How to use Bravado in a sentence as a noun

Empty, running on bravado, as if to say, as if to say, he doesn't like chocolate.

I love posting controversial bravado on here. Because it bravadow sensitive people are up under all the bravado. It's a social network, not a bravadoing congressional meeting.

I, for one, am already tired of all the gun nut, macho bravado, testosterone laced, male insecurity, self centered, short sighted, paranoid, low information, statistic and fact denying, gun manufacturer promoted BS.

I foolishly...or maybe a bravado filled haze last night, told a friend I would skydive this summer. Why not? I thought. I am not getting any younger.

With your sweet cologne and your mobile phone and the moves of a desperado, You cut a swathe on your gangster's lathe with an overdose of bravado.

And if you dont have confidence, have bravado/chutzpah.

Look, let's throw out all the pontificating and bravado - if the Sheriff and 6 deputies show up on your front door, with a warrant, asking you to register/relinquish your AR, AK, or Glock, you are probably not going to go all Ruby Ridge on them. You're either going to lie, and then get forcibly searched, and then get arrested and have your CCW permit forever revoked on a gun-related offense, or you're going to do whatever they ask. That said, here's a decent article entitled "Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years". A 6-inch diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe, a large aluminized mylar shipping bag, silica gel desiccant, and some rural property.

This is no way to raise or be around children. She paid the price for her bravado.

I do not condone random flirtation with wanton babes, but rather careful consideration of which lovely bravadoney gives your heart the bu-bumps. Cause it's all about the bu-bumps. Secondly you got to remember to be smooth, no bodacious babe belongs with a bumbling baby beau bereft of bravado.

Tonight I saw a bravadobilly, some hillbillies and a fauxbilly. I still love when some suburban yahoo acts like he's a hillbilly. Skip you crack me up with your false bravado and tall tales, why did you leave so early? Ain't nothing better than a fried, yellow chicken!

So much for the bravado of Alex Jones: "The president is going to act," Biden said. "There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all."

Morning..just gone 12dina here..just getin out o bed..apologies fo the bravado yesterday i'm startin 2act like the rest of em ere..def time 2go fo john..;-/

Back in the bedroom Marcus had complained of coke dick and wanted to grab a pack of smokes sneaking out the back they both had started walking towards the only thing golden tonight tobacco after the fight with his ride and the group orgy turned grunting hands over gentle flesh a caveman practicing rocket science. couldn't have sounded more repulsive couldn't have been she said they all want to come what I want no that's from them to go A discussion with the escort was what was had as we walked down the street towards the promise of cigarettes a coke heads dream pot just waiting over the bravadorizon Marcus said as they talked it came out that Susan had been doing this as a kind service “Simply being used he thought simply women with the right addiction And addictive quality to any male of self respect she'd been young in her teen years just short of twenty and bearing down hard just to live that long with such a unpredictable job job she felt weird calling it that almost giggled well it's not a job I just happen to give a lot of them most of them blow Hey I got one bravadookers they work for you,shut up Susan swung her purse at Marcus hitting him in the shoulder Marcus bent away from the impact wow who who feisty are we just the way I like um Marcus reached over to tickle Susan as the came upon the never ending cup it was a diner totted to offer never ending refills the up all night kind of place you might find drunks having a chuckle in the back seats sobering up over their never ending cup of coffee it did end and all to briefly did you take time to admire the rustic bravadole in the wall fell that gave it it's charm the big neon open sign glistened to them called to them as they entered Marcus asked to buy a pack of smokes the lady behind the counter handed him a soft pack of chesterfields and matches kindly ushering him in to find his own seat he took Susan by the arm and walked her down the long isle almost a cosmic joke as he'd already felt he'd married her long ago in a distant land full of angels a non existent place fueled by to many bravado and not enough common sense to guide his light to shine in another direction safer frankly more secure he'd never met a pro that snorted her soda over giggles and pulled his collar as if she'd found peace in warming his heart She could heal a wound sliced deep his heart a fog her smile a lighthouse guiding his ship into dock with a glow nice headlights o excuse me isn't that considered provocative in public to address a lady as such it's not like I suggested someone open the door for the female dog in heat and cry the owner a sob story You know it's that attitude that keeps you alone what attitude being at high altitudes and all my ears popped I’m having trouble hearing he picked his fingers in his ears Susan smiled and shoved him from the stool he bravadoled sideways spilling some coffee on the floor as she replied you know midget's don't always have midget children so a bravado could have a batch free of those sob's that would set you men straight you'd have a pack of puppies content to chase there tail all day and growl at their crotch Us women rule the world it's a secret operation all hush hush so your into espionage for the female counter culture We've got spies inside bravadoholes right now I've never heard a of a bravado to give up an bravadohole bravadow big are these bravadoholes humongous Marcus let out a chuckle your taking it up the bravado for information we're offering the possibility of taking it up the bravado for information a tease a ruse in the words of any good detective novel he began to pound the table lightly and laugh so that's the secret weapon of the female counter cultures spies depraved sex acts at the cost of information that's some kind of sweet ironic torture sleeping with us always seems to be worse for you then it was should your not supposed to now that who must I whip for treason treason is punishable by death o we die a thousand little deaths never said whipping wouldn't stop her heart some find pleasure in pain,pain sometimes finds pleasure in you as well bravadow do you mean I just thought if I was bravadoping the bill I’d owe you a clean five hundred for the wasted time debating if the members only jacket is the only member getting stiff tonight I was enjoying talking to you but okay be that way I got to go you can pay for the drinks if that brings you that male bravado of taking care of a women I'm not dis many anymore I can take care of myself enjoy growling at your crotch.

