Avow in a sentence as a verb

One option would be to "avow" links rather than "disavow".

You might want to be careful attributing beliefs that are part of Buddhist doctrine to people who avow that they are Buddhists.

It would be "Anti-American" to not avow complete support.

It's especially easy for sites like 4chan which publicly avow that all posts are "artistic works of fiction and falsehood".

The thing that struck me was how Darwin's ideas achieved such quick adoption, even in that most pious of times, where to avow yourself an athiest was unthinkable.

If Trump loses, Thiel perhaps assumes everyone will forget soon enough and Zuckerberg can diss-avow any Facebook connection.

His transhumanist ambitions indicate a deep and sincere belief in his method, which is possibly more than most other dietitians can avow.

They call themselves communists and explicitly avow Marxism.

I'm skeptical of any socio-political movement demanding more science -- not because more science isn't needed, but that I doubt the movement would avow and abide by results which are contradictory to their vision.

Critics who avow that they favor more jobs for the working class, but oppose achieving more jobs through those specific means, are not described as “anti-job,” especially when they suggest specific alternatives for job-creation.

"a people professing Christianity" synonyms: state/affirm one's faith in, affirm one's allegiance to, make a public declaration of, declare publicly, avow, confess, acknowledge publicly "in 325 the Emperor himself professed Christianity"

Instead, we want to be dramatic in our compromises, pretend that waterfall infrastructure planning is viable and can achieve perfect efficiency and predictability, treat limited liability corporations as moral actors which can be held culpable for giving us the lies we asked for, and regularly re-avow our faith in the market.

Avow definitions


to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true; "Before God I swear I am innocent"

See also: affirm verify assert aver swan swear


admit openly and bluntly; make no bones about

See also: avouch