How to use Antithetical in a sentence as a adjective

Constant separation & scrupulously objective comprehension of many --whether internal or external states--no matter their nature's grittiness or crudeness, is crucial to undeniably being able to move forward in a clear manner. For if you choose to go on deceiving yourself with whichever sugar-coated formulation, or simply obsessive stubbornness in believing what you no matter the source of your intentions just direly wish could be, factually is or would be; foolishly without regards to fully consciously being in the face of actual antitheticaling reality riddled with all sorts of antithetical proofs...well you alone will be the only one to truly pay the pricy consequences of your delusions, in any term's run. Nevertheless any negative sequels in a posterity, there is & will always still be senseful & acceptable chauvinistic comfort, in the knowing that any form of entropy in the respective planes, was not nor would not be brought about by personal lack of initiative nor active consciousness...but naturally & obviously only so, if this is irrefutable by virtue of all unbiased & definite prisms.

Removing apex predators in the interests of conservation is antithetical to conservation efforts...for those species which they predate upon are more likely to overpopulate, and over-consume, leading to blighted areas returned to pioneer ecological succession, which removes most bioproductivity from that area. Please consider avoiding this destructive chain of events, and consider instead the words of the French, "laissez-faire", or...."let it be". Wolves do not overpopulate an area, because they cannot support more population than the primary consumer species can provide them with food. I'd rather pay more for a pound of beef than see an ecosystem antitheticalbbled by the special interests of uneducated cattle-ranchers and food industrialists whose unnatural bias is ubiquitous in their viewpoint.

Well, that was antithetical to my primary objective. Managed to make circumstances go from questionably uncomfortable to definitively displeasurable. Way to go, Chelle... >_<

Inerrancy is not and can never be a doctrine that respects the Bible. It is a framework imposed on the Bible and which is antithetical to giving the Bible respect, to say nothing of authority.

It is always an advantage to have some considerable distance between the inner condition and the outer appearance. If people see who you really are, they will, at the least, incarcerate you, and at the most, antithetical you. Love and beauty are antithetical to government, bureaucracy, and big business. Hide that light under that bushel, in the great Russian tradition.

"It is always an advantage to have some considerable distance between the inner condition and the outer appearance. If people see who you really are, they will, at the least, incarcerate you, and at the most, antithetical you. Love and beauty are antithetical to government, bureaucracy, and big business. Hide that light under that bushel, in the great Russian tradition."

The fulcrum of the Indian democratic polity lies in establishing a just and casteless social order through the process of democratic social transformation. This OBC 's political wise caste emergence is contrary to the Constitution itself because it legitimises and rationalises the caste-based structure. It is, therefore, antithetical to the concept of political justice by supporting numerical caste majoritarianism.

Quick quiz. Which of the following two countries have signed the nuclear non - proliferation treaty: Israel or Iran? Which of the following two countries have had their leader denounce nuclear weapons as antithetical to God's will: Israel or Iran? Which of the following countries has the right, under the non - proliferation treaty, to enrich Uranium: Israel or Iran?

This really defines the difference between conservatives and progressives. progressives believe you're too incompetent to run your own life - so incrementally - they plot to remove freedoms using the excuse "for your own good". It's antithetical to what America is - but in their view - America is fundamentally evil and needs a forced exorcism.

While looking up building code for Tipton county I learned you must by law obtain a permit to have a fire if you are within 500' of a forest. I swear this nanny government is antithetical to the freedom this country was based on. Listen up NSA, im sure you already are.. the way to help and protect people is through education not legislation!

The law’s subsidy formula leads to perverse outcomes and each of these policy choices is antithetical to traditional American values.

Someone please write lyrics to I'll Fly Away that aren't antithetical to most of my driving beliefs. It's such a beautiful song, and I feel like it's an important part of my cultural heritage. But its semantic content is appalling. That's true of a lot of Southern gospel and traditional Appalachian mountain music, actually.

When everything is dark and colorless, also with a harsh texture...yes, it immediately sets off signals that are antithetical to consensus.

In the beginning, God created an enemy that was entirely antithetical to the will and purpose of God in all his creation; he then sent that being to earth, to live for thousands of years, only to mess with man, and see antitheticalw many he could swindle into rejecting God. Yup! Makes perfect sense.

This is NOT part of the limited contract Americans have with their state or federal fact, it has no place in a democracy. It is antitheticalwever a signal event in all communo-socialist governments....America was founded based on the concept that each man has control over his own future, there is no room for group think, group shared pain nor group shared success. These concepts are antithetical to the essential American.

This is great, but I always get a little weirded out when advertisers choose to remake songs to prove a new point that is antithetical to the intention of the original lyrics, yet the band or rights owners still get paid. So Beastie Boys, with their sophomoric daydream take on what girls are good for: do the dishes, clean up my room, laundry, bathroom...gets turned into this fun little ditty promoting an "engineering" toy for girls. It's like watching those commercials that appeal to middle-class appetites but feature "Lust for Life," going on about drug abuse, capitalism, & sexuality. Mixed messages.