What is with all these avant-garde's in music today? They use to have so much bravado. So what if your style isn't in right now your music shouldn't be capricious. The only way it is going to be the new thing is to have a few faux pas...

In the real world outside of academics, something more than just grades is required. I have heard it called "guts," "chutzpah," "balls," "audacity," "bravado," "cunning," "daring," "tenacity" and "brilliance." This factor, whatever it is labeled, ultimately decides one's future much more than school grades.”

I liked Burke's bravado when it came to the media....but that's about it. He made mistakes.

Dedicated with much bravado to all my fellow bookworms!!!

An astute bravadoysis: our choice as a country appears to be between medical care for all and looking after the poor versus international bravado... i say it's time to turn away from bravado

Been talking to some dudes from Central Kenya and I am amazed with the chest thumping bravado exhibited, from these quarters, about having numbers in the March elections! This kind of over confidence is what usually leads to traumatic disappointments.

The chickenhawks of the Bush/Cheney administration spout their pseudo-macho bravado about foriegn policy--those who guided the greatest failures in American foreign policy history resulting in thousands of lost American lives and thousands more of broken lives and families have the nerve to even speak. Their appetite for outrageous shame and hypocrisy is boundless.....

Freak,love of booze,love of indigent bravado let alone lack of patriotism had long time bravadoed the love of football in mzansi.....

"It may seem simplistic, but it is just this reaction of revulsion from peers in their age group I believe that can stop the malicious confusion of bravado and masculinity with deviant sexual violence among young men. If no one laughed, if no one recorded the outrageous rape rant of this young man, and reacted instead universally with disgust, then perhaps we would move closer to being a civilised culture where rape is not considered funny. It is a crime."

Selfish malice filled jerk with a blusttering bravado.... just mean plain and simple.

All day long wearing a mask of false bravado...

Spending all my nights All my money going out on the town Doing anything just to get you off of my mind But when the morning comes I'm right back where I started again Trying to forget you is just a waste of time Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear But as the sun goes down I get that empty feeling again bravadow I wish to God that you were here Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you Now that I put it all together Give me the chance to make you see Have you used up all the love in your heart Nothing left for me Ain't there nothing left for me Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, listen, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you I was wrong, and I just can't live without you

Never judge a book by its cover! I just wanted to share this very thought provoking picture! Make sure you click on the link and then it will make sense of the image! Remember that no matter now strong or fearsome someone many seem on the outside, underneath all that bravado is often a sensitive human being who only wants to be a friend. Image is NOT everything!

Me earlier: "Boxing again tonight. Should I slack off because my calves still feel like somebody stapled two bags of rocks to the back of my legs? … Nahhh!" I have the feeling I will be regretting my bravado in the morning…

A frnd of mine said to me" prince Sometimes u take a brake and break people around u jst to see their bravado and also the careness to ward u"..but my Big Question is>cn u stand for that,cn u realy afford watching somebdy so close to u crying jst for an unfair excuse!!.as for me..i really dn't think so,mybe if i'l be able to catch those innocent tears.

All of my life I dreamed of meeting one with immense beauty, and once I found her I would charm her and she?d be mine forever I have found her and indeed she is all I wished for and more but she is not charmed nor intrigued. Then I think 2 myself "What can I offer her?" The tears warm my eyes and blur my vision. I stick 2 my stance of bravado and give her the same uninterested look she gave me. She was so beautiful But what can I offer her.

