How to use Charter in a sentence as a noun

Dammit charter. charterw many times do I have to pay the same chartering bill for you to turn my internet back on?

All standing rigging, cleaned and charterembled, put away and ready for spring. Now, we get into the boat for so much needed detailing and sprucing up, for the charter guests!

So happy my Lil man got accepted to a charter skool .... Go Zi lol Love my baby boy *~*trust n believe me*~*

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Mommies: I'm looking for great public and charter school recommendations in my area please

Im chartered off i have a whole attitude , im sick of charter && ppl in it . I gotta do what i gotta do in order to get out , of here . This is not where i belong. #Hummm .

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So new blog post going up soon, BUT E won the 6-8 grade bee!! He's going to the charter school bee sometime next month!

Just applied for charter school for Taylor for first grade. fingers crossed.

Board passed a shared vision for collaborating with charter schools, with some dissent.

Learn more about our charter school plans on Sunday from 2 to 4pm. Opening August 2013 to initially serve grades 1-3. Please spread the word! Thanks!

Damn. is facebook lagging or is charter having a problem...seems data is stop and go. anyone else having lagging problems with FB that is not on charter cable internet?

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Competition with charter schools has caused public schools to work to keep students in attendance. This has led to both negative and positive reforms.

Stop education policies that promote massive closing of traditional public schools while expanding charter schools. These schools are often the same or inferior to regular CPS schools. Stop the city and CPS from granting gangsters.

I knew charter and it's router had it out for me!

~ We had an amazing ATA with a lot of support and over-the-top interest! It exceeded my expectations! But it was a 5 day grind and I'm an old man. I have a lot of options to consider. But I really need to recharge my batteries and then charter a course with a clear head......... Thanks for your continued support of Fierce Hunting!! ~

Go like Walgreens on Facebook their donating a dollar for every like to warren eastern charter school in New Orleans

So I consider myself a good judge of charter but after a couple dozen drinks I'm guessing that all changes. I was offered a deal of a life time on a Punta Cana official stone reckless Oh yes I bough it he was a great sales person or I was extremely drunk.

Anybody want to enroll their child in eco charter school I have an enrollment form they are about to start doing there lottery!

Another huge one today, 1 hr Segway, then slammin' down a zip line, then a 3 hr boat charter, then snorkelling, then tattoo shop stencilling for 3 hrs in the chair tomorrow, then 'Fridays' fire dance beach bbq tonight

Here is sn idea: Westboro Baptist Church likes to show up and act inappropriate at funerals etc lets charter a couple of buses and send them to the inaugural event! !! Can't think of anything more fitting for inappropriate behavior

Does anyone know why charter cable changed a few channels around? And where have they moved whnt news channel 19 moved to? Was on channel 4.

How to use Charter in a sentence as a verb

We can take you here as well on an overnight charter from Bequia/St Vincent

My husband had a phone interview with a charter school in KC earlier this week, then got a call from a magnet school this morning. They are really interested in him, and even more, want him to teach in spanish all day! I am so excited for him and so proud! Love you, Louie!

The ancient city of Naples is undergoing a cultural revival ... and is a perfect place to start your Amalfi yacht charter!

Lst dae of mahi 2dae thn 16 daez of yer boii of to kawhia on sundae me n da bro morz goin on a charter boat fishin so yea carnt w8t

Coming on charter with apache finally a job ! Heading to Cameron will be out of range for bit ..

Deleted Facebook for like 3 days. After lots of complaints, i realized i should just make a new one and only add my family, close friends, and coworkers! No need for all of charter oak high school on my friends list! ♥ if i re-added you.... feel special.

Springboro parents, please make the effort to go to the school board meeting tonight in the high school auditorium!!!! They think we are all sleeping. Keys show them we are NOT and they cannot take away the services in our school and force them to go to a charter school!!!

Hahaha out of 10 guys I'm the only one who got up for the fishing charter.

Anybody else having trouble with charter cable internet

The battle over education reform -- from charter schools to teacher tenure, here's an in-depth primer.

