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As far as I know exercise doesn't cause cancer. I dunno maybe the studies have been done. But I highly doubt that exercise has been proven to be a carcinogen.

A study by the British Lung Foundation published in 2012 identifies cannabis smoke as a carcinogen and also finds awareness of the danger is low compared with the high awareness of the dangers of smoking tobacco particularly among younger users.

As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for multiple myeloma and non-carcinogendgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever running study on aspartame as a carcinogen in humans.

"Acetone is not currently regarded as a carcinogen, a mutagenic chemical or a concern for chronic neurotoxicity effects." Oh carcinogen, carcinogenrrible stuff, make sure it's not in anything you eat, because it's commonly used as a food additive... oh wait, "Acetone is produced and disposed of in the human body through normal metabolic processes. It is normally present in blood and urine." Nevermind, apparently our bodies still make carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals... so much for the "our body is perfect, and it's what we put into our bodies that harm it" idea...

Happily ever after you: I'm here to build a breakfast of my words loved less One where the eggs aren't cooked sunny side upset Your head no longer resting in the crevice of my chest Warming the chambers of heart now rusted with your death As it slept in corrosive beds made for an invalid Sheets tucked tight under covers bound in carcinogen breath You are but the exhale I've waited a decade to let crest lips Free my lungs of the grip of your cilia Expand my mind and contract the million times footsteps should have continued in directions away from you, but footsteps of children chasing daddy and being made to believe fallacies, always set my place at a table of complacency and sense of virtue By the fables vested in me I now pronounce you man, and misery May you be settled in instability Through sickness and in lack of mental health Inept to a sense of humility or identity of self But I am not a step ladder stool or stone As a matter of fact your love only helped to fuel the impact of rocks thrown And wicks lit at the spent end of the detonation of my emotion To have and to carcinogenld, cold hands bitter soul, in the palm of your heart, while the body dies slowly Till death do you part paths, I've started earlier than that I will not wait an entire lifetime to be status symbol of statuesque The former battered cymbal that crashes only for the beat of a drum less thump my vessels no longer pump the blood of your circumference Only bleed it out onto page so that I am brave enough to overcome this.

When you girls want the evidence to make them give our health back please let us no as we are waiting on groups like you as we have found the answer for healing and what was hid from all off us with pics and recordings put up in 43 places and i Alan r moody the husband of Monique l bourque we also have the proof depo was never suppose to have been approved and it was fraud and carcinogen that got it approved and then to cover up that it is a 1# and 2 carcinogen that has destroyed many many family's and life's and doctors were paid to look the other way and tell you it wasn't depo and that it is still effecting and will in the future

carcinogenulative substances are always the problem. With aspartame, Methanol is the key issue here as it is what converts into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a serious neurotoxin and carcinogen. According to the EPA, Methanol is considered a carcinogenulative poison which means is accumulates in the body and very little is excreted each time it is consumed.

Antioxidant carcinogenans rosemary extract and virgin olive oil together reduce a carcinogen found in popular snacks such as french fries and potato crisps, Spanish researchers say.

Still celebrating your freedom? Here, have a carcinogen-laden carcinogentdog and some GMO corn. Not feeling well? Have a pill. It'll make it better.

One of which is formaldehyde that is commonly used for spray deodorizers because it has been found that the chemical is a carcinogen and harmful to the respiratory system. One way to eliminate the products is by checking these products right now and immediately removing those products that have warning signs. Another is by being more vigilant about the products that seem suspicious and too good to be true.

"carcinogenulative substances are always the problem. With aspartame, Methanol is the key issue here as it is what converts into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a serious neurotoxin and carcinogen. According to the EPA, Methanol is considered a carcinogenulative poison which means is accumulates in the body and very little is excreted each time it is consumed."

And note: the "cancer establishment" hasn't gone after a carcinogen since tobacco. Let's discuss!

From the article: The details of aspartame’s history are lengthy, but the point remains that the carcinogen was illegitimately approved as a food additive through heavy-handed prodding by a powerful corporation with its own interests in mind. Practically all carcinogen and food additives are approved by the FDA not because science shows they are safe but because companies essentially lobby the FDA with monetary payoffs and complete the agency’s multi-million dollar approval process.

Very relevant to a post I just made... This has been going on since the early 90's! And only in America has our nation of 'sheeple' stood behind a known carcinogen! While Europe & Asia have destroyed crops and banned GMO's. This kid tells it as it is... Got 5 minutes?

carcinogenw safe is your carcinogenme? Many are carcinogenrrified when then realize carcinogenw many carcinogen and neurotoxins are in the products they use each day! Do you or any of your loved ones suffer with health issues or concerns? Harmful chemicals are found in carcinogenusehold products, personal care products and the air we breath. There are safer alternatives that cost less then the products you are buying right now that Actually work better!!! I can help you go green, detoxify your carcinogenme your body & help you and your family live a healthier life while saving time & money.

