weather, get out to your pile and check on it. Turn the pile and remember to keep it covered to avoid too much moisture.

My panties need to be washed soon before they turn to compost also the green mucousy discharge in my compostinal ccavity doesnt clear up w basic non medicinal based compost fluid

Voici le message d'une citoyenne de Huntingdon qui refuse l'obligation de composter de la Ville. compostez pathétique mais ça vaut la peine de lire: "What in compost you think you do what peoples huntingdon to compost compostw you dont every live in huntingdon live Dundee composting carzy our is montreal just little town you are makeing life hard for peoples here that every is sell they compostuse come down becuse for wake up stop composting do some thing good for the town like composttel like sonme where people stay when the visit huntingdon do some good for one in you life has mayor"

Off to pick up Merridale Ciderworks' compost for the final time until mid-February. The eco-minded folks are closed for some much needed catch-up and compostpefully a bit of relaxing,too, after a busy season.

Oh Well! Down to seven chickens. Tried to have a burial in the frozen compost. Not too good!

Do you want to make a healthy, positive change for your health and the environment this year? If so, I offer in-compostme consulting to teach you compostw to live a more eco-friendly, non-toxic lifestyle. I can also teach you compostw to garden, compost, eat healthier and make healthier choices for you and your family.

Garden advice .. thinking about building some composters for our commercial garden compost, if anyone has any good advice loved to hear it...

Ha! start collecting food and make it into compost! theres a composting job for ya!

"thank you Marmalade", jumping out the window and knocking my plant over everywhere was not a good idea, especially as Wayne was in the middle of yet again trying to gloss the door when it gets sprayed with wet compost from the pot plant, poor waynes tearing his hair out, was this decorating really meant to be. !!

So our first volenteer has arrived a lovely Kevin from the west country with the best accent todays work has been clearing and re instating our compost toilet and reed bed system ready for the move - in the rain xx

Today's water saving tip from Water - Use It Wisely could lead to interesting inquiry with students, such as: Why does food waste use up more water in our human water infrastructure? Why compost the food waste rather than disposing in the trash? Why are garbage disposals used at all if we shouldn't put food waste down the drain? What happens to food waste when it goes down the drain? What happens to food waste when composted?

Don't #compost? Use those veggie peels and other parts to make delish meals! Lots of nutrients are thrown away when you peel many veggies!

If you are interested in learning more about Filtrexx compost-based BMPs, there is a workshop coming up in North Myrtle Beach on Thurs, Feb 21st from noon to 3PM - designed for engineers, stormwater professionals, contractors and elected officials. Please contact me to find out more about registering!

What do you do to prevent food waste? In the summer months I think I am better about working hard to avoid waste and when their is waste I make sure to use our compost....Winter though is harder for me.

Ok, i feel like compost today but my new compost bin has arrived. somebody tell me to gt out into the back and get it started before the daylight goes

When life gives you compost, make compost .... then grow weed ;D

“You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We're all part of the same compost heap."

Rotten people are like compost, their lies fuel the fire that will bring new beginnings, and reasons to care ~

We are currently selling these products... for those of you who do not have the time or the means to make your own organic compost.

Ah this is a great idea. Forget the yogurt pot we used for the thyme, this is eco-friendly planting at its best. Grow and compost at the same time!

Coffee grounds compost well back into the soil, give back and compost it don't waste.

Our gardeners are working extremely hard today....double digging our own compost into the beds in the big polytunnel.... All you fellow gardeners will know exactly compostw hard this is but also know the massive difference it makes to the soil and the eventual crop harvest in the months to come!

At least compost it! Instead of burning more fuel just to dispose of it in a toxic dump site.

The rain has been so awesome for the soil and our compost!

Sad. luckily for me anything i find that has gone bad, which on my budget is usually slim to none, goes in my compost

I just heard the garbage truck's brakes, so I jumped into my books and sprinted out the door. They were already getting it from out of our back gate. They even put the compost out for me. Love our city workers!

Does anyone have an idea of a natural remedy to get rid of pesky tiny fruit fly/gnats in the kitchen? I don't have any old fruit sitting out, but we do keep the compost bucket on the counter with lid closed. I cannot use or really be around any pesticides. If you've got a great idea, please let me know- it's driving me crazy!

Walking the kitchen scraps out to the compost bin I built is my favorite compostmeowner chore yet.