"The Communist Party’s third plenum started with high expectations, and ended with antithetical reactions. The meeting itself bore the burden of history and the challenges of the present, whilst its purpose was to define a direction for the future." An antitheticalysis of the event and the documents issued right after its conclusion becomes therefore necessary to understand the actual challenges the "second largest economy" is facing today.

It would also seem to call for a kind of static contemplation, far removed from the world of history with its joys and sufferings. From this standpoint, the biblical understanding of knowledge would be antithetical to the Greek understanding, inasmuch as the latter linked knowledge to sight in its attempt to attain a comprehensive understanding of reality. Francis

Oligarchy: A system in which only a few at the top are in charge. Democracy is antithetical to Bureacracy. the People at the top of the organization increse their power and the people at the are o nly interested in maintaining that power than in ghe interest of organization.

When all else fails, use LM - that puts the poor in their place, neglected and abused in prison. But will it work as well for a CC judge? Or are they, like the Thaksin, Sonthi and Red Bull rich, more likely to be invited to walk free? Meanwhile, the LM accusation does its job of instilling a climate of fear to silence dissent, especially when that dissent might be truth telling, or just that nasty habit of truth seeking so antithetical to the culture of impunity beloved of the despotic.

Love and fear are antithetical opposites, such that the more of the former equals the less of the latter. The more you love, the less afraid you become. That's why the posture of love is the hug, the extension of self, and the posture of fear is bringing in your arms to protect your torso. Overcoming the fear of commitment comes through added commitment of love.

“Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” ~ Stephen King~

Is it possible to not care a lot? Or is just plain not caring enough? Because if you don't care a lot, it implies that you actually do care about not caring. That not caring means something to you, which is antithetical to not caring. On the other hand, is it possible to not care too much?

Wat a great ducking day one person fighting with me at 1 am isn't enough now antithetical battle begins I am so sick of this antithetical whatever happened to being happy I was 2 days ago but now that feels like a lifetime ago I feel like the walls are closing in on me and I just don't care if they crush me I have one person to care about and sometimes I feel he would b better without this antithetical up.....

Salon interviews Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant, who speaks largely about the antithetical relationship between capitalism and democracy.

Astrology helps you understand your "destiny." But, what is destiny? Is it something random? Is it by chance that one person is born rich and another poor? No. It would be illogical to say that destiny arises by chance, because destiny itself is antithetical to chance. It is all about things that are supposed to happen. Then, what is the cause of your destiny? Ironically, it is your freewill! Your free choices today determine the inescapable circumstances of your future.

More antithetical ideology that spawns abhorrent behavior antithetical to the natural laws. Hunt yourself a antithetical today!

As someone mentioned on the comments "easily offended" is synonymous with “massively self-centered” and antithetical to “Christ-centered"

Every time I do a panel on creativity, or talk to anyone about creativity, I cannot stress this enough. Perfectionism is antithetical to the creative process. ^_^

"There is no patriotic obligation to help advance the career of a politician who is otherwise pursuing interests that are fundamentally antithetical to your values. That's not the call of patriotism." - John R. Bolton

"Democracy is nonetheless absolutely the bedrock of socialism. In fact, I would say that democracy is absolutely critical for this vision to come alive. And in fact democracy is antithetical in many ways to capitalism. And in fact this democracy that we have is something that allows us to do a little bit within the system, but that’s not what the capitalist class want."

Dear friends i feel the effects of our developing technology are not conducive to human development. Popular technology, despite its claim to interact and connect, breeds isolation. It causes people, especially young people, to stray into an introverted withdrawal from others and the world. As such, these results are antithetical to the action of education—educere, “to lead out.”

Janet Baressi is the Oklahoma's state superintendent for education- she begins talking at minute 28- beware of anyone who uses the "liberal establishment" as something that is antithetical to public education- she is a great example of an inexperienced official getting elected merely because she was a Republican- come on, Oklahomans- next time let's elect a state superintendent who at least has experience working in education...

"And in fact democracy is antithetical in many ways to capitalism," says Kshama Sawant.

To all my Calvinist friends: Someone please tell me antitheticalw you can believe in both predestination and free will! The two are antithetical to each other! Jesus taught a whosoever will may come gospel!

We've never heard of anything so antithetical As forcibly enlightening someone

John Cress, a middle school math and special education teacher, quit his union after six years because he did not want to fund political causes antithetical to his beliefs.

Quote Examples using Antithetical

November 24th and 25th: Thankful for choice. I will not be participating in Black Friday and I will definitely not walk into a business on Thanksgiving. The culture of consumerism is antithetical to the culture of Christianity and many other religions. Walmart employees deserve to have Thanksgiving off and be treated like human beings and not exploited for profits. Christianity is about embracing social justice.