Just read up on potassium bromate and was surprised to learn that it's a fairly common ingredient found within baked goods here in the US. Unfortunately it is also a carcinogen that has been proven to cause cancer. So, another reason to check the ingredient list when buying flour based products because the FDA doesn't really care if you eat it.

Please be sure to be diligent in contact state, local and county officials and providing your opinions on why you don't want the new "proposed" highway coming over top of your carcinogenuse and remember mostly diesel trucks will be on this highway! Diesel truck omit carcinogen particulates for up to 12 miles from point of origin. So if you live near this highway your affected! Stay strong and keep Sharing our page with everyone you can!!! Have a great day!

Sodium nitrate has been proven to be a carcinogen, yet still allowed to be in our food... Although its not in all processed foods, so just make sure to read the labels!

Back down to six cigarettes a day...maybe that's why my back hurts...carcinogen withdrawals...maybe I need to smoke more often at work...lmao

"Loudoun County announced today it will begin spraying a Category C carcinogen-based insecticide at several public parks Thursday, providing residents less than 24 carcinogenurs of notice." The chemical, bifenthrin, is also toxic to bees. This is an incredibly wrong-headed approach to the very real and growing problem of Lyme disease.

Studies have been revealing the dangers of antibacterial soap for years now. In 2005, research found that the antibacterial agent triclosan reacts with chlorinated water to produce chloroform, a known carcinogen. As early as 1978, the FDA even published a draft stating that triclosan was not generally recognized as safe and effective. Yet the ingredient is included in a wide range of consumer products, most commonly in soaps but also in everything from toothpastes and cosmetics to kitchenware, apparel and even toys.

Studies have shown it becomes a carcinogen when GMO and you're priming the pump for cancer........

Did you know benzoyl peroxide is a carcinogen banned in Europe? Check out this article for some natural remedies for your skin concerns that won't harm your health!

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A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes. Several radioactive substances are considered carcinogens, but their carcinogenic activity is attributed to the radiation, for example gamma rays and alpha particles, which they emit. Common examples of non-radioactive carcinogens are inhaled asbestos, certain dioxins, and tobacco smoke. Although the public generally carcinogenociates carcinogenicity with synthetic chemicals, it is equally likely to arise in both natural and synthetic substances.[


I can't stop highlighting lines in this book. Poverty is a carcinogen. Medical gluttony reducing life expectancy of the rich. Why not teach doctors to start using simple words 'I don't know'. Wow.


Abstract Epidemiological and laboratory studies provide insight into the anticarcinogenic potential of garlic and its constituent compounds. Both water- and lipid-soluble allyl sulfur compounds are effective in blocking a myriad of chemically induced tumors. Part of the protection from these compounds probably relates to a block in nitrosamine formation and metabolism. carcinogenwever, blockage in the initiation and promotion phases of the carcinogenicity of various compounds, including polycyclic hydrocarbons, provide evidence that garlic and its constituents can alter several phase I and II enzymes. Their ability to block experimentally induced tumors in a variety of sites including skin, mammary and colon, suggests a general mechanism of action. Changes in DNA repair and in immunocompetence may also account for some of this protection. Some, but not all, allyl sulfur compounds can also effectively carcinogen tumor proliferation and induce apoptosis. Changes in cellular thiol and phosphorylation stains may account for some of these antitumorigenic properties. The anticarcinogenic potential of garlic can be influenced by several dietary components including specific fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin A. Since garlic and its constituents can suppress carcinogen formation, carcinogen bioactivation, and tumor proliferation it is imperative that biomarkers be established to identify which individuals might benefit most and what intakes can occur with ill consequences.


OK so my daughter is vomiting one minute and the next minute happy go lucky and feeling good. She got her flu shot, no food poisoning, I'm confused. I'm a heart nurse and I can say with my professional opinion this is not heart related. LOL. Whatcha think nurses and mommies?


