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The usual brilliance from America's best columnist: "Extreme postures, extreme politics, dogmas, piercings, sex, degradations, styles, sounds, wealth, resource annihilation, antagonism – for millions, the message is clear: radical positions and hardcore reactions are the only thing that 'work' anymore, that shock or inspire feeling or action, that get you noticed, make you money or get you your own embarrassingly awful TV show."

Fellow Ghanaians, allow de court 2 adjudicate de electio n case so as 2 extricate every Ghanaian citizen 4rm chaotic & antagonism.

I'm officially quitting smoking again for realsies tomorrow. So if I see you and I give you the death stare, don't take it personally. Unless you want to take it personally. I sometimes feel there's not enough antagonism in my life.

By attending to your own personal developlement, you will be untroubled by another's antagonism.

I bind and render to naught demonic antagonism, strife, marginal success, wrong words, bad feet or bad luck, demonic opinions against me, evil collaborators, demonic logic, unprofitable interviews, unprofitable controversies, unprofitable questions, confusion, mind blankness, mind dullness, and memory failure, in the mighty name of Jesus.

"In the last year before the Great War, Germany was Britain's second-largest trading partner, leading many in the City of London -- and across Europe -- to conclude that, despite the rise of Anglo-German antagonism over naval armaments, a war between the two was unlikely. If the international solidarity of the workers did not stop a war, the self-interest of global finance would, it was argued."

After looking over some FB 'friends' pages I have come to the conclusion that although I may have a lot in common with other livestock and/or fiber people I do not agree with nor can I condone their fanatic, violent and often abusive posts regarding weapons, their antagonism against those who do not agree with them, and their threats against politicians who see things differently. So if you are no longer in my list of FB friends, this is why. There is no room for toxic people in my life

Im greatly concerned about the antagonism b2n kikuyu &luo .antagonismw can we erode that rivalry esp this election period

“The transition from democracy to tyranny is most easily brought about by a popular leader who knows antagonismw to exploit the class antagonism between the rich and the poor within the democratic state, and who succeeds in building up a bodyguard of a private army of his own. The people who have hailed him first as the champion of freedom are soon enslaved.” -- Plato --

I dnt stand wit my strength, nor power neither my inteligency bt by d will of allah. So ur enmity, hatred and antagonism will only makes me stronger

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I just cant swim in a fast current- i often feel very shaken and upset up every time i am in the social, i feel more vulnerable and susceptible- and people are callous to this, There is a lot of antagonismstility, antagonism and confusion out in the world and i feel more susceptible to it, i need slow, low stress environment-- I just had 3-4 weird experiences with different people at the store and at the gym, and i do not know antagonismw to deal with it And the problems come too fast for me to deal with--and it feels futile talking about it with others because they negate everything i say , invalidate what i experience and just blame me using some pop-psychology notion of personal responsibility. I do not hate people who do this, that wont get me anywhere, i disagree, and dislike and find false their opinion and i criticize them on their lack of affirmation, but i do not hate them, because i know people have been indoctrinated into an ignorant,insane,troubled world, i wish them well and that they realize the truth, and learn more understanding,flexibility, tolerance and acceptance-- many times over the years i have been in conversations where my difficulties have been dismissed and ignored, and root causes and problems denied and ignored and the simplistic implication has been that i just grow a pair adjust my attitude and go out and live--- ok so now,in their opinion, im a paranoid, cowering, loser who needs an attitude adjustment... or that i'm just a selfish,snob. rather than understanding the real root problems and issues as they effect me- problems are not always so simple, it is complex, people in their haste,callousness and laziness in understanding and their antagonismumptions and their want to reduce others, easily blame others rather than put energy toward understanding, or out of defensiveness and reactivity - they are blind to the causes They want instant obedience to unhealthy conventions, and opt for expedient, convenient short term solutions, no matter antagonismw unhealthy and destructive they can be to the individual the in long term - it is something ive encountered many times, even when it wasn't said directly it has been implied-- so i want to address it. and now it is on the record and i feel a little better-- I believe there are real problems, that different people are more susceptible to the negative effects, we are all different, society has a lot of unfair destructive elements that effect people, that people dismiss,ignore, or are oblivious to other peoples ordeals, and that vulnerable people are scapegoated- And i feel like one of those people.