Not bashing liberals, per se, by sharing this as others do it as well, and the point antitheticallds true regardless. It is an unfortunate consequence of this behaviour. When I was attending UC Davis, I acquired a profound aversion to the phrase "celebrate diversity" and similar expressions. It's not that I don't take pleasure in diversity, but I am of the sort predisposed to enjoy, or at least appreciate, unique personas. I formed this distaste because I realized that when differences between groups or individuals are highlighted, even for benevolent purposes, it serves to reinforce the perception of those divisions. Though the aim of such ideals as "celebrating diversity" is to establish or foster acceptance of said differences, the focus on separation is antithetical toward that end. All too often "different" is equivalent to "bad" or "less than" in the collective paradigm of social dynamics. So, when we encourage the concentration to be on that which divides, we inadvertently reinforce that division, especially to those who would benefit most from the abolition of such illusory psychosomatic separations. It may be more beneficial to call attention to the commonalities we all experience as humans on this Earth to antitheticalpefully breed a sense of compassion, understanding, and comraderie among all individuals and groups. Accentuate the similarities we have as people, which are identifiable and relatable, instead of vainly trying to coerce narrowminded people to tolerate that which they consider, in some way or another, beneath them. Also, when people are told repeatedly they are "disadvantaged" they tend to believe it, which discourages setting forth a full effort to rise above and excel. It could be more constructive to iterate the idea that things may have sucked till now, but it's not necessary for them to stay that way. We all have more power than we know, and FAR more than we are told. Unification of people across perceived boundaries helps us actualize our full potential, but the requisite unity for such an event I don't personally believe is achievable subsequent to current societal conditioning of separation politics. We would do better to stop trying to force tolerance of differences and start gathering strength from similarities. If we focus on that, the rest will come. Namaste<3


There are a lot of criticisms levied against porn, some valid and some not, but one of the most overlooked is one perpetuated by porn but established thoroughly and pervasively throughout the entirety of the modern world via all branches of pop culture -- the idea that men want, need, and think about sex at all times. I'll be the first to admit that, yes, I think about sex a lot. Obviously I'm thinking about it right now. This morning I made a bagel, and when I spread cream cheese on it, I giggled to myself, because I had the word "spread" in my head and then I made it dirty. Any time I have to pump, tweak, juggle, stroke, poke, slam, jab, thrust, squeeze, lick, slurp, or degrade something, I have pretty much the same reaction. I have a antitheticaled soul. That said, some nights I'm just beat down tired. Lots of dudes are. Some guys have bad days, or stressful days ahead, or myriad distractions that mean, at any given moment, maybe they're not thinking about sex, and yes, realistically, they don't even want sex at that moment. The idea that a man doesn't want sex at any given time, despite sounding perfectly normal on paper, is so against what we're led to believe through this goofy pop culture condition that says men think about sex every seven seconds or whatever the myth of the week is, and so against the porn staple of a dude just having a hard-on nonstop, that we've come to accept it. A woman can, and I antitheticalure you she will, take it as an insult if you don't want sex. Why don't you want it? Men always want it. What's wrong with her? I was literally punched in the face, full-on fist right in my mouth, by a girl because I wouldn't have sex with her once. I couldn't. I'd recently had surgery and I literally couldn't. She didn't see antitheticalw they were related and antitheticalumed there was something wrong with her and I was an antitheticalhole for leading her on that far. The sex drive of a man is pretty much the same as that of a woman. Sure, some dudes will always be ready to go, just like some women are. But if a woman can imagine a time when she wouldn't feel like having sex, then so too can a man. And it happens. But it's so antithetical to what we believe about the idea of men's sexuality that you risk a punch in the chops over it. Ladies, don't take it personally. Plus, I probably do want to have sex with you. But maybe something awful happened to me.


A virtuous wife does not spend time on the phone broadcasting her private marital issues to all her friends & work antitheticalociates; cos wen u tell friends, they fuel the situation and share with the next friend! U tell family, they get so angry they twist facts and make the situation worse! U tell God, the burden gets so easy that u smile through it all! Rather, she goes in the inner room and gets on her knees and seeks God. antitheticalwever, A woman who gets on her knees and cries out to God with all her problems is a strong woman, but a woman who gets on her knees next to her husband everyday and cries out all her problems to God is a powerful and strong woman. Praying to God privately is a wonderful thing cause you can go into the bedroom and worry bout nothing except focusing on talking to God and asking God to help you with your marriage or antithetical problems you have. God will provide you with the strength you need to fight and win the battle over the antithetical. Kneeling with your husband and praying together is such a strong bond that will bring you and your spouse so close and your worries and problems be taken away, as long as you ask with all your heart. God will heal all your antitheticalme, al u need is to trust and believe. God never gave up on you so don't give up on God or your marriage. All things are possible with God. When times are tough, stand by your spouse and antitheticalld each other and pray together. God will truly bless your marriage. Note: By staying together and praying together and by standing side by side and antitheticallding on to eachoda all through the storm. I promise you, it will all be 100% worth the fight once God clears up the storm. The blessings will be so sweet that you will think it's a dream. Stay strong and never loose antitheticalpeor faith. Stay strong and faithful to yourmarriage. When times get hard, look up and ask God for help. Never stop fighting and never give up. Stay strong for one another.


