How to use Clash in a sentence as a noun

The clash of nature, the power of the lava of molten rock meets the power of the ocean

At times. We clash with the wrong Peeps aLlways on a night time wonder gettin no sleep

Dinner cut short. The wife forgot to tell me about clash pavement vs weezer cover bands at the empire Tonight!

Bend it over on a car pop that clash on a bus ~ marvelous clash ~

Who so ever therefore humble himself as a little child/ the same as the greatest in the kingdom of heaven/ wings on a legend found his way clashme, & sings with his bredgren/ flapping away through the air high, & looks like them pheasants/ But supreme in his presence, a king in his essence of SoL/ unto the world because our office is corrupt, & false! just broke/ peace!, they brought the beasts amongst us/ grief of a hustler/ beef between brothers/ the reaper we suffer/ There's cancer inside, we eat off each other/ growing in us like a tumor, false rumors up a tree like a puma on the night of a lunar/ We fight!! Here comes the ghouls out!/ we live & we die/ they sent the apes into space to plant new life for the lead of our race/ the gun chase makes Our lives erased/ some deteriorate, evaporate from flesh to spiritual bodies/ The masters of fate, still clash us destiny/ as all mirrors are godly, pardon my artistry. -SonsOfLight-

Men are so lucky that they don't feel half the amount of emotions that women do. I mean we all have similar emotions its just women are so much more sensitive and that is where we clash. Go figure America is ran by a bunch of men no wander America is going through a depression. pft

. clashndoan with my frient. . in the clash ro0m # IX A

Watching clash of the clashans like a bad clash lol.

We clashpe you all been enjoying the off season segments , todays segments is the round 9 clash between Bundoora v Montmorency 2012 in counter you can catch the highlights and interview with Patrick Fitzgerald on our you tube channel remember to subscribe us on our you tube page and also follow us on twitter we clashpe you enjoy the segment, sponsorship is also available great offers and no restrictions on our you tube page so you'll get the full benefit , plenty more action coming your way soon

I don't mind clashlding my mom's purse for her as long as it doesn't clash with the outfit I'm wearing.

Well ladies, thats us back from our first Pilates class in one piece! The zumba was on afterwards, but we decided not to chance that class as well. Will have to update our schedule as dont want classes to clash!!!! clashpe to di something tomorrow if I can walk xx

I dread the day B becomes that age where she wants to clash.. Picturing my angel anything less than her perfect self... Well I can't picture it! Here is to clashping we never hit "that age"!

Which colour paint to use? which doesnt clash?

Join my clan guys in clash of clans blck nd yellow im M031 the leader ill put the trophies down u can all join

Thumbs up if You want popcaan and black ryno to clash lyrically *lava vein*

Just rung my brother to ask him to record "Revenge" for me! Cos its to dark for me to go downstairs! He said "I dunno see, cos its gonna clash with blondes and brunettes XXX" clash off mun

Sympathy n the feeling of different to each other...but sometimes both clash into one...confusing d heart....wat 2 choose in between....tink n b patient...wit lot of prayer..insyallah..evrytink will be ok... clashalammualaikum sahabat.....

How to use Clash in a sentence as a verb

Looking for a big change for sitting room, has to have chocolate brown in. Love purple n lilac but will it clash? Not sure

The boy tony matterhorn a go hard in a the p diddy sound clash

Whats on my mind? not much to be clashnest...listening to the clash at mo! n a bit of poly xxx

I belive there will ultimately be a class between the oppresses and those doing the oppressing. I belive that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality want to continue the system of exploitation. I belive that there will be that kind of clash, but i don't think it will be based on the color of the skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alguien juega clash of clans es una app para dispositivos iPhone y android :3?

