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America always pretended to be classless but Britain has gone the same way, preferring the egoistic fantasy of an egalitarian society over the reality of one where power and wealth and privilege are still very much in force. We're trapped in a solipsistic nightmare, where conspiracy theories have replaced an understanding of social power.

}\n\nJavascript being classless[1] and supporting prototype based object inheritance invalidates many of the assumptions behind patterns in use in classical OO languages. This is even more relevant when we are talking about flawed patterns.

Given that, I don't think that the post was inappropriate or classless. I think that killing the post did more harm than good.

Suggests that it was one of the investors that leaked the story to venturebeat, pretty classless, and really not-done in those circles.

This is classless and sensationalist, and Haaretz can do better.

To publicly lambaste a competitor through disinformation just because they don't share your personal values is about as classless as it gets. This is open-and-shut witch-hunt territory.

First, the supply side: if you read this article through, you saw the demand curve inflections at the classful-classless change and at the NAT change. Downthread someone already mentioned carrier-NAT, which is one more potential inflection.

> It's just clueless and classless. Speaking of which, I think you got the wrong impression here about the motivation of your fellow HNers who are simply curious.

V4 would have worked out if only my employees were smarter" is a pretty classless and delusional assessment of what went wrong.

People don't want a classless society because it removes the ability to attain the one thing that all people want: distinguishment. People usually want money not for its utility, but as an arbitrary measure of merit and a way to distinguish oneself.

Instead, he picked the most classless possible way to do it. I blame this on the choice of Twitter as his venue.

Also, your offhand dismissal of a quite well cited wikipedia article was rather classless tbqh. We know wikipedia is crowd sourced and vulnerable to bias, but to ignore cited factual statements because of that just leads me to believe you don't want to see anything that doesn't confirm your conceptions of both anarchism and socialism.

To me , the classless one is the Tumblr guy getting incensed with a barely-related-possibly-in-the-near-future-if-they-dont-pivot startup that was getting funded.

And yes, I'll even agree that it's a somewhat classless move, assuming you ignore years of context." Github Flavored Markdown" is a thing, has been for a very long time.

Weird and classless that they refused to pay a break-up fee.

The public punishment google meted out to their own staff was a classless act as well.

This is not only classless, but from a purely objective standpoint, who would actually use this thing? With your target demographic in mind, it seems to me like it will turn into the greasiest, skeeziest, cesspool on the entire internet in no time.

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According to Marx, a Communist state should disassemble itself after organizing society in such a way that it can sustain egalitarianism in a classless manner. Because dictatorial power is necessary to reorganize society from the top down, this power will be acquired by a Communist state. Unfortunately, every institution is self-serving and self-preserving, so ostensibly-Communist states are inevitably unable to complete the self-destructive process. When have you ever known a state to give up power? It just doesn't happen unless the state feels threatened in some way, and the state is unable to destroy the threat. A Communist state will relentlessly attack any non-hierarchical movement attempting to organize a classless egalitarian society, because such movements are a threat to the state's power.


Classless definitions


favoring social equality; "a classless society"

See also: egalitarian