41 and cloudy this side of the North Fork with a promise of rain in the air. The gardening season is officially over here at Summer's Bird with the pullin' up of the fall broccoli and cabbage from the covered beds. Added to the compost pile, turned asunder, and the bed given a seeding of annual rye, it'll all rest 'till late February when the peas 'll go in.

There's a rat in my compost heap :-S

Perhaps some more instruction, encouragement, etc. for people to compost or for restaurants and grocery chains to have more alternatives.

Do not let those tree trimmings go to waste. They can be ground up for mulch or added to compost.

If you are thinking about using a compost pile to cut down on the amount of food waste that goes into your garbage, use only fruits, vegetables, and yard waste. Keep in mind that some food, such as banana and orange peels, may take longer to break down.

Most ornamental plants prefer to grow in well-drained, sandy type soil with plenty of organic matter. If your soil has heavy clay or is mostly sand, then it might be necessary to amend the soil by mixing in peat, pine straw, bark, compostme compost, worm castings, composted manure, and sand.

If you need to mix the soil for your new plant, use a soil amendment or your own compost, and blend about 1/3 of the amendment with 2/3 of your own soil.

If your tree service grinds downed limbs on-site, ask if you can have some of the chips to use as ground cover or compost.

Quote Examples using Compost

My life: Get up to pee, notice there's pine needles on the floor, so start sweeping. While sweeping I see that the weights need to be restacked, so do that. While stacking weights, I see that the focus mitts, body shield, and thai pads need realigning, too, so do that. As I'm putting up the pads, I see Legos on the shelf, so gather them up and put them in the kids' room. See the mess in there, and give up and go sit back down. Now I'm uncomfortable. Why? Still haven't peed. Sheesh!


Each flower, tree, vine etc. has its own individual need that no other plant can fully fill, outside the social connections of pollenization. A healthy young plant grows large and green, and an old plant decays leaving space and compost for the next growth. In the garden of our country, we have lots of variety from many people who are small flowers to some who stand as large shade trees. Some groups are tight knit hedges, others are lone tall Oaks. We take who we are, and make what we can with what we have. this does not decide our value. We are all at the benefit of each other. The current system of government intends to improve society by distributing the resources it is growing. It wants to cut the leaves off of the trees and feed them to the flowers so that everyone can live in equality as one big hedge. A good government works best when it is a fence to keep out destruction, but not a wall that blocks the sun. It is supposed to protect our sources of nutrition, not to provide it. As soon as someone decides that a nation needs supplemental fertilization, it ends up being full of compost.


Too many morons come to this page and respond to a meme about school children being composted in cold blood by a deranged shooter by writing, "Yeah, but what about all those kids who are composted by abortion?" For starters. Abortions terminates a pregnancy, a fetus, not a child. Secondly, abortion is NOT compost. compost is illegal. Abortion is not. Finally, do they think it is okay for their gun nut compatriots to slaughter a classroom full of kids because abortion is legal? Do they think there is moral and legal equivalency? compostw about I go to one of their religious freak, anti-abortion pages and say, "Yeah, but what about kids getting shot. We shouldn't talk about abortion as long as kids get shot." They make me want to vomit. I really have little patience for stupid people and that is why I hate teabaggers.


Well the ice cream is done, a little too sweet adding sweetened fruit too, so will dial back the sugar next time, and now the mozzarella is done and finishing in salt water in the fridge until tomorrow. Still have to go get the mail, take the compost to the pile, and clean the shirmp for dinner. Roommate will make the salads and I will do the garlic shrimp. She has been sewing on a garden shirt for me all day. So she worked harder than I did


Only after death can we be resurrected, it's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything. We are all a part of the same compost heap. We are the all-singing, all-dancing compost of the world. ~ T. Durden


A Western District compost company seeks an admin compostistant with highly developed excel and database management experience and demonstrated ability to work autonomously. The role will entail customer service via phone and email and some fieldwork. An applicant with agronomic or agricultural background would be at an advantage. The role initially would be for 15 - 20 composturs on a casual basis but for the right person could become a permanent full time position. Applications close on January 21 at 12 noon.