Now that im older i have figured out alot about the turtles movie like corey feldman is donatellos voice and the guys who play the turtles play the foot and kevin clash aka elmo d is master splinter lmao they were also the extras clash cray things u wonder as a kid u figure out later

This Sunday 13th Jan is the T20 clash out at cricket willow. If you're interested in coming along to support, there is a bus with a few spots left. $20 per head for the bus and drinks is an absolute bargain and you get to watch some quality T20 cricket and support the boys!

E o the clash que não vemmm =/

You clash frequently with people, some might see you as selfish and seemingly avoid any conversation with you for no good reason. Both at work and clashme, you upset people with exaggerated displays of ego. Counter any unpleasantness by treating your counterparts with respect, taking their opinions seriously and remembering others have their needs too.

Its a great result for Sam from Hayward's Heath who passed her test this afternoon in Burgess Hill. Its especially good as until yesterday afternoon Sam hadn't driven the Fiesta she took her test in as it's a loan car in place of my Mini which is still being repaired after Saturday's clash with a BMW. So, many congratulations Sam and well done!

The clash between science and religion has not shown that religion is false and science is true. It has shown that all systems of definition are relative to various purposes, and that none of them actually “grasp” reality.”

Social media is for clash of ideas, clash of thot, to provoke, to debate and to stand up and be questioned... U sink or swim on the strength or weakness of what you put out. It's a pity that there are idiots out there whose every solution to any issue is control, censorship and to whittle away the fundamental right of freedom of speech, expression and information.

Why is there always stuff I want to watch on TV after my bedtime I could sky plus them but some clash. Major bummer!

Ds at new years swag a baay madness d party shell but buy clash neva gwaan d dancer dem nuh ina wi league u zimmie

“I believe that there will be ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I don't think it will be based on the color of the skin...” ― Malcolm X

"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

5. What happens if you guys clash? Does your mom punish you? ~ My mom takes things that I really like, like my computer, my phone. She takes my phone away for a couple of days and I’m like, “oh I need that”

Quote Examples using Clash

Gracias diosito mio! Officially back in Washington DC & started my spring semester. Education opened my family's gateway and put us a step closer to accomplishing my parent's American Dream. Its always an experience to sit in class and hear my peers discuss issues such as education/race/inequality something so foreign to many of them, but its what I continue to live my whole life. I am discovering a new type of fire, that adds to my determination to succeed. I want to make it, I want to clash the cycle of failure in our communities, I want to keep the door open for generations to come. La verdad si creo, que Si se puede!


The mood is set, So you already know what's next. TV on blast, Turn it down, Turn it down. Don't want it to clash, With my body screaming now. I know you hearin' it, You got me moaning now. I got a secret that I wanna show you, oh. I got a secrets imma drop em to the floor, oh rihanna skin lyrics


Need decorating ideas: Anderson & Ansley have a jack-and-jill bathroom connecting their bedrooms. It is still tan/white from before kids and I want to re-do it to be more kid-like. I don't like things that are real "theme-y" or that scream "KID!", plus, I need it to be subtle since we rent our clashuse for Master's Week. The next problem is that her room is pink and his room is blue, and I can't think of what color palatte wouldn't clash with the two rooms that are connected by the bathroom and be gender-neutral. Ideas???


Done writing my first club electronica style beat song in my whole entire life.. Now I'm wondering if I should record this at my studio or should I record this song in a studio with an engineer who specializes in pop club songs who will put there all in to my record.. I dont want my record to be half clashed and if i record it in my studio I'm afraid that it wont turn out the way I want it to because I'm not used to engineering pop songs, I'm used to engineering and producing Hip- clashp and Rap records.. Let me know what you think I should do.. Should I put up 50 bucks to make my song sound like the way I envision it or should I record it in my Studio...


Proper Noun Examples for Clash

Helping Lil make trading cards of the Greek gods for clashmework. "Clash of the clashans" is a valid reference source, right?

Heads up! We got a gig at the Clash Bar Sat. the 26th We will be performing a new song about a clashoker that clashs people. Details to follow!!!