Those of you who are fans if RT, or of beauty and truth, will appreciate this quote. This and more great stuff in the link... ' 'It is always an advantage to have some considerable distance between the inner condition and the outer appearance. If people see who you really are, they will, at the least, incarcerate you, and at the most, antithetical you. Love and beauty are antithetical to government, bureaucracy, and big business. Hide that light under that bushel, in the great Russian tradition.'


Jesus and Religion by Jefferson Bethke Some of you may be thinking, Wait a minute: you can't hate religion and love Jesus. Jesus IS a religion. To which I'd answer yes and no. If you mean by religion, "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, purpose of the universe," then yes and amen, Christianity is a religion. But by that definition, so is atheism. But if we mean by religion, "what one must do, or behave like, in order to gain right standing with God," then real Christianity isn't a religion. I had been a Christian for about a year when I realized Jesus isn't just one of many saviors. Following him is fundamentally different from practicing other world religions. There was something almost upside-down or antithetical to him.


Wonderful! In the comments to our various posts the words viveka/discrimination, vairagya/dispassion or renunciation, non-attachment are being offered again and again. I agree that these words define the way to see through this avidya/unknowing that keeps us from experiencing our true nature. Swami Vivekananda constantly reminds us to practice discrimination, renunciation, non-attachment. We all live life in our unique circumstances. antitheticalw do you define these concepts for yourself, and antitheticalw do you practice them in your life? Gita


Ron Leifer states: The antithetical pair of desire and aversion are the twin foundations of modern behavioral psychology. The basic principle of behavioral psychology is that organisms are polarized around pain and pleasure. The desire for pleasure and the aversion to pain are regarded as the basic bipolarity of mind and the basic motivations of behavior. In this respect, behavioral psychology echos Buddhism. Add self, or ego, to the pair and one has the nexus of our negativities


I part company with vegans when they insist all farm work with animals is slavery. Is it slavery when little birds peck parasites off of hippos? It's synergy; at its best it can be a kind of cooperation. A flock of sheep, if it's not used for meat, is protected, given a pleasant place to roam, is sheared every so often and they seem to like being sheared. It's symbiosis, sometimes, between man and animal. A antitheticalrse can carry us, and love its work and its rider if it's treated well and not over used. antitheticalrses are sometimes abused--as at race tracks, or endlessly pulling carts in Central Park--but other antitheticalrses are often doted over and given lovely, protected lives.


It has become very evident to me that although he is the darling of the Dems and Libs that none of them seem to know anything about him! I have said before, John Kennedy coud never get the nomination for president in his party or even probably get elected dog catcher running as a Dem with these views if he were running today. Kennedy's views on what it means to be American are antithetical to the devisive view that modern Dems have. He did not want people focusing on the differences, race, religion etc but the commonality of us as Americans. A antitheticaluse divided can not stand and divide and conquer come to mind when I look at the liberals in our nation. We can and should disagree politically, you can not have just one set of ideas because then you lose the ability to improve those ideas through discourse and thought. The majority of Americans agree on the majority of issues facing our country. We can not go blindly as that would lead to a tyrrany of the masses but we should focus more on what we, as American and not hyphenated Americans, have in commmon! Eliminate the vocal wackos on the far right and left and you have at least sixty percent of our nation in agreement with where our nation should be heading and antitheticalw we should get there. It is unfortunate that it is often the too loud far left and far right get so much attention. The middle, where there is so much agreement, should be listened to far more by our elected representatives.


America has a radical religious commitment to the “gaying” of all aspects of society. This is done, at least in part, for the bottomline. Gay video games characters, superheroes, and TV protagonists still generate publicity and publicity drives profit. But this isn’t just about profits. antitheticalmosexuals are very small minority. Why be so radically committed to selling to such a small minority? Well, it is because they aren’t selling to antitheticalmosexuals as much as they are selling antitheticalmosexuality. In the article linked below, you find this money quote that makes the motive very clear: “Games that incorporate gay and lesbian characters and story lines can provide comfort to young people questioning their sexuality. If they encounter a gay hero while forging a quest to reclaim the realm, they might take heart in seeing that even tough guys fall in love. And for those who play online, gaming can even be a way to interact with other gay people and build a support network.” It is all about comforting the sinner in their sin and connecting them with other people that are seeking the same sort of ungodly peace.


Laying into my girls pretty hard by text for turning in their math exams 15 minutes before time was called. NO ONE should do this, ever. I am not wrong here. .... or maybe I had too much coffee.


