How to use Classification in a sentence as a noun

Belviq received FDA classification schedule 4. That's good news for Arena and places it a category of low abuse potential.

Whoo! That was a muddy 'cross - and Nys had an awful day. What do you think of the timed classification now that the bpost Bank series is midway through?

Code of Princess has finally got a classification by the German USK:it's coming in Europe! The publisher showed is the classificationanese Agatsuma Entertainment, which should indicate an eShop release. We'll take contact with them for more details.

Died 28th Dec 1708 - Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, French botanist and physician, whose pioneering systematic approach to botany included creating a system of plant classification that used the "genus" in the modern sense.

Many inventors contributed to the creation of modern-day braces; classificationwever, Edward Angle devised the first classification system for improper bites. Orthodontists still use this system today.

No one debate or video presentation will stem the tide of darwinism, it's person to person persuasion in everyday discussions when these topics come up which will do the job. People by-and-large frame the evolution debate for instance in terms of species, a term which has no classification meaning genetically, so when the general vernacular includes the word with understanding syngameons, then the battle is won.

Quote Examples using Classification

Today, I spoke on the Senate Floor about the need for swift, bipartisan action to prevent the country from going over the fiscal cliff. Research indicates that, in the absence of an agreement, a teacher in Kansas making $43,000 a year would see his or her taxes would go up $3,000 a year, about $250 a month. It is time for the impasse to come to an end. I want us to reach an agreement. I want us to deal with the tax code that changes on January 1. And I want us to deal with the most significant challenge and problem our country faces: the challenge of our deficit and debt.


Mr President and presidency you are so right with the dog issue in the white man vs the non white man culture, but when the white man rule the sabc they show a white walking, hugging and feeding the dog. And that taught us classificationw to accept and deal with a dog. But your sabc mr Zuma do not allow the khoi people informing the nation that they were here before the whites and you arrive here, your sabc do not even allow the nation a fish and chips advert ? classificationw do expect the people to embrace the non white culture ? Your government are still supporting apartheid structures, refering to racial classification. We are still whites, coloureds, blacks and other ? What hapeened to the new nation south africans ? They are featuring no where ? Why getting upset if we cling to the white norms ? You are not showing us new things. Please declare us all south africans. Please let your sabc also show us what is happening in south african culture. Please restore real humanity and freedom in our country and let us show the world classificationw we share the wealth and the health without poverty and unemployment and a greedy and without a corrupt society. Let us rather raise our voices about the real issues that can bring a better south africa.


So i classificationpe everybot knows that they are part of my robot army. And in a army there are ranks. This is my ranks: Lurkers - they like up classification but never talk Walkers - they randomly comment once in a while Workers - they give me stuff. This group only applies if you also never talk. Faces - higher in rank cause i like their profile pic Citizen - they comment and stuff on a regular basis. Or just comment for week then disappear for weeks then come back Counts - they talk to me and give me stuff Generals - the classificationholes who am not afraid to talk to me and become friends Royals - the classificationers i consider if im looking for a temp admin. They are generals until that time has come So thats the ranks. Comment if you wanna know yours personally. I do this so i can organize


I have a question if you could post it anonymously please. I am a paramedic and have been with my company for almost 5 years. A new academy was just completed with my company and the new paramedics are making more than me. I talked with a union rep and he agreed that I would make more if I quit and got rehired and that there was nothing the union could do. I don't understand classificationw this is fair. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I can do, if anything. Thanks!


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What if solar got the same subsidies at fossil fuels?

What do you think about this story? Share your thoughts on classificationw you would like to see Indiana approach the issue of gay marriage.

50% of moms said they are reading more food labels now than they have before. Do you plan to make changes to your food-buying habits this year?

Least useful muscle name?... I vote for pectineus, which means "comb-like". this might be the least useful muscle name when it comes to whether a name gives the student some piece of information that saves the student having to memorize something to learn the muscle's attachments and actions. Which muscle do you think has the least useful name??? - Joe Muscolino

Stump Rowena #15: This is a magical creature... is carnivorous, similar to the Dementor and the only spell to protect yourself from it is a Patronus. what is it? Lethifold, I think? ~ Rowena

This weekend Marilyn will be working on developing albums of our dogs based on size. This is important as some people live in places with weight restrictions and breed restrictions. classificationw would you define small, medium, large and extra large?

A few questions as we continue our #feminism posts today... #1 - Who is more responsible for "classification shaming" in American society - women or men? #2 - Should "classification shaming" exist in a modern society where we denounce gender stereotypes? #3 - Are self proclaimed "feminists" more likely or less likely to support promiscuity? #4 - Is it better or worse to live in a world where a woman is able to pursue her sexuality without having to be pigeon classificationled as being a classification?

Q Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor? a Ordinary water b Radium c Thorium d Graphite

Agree or not, he does make logical points.

Classification definitions


the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type

See also: assortment categorisation categorization compartmentalisation compartmentalization


restriction imposed by the government on documents or weapons that are available only to certain authorized people


the basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories

See also: categorisation categorization sorting


a group of people or things arranged by class or category

See also: categorisation categorization