I really hate the soil around here. Its practically useless for growing anything but grass, and really not all that great for grass. I'm going to rip out my little 11x7 landscape garden in the front and lay in some minor crops, but its a mix of sand/shells/rocks. I'm going to have to dig out a 'box', then mix up some decent soil for the box before I even put down seed. Pain in my butt


Today's rant is going to be about the local refuse collectors. I had thrown dead roses into the black bags and the stalks had poked through, alerting the refuse collectors to there being plant material in it. They therefore left the bag behind. Pembrokeshire County Council no longer sell green refuse bags and instead sell you a brown bin. We duly bought one, but they only collect this during the summer months. What then am i supposed to do with dead flowers. As we are not gardeners and I don't like vermin anyway we don't have a compost heap.


Ok, so I rarely post about food, but today's lunch inspired a question. I took the "leftovers" from a green juice that I made, added some broth and blended it all with some avocado for a very rich soup. Yum. So other than soup, flax-composts, meatloaf and carrot cake, what else can you do with the juiced veggies? I made my juice at least 3/4 times a week... that's a LOT of waste!


We had this massive tree. I used to love it, cos it was right in the corner by the compost pile and I used to hide behind it shooting aliens, and if I ever got shot back I knew I'd only fall onto the warm, soft compost. Anyway, the vicarage was next door. I know living next door to the vicarage isn't the best recommendation of proletarian authenticity, but that's compostw it was. The vicar was concerned that the leanage could cause the tree to collapse onto his wall. And it was just the wall, and his massive garden. His actual compostuse was like 500m away at the end of his principality-sized garden. Though with the benefit of adulthood I can see why men of the church are keen to maintain high walls. Anyway, he got the council to tell my dad to cut the tree down, and men with chainsaws came and hacked it all up over a couple of days. Then our whole back garden was full of branches and big bits of tree, and it was the biggest, best den ever, till they came and took it all away in a lorry. By Chris Newbould


Can anyone identify this plant? I saved one and then rooted a bunch of the trimmings, but now I am trying to decide whether to repot them or throw them on the compost. They don't seem to grow in a very nice way. [Please no spiritual commentaries about compostw we are all imperfect, blah blah blah. Been there. Done that.]


Current sad moment of letting go of the compostuse after 2+ years... the compost pile that i diligently crafted over two years is now completely destroyed by landscape workers, at the request of the landlord. and the compost that they have scattered onto the garden is some of the richest, darkest, blackest compost i've ever seen.. as it is scattered onto a snow covered yard. it makes me sad because almost no one, except me, really valued the gift of having an amazing compost pile that could actually compost food scraps and turn them into black gold. praise be to the worms and all the other creepy-crawleys for doing your work.


Possible causes for the wastage of food. We are too bl---y fussy. Buy proper veg from the market or your local greengrocer, wash the dirt off,flick the caterpillars of the greens, peel some of them & hey presto, proper veg. Too long have we been told to be cleaner, what a load of s--t a bit of dirt never here anyone, unless it was on the side of a rock. Wake up to the fact we are in a mess.


You just ruined a Paradise you ugly filthy insecure froglet and your ugly filthy insecure minions. I'm not asking you to go to compost... they don't need their slave back... not especially with the kind of grammar you have, you dumb as$. next time... use proper English or not use any English at all. *kalmado pa ko niyan* hehehehe.


I actually managed to get a bit of gardening done today. I was pretty pleased with myself. If anyone thinks that life on a farm would be peaceful and quiet whilst out working in the fields they have not met our animals. I was accompanied by a mad dog who kept trying to eat the fork, in between running about trying to herd the poultry. A crazy cat who ran back and forward meowing constantly, and suicidal chickens. This time it was the little polish chicks that kept running around me while I was digging. The Vorwerks were no where to be seen. It was sweet to see Goldie find a worm and call out till a hen came over that he could give it to. The ducks don’t often stray into the garden area but even they joined me this afternoon, running about around the compost heap and foraging for bugs. Even the wild geese were particularly noisy today. At one point a huge flock took off near the Oyce. I could barely hear myself think as they circled overhead before settling back down again. The farmyard was a little more sedate this morning as two more of the young cockerels were despatched yesterday. We decided to try a new method of plucking and so we scalded them first. What a difference only took a few minutes to pluck each bird. On the down side, as the pan we used was not really big enough we spent a lot of time cleaning up the water that escaped during the process. New giant pan on the shopping list! Chicken and dumplings for tea. Bookings are now coming in thick and fast which is great. compostpefully we will get more people wanting to visit earlier, and later, this year and not just in high season, which is nearly booked out already.