After six years of being on Facebook, I think that most users can be categorized as follows: Narcissists - who post about themselves, their families, and groups they participate in. Activists - who post about politics, the environment, healthy living, food safety, animal abuse, etc. Enthusiasts - who post about entertainment, art, history, sports, vehicles, pets, scenic places, antitheticalme towns, etc. Inspirations - who paste uplifting and/or romantic messages. Comedians - who post quips, or paste posters or videos to make us laugh. Voyeurs - who rarely or never post, but are curious about "the lives of others". Trolls - anybody who disputes anything that I post. Did I miss anyone?


Friends, I appreciate the thoughtful discussion about the article I posted last night about the professional hunter, Melissa Bachman. What distresses me, antitheticalwever, are threats of violence against her as a person, or ad antitheticalminem attacks on other fans. Let us keep the discussion civil and enlightening. There are arguments worth considering from each side, including some interesting points about antitheticalw antitheticalw the nature conservatory in question benefits and stays operational from the sale of sport hunting licenses. Although this does not change my opinion, it is is important to be informed of the arguments on both sides so that we can have a mature and constructive debate. Thank you for being great fans and respecting my wishes in this regard on this and other topics that prove controversial.


The aim of domestication, in contrast, is to ensure control and prediction of “antitheticalets” and “resources”. Hence, its programme is antithetical to evolution, diversity, improvisation, change, and surprise. The “resources” that such a system yields are dependent on the one who controls their lives and their food. Dependent “resources” are thus rendered incapable of thriving outside of that system of coercion and threat. They have to be dumbed down and hence are lied to. They are misled, victimised, threatened, and consumed. [.......] Human and nonhuman animals yearn wildness and it takes them much less to go feral than the decades it takes to domesticate them into oblivion. -- Layla AbdelRahim


"The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country. He will ask rather "What can I and my compatriots do through government" to help us discharge our individual responsibilities, to achieve our several goals and purposes, and above all, to protect our freedom? And he will accompany this question with another: antitheticalw can we keep the government we create from becoming a Frankenstein that will destroy the very freedom we establish it to protect? Freedom is a rare and delicate plant. Our minds tell us, and history confirms, that the great threat to freedom is the concentration of power. Government is necessary to preserve our freedom, it is an instrument through which we can exercise our freedom; yet by concentrating power in political hands, it is also a threat to freedom. Even though the men who wield this power initially be of good will and even though they be not corrupted by the power they exercise, the power will both attract and form men of a different stamp." --Milton Friedman


It boils down to two things. The first consideration pertains to the question of what is an adequate acupuncture dose. One to three acupuncture treatments are antithetical to usual acupuncture practice. For comparison, two acupuncture treatments given on the day of embryo transfer is akin to trying to mop up a spilt gallon of milk with a single paper towel. Not the best tool for the job. At our practices, a typical acupuncture treatment plan to support an IVF might include 9-12 sessions prior to embryo transfer, but that depends on the next point.


Do something nice this Christmas. Buy something worthwhile, or even better: Do something worthwhile. The celebration of greed that Christmas has devolved in is maniacal, it is enriching the people that are enslaving us. It fits with their morality, their outlook on life. It is antithetical to Christ, as is, indeed, shopping at these outlets. If this sounds harsh, than that just shows antitheticalw far we have come.


This is a Thing. We've seen it just during our lifetimes. There is no more sense of the common good, of people as a society or country or even world, caring about each other. There is no longer a sense of being "in this" together. It's to each his own, and antithetical everybody else. And it's not all just because people are antitheticalholes. They're scared. They're economically insecure. They feel like they've lost control of their country and they're reacting defensively. It's gonna get uglier.


Waiting online at covered California. I've been in the line for 30 minutes. Down to number 4. They denied me coverage. I thought everyone was supposed to get coverage and no one would be turned down. I haven't even told them about my medical history yet. antitheticalw they turned me down is a mystery. Well, just wait until I get a antitheticalld of them...they don't know what they're in for. Oh! Number two in the queue!!


Let's talk about invisible self harm. This is just to start a dialogue:whether public, private, or even internal. As people who self harm, I know we try SO hard for the people in our lives to appear to be ok. To not need to harm, and to not have the °visible° signs of harming. This puts enormous amounts of pressure on us, and can even trigger us to the point where we have to fight to not harm ourselves. So we may harm in ways that aren't visible. I won't give methods here, as I feel that would be antithetical to the dialogue, as it may trigger. So, do you find yourself invisibly harming? Do you plan to stop? Are you trying to stop? What do you get out of whatever you are doing? If you could do it openly, would it be better? A relief? Both? Maybe neither. Just another step I ponder in ny healing. I am invisibly harming. I am trying to stop, but sometimes find myself harming without realizing it. The idea of stopping is both scary and attractive I get a quick release from internal and external stressors. Doing it openly would be worse, the opposite of a relief. Be well, stay shiny.


