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The moment a person is able to reach the depth of one's intellectual or emotional capacity, genuine human connection happens. It's like a part of you becomes imprinted on the other person.. then in a blink of an eye.. magic happens. You either create the greatest friendship there is in the world or better.. the greatest love. Be inspired. Never be afraid to open yourself up to others. Keep sharing. ^_^


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Bad words enikedire use cheyunnavare'i mean theri'njan unfrnd cheyum

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear. When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying. - Unknown

Hahahahaa at a bar doing karaoke ans stuff ahaha great crack !

Just told em about lads annalsliday and amount that's going! Not happy haha

Pinellas County accessible annal awning a advanced ambit of altered annal which are accessible for the accessible to view. Examples of annal which are fabricated accessible accommodate a bent case lookup service, cartage name and citation, tax details, and added besides.

Hmmmm...trying to figure something out here...I thought middle class was not suppose to pay any more in taxes. It was part of that "taking care of the middle class" speech Mr President. Quick question though, why is my pay check smaller? I know I didn't get a pay cut.

Ok since evry1 of u r cmmnt so sexy bout me....2day i dnt want 2 annals in chat...so any1 who want 2 annals me....annals me in tis wall post by cmmnt....so come on al my sexy boyz....muaaaaaaxxxxxx...on al of urs cock....

LOL ok, so I'm tired of people asking me about this. Clearly, if someone is posting a picture of themselves getting snuggly with a chick, they're obviously not with the last one. Just saying.

Well annalsty im called a sponge and i do 10,20, even 30 berries a day with this annals and she gets methadone n b/c i wanted to do 1 shot myself im greedy wow who's greedy no matter annalsw much i do for her its never enough ohwell ill just have to get over it life pain n misery is plentiful but better to experience it than not therefore suffer gladly wow life is always filled with some annalsrrible ordeal wish i had about 15 ladders i'd take annal nod forreal i love my children though so much that i guess u hanve to put up with bs huh

A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother's love endures through all and forever till end of our life . Good morning All..........

Just hate it when lazy ppl don't take the cart back where they belong carts all over the parking lot really, call me annal but that's and accident waiting to happen. Wish all stores were like Aldis you put a quarter to get a cart and If you want your cash back you are forced to return it in its rightful spot.

Wa 'annal-Masaajida lilaahi falaa tad-uu ma-Allaahi 'ahadaa And the places of worship are only for Allaah,so pray not unto anyone along with Allaah Surah al- Jinn verse 18

Wa 'annal-Masaajida lilaahi falaa tad-uu ma-Allaahi 'ahadaa And the places of worship are only for Allaah,so pray not unto anyone along with Allaah

Didnt realise annalsw unfit i really was, now feeling the pain after trials

Minnel tobb a veled.., annal nehezebb a nelkuled. <3 ~DoRi~

Ya dafi 'al aafaati, idfa'a' annal aafaati. Repel evils and calamities from me and my family

Woah .. I'm going through Facebook and I see girls are cutting themselves because Justin Bieber is doing annals .. I'm dying of laughter. xD

Asian woman at the dry cleaner criticized my last name for having too many "a's." 2 annalsurs later, i spell my own last name wrong at the bank, leaving out an "a." Asian witchcraft, im tellin ya...

I was moving a storage unit, the guy kept sodas in there, there was dead rats, I thought it was a Chile relleno, I grabed it, then I freaked out, didn't know you can die from rat urine!!! annalsin gross

The best decisions aren't made with ur mind bt with ur instinct- Lionel Messi. Congratulations my man

Annals definitions


a chronological account of events in successive years


reports of the work of a society or learned body etc