Adjourn in a sentence as a verb

Well to be strict you should first ask them to stop - then you ask the stewards to escort them out or adjourn the meeting and call the police.

!I am willing to bet that if we held a forum to settle what a "better world" means, we'd have to adjourn it with no resolution.

I am so certain of the defendant's guilt, I move that the court adjourn so that your Honor can begin deliberating on the sentence.

I've always thought it was more likely over article 2 section 3, which allows the President to adjourn both houses of Congress indefinitely under certain circumstances.

Court will probably adjourn after opening statements today, and witnesses will begin testifying tomorrow, possibly including a repeat show by Jonathan Schwartz, the ex-Sun CEO.

One can only adjourn with the assumption that the alteration had zero effect or less, because it's unremarkable and forgotten, which would detract from the parable about burnout, because holy ****.

If one was expecting to be impeached, for example, a little procedural hiccup on the timetable of adjournment would be sufficient to suspend legislative business altogether.

I'm not limiting myself to the BBC, I'm saying any of the newspapers, any half decent news source.>In the article his solicitor seems to be referring to a lack of ability to prepare and doesnt seem to have been pulled up on any specifcs not being true?Let me be more specific then, in the Guardian reporting we don't only hear from the defence lawyer - we hear the judge's response:>But Baraitser refused the defence request, saying she had previously offered Assange’s lawyers an opportunity to adjourn the hearing to give them more time to deal with the new US indictment.

Adjourn definitions


close at the end of a session; "The court adjourned"

See also: recess


break from a meeting or gathering; "We adjourned for lunch"; "The men retired to the library"

See also: withdraw retire