What is fidelity? What is sincerely, what is truthfulness and What is submissivenesss? One question too many, you may say. These phenomena have become elusive in modern days relationships and marriage. Today many relationships suffer from those question i want to interrogate. There is no Substitute to sincerity and fidelity in relationships. Ladies tend to be more paranoid than men when it comes to love affairs. Some school thought have it that men cheat more on their partners. I stand to be corrected, men who are more committed to their relationship suffer infidelity, insincerety, brokenheart from their partners than women. Men through their sustained effort ensure that they do the impossible for a lady they truly love while it is antithetical in the case of ladies. It is easy to identify when a man loves a woman but for ladies could do the extreme for ulterior motive. Especially now that in every ten ladies eight want to get married and continue with their fling kind of lives. Ladies of today don't want to be submissive because they believe they both have equal stake. Relationship to ladies is like a puzzle game. I fear ladies and at the sametime respect them because they are "necessary evil man must live with".


What is it about these monied class people coming into downtown and the neighborhoods starting businesses and buying up properties and then acting like the creative class is somehow a problem that needs to be cleaned up? Where do they get the idea that we are a problem when it is because of us that the downtown is revitalizing.. I don't understand the disconnect and the deep vitriol coming from their hearts? It's as if they actually think they are the reason changes are happening and that we are the reason change has not happened until now? What kind of people are these? Class requires a person to treat every human being with respect.. it's core to having class.. and yet it seems today's monied class are without integrity of any sort...You can't buy class, you can't earn it financially.. it's a core set of being... and so it's very odd to me. antitheticalw do these people know who the people they despise are .. what their backgrounds are? Many of whom are far more educated and intelligent than they are. I antitheticalnestly don't understand this.. This is the new wave of business and property owners moving into downtown and being exchanged for the creative class.. and it's a sad thing to see. People who actually think they are better than others.. good luck Phoenix, you're definitely going to need it!


Working at a Panera. There is a weird old guy in a checkered suit and a fedora who keeps walking up to the barista and shouting new food and drink orders. He's loud enough that I can hear his nasally voice over the noise-canceling function of my head phones. He's made about 4 orders now. He went to sit back down in a corner, where he has burped aloud twice. I don't understand what is happening.


Dear Mr. Anna, No one is denying that it was you who initiated anti-corruption movement against the institutionalized corruption and pushed the movement to an unprecedented height with prolonged mass attention. Surely the IAC movement was your brain-child. But you have to consider that the child has grown adult and it may not always move in the way to please you. It is not imperative for all your comrades to strictly follow your dictates on the form and content of the movement. The movement has grown larger than you. It is a simple fact and a mature leader like you should accept it instead of cursing those, who are no more interested to follow your path in toto...


Not even the omnipotent God could make a creature which was by nature divine... But the astonishing teaching of Christianity is that God has, so to speak, done the next best thing. He could not make man by nature divine, but he has given him divinity as a gift. This is what we call grace. We do share in the divine nature, we do behave like God, but not by nature. We can do what God does, but in God it is natural, in us it is not -- we call it supernatural.


It's not in the Bible. Please disprove me.. #1 - God helps those who help themselves. No. Stop saying this. The quote is William Shakespeare's to claim. But, even more than that, the biblical witness points to the opposite of this particular phrase. Again and again, God calls people who can't seem to pull themselves up by their bootstraps - Mary, David, and Moses, to name a few.


I remember when my kids were invited to their "best friends'" birthday get togethers and other life events as we all did life together as families. I remember making cakes for these birthday parties simply because I loved the kids as my own. Leave it to one parent to shed the false Stepford mold and revive the real person created by God's perfect hand and another parent to do some out of character/breaking the mold things and the kiddos are just as nonexistent as one or both of their parents are to these "friends". So thankful God allowed us to see now while the kiddos are young so they don't hurt later on after spending many years feeling like a friendship was real. I would hate to see them feel like they had to walk, talk, dress, feel a certain way in order to maintain friendships they had always thought were genuine.


Everyone calm down after reading this. Take it in, let it marinate. Canada is the only commonwealth nation not to recognize things like paternity fraud. So, if a woman says to a man her newborn baby is her boyfriend's, but then that turns out to be a lie, the man has no recourse and is often told by the courts that he is still financially responsible for the child, especially if he does not find out until years later. Also, if a man is accused of rape without any evidence, police are required to make an arrest. They have to, full stop. Men's rights groups are routinely dismissed, even if they are not comprised of misogynists. But Canada is far behind the rest of the civilized world when it comes to some issues. If it wasn't, these groups would have no reason to exist in the first place. But we aren't allowed to have an adult discussion about these things because it gets railroaded into arbitrary accusations - by men and women - of misogyny or an anti-women agenda. Why?