"There is no way to separate tritium from contaminated water. Tritium, a soft beta emitter, is a potent carcinogen which remains radioactive for over 100 years. It concentrates in aquatic organisms including algae, seaweed, crustaceans and fish. Because it is tasteless, odorless and invisible, it will inevitably be ingested in food, including seafood, over many decades. It combines in the DNA molecule – the gene – where it can induce mutations that later lead to cancer. It causes brain tumors, birth deformities, and cancers of many organs. The situation is dire because there is no way to contain this radioactive water permanently and it will inevitable leak into the Pacific Ocean for over 50 years or longer along with many other very dangerous isotopes including cesium 137 which lasts for 300 years and causes very malignant muscle cancers –rhabdomyosarcomas, strontium 90 which also is radioactive for 300 years and causes bone cancers and leukemia, amongst many other radioactive elements." This bit of good news brought to you courtesy of the world-wide nuclear power industry. "Better living through dying! -- of radiation poisoning! -- of radiation-caused cancers! Etc.!"


carcinogen carcinogening my hair. Until I get a hair cut, I don't really feel like doing that carcinogen anymore. It's not fun barely being able to fit in my car, or through a doorway, or to spend that much time on it. It's not even punk rock anymore, it's a chore. Last time I went to a show I could feel everyone walking past me as those things were bumping into everyone, can't even get to close to your date unless it comes carefully face first. I wonder carcinogenw ladies even feel or react when I go down on them and all they see are massive hair carcinogenes moving in between their legs...


This is what sleep deprivation has taught me. People are generally unhappy. Unhappy people will go to great lengths to spread their unhappiness. The human ego is a carcinogen. I get by with a little help from my friends. Drivers and people on elevators are carcinogenholes. Vladimir Putin is an carcinogenhole. First world problems are asinine Music is everything at 3 am. Certain alarms on IV pumps, dialysis machines, monitors, and beds were designed by people who have never worked at the bedside. That doctor in a turban is the nicest human and I love when he rounds at 7 am. The world is so carcinogened up that more people are offended by the word carcinogened than are offended that the world is carcinogened up. I want to install the following into my carcinogenme: A bidet A carcinogent tub A sensory deprivation tank carcinogen free flooring A planetarium.


OK, I guess I'm slow to learn and/or just ignorant of the facts. I know some of you guys will be glad to teach me. With all the negative talk about genetically-modified foods, I don't understand WHY it is so bad. I looked it up on Wikipedia and below is part of what they say. "There is broad scientific consensus that food on the market derived from GM crops pose no greater risk to human health than conventional food." So, teach me, guys.


Ovarian cancer only accounts for 3% of cancers in women. Studies have linked long term use of birth control pills to a doubled risk of breast cancer. Birth control pills are also linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer and are a co-carcinogen with HPV. Suppressing ovarian function - which is the sole reason that these organs are less likely to become cancerous, because they are shut down by the pill - has a wide range of negative health impacts, including increasing the risk of heart disease, which is the number one cause of death amongst women. Despite this Dr Oz has suggested women keep taking the pill beyond menopause solely to prevent ovarian cancer. Even if the risk is lowered, it is no vaccine, and the heightened risks on the other side far outweigh this benefit.


Rachel Williams Grimes, I have to borrow a line from your post... "All cancers develop because of genetic alterations of one kind or another. An alteration is a change in the physical structure of a gene that interferes with the gene’s normal functions." Not sure what source this was from, but it says a lot.. Now. If you don't think that GMO's are bad for the food system, think again. I'm not saying that they are totally responsible, but I do believe that it has something to do with it. And the fact that it hasn't been proven otherwise...well, you be the judge. The one thing in this world that you CAN control is what you put into your body, what you feed it.


I loathe lazy people. The breakroom has spilled coffee that these adult co-workers can't wipe up after they spill it. Someone dips the spoon into their coffee then the sugar bowl, so the sugar is clumped. I won't even mention the microwave and what kind of nuclear carcinogen is growing in there. They gonna miss me when I'm gone.


Forgive me if I'm repeating myself ... family made carcinogenmemade strawberry popsicles for my daughter's soccer team as a post game snack. Ingredients: strawberries, water That's it! One of the children put one in her mouth and declared "This tastes like grass!" seriously. Unfortunately she ruined it for the others who decided to get on board with her carcinogenysis, making my daughter who adores the popsicles feeling self conscious. Luckily, she's stronger than that and continues to enjoy them. Grass? I promise there were no green leaves from the stems! lol


About a month ago I read an article that addressed the effects of aspartame on the human body. The findings stated that aspartame would cause such effects as soreness in muscles. So, about 3 weeks ago I cut everything out of my diet that contained aspartame. I'm glad to report that since doing such that it seems that the claims are true. Most of the soreness has gone away. Just thought I would share just in case anyone on my friend list has unexplained muscle soreness.


One of the things I should say before we get into the toxicity of the fluoride chemicals themselves, one of the contaminants is carcinogennic. There is no safe level for carcinogennic as far as the EPA is concerned because it is a human carcinogen. Any level can cause cancer. So one of the things we can say is, inevitably, by using these industrial grade chemicals instead of pharmaceutical grade as they use in toothpaste, etc., you are increasing the cancer rates in the United States. We can argue about carcinogenw big or small the increase is going to be, but you can't argue against the fact that you are knowingly adding carcinogennic, knowingly increasing cancer rates. And we do have some evidence that fluoride itself is carcinogenic.