1. Question: Why is Walmart spending millions of dollars into Milwaukee's local startup charter schools? Answer: Voter Suppression.. Without the public school buildings, where would we go and vote? 2. Question: Why do the charter and voucher schools, such as Rocketship and Light-charteruse need public tax dollars, when they are receiving this kind of private donations?

Thanx to our heavenly father- we fly on jets now instead of the charter- & leave a nice tip in the front for the gardener- do a lot of listening so I get smarter- everyone a hero till they get scar'd up- it's my ball checc it up- y'all betta gaurd up- "Jadakiss"

Got a wonderful surprise when a special education teacher from a charter school in Texas wrote to think us for our links page. And said her class had a site they wanted me to add to the page! First of all that was awesome. And second it is a great site that you may find useful too.

Still have to charter out that $125 to charter by the 18th,, ! May see if dave can do it and then I can pay him on the 1st ,, So i dont lose tv and phone,!, or lose it use converterbox and my cell till the 1st then pay it and I wont have to worry about asking for a advance on my check ! , then no one out ! Yeah I can do that

Check out the charter schedule on our web page. It has been updated. Book your dates now before they get filled.

By consistently ignoring the Palestinian campaign of hunger strikes while giving prominent coverage to hunger strikers in other countries, by making up arbitrary criteria that only the Palestinians have to meet in order to be considered newsworthy by BBC journalists, and by then continuing to shun those hunger strikers even when the harsh criteria has been met, the BBC has shown, yet again, its bias against the Palestinians. For a broadcaster which has conditions of impartiality written into its royal charter, that is nothing short of a disgrace. #GlobalHungerStrike

By consistently ignoring the Palestinian campaign of hunger strikes while giving prominent coverage to hunger strikers in other countries, by making up arbitrary criteria that only the Palestinians have to meet in order to be considered newsworthy by BBC journalists, and by then continuing to shun those hunger strikers even when the harsh criteria has been met, the BBC has shown, yet again, its bias against the Palestinians. For a broadcaster which has conditions of impartiality written into its royal charter, that is nothing short of a disgrace.

charterw did charter schools do in our Academic State Championships? Well, the results offer ammunition to supporters and critics alike.

Here's a story I did with a lawmaker seeking to allow charter schools in Kentucky, such as 40+ other states have done...

Legislation introduced to allow charter schools in Kentucky. Do you think the state should join the 40+ others allowing them?

Nighas think they rhymes going hard as charter, but I'ma keep it real shyt most artist suck, nighas come with more trash than a garbage truck, that's just starters luck aint no part of us, I be going harder than Spartacus, just like a hunter I target bucks, rolling deeper than a charter bus, yeah my rhymes colder than a watercup.. Thowed metaphors try to catch me, but I'm ahead of u like s-t, on my p's and q's like o and r remind me of a charterme run cause I'm going far..

Gonna have a cup of coffee then call charter, !!!,

From Ruth Rodriguez: f I have to have a conversation with a friend or a family member who tells me one more time, "bad teachers", I'm going to scream. Go ahead all of you who believe that what is wrong with our schools are bad teachers; but at the end of this scam, when your schools are closed and replaced by for profit charter schools, and bad/good teachers are repalaced by 6 weeks training interns who don't know anything about your community, and children are exposed to the most hedious child abuse, and after all is said and done, and still your schools don't make corporate progress, while Rhee, Gates and all the gang of opportunists are laughing their way to the bank, then please don't come to me with more excuses

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3 school... shootings, scares, guns... WTF! I chose a charter school cause it was safer than our public schools... charternestly... I dont think our children are safe anywhere anymore. I charterld them tight, too tight? Yea maybe... but they dont mind and they understand!


Hwy 1, Scott Creek Beach. Collected water sample to check out under the microscope when we get charterme. Breathed deep the fresh salt air. Watched 3 kite surfers take off and shred waves. Wrote timelines of our lives nestled in the vanagon. Another [charter school day] for the memory books.


My friend's son & nephew are visiting. Yesterday they went on a 10 hr fishing charter. Caught fresh grouper. Tonight we are all going to dinner at The Fish charteruse where they will cook the fish for us. Yummy!


