How to use Amniotic in a sentence as an adjective

That meant no time for a shower in those three days, only superficial cleanups and quick change of scrubs when things got too bloody/amniotic.

For pregnancy data, there is a pod that shows you how big the fetus should be, another for how much amniotic fluid there is, and so on.

In babies, I would guess that some of the amniotic fluid is also absorbed into the blood stream.

Doesn't low amniotic fluid result in premature delivery in anycase?

My parents were manipulated into having prenatal disability tests because of my mom's low amniotic fluid during my sister's pregnancy.

I think part of it is if you want a genetic sample you have to puncture the amniotic sack, which can cause complications.

A soaking bath is very primal and reminiscent of pre birth amniotic fluid.

Magically, no, but there is a distinct difference from the state where it is enveloped by the mother's womb, physically attached the placenta, drawing nutrition from the umbilical cord, lungs filled with amniotic fluid, to a breathing, crying, eating, independent baby.

I understand that these tests require withdrawing amniotic fluid to analise, and / or getting genetic material from the fetus itself.

And my understanding is also that to get the amniotic fluid carries fairly moderate risks of infection etc for the fetus so these screenings aren't necessarily done because of the risks not to mention the costs involved.

Yeah, I was told 5%+ is what senior execs get post series B~. Isn't that like claiming the nanny to be more important that the amniotic fluid lol

Furthermore, our samples are of different origin, as Windham et al. assayed maternal serum, rather than foetal amniotic fluid.

Steroid hormone levels in maternal serum do not differ relative to the baby’s sex and do not correlate to amniotic levels during the PMW [42].So, high levels in blood reduce the autism risk and in amniotic fluid it's the other way around?

As someone who cares about reproductive rights, that concerns me. I have a friend who had her amniotic sac rupture while in Arizona, and had to wait 72 hours before she could have the no-longer-viable fetus removed.

*amniotic testosterone levels, apparently, and the ratio is supposedly unaffected by post-birth levels.

Here's a dark factoid for you- my memory is a bit fuzzy on when you chose mother's blood vs amniotic fluid sample for the test, but at the time I learned about all this, the odds of taking the amniotic fluid sample causing spontaneous abortion, were higher than the odds of the fetus having the more common trisomy conditions.

They are connected to the mother through an umbilical and immersed in amniotic fluid.

Both the umbilical and the amniotic fluid are full of chemical signals in many forms, not just hormones.

Not really, they develop it by sucking on their thumbs, drinking amniotic fluid, etc.

Those humans could work remotely, from a small pod of amniotic fluid, mounted to the side of a huge tower.

Sure, we have the genes to grow limbs while hibernating suspended in amniotic fluid and being fed intravenously.

Not born without amniotic sac, but rather born with the amniotic sac intact.

It substantially increases the chance of heart and lung issues in the child, reduces amniotic fluid levels, and puts the mother at severe risk of excessive bleeding during delivery.

Amniotic definitions


of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion; "amniotic membrane"

See also: amnionic amnic