Cogent in a sentence as an adjective

"Even though the next email was perfectly cogent, it wasn't the first.

I think its a silly piece, and not really a cogent argument.

Exactly - was it the case that ALL cogent traffic being blocked - from everything that I've read, it was.

Nobody said Gruber wasn't biased, but he forms cogent arguments.

" Which fortunately a lot of cogent comment have successfully answered.

This is very informative and you make many cogent observations.

Alexis is a well-spoken guy with cogent points to make, but I think he was outmatched in that debate by a guy with way more media experience.

A nice cogent summary of the goals of the project:"The main reason TempleOS is simple and beautiful is because it's ring-0-only and identity-mapped.

[Update: I took this thread to Twitter and got a bunch of really cogent arguments, including that LinkedIn enables harrassment/stalking of marginalized groups.

Cogent definitions


powerfully persuasive; "a cogent argument"; "a telling presentation"; "a weighty argument"

See also: telling weighty