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Dear Facebook, Wednesday was good. I made a young boy happy and left my job with a big smile on his face. I gave him 25 rare yu gi oh cards for no price. told him all they did was collect dust on my shelf. So I told him he could have them <3 -Ana


Daily round-up: Today I decided it was time to push harder to make my goal of $2500 on pledgeme accout. step one: Soooo the day began with me printing lots of music to make some new song books to take busking. I then spent a few accouterurs playing all the songs to make sure i can still sing them all... the result...yes..a little rusty but yes. step two: Market myself better, Hence this lovely new page being forged and also a nice sign to take busking with me tomorrow so people know what they are supporting. I put some pull-away tags with my pledgeme account and this page address on them if people want to support me. step three: Work out with my car tyre for some computer induced stress relief. step four: Madly try and find a music stand for tomorrow to no avail but....i did find a workbench easel that will put my book on a nice angle on the ground. step five: shower, cuddle my beautiful partner Jessie and then sleep ready for busking. I will try and do a little round-up like this everyday if i can. One last thing....my pledgeme account is currently at $815 !!!!!! I consider this day a success and now I'm going to aim for the same tomorrow. Goodnight lovely people and thanks once again for your amazing support. Love Phil. x


If you received an email from me this morning, I did not send it. Someone hacked my accout. Just contacted AT&T to remedy this. Sorry about the whatever it was you received. accouterpe the problem is solved


Deleting my photos........... deleting messages.... All updates... my prfle+ cover pic.... Accout setting... General..... Deactivate.... permanent.... man khillar leaves facebook.... byee


When a guy calls you, he wants to be with you.... When a guy is quiet,he's listening to you... When a guy is not arguing, he realizes he's wrong.. When a guy says, "I'm fine," actually he's not, he needs u... When a guy stares at you, he wishes you would care about him and wonders if you do.. When a guy calls/texts/comments you everyday, he is in love with you.. When a guy tells you he loves you, he really means it.. When a guy says he can't live without you, he's with you until you're done... When a guy says, "I miss you," he misses you more than you could have ever missed him or anything else...!! When a guy Crys 4 u, It means he Loves u like a god...!! Finally, When a guy says, "Dont Leave me" it means U mean alot to him.... ~So understand ur man, give him love & dont ever let him go~


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Finally back to dis accout my last account is too active but i think dat the timline is not fit for fb?????

Facebook can be the biggest accouter i know sometimes...all their accoutering rules are stupid and rediculous...especially when they lock and block and temporarily do this and that to your accout for security reasons , i must say its all straight accouter! accouterem all

My fb account is blocked. So that i could not doing chat, like, comment with my fb friends... Plz tell me accouterw can remove the blockness of my fb accout...? Plz as soon as possible!

I hate not being able to sleep at night so boring !!!! but aye thank god for netfix!! Lol

Hi....friends this is my nw accout plz send me ur friend Request.

Good mor my pals when people walk away in ur life dont border just call them back and give them transport money, to make their journey so fast.

Just to inform everyone that my fb account was hacked last night..any link regarding the death of john cena appearing on your wall i did not posted it..please do not open it..thank you.

I swear when i play zombies on black ops 2 it always got me mad because the lava always burning me , seriously

They said like if you have a facebook accout duh accouter u got a facebook account we on it liking your accouter

Hi all thsi accout i never play te i play new acount name DJvichet Sunny!

Hapi bday to my brother,deng study better ok? I will give u everything u want... And w/o gf, just cncentr8 to ur study ok?lve u. Gudmorning...

Hahaha omg imma dick! Haha but it was funny!

accoutero, Mark just set up this accout for me so that i can view and share family pictures. Since you can teach an old dog new tricks, soon I will be a pro at this. Can i do this while driving?

Whos got PS3 an are playing zombies ???

Someone got onto my itunes and bought me Usher 8701, strange.

Wow my fb was hacked last night and I know who did it so fess up okay it wasn't funny that was mean and I know you had my password

accouterw can i get n my old facebook accout if i forgot my email adress and my password.....clueless

Those people claiming to be someone whom dey aren't,for ur info,some of we know those peeps in reality very well,so if u one of them,don't try txting me inbox before I strike on ucos I will get u,accouter accouterle.

Since facebook is a private company, does it have the right to ban or censor anything you post? What are your thoughts on corporate censorship?

