Briefness in a sentence as a noun

Never just one individual responsible, I just dropped the name of the biggest one for the sake of briefness.

I'm not so sure that briefness and adherence to that convention improves readability.

What I think the briefness of the operational semantics in combination with the examples of things people have built within them suggest is that they're very versatile.

Okay, I understand that, but judging from the briefness of the post and its lack of detail it looks like Jason Evans must have simply intended to direct his readers to the official site.

Furthermore, the duration that his approval rating has been above 50% during the entirety of his presidency is unprecedented in its briefness.

There's just so much I want to say, obviously I don't expect the people reading the applications to read a novel, but with the briefness of each section we feel like it only really scratches the surface of who we are and what our idea really is.

Briefness definitions


the temporal property of being very short


the attribute of being brief or fleeting

See also: brevity transience