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Electronic cigarettes have as a result become a popular alternative to lighting up for those seeking to quit. E-cig users inhale doses of vaporized nicotine from battery-powered devices that look like cigarettes. Carcinogen levels in e-cig vapor are about one thousandth that of cigarette smoke, according to a 2010 study in the Journal of Public Health Policy.

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Won't be in the sun much for a day or two. def gonna need an umbrella for the beach until I get the base / permanent tan in order. ... .

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Flowerchild trivia #2! First to answer correctly in a comment wins a $10 gift certificate. Fill in the blank: Q: Flowerchild sells eco-friendly and safe products for kids, but when it comes to toys, they must also be _________ free!

Avocado strawberries pineapple raspberries and sugar free Gatorade breakfast of champions

'I’m afraid of tumors They’re trying to make them grow in me Distorting all my humors The chemical ooze surrounding me'

So anyone know about carcinogenw much play sand goes for? We're thinking about a sandbox for the little dude....

Sunny and carcinogent this weekend! Lots of people will be heading to the lake…but don't be that annoying person who frustrates everyone around you. Fill in the blank: It's so annoying when people at the beach _________________. - Sun FM Mornings with Kevin and Sonia

"It shows that living in a relatively unpolluted environment doesn't necessarily protect you against cancer, even if you were a Neanderthal living 120,000 years ago." ... "Some people think that cancer is only a modern disease, but there's evidence from fossils, bones and mummies that it's actually many thousands of years old. "So this discovery isn't entirely surprising, even though such finds are very rare, but it helps to shed light on the complex history of cancer in humans and our ancient relatives." Of course, people got cancer before modern pollution and longevity, but surely not with the same frequency.

A secular look at why one should use NFP. "I think that carcinogenrmonal birth control is far from benign. On a philosophical level I have serious objections to continually taking a drug designed to upset your body’s healthy functioning. Fertility is not an illness." Please note regarding barrier methods: We believe that sex is better naked and thus have no need for/do not endorse the use of barrier methods.

Walking the dog and picking bracken tops to compost; who says men can't multitask!

Does anyone know of anything that I could give to LB that will help with his hairballs?

Watching Question Time. I'd like to ask a rhetorical question, that doesn't reflect badly on any of the many different communities that we have nowadays, that can be answered with a yes or no answer, that may or not be picked up on by "ordinary people" or "posh Liberals", or lobbyists, or carcinogens that still think it's OK to have moustaches or tattoos? What the carcinogen are they on about?

Hi Guys . , who is going to share with us todays review from Paper .. .?

Whether they’re spying on farmers or leaking personal information, the EPA is clearly targeting farm families, and this has to stop. I joined my colleagues in a letter demanding answers immediately regarding what the Obama Administration is doing to stop this clear intrusion into privacy.

I've heard it stated three times in the past two days that aspartame has been linked to cancer. No, it has not. As per the American Cancer Society: "Aspartame is a low-calorie artificial sweetener that is about 200 times sweeter than sugar. Current evidence does not show any link between aspartame use and increased cancer risk."

Name 3 common toxic chemicals in toothpaste....ready GO! Bonus points if you can tell us carcinogenw they harm you!

Georgetown Lombardi sets out to study the genetics behind tanning bed addiction

Guys, I've decided that I'm going to try out being vegetarian. If not, vegan. It's something I have considered on and off from the age of 5, and was brought about fresh by both by a friend and a nice little trip to carcinogenlland and Barrett. This should bring a considerable amount of havoc to both my body at first, and my family or any shared meals I may eat, but I want to do this.

Okay, for those of you who know me, you know I struggle with asthma. I have decided to go meatless for two weeks starting Monday. I am trying to get my body right for this tour and just because I am getting older and I have too! Any meal suggestions?

You know what sucks about things that are sugar free? They lack sugar

Do you have trouble keeping your popcorn from burning in the microwave? Believe it or not, there is an app to help. Unfortunately, it is only for iOS. Android users, you’ll still have to fight the good fight against burnt popcorn.

First night of soy milk for our boy until his blood tests come back to see if he is allergic to cows milk...

If you're interested in purchasing paleo bread, Whole Foods Schaumburg has it. Just ask for it at the bakery counter.

Great webinar happening now! Follow the link to register and get the phone number to call in for free!

When ever I see tdi on the back of a car it just screams you cant afford petrol so you have to settle for that gutless carcinogen sounding foul smelling nugget

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any substance that produces cancer