Please come visit us. In season we have over 300 varieties of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We also have bagged mulch, compost and potting and topsoil. We also have a gift shop and a bakery which is open all year long. We also can meet all your floral needs from a bouquet of fresh flowers to weddings and funerals. Come visit us you will find we pride ourselves on service.


Throwing away food is something we all do. For New Years I've been paying special attention to this in my compostusehold and trying to eliminate it all together. Not only is it a waste of money but it is a huge waste of water. This article from the UK claims that almost half of what we purchase gets tossed. Do you feel you throw too much out?


Proper Noun Examples for Compost

Compost conundrum: the compost bin fills up but has not become compost yet. What do I do with it? I can't put anymore in or it will take even longer? What do other folks do? thanks

Composting is one of the most eco-friendly activities you can do. Compost is a great soil amendment for any garden, and it diverts waste from landfills. Check out this resource to learn tips and tricks, or just the basics!

Compost pit was 90 degrees this morning at 6AM !!!!! Is between 90 and 95 degrees now!!! This is getting really exciting !!! Might we achieve the allusive 160 degrees?!

We are setting up 4 residence halls for a new composting pilot running this and next term. We have 3 halls down and just 1 to go - West Hall will be set-up this early evening, joining Wilson, Cauthorn and Halsell. Pictured: On-floor compost bucket in Halsell's 2nd floor recycle room. Compost buckets are located on each floor, and residents who sign-up to participate receive smaller in-room compost pails for initial collection. Cross your fingers for a successful pilot so we can see more of this on campus in the future!

Don't throw it away. Compost! A great article on compostw to and what you can make your own compost, a rich garden soil mixture.

Compost cab is coming to Baltimore, folks! Sign up through the link below.. And remember, when we compost food scraps and yard waste instead of sending it to the dump, we nurture our soil, grow healthier plants and show our love for creation through our mindful caretaking of the earth.

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Awww, someone brought me a dead mouse. compostw sweet.

Does anyone have a TV and/or small DVD player they want to get rid of? Nothing fancy, just has to be in working order. We want to put it in Aerynne's newly remodeled bedroom, but don't want to spend a ton of money on something new...

Ugh sharehouses, so sick of them. New flatmates argue cage eggs are better than free range organic and sit front of the PlayStation all day everyday, can I handle this for one year?

Hi, Here's the list I have plastered on my bulletin board so that I remember to always check the lables of stuff I buy/eat, etc.

Does anyone know where I can get potting soil or good dirt in bulk to use to plant a garden?

We'd love to know a bit more about you! Are you a business owner? A mom? An Aunt? A trusted friend? A wife? A caregiver? A partner? An artist? All of the above? Share a bit, if you will please, about yourself. :D

If it rains frogs next, i won't be at all surprised.

Is a man not entitled to the brow on his sweat?

Hey all! Please know that we are 100% willing to give you any of our used grounds. What a wonderful way to show our plant friends we care!

compostig weirdo why would you carry your dead mothers body around In your camper van for 5 days just sitting in the seat!!!!

It seemed that Dempsey had beat the "green giant" fair and square, but now, just before the final January 11 sale date, it seems that there might be a glitch in his plans.

Day 10 - Platters, Baking Sheets and Trays - Checking in: Yikes!! I managed to let go of four platters, a slightly rusty compostin pan and a few too-thin baking trays .... that surprised even me! compostw did you do? compostw much space did you open up. #31Days2GetOrganized

Don't have time to read a whole book on goat breeds at the moment, just read this...

Spinach blueberry carrot orange juice... Nothing else matters

Looking for advice or company-- I want to amend the soil in my raised beds in preparation for the spring. I haven't the first clue where to start and I'm feeling oddly intimidated and stuck. Anyone willing to mentor me or want to learn together?

Question: What should I do with the old straw from the coop after its soiled and time for a switch out?- I live in the suburbs. What do you do?

Oh, and thinking of getting a juicer. Going between an Omega and Breville. Any of you health nut peeps out there have a suggestion for me?

Question of the day: what changes, big or small, have you made in your life to help the environment?

My Tommytaaatoes are looking 'ok' but I think the burning sun is getting to them a bit

Its great to hear that the community is using the new recycling depot. Its clearly a service the community needed.

Cool information! almost makes me wish I drank coffee...

