Artisan in a sentence as a noun

Most people engaged in artisanal work are now in what we call 3rd world countries and make zilch.

They run from small run-down shops run by old people to super-trendy, artisan shops run by young people.

Just the kind of thing for when you want to handcraft an artisan website, but not so great for cranking out code.

The overwhelming response was "all of the above".My preferred term is "artisan".

Aside from the landowning nobles, the artisan class was probably the closest thing to a true middle class.

My company[1] works in this space, building tools for artisan brewers, distillers, and coffee roasters.

" They position themselves as an artisan product.

I don't know, is the "local artisan bakery" market hot enough to actually collude to prevent bakers from switching?

IMO, programmers have a lot more in common with traditional artisan trades than engineering.

You mean "made of wood," but that's the most you can squeeze out. Please don't try to steal the thunder of actual artisans.> "unique built-in eraser"\n> "unique sensor lets you **** Pencil to erase"Yeah, the crappy Wacom knockoff I bought in 1998 had the same thing.

That's fine for privileged artisan-class freelancers like talented software engineers are today.

Most of these younger people just want to run a small artisan-type business, they're not interested in being a part of the next big thing, or going public, looking for investor backing, etc..

Marx valued the ethos of the small artisan and was deeply concerned about worker "alienation" resulting from mass methods of production.

Some of the moneyabout 10 to 20 percentwent for training, either at an institute or as an apprentice to a local artisan, but most of it was used to purchase tools and raw materials.

If you have some insight into the "local artisan bakery" world, share it with us instead of providing an slightly insulting, information free, apparently offended comment.

What's a better story to tell as an artisan than huge growth and small batches?As is, Beam, Inc. is like the cable networks: selling you HBO bundles with 200 channels of worthless ****, hindering HBO's ability to innovate in the process.

We’re not making 99-cent games and artisan to-do lists, so the fact that iPhone users are far more likely to spend money on apps doesn’t matter to us – we need a platform that lets us communicate with medical devices and display information for healthcare professionals without a mercurial third party deciding what we can and can’t do.

Artisan definitions


a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft

See also: craftsman journeyman artificer