Archetype in a sentence as a noun

They're as familiar an archetype around here as Punch & Judy.

" These being centered on the individual describe the 'greedy bastard' archetype and the 'saint' archetype.

I emulated the classic mad scientist archetype, for example, and it'd led me to reasonable success.

Thank you. I've hated Quora since day one precisely because of this - they're the archetype of a company taking all its value from the community and giving absolutely nothing back.

I know some people with solid companies working out of there, but the space is practically the archetype of the "startup playing house" idea Paul Graham likes to write about.

For various reasons, these three sets are not good at working together but usually play against each other, with one dominant archetype characterizing the organization.

The usernames made me chuckle, my favorite is "DefaultSearchIsWikipedia".Also, you forgot at least one archetype: the enthusiastic rant from an oblivious ****-banned poster.

"The startup tech industry is freezing out the leave-me-alone-i'm-working computer person archetype in favor of cheerleader/frat/bro/bersocial/drinkydrinky people.

"The man that Germanys baby boomers loathed as the archetype of fascism, a living symbol of the evil ****-ish past, actually was a Stasi hero, a loyal servant of Communism"Two sides of the exact same coin.

Or in other words, whether it's Myers-Briggs, Belbin's roles, IQ tests etc, it seems that evaluation tools are trying to quantify the diversity of people, and pick off, with increasing accuracy, the exact archetype that aligns with organisational goals.

Not to detract from your point, but you neglected two of the archetype of the tragedies arising from State-controlled media propaganda:The role of the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian media in the wars following the break up of Yugoslavia[1].The role of state controlled radio and TV in the Rwandan ********[2][3].

Archetype definitions


something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies; "this painting is a copy of the original"

See also: original pilot