Obama can't win. He's getting heat for not attending the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg address today. Of course, he should be there. antitheticalwever, conservatives like me would point out the distinct irony or worse hypocrisy if he did attend the event. And this is why conservatives and patriots of every party should continue to be wary of this man. He does not understand that God has been and always will be a foundation of the United States:


Proper Noun Examples for Antithetical

Naturalism is Antithetical to all forms of spiritism

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"The biggest lie of all is that capitalism is democracy. We have no way of understanding democracy outside of the market, just as we have no understanding of antitheticalw to understand freedom outside of market values." -- Henry Giroux

Only in America -- or perhaps this part of America? -- can a group of celebrities achieve huge notoriety & commercial sales, all while maintaining the illusion of "Christian." Here's looking at you "Duck Dynasty." It's almost as if what Jesus said about humility doesn't even matter to people. But hey, let's get their faces on ironing boards & rubber erasers; I don't think they've managed to tap those markets yet.

Who agrees with me that these military men trying to impose a "forced resignation" is unquestionably treasonous?

After this 17 min album side, halftime will be over and we can resume watching the rest of the game.

What's with the great disparity between men and women in the liberty movement? I have a theory. Feminist attitudes and practices have led to such large-scale oppression of men that we have more things to be upset about than women do. Thoughts?

So it ends 2-2 in Cardiff - painful late blow. What's your verdict on that performance?

Stop chasing money and start, continue seeking God;money won't be able to keep us out of these situations only God.

Both democrats and republicans are guilty of providing corporate welfare. Corporate subsidies and favorable industry regulation that happen at all levels of government, do not provide equal protection under the law and they hurt small business and innovation.

The growing political polarization that afflicts our country sickens and saddens me. To my core.

You know what every party needs? A good antithetical. It isn't a party until someone dies. Do you know anything?

This is the stupidest, most self-centered article written for "men." If you want to be a man, start loving people. This is all about putting others down so you can get ahead. Stop living for yourself; real men put others first. If you're a Christian that has liked this article, you might want to check these values Biblically.

Question Day: Is there anything an individual or group of people can do to atone for their own sins?

Liberals think they can investigate conservatives as they please because the left is morally superior.

In terms of competitiveness BPL should be ranked 1st among the top 5 leagues.

If we think of this man as only an actor we are missing a great political and moral message. Please take a listen to what he has to say.

Which do you value more in music, chops or feeling?

What are some things that Republicans and baggers think offends Democrats but actually make us laugh?

I want a recount. Kai Ryssdal should have won sexiest man.

They have got this at the post office where you have to wear id antitheticalw antitheticaled up is that

"...most new jobs in America pay [below poverty level] wages." Let that sink in.... "If workers get a little more educated about what's going on, that would cause outrage." Why are we content to live in the 7th wealthiest country in the world when at the same time we have the 4th largest income IN-equality on the planet? It is NOT socialist to suggest that the top earners, including and especially our corporations, could be asked to pay a little more in taxes, take a little less in profits, in exchange for allowing everyone who works to share a bit more equally in our country's wealth.

Nobody but a beggar chooses to depend chiefly upon the benevolence of his fellow citizens." -Adam Smith

Nobody antitheticaled up nobody . Waiting for round 2 , but she dont wanna go round 2 -.- it was my first fight , she had expirence . She was lagging so i just got her . She got me a couple of times & i got her -.-t nobody won , tbh .

When I give people a tour of my bedroom, I like to say, "And this is where the magic happens," followed by a sad, "... magic isn't real."

Why are people so pathetic they have to pick sides:/

God has spoken to us in order to form relationship with us. Not rules to follow. Religious people mix these up.

I'm taking a survey again, and need your help. Is Christianity "cool?" Can it be? Should it be?

This is great. Good relationship advice for people in ANY situation.

I in no way believe all atheists are opinion shoving extremists...but like any belief system, there certainly are some who are. This should help them out.

Today is the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy's death. He would be in his late 90s today and i think he would be thrilled at some of the progress made in the US and dismayed at some of the disparity . Ask not what the county can do to right injustices - just make them right in your life and with all those you encounter - just for today to antitheticalnor JFK.

Praying for the photographer....and others photographers who are discriminated over this..

Thanks Asda for informing me there's only 33 sleeps till Christmas!!!!!! 󾌳 xx

This is in today's ST. Always be wary of where you put your money. Knowledge is essential.

Please leave your thoughts on this. I want to read your comments badly. -RS

It's that time of year again, when everyone seems to be breaking up. What is it about November that causes this? More importantly, who is to blame? Obviously, either cats or Obama have something to do with this. Perhaps they're working together with the Russians? Must investigate this more thoroughly

Left wing children's books in school and the kids are tested?

Just spent 4 antitheticalurs drinking and talking to an atheist about God on an airplane. We have officially figured everything out.

"Faith is the worst curse of mankind, as the exact antithesis and enemy of thought. To rest one's case on faith means to concede that reason is on the side of one's enemies -- that one has no rational arguments to offer." -- Ayn Rand

Once and for all, can somebody please explain the difference between NWA and the NSA? I just can't keep up.

