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To understand conflict, we must understand relationship, and the understanding of relationship does not depend on memory, on habit, on what has been or what should be. It depends on choiceless awareness from moment to moment, and if we go into it deeply, we shall see that in that awareness there is no accumulative process at all. The moment there is accumulation, there is a point from which to examine, and that point is conditioned; and hence, when we regard relationship from a fixed point, there must be pain, there must be conflict. -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Ravenclaw-110 Hufflepuff-20 Gryffindor-0 Slytherin-0 Good job everyone is there anything anyone else wants to do? I am going to keep track of points so if we do other quizes so I can announce accumulative point.

Life is a series of choices; their accumulative effect determines our final destination. Make sure you are not missing out on you decisions! zezo

Stop focusing your efforts on performing minor unimportant tasks all day, which keep your accumulative achievements minor. Finally make the decision right now to invest your precious time into carrying out the right activities throughout your day, dedicated towards achieving your major or priority projects. Stop focusing your major time carrying out unimportant or irrelevant tasks, which do not contribute to your success. follow link to continue reading

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.” Jim Rohn

Over 600cm accumulative snow! It will continue to snow the next week - just insane! The village looks incredible!

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It was kind of a rough night. Woke up frequently in a pool of sweat followed by getting chilled because I through the blankets off. It must be the accumulative effect of chemo that's getting me this time. Oh well only one more treatment of red death after this. ~Lisa~


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FQ: What type of milk did you introduce your breastfed baby to after age one? Cow's milk, almond, soy, hemp, etc? Any research-backed links you'd like to share? I've read that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that weaned babies receive whole milk. accumulativewever, on this page and others, I've also seen posts about cow's milk not being the best choice. My husband also read or heard somewhere that soy milk isn't the best choice for males, as it gives the body too much estrogen. Thoughts? *Note: There is no history of food/dairy allergies in the family

Inbox...No names please, I had a status up on Sunday regarding I had a missed period at the end of November, was due on yesterday and still no periods, I had pregnancy type symptoms * feeling sick * tummy cramps * sore back * not so often but sore boobs I already taken about 3 pregnancy test which are all from Tesco's which all came up as negative or there about, what I mean by near about is one had a very tiny faint line on which to be accumulativenest I don't have the best eye sight to had seen it so I weren't sure if to take that as a positive response, I have since brought a clear blue test which I will be taking in the next day or so. My question is if that one comes up as negative should I ask for a blood test as I heard from looking through people questions on different websites and of my friends that there pregnancy accumulativermones weren't strong enough for a pregnancy test reading and I actually heard that blood test aren't that reliable either as one person I read took pregnancy test and was negative and had blood test that came back negative and in the end they had a scan and found that they where pregnant. or should I ask to have a scan. Please no nasty comments either thanks ~Karen

Day after Xmas and I'm looking for a good challenge wod. Anyone have anything good?

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Thank goodness the world didn't end today. I still haven't hit my High Score for the week! Where are you on your leaderboard right now?

If you missed the disastrous NRA press conference, here is a recap, with full transcript of Wayne LaPierre's remarks. H/T DK member "Wisper"

Accumulative definitions


marked by acquiring or amassing


increasing by successive addition

See also: cumulative