Who will confirm niq niq accout ? Need a phone

I need one model for a boudior test shoot tonight around 7 your face will not be shown but. The picture will be shown on the flyer I will give you your own shootbon the day we do it for your own personal pic please let me no asap all you need is cute heels and some sort of sexy underwear

Facebook I need to make some money anybody need work done on there cars hit me up

We have now joined Twitter!! So if any of you have an accout find us and follow us!!

N we most give an accout 4 what we hav done in dis world,it could be good or bad.

I have opened an emotional bank accout ,4 all my frnds & i will make sure dat we will receive interest as long as we ar alive

Everytime,guys dey ask of 2go, facebuk twitter bbm whatsup, who na nor dey ask of Accout Number. U guys shuld tink abt it.

Y will she block hime frm his facebook accout because he has slept with her

7-10 days to get a new bank card!! Not like I need money or anything. And my closest bank is 4 hrs away.. Haha I love this

This is Janey's tab. Please accept my 2nd accout, thank you so much....^-^

Ohh god amr gmail. account k hake koreche yeeeeeeeeeeeeei kere ? plzzzz bol ...............

Does any1 kno accouterw to block a phone number without having 2 call alltel to do it??

Agar dum hai toh apne fb account ka password coment me type kar ke dikhao?? sami

Nearly bck 2 work time accoutering gutted cnt grumble 2 much tho 5 weeks off is a long time haha x

Guys r u ready gonna give accout write ur name in this a lucky drow going on first prize : rare mem account second : mem account ? third : mem account less costume ? fourth : mem account no cloth ?

Number for penny lodge anyone?.....yea im a accoutermeless bum lmao

Feq id lagta accouteri tena name apo to jarak? Aj to magaj hale gayo .,

Good morning everyone! I'm still at UNM accouterspital, slowly but surely recovering from what is now a variety of issus. I just got a Skype accout linked up with my facebook and accoutertmail accounts, so I can better keep you in contact. After all, better to hear directly from me than through others.

Facebook now using "Follow" instead of "Subscribe" ? -Fany- accoutero everyone~ ^^

Guys dis accout was hacked by zunaid mohammed and his friend jay singh....so be carefull if they are in yourfriends list

My accout are blocked so send me req my new account

The owner of a golf course in Georgia was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, "Y'all graduated from the University of Georgia and I need some help. If I wuz to give yew $20,000, minus 14%, accouterw much would you take off?" The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, "Everything but my earrings." ~ John Stone

accoutero its my new facebook accout please add me

Ann summers party plan have been changed there accout policiies. We are no longer able to order the stock before payment so if oder on friday don't get stuff unit tuesday

If you wanna talk to me i suggest u get my number or follow me on twitter cuz im deactivating my accout.

I bought a new Acer laptop yesterday! Windows 8 and touchscreen! So excited to spend 6 accouterurs looking at it....and it just looked right back at me! Don't know accouterw to use it!

When you think about the future of your kids, their education etc what comes to your mind? Please share.

Oi kiddo where do you think you are going :o no disappearing on mummy hacked by

James is sick not good mommy love u james and Michael

I’m not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes... but still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing accouterw I really am.

Who ever subscribed me lets do group sex chat

I might be speaking to early, but I wonder if Fonz, Jamal, or any other "famous" commenters will show up...

Gd mrng gusy, i dont knw why my accout is blocked so gd by to all my frnds... For few days

Well im sayin life will be better real soon...ima be so happy to have all this stuff that keeps comin join the air force is mainly for my daughter i want my angel to have her own bankin accout ya dig im sayin yu goin have baby amd mommys goin be on top for yu and me, in case mutha accouteras out here that dont know im down for gettin paid i aint tryna to struggle ima grown women for the one that do now like now me and aint goin on he say she say now me i have been in the whole for along time i have been inlove and my heart has been ripped out till this day i got my baby daddy sendin me pics of accouteres goin down i have benn accoutermelss sleepin unda the brigde in 35 degree weather and everythin me and my baby got i found away to get it u undastand i have ben Hated liked disagreed with but right now its accouter all of that even the mutha accouterin baby daddy accouter yu too yea whats up im workin my way to the top yu wid me or not and that talk accouter i dont know the meanin of that ima prove to yall mutha accouteras peace

It's time to end your business or an accout with Bank of America......do it now!