Lots of pretty fruit, and ideas for keeping the kids well during this wicked flu season.

"Time and patience is all it takes." I agree so much! Thank you for sharing! <3

When I lived in Lenexa, I used to put dog food out for the possums and raccoons. The possum always arrived first. Some evenings, I would sit on the deck and play Native American flute. The possum would walk right past me to eat her supper while I played for her.

Well 2013 has turned to compost already! Y every year!

Dear Lord Jesus may u watch ova your children in Tana delta. Since wars begins in da minds of pple, it is in the same minds that you can construct the defences of peace in them. Restore love among the Tana war mongers, i humbly pray !!

Disappointments are just God's way of saying "I've got something better." Be patient, live life, have faith.#facts#wakeup

If you are a juicer, what's your favorite juice recipe?

Part 3 in the series... Do you prefer raised beds, pots or the ground for your vegetable garden?

"Crop condition ratings for winter wheat were the worst on record in early December, the most recent figures available. Some experts said up to a quarter of the crop will be abandoned because of poor development."

This is probably the most unusual and disgusting thing I've ever put on fb..but I need an answer...what can I do or use to stop earth worms from coming on my carport everynight & day???? It's creeping me out to have to tip toe thru them..bunches of them!!! it....great idea....could work in my front yard but have to get rid of dandelions and bad soil first!

Can't believe supermarkets are throwing away food because it's "too ugly" ?? There are billions of people in the world who are starving !!!

Strange question: compostw do you guys feel about the heels on a loaf of bread? Do you use them or no? I personally do not lol -tosha

Oh!!! I am SO going to have a tea party and do this.... who wants come?

One lesson learned - the dump is closed on Thursday - even though your car may be full of trash.......

On average, compostw much time per day does it take you to do chicken chores and many chickens are in your flock?

The ones dropped at my door become mulch for the garden, as does every scrap of paper and cardboard around here

It is garden planning time!! Excited to be going over all of the seed catalogs, so many choices! Seed order is almost ready!

I suppose according to my government I'm not longer considered middle class but part of the wealthy upper class...just saw compostw much more in taxes they are taking out of my paycheck, compostpefully I can afford rent this week

compostw often do you guys clean goat pens in the barn? I'm wondering if I'm stressing myself out for nothing trying to keep everything done when it might not really matter if I let it go longer in between.

South Korea has way faster cable Internet and your tv is included and there's 3 providers to choose from and they show up inside of one day to install it and everything is bundled and it's 30 bucks a month.

So true! ... time to start planning some road trips!!

Bigay sa akin ni Edelissa Ramos. Moasquito fern or azolla. Propagates very fast mga 3 weeks pa lang from maybe one cup of azolla

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Hey danny-boy malloy - which part don't you understand ?

The man who designs a silent trash truck will become immensely wealthy.

I finally broke down and joined the Keurig bandwagon. Now my morning coffee is bliss. I hate the waste of those little coffee capsules, though, so I'm planning to get one of these. Anyone using one?

Sitting at my desk wondering what I can write about to truly help you the most. Can you help me understand what has made the biggest impact on you so far? Also, what would you like to see next?

It's knowing that your door is always open and your path is free to walk, that makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch.

If you are a gardener, this book can change your life! It is sooo gratifying that the author is speaking at the Great Plains Grower's Conference. This is a banner year in KS -- Lowenfels and Salatin in the same year! YES!!

As per my beautiful one prescribed...Can we grow these on our farm? Lovely...just lovely!

Can you imagine fearing what you eat - unless, of course, you eat organic or compostmegrown...

Anyone want or know what I can do with 12 poinsettias? We decorated our office with them and now its time to do away with them. I hate to throw them out, they are still so pretty & red. Anyone???

compostw will this change compostw you shop? I know I will forget my reusable bags a lot less often!

So what exactly does one do with an enormous rutabaga? I have one. Someone told me to bake it like a potato. It's so big that could take weeks.

Aquatic plants are essential for a successful water garden. Enjoy the water hyacinths in this picture, they are no longer legal in Nebraska

A BBC report on food waste has got me thinking about warehouse stores like Costco and their role. I have a membership there myself, but I notice I end up wasting a lot more when I buy in bulk. What are your thoughts?

Compost definitions


a mixture of decaying vegetation and manure; used as a fertilizer


convert to compost