Circumnavigate in a sentence as a verb

That being said, there is a lot of BS you have to circumnavigate.

I didn't think the competition you were thinking of was more and more web apps coming up to circumnavigate the 30% cut.

The first airship to circumnavigate the globe was a hydrogen zeppelin!

Like when you have to break some road rules temporarily in order to circumnavigate an obstruction.

The idea, as he explained it, originated from plans to build a self powered kite boat [1] that could circumnavigate the world.

Mars is pretty far, but 240 days doesn't sound so bad. In the age of explorers, the first human sailors to circumnavigate the earth took 4 years to do it. A handful of them even survived the journey!

Do most travelers circumnavigate Australia to get to the other side?

If you need to know its location to circumnavigate a pothole, you are to fast to react to other, unexpected, obstacles.

Also there's no fee if you have existing bitcoins by the looks of things, so the 1% is just a convenience tax, afaik there are cheaper ways to buy bitcoins that circumnavigate this.

They want to be able to use that as their major emotional argument to circumnavigate logic and reason so people react based on emotion, not reason.

"In principle such a journey, mounting the decimal points closer and closer to the speed of light, would even permit us to circumnavigate the known universe in 56 years ship time.

"Take me to an airport in Australia, fly low over Malaysia and circumnavigate Indonesia to avoid radar.

Companies can easily circumnavigate this by creating a new position with a slightly different title and slightly different responsibilities, then just hire for that.

[0] Books, chiefly by virtue of their tactility, belong solidly\ninto the latter category, as non-intuitive as it may sound: these cellulose blighters\nare everywhere and frankly cumbersome to circumnavigate by now.

See "Forward models: Supervised learning with a distal teacher" which trains two networks in parallel, one a forward model, one an inverse model, and uses the Jacobian to circumnavigate the problematic non-convexity of the inverse model.

Circumnavigate definitions


travel around, either by plane or ship; "We compassed the earth"

See also: compass