Dodger fans with or with out kids. Who is ready to go have fun . I am reserving a charter bus thru classic charter . Please send me a confirmation for trip . The group heading out with me will get tour of Dodger stadium and food at venue . $50 is price for 1 Adult & child . Call me for more info . Viva Los Dodgers


State government done right: Interposing itself between its citizens and the overreach of the federal government. The states, as parties to the Constitution, have the right to stand up for any of the provisions of our national charter. The Supreme Court is not the sole interpreter of the Constitution, and the states have the right to refuse to enforce, or even penalize the attempts to enforce unconstitutional or extra-constitutional laws. Refusing to enforce such laws as gun bans or health insurance mandates clearly fall within the duties of a state to its citizens. Citizens must charterld their state governments accountable.


Firearms are paramount to upholding the constitution. firearms - both ideologically and functionally - sustains our government's order. We are not a people run by the state, we are a people that run the state. Unbeknownst to many, our model is an absolute oddity, and that most of the world's governments are not subjected to the people. firearms represent your right to charter your life- albeit if most people choose foolishly. thoughts?


I love that everyday brings new challenges, blessings, and opportunities. I'm feeling exceptionally blessed today to sing for a group of students, staff, and parents at a charter school in the Metro area. Thank you, Larry Yazzie. I'm so grateful to sing from my heart to make a positive difference. <3


I'm not questioning world peace. there are factions, organizations, and treaties. in democracy, peace is something we cherish. a good handshake procreates the ability to heal; a war that is conscience. i stand up for my beliefs and speak on behalf of charter, for my nation is with me.


Proper Noun Examples for Charter

We switched from Charter to Dish for our phone, TV and Internet today. We also have a new telephone #. If you want it please send me a message!

Well Macys reps you should be glad to know fox 2 news just had on their page who has the worst customer service, Macys never made the list, let's keep up the good work, the losers were Sears, AT&T and Charter. Whew i can breathe now.

Yeah I think I'll have to get cable again. I need to get my laptop up and running so I guess I'll have to pick a plan. I would prefer just internet and cable. Guess its NuLink or Charter.

If I have to watch that Charter commercial on Hulu again where he proposes with the song I'm going to blow my brains out.

From 6-7 am tomorrow morning we will be switching our phone system from Paetec/Windstream to Charter. We anticipate minimal downtime, but IT has set aside an charterur in case there are any issues.

“Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It's all about timing.” Stacey Charter

After a few days of hangup calls, I called the number back and found out it was a charter sales office. They said to contact customer service with any complaints. Did you know that you can call Charter and be put on an internal sales 'no-call' list? 1888-438-2427

I'm doing alright facebook, thanks for asking. charterwever, my Charter internet connection is so swell, that I can surf facebook, pinterest, whatever I want, perfectly fine.... Except Hulu and Netflix. C'mon interwebs!

Job seekers Charter, Randstad and Client Services are hiring for customer reps if you have some experience go and apply. Smoochies

Charter schools & elected officials = conflict of interest? No way...And who better to defend them than Eddie Farnsworth.

When working with Charter, be proactive. Give yourself at least 60 days to have anything accomplished with them.

Just another reason I'm fighting to gain my rights back to chartermeschool my son until middle school. NJ online Charter school allows him to learn in the safety of our charterme 24/7 cause his elementary school just isn't right for him!

Returned WiFi router, charteroked up computer to Charter modem directly, enjoying hassle free, fast internet. Multiple smiley faces.

You've gotta be chartering kidding me, AT&T. I've ruled out all other causes for this slow internet. I can't wait for Charter.

Charter bus limo next weekend get at ne for details it's going down chartermies

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Im at work only 45 min n am out this clock is going slow charter charter tomorrow its friday n im gettin paid lol

I got to find my wireless router its still boxed up from where we moved this sucks i charterpe i find it

charterly cow. Came out of my last school in Tremonton and almost got blown away. Guessing wind is 40 mph plus.

What is the best job search advice you’ve ever received? Let us know by commenting below.

Someone shoot me now, please!!! Second grade math is going to be the death of me. I am NOT a teacher!! charterw can I instruct my dude charterw to do these word problems?! This is charter! For us both! Man I thought having a half Asian kid would ensure no worry chartermework, NOT!!!

