Certifiable in a sentence as an adjective

It doesn't help that the SparrowOS dude is certifiable.

Your whole basis of argument now is that Andi is some sort of certifiable nutcase.

I'm certainly not the only one who disagrees with you and thinks Scott Adams is a certifiable douchebag.

Avoiding the advice entirely without even trying to comprehend why you are the exception seems to border on certifiable to me.

The Cleanroom stuff, when apps were similar, even had statistically certifiable bug rates we used to issue warranties on code.

The best interview is a pair programming session Maybe, but I've come to find that pair programming is a certifiable skill that unless you've been doing it for a while needs honing.

Maybe, if all the bis players stick their heads together, they can build something, that is certifiable and has nothing more than required on-board, so that it is easier to be kept secure.

This will just teach you similar things while also taking your money and giving you a "certificate".I guess if you want to enter a new field and you need to have some certifiable expertise, this may be a good option.

I didn't go through it enough to see if it was certifiable, but I'd venture to guess that if the author couldn't even bother to include supplementary resources, they probably aren't suited to teach.

If that does not count as certifiable experience, I'm not sure what does?Additionally, if the public really believes he is incapable of the job because of his lack of formal education, why is there not more questioning going on as to why the NSA hired him in the first place?

Certifiable definitions


fit to be certified as insane (and treated accordingly)

See also: certified


capable of being guaranteed or certified; "a certifiable fact"