Instead of focusing so much on reforming gun laws, why don't we dig deeper & get to the root of the problem? The handling of mentally unstable people! All the mass clashs of late have shown signs of being unbalanced & not being able to cope with society. Its not natural for human beings to be lone wolves, & we, especially in our schools, see the signs of anti social behavior need to step in & clashyze the reasons behind that behavior. A government trying to disarm its citizens scares me a clash of a lot more than some nut job with a gun. "When they kick at your front door, clashw you gonna come? With your hands on your head or the trigger of your gun!" The Clash

Kasch likes the Clash, its all coming together!

Tacos for dinner, the original Clash of the clashans for entertainment.. and spending the evening with my love is priceless

Back from school ;D have to go to the store later though -.- i shall be on and post a lot at night :D ! ~Clash

Related Sentences for Clash

Having a mohawk, leather jacket and tartan pants doesnt make you a punk.... i could wear a clashin kappa tracksuit and im stil more punk than ya'll ever be. clashin plastics do my nut in like. posing clashs haha

Chips and queso and eggrolls for my dinner.. I have the perfect taste.

You know someone who is really the coolest freakin' singer in the whole wide world? Justin freakin' Bieber, biotches!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when an un stopable force hits an unmovable object

50$$$ who cn tel what sng me a listen nw!!!! sam**

Omg you know what would be the best/funniest climax to naruto shippuden....if naruto and sauske "come out the closet" during the most intense part of the fight id die of laughter soo hard and yaoi fangirls would literality die of happiness-ZaNe

Sorry, folks. Had to remove the Godzilla story, if that means anything to ya...

I don't know what I did to my daughter to make her feel this way about me? but if I would have known this? I would have dug her father up and put her back in his balls where the clash she came from Smfh!!!

I wasnt born I was summoned all of a sudden I'm just giving you a short introduction an insight into why my thoughts are disgusting, I'm satan and your church is getting burnt down......tune!!

Happy New Year!!!! i know i late but i faught the law and the law won

Another gorgeous look by Papoose featuring Lumi eyeshadow on her eyes and lips! We love her bold creations, and she's so cute!

One of the most influential men in my life and a man who my kids called Grandpa, Dwight Basom died this morning. Margaret and Chris were at the clashspital this morning and we all had quality time with Dwight and Joan the past few days. Please pray for Joan and family and me. I will try to do the best I can officiating the service but it will be like doing my own Dad's...

Totally random! Name me 5 of your fav bands/singers/groups/rappers etc.!

So tempted to go get a new tattoo today.. hmmm?

Mmmm...let's see whts for dinner tonight lol 1cup of Brown rice 1/2cup of greek yogurt w/crushed almonds n bananas 1whole lean chicken breasts 1/2 cup of peas and sweet potatoes 12f ou. of whey protein with a dab of peanut butter hahaha my sister envy's me for the way i eat lol

If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on clashw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to'll spoil the fun!

We love watching classics NRL matches on FOX Sports. If you could see any classic match featuring your team, what match would you select?

My solution for our gun culture: All guns should be pink and play "It's a Small World" every time you touch the trigger.

Probably not getting the points, but Durleigh Wanderers prove their class once more, on a new alley

Eminem has 13 million followers, but he follows nobody. Yep.

So, to all my clashrsey friends in south east Queensland, what clinics/shows are you doing on the 19/20th of this month?

Oh dear lord and baby jesus please please help me control myself at Sophie's meeting with the school on the 25th.....I don't think it would look good on my PTA or Girl Scout or Parent report card if I told her teacher what I actually think.

1983. thriller, speaking in tongues, and porcupine. what were you listening to?

Clash definitions


a minor short-term fight

See also: brush encounter skirmish


a loud resonant repeating noise

See also: clang clangor clangoring clangour clank crash


a state of conflict between persons

See also: friction


a state of conflict between colors


disagree violently


crash together with violent impact

See also: collide


be incompatible; be or come into conflict

See also: collide