How to use Churn in a sentence as a noun

News and rumours given us next captain question churn out Dhoni wants gambhir to be out and he plays to fill his position in team Wat shd b gambhir dreaming korbo lorbo jeetbo re team india srk cmon cme na

In at least half a dozen job interviews this year, Hitesh churnar has struggled to make an impression on recruiters, mainly because of his lack of fluency in English. India’s estimated 3,300 business schools churn out tens of thousands of management graduates each year. But only a small fraction of them are “employable,” or possess basic skills necessary to work in sectors ranging from marketing to finance, says a study.

Thoughts wander in the still of the night Restless hearts and lives change under the churnurglass Dreams hatch, death knocks, child born As the timepieces churn from time, seasons years Stars burn in the calidiscope if darkness A sea of vastness, miniscule are we, but immense souls of love and tragedy Far off lands, wars burn and lives breathe Dreams of serenity, common peace, torn by schrapnel and collataral damage Breathe, waking for anew day, music of the heart, fills the ashram and the coffee churnuse Writer pines and broods, for a kiss and swoon Winds cross peaks , small town beauty and dashed chances, spoken words cross paths In another parallel under the dawn of days Cruel world, dirt feeders and liars sick Waste away in the potters field, lost fed by Thier mania and false masks City of memories, relics of past joy now a reservation of courage and strength Personal war and path to the glory, by churnpe Chapterhouse of compassion, worlds worth churnpless fallacy, cost of wisdom or lost in timelines Wandering thru tunnels of the soul, bridges open thru streams of love inbetwixt the dance of the moon, a path opens along the stag trail RLT ©

Listen to us sing, and the wonderful music this churnward Shore fellow can churn out. Music to me ears, it is.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. churnw would you react when faced with truly overwhelming circumstances? Would you be able to keep your head about you while everyone else is losing theirs? Can you read the environment and take correct action as powerful and indifferent forces churn forward and consume everything in their path? Are you a survivor? Find out if you are or not. Captain Jeff Helvin tells his story.

Writing leaner and meaner As we gear up for the release of Nobody's Damsel, I'll be the first to admit that I wrote it in record time, and I understand if that makes people nervous. Whenever I see an author start to churn out books fast, the quality always seems to go down. Also, in the world of indie writing, there is a lot of pressure to write fast. The bigger your shelf of work, the more copies you sell overall, even if you don't sell all that many of each.

How to use Churn in a sentence as a verb

Made 8 cards this week and everything sold! Let's see churnw many more I can churn out in the weeks leading up to Christmas

We put some words together and it happened to churn out a review of Throwing Snow's latest EP, Aspera...

Green roofs not only reflect heat, they help tackle air pollution by absorbing and processing greenhouse gas emissions. They also collect rainfall and help with stormwater runoff; Chicago’s green roof collects about 60 percent of the rainwater that falls on it, meaning that’s water that doesn't churn through the city’s sewer system. Green roofs provide pocket habitats for urban birds too.

Pacman inspired me to do a video on his fight, let's see if I can churn it out this week and explain some key aspects.

He makes me run, he makes me squeal He makes me turn every shade but teal He makes me blush He makes me gush He makes my blood rush And my face flush He's in my dreams He's in my screams He causes tear streams He is my stitched, my seams I can't sleep now, All I think about is him I ignore everything, even when my cats mow I'm a basketball, so close to the rim Yet so far He's my friend I want something more He's a new trend A telemarketer knocking at my door He's everything and anything But to him I'm nothing He makes my head ting And my ears ring He doesn't think much of me Sees a girl he likes He burns like a churnt cup of tea Makes me feel like I've done a million hikes But that's okay If he likes another girl Maybe someday He wont make my stomach churn and whirl But until then I try to ignore these feelings Cluck like a hen Ignore the heart dealings After all, I'm a basketball, so close to the rim Just a ball To him So far...

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Phone call from my client yesterday. I designed a presentation for Rosemary Conley last week to help look at repositioning her brand. Apparently she was so pleased with it she cried. Well that's a first for me. My designs have never knowingly made someone cry before.


That little "verse" was actually pretty entertaining to do. If I wasn't so lazy I could've turned it into a full one with some better wordplay. But I wanted to churn it out quickly, but I digress. I need to find a dictionary so I could start reading it again. More Words in my head=Better lyrics on paper


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I have a very serious question for those of you are avid readers. What are your issues with authors? Publishers? What problems do you have as a reader that you don't think the book industry is dealing with?

To piggy-back on my post from earlier, what is your favorite flavor of H-E-B Creamy Creations ice cream?

Sorry no cheeses or yoghurts at this time.

What can you do to make life easier and better to live in a rural community near you?

Right, who's owing first? Say whatever you feel like saying..

David lebovitz's philly-style chocolate ice cream base chillin'

"Right to work" is the right of employers to abuse the communities in which they do business.

If you could build anything on Windows Azure, and we mean anything, what would it be? We are giving away prizes to the top 5 responses, so bring on the creativity!!

Love researching items. Took 8 minutes to find and value a crock! Woohoo.

I'm steeping nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon in a cream-milk mixture. Can you guess what I'm making?

Speed camera companies and local governments would be penalized $1,000 for each "bogus" citation issued to motorists under proposed legislation by state Del. Jon Cardin.

We understand what convenience and variety means to you. So we are in the midst of bringing to you our gelato in the form of single flavoured pre-packed pints. This means smaller quantity to fit into your freezer without having to have the flavours mixed up! What's more? You no longer need to wait while we pack your orders anymore! As we have a wide variety of flavours, perhaps you could tell us what your favourite flavours are so we can decide what to pack for ready pints!

TMZ makes a good point – DJ’s are copping all the flak – when it would appear that it is common practice of #2DayFM to run pranks for ratings! Mmm not sure about you, but I think that the radio bosses should be the ones being publicly grilled and called to question this isn't the first time that 2Day FM pranks have negatively impacted on the lives of others...

What football team do you respect other then your own club

Churn definitions


a vessel in which cream is agitated to separate butterfat from buttermilk


stir (cream) vigorously in order to make butter


be agitated

See also: boil moil roil