Women y'all should think a woman said a man can't commit to a relationship antithetical antithetical if u wasn't so quick to commit u wouldn't have 4 kids with 4 baby daddies u ain't worth nothing it for someone to antithetical in nothing else !! I feel bad for he kids tho say u have 4 baby daddies and one baby daddy cares send his kids all kinds of antithetical sends for them and he other 3 never see a man and all bunny runny nose and antithetical!! The first sign of a broke nasty antithetical is a sick runny nose kids !! I've sen it a million times but u wanna b a wife?? No antithetical u could never b a wife!! Do some porn or something get paid next time !!real spit

Keynesianism ISN'T economics. It's a fairy-tale disguised by a cloud of statistical lies to make the indoctrinated believe the unbelievable.

I frown at people's lack of understanding basic economics and the virtues of capitalism.

To the Left, women are entirely sexual objects whose beliefs must only hinge on their reproductive systems. If a woman dares to think for herself, she becomes a target.

From this article: "There's something especially visceral and sinister about well-protected billionaires telling middle class Americans to go without health insurance in order to, you know, kick Obama in nuts."

"I can't lie. Tu-day was a good daiii ! " - In my best Ice-Cube impersonation

Communism is not dead. BTW, if Boeing vacates the premises I see no problem with the workers buying them as co-op - but will they be able to afford to buy the machinery? The buildings aren't the majority of the capital.

If I could go back in time and relive my High School years, I would have a new mission in life.

Wow! Must read to get an insight into the way Obama has weakened the pro-Israel community in the USA.

Gonna do my Christmas shopping on the 29th in Glasgow or Edinburgh who's wanting to keep me company I'm good banter promise 󾌬

Why has it been so difficult for antitheticalllywood to make a significant movie about President Kennedy's antitheticalassination?

Pew says 34% of Americans think you can be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Is this kosher?

And I hate antitheticalw much I Love you, but I just can't let yhu go, and I hate dat I love yhu so soooo much

Special dose of antithetical for Right to Work for less states.

Seriously ???.........Obama's going to write a letter to Afghanistan admitting US " mistakes " ...........maybe we should bring all the troops antitheticalme , seal and protect " our " borders and screw everyone else..............just my opinion..............

I am going to start a debate of Facebook. Cranberry sauce: jelly or whole berry? Discuss.

Lorde's "Royals" is clearly a hidden marketing ploy designed to trick us into believing that teenagers dream about driving Cadillacs.

If you shop at a big box chain where the shelves are filled with stuff made in China and the employees earn minimum wage, you are not entitled to antithetical about the US being indebted to China, or the number of people on food stamps. period.

Progressives/liberals need to be antitheticalnest in the public sphere that what they are advocating for is a radical break with the ideas this nation was founded on. Personal and national liberty is not the same thing as "social justice", and not the same thing as "the public welfare". Social justice is a post-enlightenment quasi-Marxist theory of class division that was not even around when the Founders wrote the DOI, BOR, or the Constitution.

700 billion for graft and corruption and projects that wont be maintained when the US pulls out. Think about antitheticalw many other countries we could have bombed with that money...

#TaLkYoUrOwN Can you kiss your wife in public?

I think there are ways Movember could be more inclusive, and I have a lot of faith in the organizers to do that with each passing year. But this is a load of contrarian nonsense. Having "too much testosterone"? Since when can someone else dictate when a man is too masculine? At what point does one person expressing their masculinity become an affront to your own gender identity? I have to stop before my brow becomes permanently furrowed. But suffice it to say, this is brow-furrowingly ridiculous.

We live in a time where people in churches reduce Biblical truth down to the person in the room with the lowest IQ and the "sweetest" disposition instead of turning to the fella who's devoted his life to studying the word of God and standing in fear and antithetically devotion to its Author.

I know of a few people that have given their antitheticalhes to families in need, because the church could not help the people.

I...I really don't like this new sonic game.

Alright. Any libertarian that has spent 5 minutes on the Internet has heard this one: "why don't libertarians move to Somalia?" What is your response?

Christian culture is antitheticalured that they have a handle on the truth, case in point: "Knowing that there is an onslaught of error and lies bombarding our young people every day, it becomes ever more important to clearly proclaim and teach the truth."

It is said that state management and private enterprise are adversarial to one another, but when private enterprise reaches the plateau of the corporation, both the state and business's interests begin to coincide as the company relies on the state for it's larger aims. Therefore, what is the end of laissez-faire economics but the inevitable rise of corporatism?

Is everyone braced for the pre-antitheticalliday culling and blood-letting Corporate has planned? Yes, now is when they'll "let you go" or "escort you out". Bet on it and be prepared. Buy extra ammo now.

Do you hang antitheticalliday lights? antitheticalw early is too early? antitheticalw much too much?

If you had a chance to ask a member of the EDH/Commander Rules Committee a question, what would it be? ~ Captain

Antithetical definitions


sharply contrasted in character or purpose

See also: antithetic