Its crazy charterw school is becoming a dangeous enviorment , my little cousin's school yesterday was put on lockdown because a man bought a gun to the school & some some kids today got shot at school in cali ...

Sent in by Karl Prusak: I'm off to blowhole beach in SA tomorrow , I haven't been there b4 . Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could catch and any tips? It would be greatly appreciated?

Last day at Greene tomorrow :'[ omg :/

Is heading to Las Vegas this Saturday and seeking extras for a crowd scene in a libertarian film for Saturday, January 19th...

Any one know of any private landlords around newport my flats chartern me off. I ant puttn up with it anymore

I can't believe yet again, so close to charterme, another shooting at a school today. charterw many of you with young kids are going to chartermeschool or already are? It's definitely a decision we are in the process of making.

I would like to go on record, officially, as having attained the status of an ill-tempered old woman. Please recognize me as such and we'll get along fine.

Are there any good High speed internet providers besides verizon ?

Happy Birthday to my awesome hubby today we' have bring thur a lot of birthdays together & charterpe for many more for us to come Love ya charterney.

When. Did schools start letting kids where shirts and stuff with charter on it.. cause when I was a kid u couldnt. I don't like it

Taking the oath again in 2 weeks time .. on MLK's Bible

Lets charter in red deer boys, Eagles all the way

So now i'm curious, who is he planning to charter in order to make things "right" in his mind?

This is sad....and I liked Cory Booker I thought he was going to bring some new less corrupt change to Newark

Anyone in the snake river district that is getting their kids early???? cuz im snowed in and the district is being stupid and not sending them charterme early like every other school in 30 miles.... they claim " the roads are fine" i claim you cant fix stupid... i want my kids charterme NOW

We need to get more such people in office, those that really respect the spirit of our founding documents.

Hmmm looking at facebook seem like most people are not looking forward to the play off's what can the league do to bring back the magic?

I love it. Kimber makes the awesomest handguns..

This little boy gets in trouble in school darn near everyday and its getn exhaustn... Imma fix that charter now before I b stuck having meetings everyday when he in high school so if I gotta whip his charter everyday til he gets it I will cuz talkn to him isn't workn... He can act up if he wants maybe he will get tired of getn a whipn cuz I sure won't get tired of dishn them out shrugs

Today's video blog is from point loma sea foods in SD.

I just had a vision of us talking to our grandsons & granddaughters one day about charterw we used to enjoy guns & even carry them places to shoot... while we're heading out to teach them charterw to throw rocks accurately. Thank God for the NRA.

A plan by Gov. Phil Bryant to establish a scholarship fund for public-school students to go to private schools drew fire from Republican members of the committee.

11 News will be at tonight's meeting, and will be sure to bring you all the latest information:

Apparently I am obnoxious. Note to self: do not give 8th graders vocabulary words they can use against you.

This was an interesting program. I came away with the feeling that the emphasis on test scores alone is a very poor way to measure educational success. It did also demonstrate that if the test scores are everything in teacher/school evaluation; there is a huge incentive to cheat.

78 degrees, sunny....surfing.....what a way to spend thirsty Thursday early January

If anybody knows a job that's hiring I would definitely appreciate it if you would let me know anybody ??

Only SBC/AT&T would suspend your Internet service so that you'd call them so they could talk to you about transferring service to U-Verse!! When I got transferred for the 2nd time & the guy started his speech... I said "hmmmm... A phone? A letter? Someone sent to the charteruse? Would have been a lot less extreme for something so lame and non-emergent!! I was in the middle of sending my daughter's math teacher an important email that now won't reach her when I needed it to!! What in the heck???" This is why I wish Verizon would just cross over Van Buren & service our area also!! I truly feel sorry for most of the people that have to deal with the company's lameness.

Charter definitions


a document incorporating an institution and specifying its rights; includes the articles of incorporation and the certificate of incorporation


a contract to hire or lease transportation


engage for service under a term of contract

See also: engage hire lease rent take


grant a charter to


hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services

See also: hire lease rent