Celibate in a sentence as a noun

It's like being a blind tour guide or a celibate porn star.

He was celibate, and in one interview he says "he likes women, but dislikes what they stand for".

What if I plan to be celibate all my life, but have strong platonic relationships?

One more thing gay people aren't allowed to do [unless they're on a serious dry spell or they're celibate].

You can choose to be celibate or childfree, but you don't and can't really know what it's like on the other side of the line.

They should use celibate monasteries as a backdrop for alcohol ads.

That it's better if people don't get to decide when they will have children?What's your opinion of people who choose to remain celibate?

Celibate in a sentence as an adjective

There are quite some extension I find attractive but can't use because I remain celibate to Firefox.

For me, being celibate is a practical matter while I heal from decades of infection and inadequate care.

The only option for gays who did not want to remain celibate in many cases was to resort to picking up strangers in sex clubs, or dealing with hustlers.

They're the worst anti-social, celibate, neckbeard stereotype you can possibly imagine.

How about the one that got all the fame, made the prevailing technology, didn't backstab his partners, and wasn't celibate?in other words, neither seems desirable to me.

Witness the confusion when Westerners got into Indian religions in a big way, then couldn't quite square the way some gurus shagged themselves silly - 'holy' men were 'supposed' to be celibate, if not in actuality, then at least in behaviour.

Celibate definitions


an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity


abstaining from sexual intercourse; "celibate priests"

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