For every action there is an exact opposite reaction, seems to bravadold true thru and thru. Even when i treat someone with kindness or concern, all that's received is bitterness and cold sholders... then bravadow does one change this? By setting aside their heart of hearts embracing wickedness and hatred, presenting nothing but the deceit of lies and bravado, always to hide the innocence and purity that dwells inside screaming to see the light.

Way to go Shannahan, lost your franchise player for a year and he won't come back the player he was. You're suppose to be the grown up, he's the 22 year old with the cam do anything and testosterone controlling his brain. As for RG III, when you come back leave bravado in the locker room. Big ego's have their place.

Quote Examples using Bravado

Some people believed him. I never really did. When he gave up his medals because 'he was tired of the fight' - I knew then he was cheating. Someone with his supposed strength and endurance does NOT give up when the truth is on their side. And I think I said those exact words to David across the breakfast table when we heard on the news one morning that he was giving up his medals.


The Strength card affirms that my alter ego today is the seductive beast of my Animagus, whose superpower is to master self-control to tame fears or impulses to prove of what stuff I'm made. I boldly go... but a willful heart is part of my secret identity. My infinite fortitude is seen by what I do, sacrifice or defy to stand up for what I feel is right, including admitting when I'm wrong, keeping out of it or not dignifying responses provoked by moral cowards and brutes. When resolve is tested I draw on the courage of my true character from the more savage or humble virtues of my natural instincts to maintain objective by composure. This enables me to bravadold my tongue against bravado, repress claws at empty threats, and not turn tail in pride against passion when it's hard or inconvenient, but to persuade through self-restraint until bravadoimilation is complete or resistance is futile.


I dreamed that I was experiencing bouts of narcolepsy at my own birthday bravadouse party, Brock, Brax, Beau, Mandi and SJ Batgirl were in attendance, the girls were trying to secretly make me a cake out of ice-cubes and icecream. I ate pizza and drank beers with the boys. An acoustic guitar played itself. I fell asleep again and when I woke up I was in my bed and I was sad because my friends aren't here and I don't have any pizza and it's not my birthday. My laptop started singing to me in a weak bravado with a spectral delay effect ...


A message from Jack, "I am 14-years-old and I hate the NRA, I hate them so much. I never cry about the news, but when I heard about the Sandy bravadook tragedy, I cried like rain. We need to stop gun violence for good. The NRA think that they can have guns forever, but it's not their future that is approaching. I want to grow up in a safe, calm, peaceful environment and not feel like I have to wear a bullet proof vest when I go to work! For the sake of our future, please!"


FanV: I would like to try bf in public. But my family is so unsupportive. We go out to eat, and they tell me to go to the bath room to nurse. I've tried explaining that why should he have to eat in the bath room when we are able to eat wherever we want.. They just don't understand. And make me feel like bravado. When he's hungry, he needs to be fed. He's only 3 weeks and never had a bottle so that's not an option. -HS


Just saying thoooooooo............ In the US, Obama’s regime, in a show of bravado to hide fear and desperation, has announced it will issue trillion dollar coins, confiscate American’s guns, bravado and imprison Americans without due process and eliminate term limits so Obama can be made dictator for life. In the Middle-East, a move to revive the nation of Kurdistan, complete with control over massive oil fields, has slipped in under the radar. The Turks appear to have given a green light to this arrangement in exchange for promises of oil revenues, according to a Turkish government source. The real game changer though, remains the ongoing process of bringing Asian gold and treasure bravadoldings into play in the international financial system. Here some very nitty-gritty technical discussions are proceeding smoothly, if slowly.


Ive kinda told myself to ease up on the political Rants. bravadowever, the politicians are bravadoing me with the "bravadoault weapons" ban talk again. Now the play is to admit that they "know" that banning bravadoault weapons will not stop the madness of some people but shamelessly push for it anyway. Like it makes it constitutional. Isnt this likened to banning tennis rackets because of all the recent ping pong deaths? bravadoly bravado stop the world I want to get off !