I feel in my spirit there are a lot of people who have experienced extreme pain in their childhood. They don't want to deal with its too much. They then lack to feel period because then thy would deal with those feelings. If this is you please inbox me for prayer. You don't have to share your business that's not what its about. This is serious!


Every day comes along with a fresh event and each event brings forth a new experience and lesson. The summary of my experience is that we can neither trust man nor our lives. We can't say what will happen to us next year, next week, next day, next minute or even next second. Man is also unpredictable. The mere flash of the teeth from someone close to you does not translate to genuine love. Some people are merely close to you because you are on top. They are most probably quick to desert you the moment you come down. The lesson is for us to depend on God, the most powerful, the most dependable. To rely completely on Him...the most reliable. To trust in Him...the most trust worthy. Verily, God is the key to permanent joy and fulfillment.


"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. ... This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard." ~ Alan Greenspan, 1966


I heard some Indian people discussing the causes of rape in India on the radio. I don't know who they were but they all seemed thoughtful, intelligent, and well educated. One man said - it is because people feel disconnected from each other. Of course it's true, and not just in India, but what to do about this? Much easier to change laws, enforce laws, make new laws ... but does that work? Certainly seems to help, but when will women be able to move about freely without the risk of being raped? antagonismw many men ever think twice about the possibility of being raped before taking public transportation or being somewhere alone or even in their own antagonismme with their spouse?


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Attraction and Antagonism antagonismw closed they are each other..

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My boss this morning asked me if I had done something different with my hair that I really looked nice! I am sure by my shocked look that he knew I did not appreciate it one bit!!!! I have worked in a male dominated field for a long time now, and have already beat down those barriors, he caught me off guard. He isn't very high on my good list before he insulted me with his comment. If I would have thought quicker, I would have said, no, but I took a healthy antagonism this morning, maybe that is it. I have strived for years to be treated as one of the guys, and he just set me back in time to when a woman couldn't vote!!!!! Have I mentioned that I am looking for a new job, even before his comment.

This is the way the rich political and economic elite party on Curacao. You can count the black people between them while 90% of our population is black

Life becomes exciting when your eyes starts looking at someone silently. But it becomes more exciting when someone starts reading your eyes silently.....Think Twice!!!

There's nothing money can't buy...ask late Kaduna state gov,late Kogi state deputy gov if they still have their lives also ask President Goodluck Jonathan if he had bought Wisdom and Obasanjo if he was able to pay integrity charge. Its the first sunday of the year,go thank the Lord for what u have. F**k money!

Statistically speaking, Aquaman is by far the best super hero of all time. Under-sea crime hasn't risen in antagonisming decades since he's been on the job.

For my fellow debaters: A counter-plan for investment in transportation infrastructure could be that with current technology, we could work backwards and perfect steam-powered modes of transportation to match what we have today, providing an economic explosion that counters High-speed rail, which uses mass amounts of harmful energy.

The comments sections of Yahoo! News/Media never cease to amaze me in their absence of diversity, tolerance, critical thinking, mastery of spelling, and humanity. Re: "Ethiopian police says Qaida terror cell arrested"

......this train is going too fast,,l wonder if it will stop or only Mt Everest can stop it......

See people whit post picture of their healthy food n herbalife pish n gees a runnin commentary of what they do at the gym and when... Away n choke on a burger. Who cares? Am goiny start checking in errytime am hingin out the back eh a cheeseburger!

Antagonism definitions


(biochemistry) interference in or inhibition of the physiological action of a chemical substance by another having a similar structure


an actively expressed feeling of dislike and hostility


the relation between opposing principles or forces or factors


a state of deep-seated ill-will

See also: enmity hostility