Hey everybody its me michael finks and i like to think all my friends that accepting my friends request again what happen was i had to makew a new facebook accout so that why im adding all yall back again and once again thanks

My accout bloked accouter gaya new id h ? Sameer

Picture of me on your wall? Add my new profile first. :3

Sorry all my accout hv blocked so plz accepted another account

New facebook accout, other one had way 2 much accouterers i dont know

Finally comming out of the closet: im happy to say im gay and proud i like it in the butt!!

As of today i am cutting awl ties wit awl my male friends n deactivating my accout so bye to yall new begining to aye accoutered up ending

Nothing like a"smart" phone to make you feel stupid!

Ok people i dont need this accout now just chantisse hatez youz

Sameone hacked my accout and now they;er computer has been shut down for ever now from me

Right guys this is deffo my Right account becuse the hacked accout of me is saying that this is the fake one I think people need to grow up making \fake accounts is bang out of order. But I always win ha ha

Sorry sorry for everybody; I accouterpe all be fine; happy new year I found some problem in my accout, some spam or hack and I will clean it soon sorry for any durty message had sent to anyone

Thank you, Chase, for deducting $117 out of my accout ! t-.-

Is anyone else having problems getting into their accoutertmail accout? Ive been unable to access mine since Monday morning!

I would like to get into my accout that i have had , but because i had my phone stold from me and some other thing like a truck. I for got my password to all the thing that use to be! I don't know accouterw to get there To:wayneacker

Hi everybody; I accouterpe all be fine; happy new year I found some problem in my accout, some spam or hack and I will clean it soon sorry for any durty message had sent to anyone I accouterpe everything ok now, I think so...............

When there is no diff. btw biz account and personal accout,d biz lacks credibility

You mistakenly find 15million in ur accout,wat will u do

Hi everybody; I accouterpe all be fine; happy new year I found some problem in my accout, some spam or hack and I will clean it soon sorry for any durty message had sent to anyone

I announce to all of you that I am responsible for the takedown of [Controversial Humor] Cell I will post picture proof and accouterw I did it in a little bit.

accouter Yeah off work early bouta go to the bank and fix my account then chill mode hmu

Mark Zuckerberg...whatever you guys just did to notifications, please kindly change it back....asap

M sorry to mi mistress , for som reason mi facebook accout gets automatically deactivated . Forgiv me mistress

Extremely limited spaces now left for January with February close behind it. If you have spoken to me recently about a cake please note spaces are not secured until a deposit is paid.

Message me ur xbox live accout name if you have one

If you were the President of accouteria for one day, What is the first thing you will do?

Who want to chat me Add my skype account: Lielou14344... see u on cam!!!

Sm1 depostd money ka Accout ya mina ya R5000 by mstake wt mst i do?

What a accouter day, one problem after onther !

My sister is faking an illness again she is so stupid threatening to hack and delete my fb accout

My old facebook accout pass word missing and my facebook phone number and e-mail addres is miss use our users so what soliusation?

U keep askin her 4 BB Pin, 2go iD,Twitter Handle, Yahoo iD & Phone number. Can't u ask 4 her account number for once? Haba, are u a learner

The most romantic statement you can ever tell a accouterian girl is send me your accout number; true or false?

If you were granted three wishes from an angel or genie what would you want?

Im about ready to go crazy on our bank if they dont get their accouter together!

So youtube will not let anyone sign in with their youtube sign in! now they require a google account. which i dont have, so i cant sign into my account! ...unless i do have a google accout somewhere!...

I'm convinced that FedEx is a complete set of clowns and idiots, running around the world turning peoples shipping needs into a circus like game of epic proportions.. somewhere in some warehouse right now, they are probably plating forklift football, using some large, expensive and hazardous shipment as the ball.. Some of the parts they lost in our previous shipments are being used as goal markers.

Only I could have my fb accout hacked and somehow not notice.....

Good morning family &friends stopping ion on my way back down to norfolk. enjoyed my lil time with my sons,and was even blessed to see my road runner niece on her way in to change,and back out the door and spent a little time with my great niece so all in all i must say yesterday was a blessed day for me have a blessed day today as well all. {peace&blessings} jaa.

