How to use Annuity in a sentence as a noun

The UK royal house is paid an annuity that was given in exchange for them surrendering the revenues from their private holdings.

These revenues are much larger than the annuity they are paid -- by some 5 times.

I don't doubt that that is a better default, but I guarantee you that someone who understands money is going to offer them the same reverse annuity deal that unwinds the same protection for lottery winners.

In addition to credible health insurance this includes pension, annuity, on the job training and certification, and death benefits.

Fascinatingly fleeting..."for one year or more"Huge difference between annuity and perpetuity cash flows.

If you value the future dividend stream annuity-style at, say, $100 million NPV or give the VC the option of an acquisition by Google at $90 million in a later year of the fund, the VC will push for the acquisition every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

If you make a certain amount at exit, that doesn't mean you were being paid an annuity in prior years.

It's because the annuity's figure is the purchasing power of those winnings at that time--the value you see as a jackpot is based on an annuity over a period of years.

An American studio would rather license off the rights to a foreign distributor, taking a sort of annuity income stream, than incur those costs and burdens itself.

But still, if you analyze it in a spreadsheet, you'll see that social security, as an annuity, is a "bad deal" when you're paying both sides.

Annuity definitions


income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments; "his retirement fund was set up to be paid as an annuity"

See also: rente