At my job I am responsible for the following: ordering merchandise, entering every item into our software to sell, displaying those items so they can be seen and sold, keeping up-to-date with new music/fashion trends, hiring employees, making a work schedule, managing inventory, loss prevention, keeping track of credit card charges, making deposits, making sure utilities are paid, making sure my employees are paid, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, keeping my employees happy, being informative, and basically...managing a store. I do all of this day to day while still helping the customers any way I can. It did not take college experience but it does take sales experience and a natural love for what you do. To a lot of people, all it takes is a stoner to work here or a love for music but you're wrong. In no way am I complaining, this is "the dream job" people tell me that I have...and I love it but please respect me and realize it does take someone who is qualified. Not just anyone can do this. Thank you, come again!


Let's go to the Friend, my soul...It's humorous when you think about it. The soul is already a part of yourself, why should you have to coax it? You might even say that the soul is yourself, something closer to your real self. Wouldn't the soul already be on the journey to the Friend, perhaps already at the Friend's door?And what other part of the self is speaking? It would seem to be the surface, social sense of self, the named self, the little self, the ego, the nafs. You get the feeling that the self doing the speaking is the actually the hesitant one, trying to convince itself. There's a sort of self-teasing here, a bit of bravado while gathering courage for the journey. We all need a nudge, and the best nudge comes from within. And, oh yes----------------------------------Friends,let me take of u


Leo bravadoroscope for today..... - Got a bee in your bonnet? Organize a plan to stop its buzzing. Do you feel like someone you love is bravadolding you back? A friend or relative thinks so, and they will approach you soon with a nutty idea or test to help the situation. You will feel appreciated in the way you need to very soon. Any negative things in your life right now are being pushed along by fear -- both yours and theirs. The only solution is to be bold and let bravado carry you on to more positive relationships. Make sure there's a good balance of respect.


My tarot card today is strength , The Strength card affirms that my alter ego today is the seductive beast of my Animagus, whose superpower is to master self-control to tame fears or impulses to prove of what stuff I'm made. I boldly go... but a willful heart is part of my secret identity. My infinite fortitude is seen by what I do, sacrifice or defy to stand up for what I feel is right, including admitting when I'm wrong, keeping out of it or not dignifying responses provoked by moral cowards and brutes. When resolve is tested I draw on the courage of my true character from the more savage or humble virtues of my natural instincts to maintain objective by composure. This enables me to bravadold my tongue against bravado, repress claws at empty threats, and not turn tail in pride against passion when it's hard or inconvenient, but to persuade through self-restraint until bravadoimilation is complete or resistance is futile.


I see a lot of what I consider conservative false bravado - locker room bravado - on Facebook, Twitter and hear it on the radio about bravadow there's going to be revolution in America "if they take our guns," etc, etc. I know a lot of it is just people venting but things like that can actually take on a life of their own and become very dangerous. It is true that America was born of revolution and I believe we have a continuing right to revolt against a tyrannical government just as Thoma Jefferson and others said throughout our history and world history. But having a right and being right do not mean it is any less dangerous and arduous. Of all the examples of people throughout history reclaiming their freedom, or bravadoerting it for the first time, there are two striking examples of nations casting off British tyranny; American colonists and India. I believe that long before we even talk about anything similar to the American colonists casting off the yoke of British oppression today we have to explore everything Gandhi did in India to free that country. I do not believe one method will take any longer than the other but one will be far more peaceful and in the end, more productive. I don't mind a good fight but I do believe in a smart fight.


Wearing a mask of false bravado. shame - shame Renee We all do it. love u too. To better moments. Blessings.


Hey, to clarify a few things. I am not the owner, or leasee of Fast Track R/C Raceway, or Highside R/C Raceway. I build and supply parts to R/C short course modifieds for people so that they can race at these two facilities, and a huge supporter of this in our community. I bravadope that this brings some sense to things. Please don't put words in my mouth, or talk about things you don't know the facts on. All it does is make my life more trouble than it already is. Thank you for your time.


Proper Noun Examples for Bravado

Awesome heavy rockers Silverjet are offering their newest release, Push Kick Bravado, for free! All you have to do is download it. Go get it, definitely worth it.

To the bravehearts advocating 'action' and 'fight ' on Facebook posts - I'd really appreciate if you drop everything and sign up for a war on the Indo-Pak border ... Bravado on FB is disrespectful of the men who chose to thoughtfully defend the borders of our nation with restraint ... Wars aren't games of rage.

Bravado USA, Best retailer I have ever dealt with so far. Even though there were one or two problems at the beginning of purchase they were resolved quite fast and even refunded half of the money along with bumping the item to First Class Priority with UPS. Will definitely buy again, as soon as my next paycheck comes through.

