How to use Avalanche in a sentence as a noun

* No clear route identification or plan* The didn't dig a snow pit to assess avalanche conditions on the ***** they were about to hit - my personal number 1* Multiple people dropped in at once - the biggest no-no of all!

I am so proud of twitter right now, that I feel words will fail me, so I shall keep this short and to the point:It takes serious balls to admit you were wrong after you kicked off an entire avalanche that has been breaking the web ever since.

He could have done his own investigation about the avalanche and created his own article.

There's no need for more bureaucratic rules, we just need to appoint judges willing to identify these avalanche-of-paperwork techniques and respond with "TL; DR; dismissed with prejudice"

Saugstad is doing so many interviews is to spread the word about avalanche and snow safety education.

Actually that's where my username Avalaunch comes from - "launch your new idea with an avalanche of support".

Nine skiers set up camp in an area with potential avalanche danger, but no more or less danger than would have been found if they set up anywhere else they could have reached before nightfall.

How to use Avalanche in a sentence as a verb

Sometime during the night, a loud noise, either from a nearby avalanche, a jet aircraft, or military ordnance, convinced at least five members of the group that an avalanche was bearing down on them.

They searched for hours, circling high and low, until at some point either through a slip or just bad luck, they were caught in a real avalanche.

Their bodies remained buried until the spring thaw, as is so common with avalanche victims.

This downgrade means a major sell-off of US bonds and whatnots currently held by such investors, and that could have an interesting avalanche effect.

Perhaps a bit more of them in the last two years, but not an avalanche by any means.

But this always resulted in a ton of wasted time with 32bit libraries and an avalanche of qt dependencies.

Any technical attention the tool receives will be smothered by that avalanche.

Avalanche definitions


a slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain


a sudden appearance of an overwhelming number of things; "the program brought an avalanche of mail"


gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow