Acuity in a sentence as a noun

Had no idea that dogs' visual acuity was so poor.

This DRG relates to the acuity, and these in turn, impact the reimbursement level.

What they fail at usually tends to be due to physical limitations such as visual acuity.

My doctor probably is just a little bored to measure and monitor visual acuity changes in a person with small eyesight issues.

I would like to reserve the right to change my mind in the next 30 years on this and many other topics, irrespective of whether I maintain 100% of my present mental acuity or not.

I do not watch much sports and not at all games but I can at least admire the mental acuity, precision reflex, long and short range planning and working memory of the top performers.

Our legal system and much of our social culture are based upon the idea that a person is entirely responsible for the contents, structure and acuity of their own mind.

The hardest part of any interview was a freaking mental acuity standardized test I took at the company who I'll be working for that wasn't hard, so take the term "hardest" lightly.

This is because the complexity of care, as indicated by the acuity level, implies higher resource utilization.

I was a sniper and would hang out in the mountains, monitoring miles of terrain and waiting for the slightest pixel of movement so I could zoom in to the max and nail it with the laser gun. That game definitely improved my visual responsivity and awareness, if not my actual acuity.

Oh for heaven's sake,[locate individual high contrast pixel] != [ability to distinguish individual pixels]Vision and visual acuity is not this simple.

It's both beautiful and understatedI appreciate the visual acuity, but I am more impressed with the fact that NYT, of all, is finally growing past the era of crying "we're interactive!!!

Having social danced and taught dance classes in various styles for over 10 years now, I think the reason you tend to see so many dancing computer geeks has nothing to do with "mental acuity," and everything to do with:1.

Listening to music to block out the office \n intrusion doesn’t help: even that, Perham found, impairs our mental acuity.\n\n> I can't help feeling that younger people such as myselfI don't think you're as much different as you imagine.

Acuity definitions


sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)

See also: sharp-sightedness


a quick and penetrating intelligence; "he argued with great acuteness"; "I admired the keenness of his mind"

See also: acuteness sharpness keenness