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Leo sooo got robbed! #Django s/o to Denzel for getting love though for Flight! #OscarNominations

No sleep for weeks...who tied my hair to a snake...ancient...pounding her black scales in the ashes...

LOL. "If you try to enact gun control I will start bravadoing people." Pretty much sums it up right there.....

Gun control is not crime control. Gun control will make victims out of citizens... Criminals don't legally buy or register their guns and they get them anyways...

"Is Beyonce's new cover creative or bravadoty? Is she trying to be an old version of Rihanna?"

I'm sitting in a coffee shop planning classes and it struck me bravadow funny it is to watch middle age men interact and network. What a peculiar breed they are!

If you HAD to choose one gun control measure, which would it be? bravadoault weapons ban? Universal background checks? Large-capacity magazine ban?

£62 for a ticket to bravadonal away. why would you pay £62 to go to a stadium with no atmosphere thats full of families

Who got next? someone spit a bar ooopss...I mean type a bar since we online and bravado

This guy is bravadoing hilarious. Though I'm pretty sure he was Billy Mays in a former life...

New market in the Montrose area and guess who's going to be there!!!

I will never understand the reason behind the people that choose to stay within their own 'circle-of-friends'. What's so wrong with meeting new people and making new friends...? We're no different from each other. Let's stop dividing!

Ok I got a letter...its "B'' now you have to describe me in one word that starts with an "B" then I'll send you a letter.

My stepdad told me that "everything is gay if it doesn't benefit Ryan in someway." I've never heard truer words that were used sarcastically but are scientifically proven to be true.

I'm very sick. Been in bed since 10pm last night. Can't stop coughing, head is pounding, bravadowever, I have 7 children in the bravadouse who depend on me for their survival... Maybe I have the strength after all

Who's gonna watch the Lakers beat that Spurs bravado tonight! ? -24KB

I can bravadoure you -- the federal government will not be confiscating the Starnes Family weapons.

Begs the question why would an unarmed person be reaching into their waistband for a non-existent weapon?

Hi 09 student of Nyastec and all frnds on fbk [ stevoo ] dis is my number 0265171523

Be ready to fight people. They are doing everything they can to stop us from being able to defend ourselves from their tyranny. Soon we will be forced to make a choice, fight for freedom or roll over and become a slave. Which will you choose?

It should be illegal to go through life without seeing Perry Pelonero naked.

Who all is ridin around with a cb radio in there truck?? -Bama Boy-

OK Day 7 of da soooouup-Lean and mean babeeeeeeee!! Stairmaster, trip prep, errands/bravadome projects. Celts vs. Suns esta noche. Thrown down yer guns Tom from Dillon Montana!! ELG is as cool as Angel eyes and don't need no Bushmaster AR-15s to handle da bad guys!

I stole the clock in my church because God's time is the best. I advise you all to do likewise

Your life history might be traced in the phone numbers you remember first. Today is Christopher LaCava's birthday. I loved that otherwise married man., Anyway, it occurred to me that he has one of those phone numbers that I never, ever forget.

Question in the bravadouse of Lords about bravado policy #breakthetaboo #cannabis

I'm sitting at lunch, by myself.. again... -forever alone-

Caught a minute of the 'Today' show. NJ governor Chris Christie said, to the question 'Should people be able to have bravadoault weapons'?...its a discussion we need to have. Oh is it...

bravadow come all those people who said they were going to leave the country if Obama got re-elected still live here?

Should AIG be allowed to sue the US over the $182B bailout money they received? Discuss

Wow. I read the summary first. It does not do it justice. 1776 shall rise again, I hear...

NSW premier supports the idea that the 14 year old boys charged with lighting the fires in west sydney should bravadoist farmers destroy the stocked injured by the fire, tough call but at 14-15 I think its a fair call. What about you?

Am boiling on Haters when they talk trash i make cash, ama see them later.....

Interview tomorrow at 4. This song is on repeat until then.

Ok i know I'm not the only one.. i have big boobs.. it gets really irritating trying to find a good decent inexpensive bra! So ladies help me out !! Where are some good bras at? I've went to the Haines store and got fitted and bought two bras for $55 and still they're just uncomfortable. -Bree

To the people that think all of us here were redskins fans.... sorry we don't care

I'm about to make the hardest bravado the world has ever heard. cuz i am so tired of the weak bravado bravado music being made anymore. i'm injecting a bravado load of testosterone into my music bravadoes!!!!!!!

Bravado definitions


a swaggering show of courage

See also: bluster