Anachronistic in a sentence as an adjective

I'd be happy to see "gal" but it's a little anachronistic.

This is very pretty, but the UI is anachronistic.

"Wow. This sounds so anachronistic today it's hard to believe it was written only 10 years ago.

There are parts that just seem "wrong" as seemingly-anachronistic as if Don Draper used a PowerPoint.

I wonder if some of that impression isn't anachronistic projection, though.

The situation here is getting more and more anachronistic each day, they are this close to make me seriously angry.

Why force employment when it offers no real return except keeping an anachronistic standard of 40 hr/week employment?

Others because it allows them to capture warmly-corrupted photos of their friends in an anachronistic way.

As a non-lawyer, the fact that we are still trying to halt the progress of technology in the name of protecting anachronistic business models is the most troubling part.

It's our traditional economic and academic systems infesting your mind with some of its most anachronistic and worthless beliefs.

In any case, in lieu of casca's seniority, please accept mine as a waiver for that particular anachronistic guideline.

> Shaw mischaracterizes K&R by making anachronistic assumptions about its intended audience and ignoring the context in which it was written.

Referring to “Dani” and “she” in these articles would be confusing to the reader and at least at some level anachronistic, opposed to the consensus reality shared by everyone around her.

They're industrial machines, and anachronistic in a technological era.

While the description in the Google font database makes it out to be an award winning face for literature optimized for reading, its exaggerated serifs and uneven rhythm give it a kind of medieval / enlightened manuscript feel that just seems anachronistic and weird.

Once you wade through the thin veneer of rule vomit, most prescriptivists have little to no clue about the language they are enforcing -- only demonstrating an ability to remember lists of uninformed, anachronistic and often ignorant rule sets that are usually intended for application in a specific milieu.

Anachronistic definitions


chronologically misplaced; "English public schools are anachronistic"

See also: anachronic anachronous