Cantonment in a sentence as a noun

I checked for red spots in regions in Indian that I am aware of. The big ones mostly are cantonments / areas reserved by military and wild life reserves.

The roads in the cantonment were in better condition compared to the city roads and cantonments areas are much cleaner and well maintained compared to the city parts.

US literally funded Pakistani proliferation with billions of aid, which every one knew was being diverted, while those guys were hiding Osama in their cantonment.

Can't the cantonment just function like its own local body working alongside the other local bodies, with proportionate allocation of budget?I understand with the influence the defence establishment wields in the affairs, it has a greater say but isn't it in their interest to keep the financial hub of their country healthy.

Proper Noun Examples for Cantonment

In context of Pakistan, a cantonment is still is what is defined by the 1924 Cantonment Act, and not just a geographical connotation.

Cantonment definitions


temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers; "wherever he went in the camp the men were grumbling"

See also: camp encampment bivouac