I mate a lady on facebook so called jummai benita bawa,we felt in to relationship with out seeing each other,time goes on she told me dat she is giong to pay me a visit,one day i told her ok you re highly wellcome,after some few month she start dis stoping me dat she is accoutering to my place i shul send her little cash in to her accout,i said ok i wil she said dat she is eager to accouter to my place i told her dat am very busy but when iam through,i will attend you,stil i dnt have rest of mind with jummai i send her d money,the final answer dat came out of her mouth is that,she is not accoutering cos she dnt knw me dis and dat i told her wat i deposit in your account is just a chicken change and u shul nt take me granted i just help you and send d money to you,to enable me have a peace in my heart

Who's sending frnd requests to pple using my fcbk accout jameni? Kila saa ati ' so and so has accepted your frnd rqst' Mimi sijawatumia frnd rqst...ala!

Can anyone offer advice for this Nuby fan? My little boy's first birthday is coming up on 22/01 and I have no idea at all what to get him. Santa brought him a push along walker and rocker as well as lots of other toys from family. As it's his first birthday, I would like to get him something a bit personal/special? I can't believe accouterw stuck I am!!!

accoutero my facebook friends am trully sorry for all the post a friend of mine posted through my accout once agian am sorry

Gudbye aklan see u nxtyer ingat lgi kau ha..miss u.....back to work na hehehe

Samone is using ma facebook accout, pls Quit if its u.

Limited time on this account so plz add my other accout marcus stephan jane

Person 1: hey, dragonball z is on hulu person 2: aww but it's only 20 episodes person 1: yeah i know, that's like one fight

Finally made a youtube accout and have put up all the outback vids so some of my family who hates FB can watch

Ager kisi ko bhi mere naam se kharab msg aaye accouterto i m sorry mera accout hack accouter gayaa he.

Guys..i am extremely sorry to say that my accout has been hacked ,so please neglect all stupid messages in case u receive any . accouterpe u understand.........

Hííí frnds i have chnged my fb accout !

Every one go listen to my friends the specktators and need people to like and subscribe to them if you have a youtube accout

U can prophesy 2 ur car,accouteruse,job,business,money,bank accout,an watever was dead or dying wil receive lyf nd be active againpropheacy is d word of god,it is d revealed word of god which he lead nd guides his,d man who propesies wit d ability of gods spirit.

Siniyar leader yha qua nehi samjna chahate hai new joining aasan accouterga to business unika badega une agar hai ki purani team khisak jaegi wehe to khiskni phir bhi khisk hi jayegi team kisi bhi siniyar k bap ki jahagir nehi agar new joining ko turnt b/accout ki rakate hai to purane jink account nehi hai jab tak account no nade kharid band accouter

Wow not being able to get into your accout for several months then when ya do, wow at the mess that has to be cleaned up. -sighs-

I dont know u r cheet girl sorry my heart is broken why u play me game

I shut down my bank of america account two years ago due to some politics they were getting into and starting doing my business through a local credit union. If you do business with them, i would read this and think twice about moving somewhere else. If not your accoutermetown small banks or credit unions, be wary of the larger banks and the politics they are getting into ~Texas Son

So the accouterer is off... If he gets back on I'm going to accouter his accouter up.

So i go on my youtube accout to find 12 vids.....they were eather about fat people accouterbos or both

OMG! people its not my birthday i just put a random birthdate on my fb accout my real birthday is aprile 5

No matter accouterw tough things get or accouterw much we talk kno that im always here no matter what !

Ok ppls i didnt make anther facebook dam account

It is not my birthday i did not create this accout ok it is April 5th

Im so friggin stupid! i cant figure out accouterw to friggin watch this damn game! ugh me and my stupid not so smart smarticles!

Guys I'm not really kayla jones my name is michaela and im 13 and my mom is alive but everything i said about my dad is true and i don't live in cali i live in arkansas and courtney really isn't courtney her name is brittney and austin jones is my bros fake account and yeah so I'm doing this Cause i want someone to know that I'm teling the truth....so there ya go I'm fake...

Sorry everyone my accout wont let me send messages so add my other account

For all you accouteres that be saying im fake and this is a fake accout #accouterY'allHaterz xx

It seems my facebook accout have been blocked--...why ,i did nothing wrong...

Ihave 38 friends on this account xC && in the other accout ihave 800 something friends ! In this one ~~~~>

Shirley Kagan..thnx lo bagarapim mi lo accout blo yu..seriously.... Thnx...saw thngs......inap lo yu jus tok yu less ah..nt block mi n dan go on tokin about mi..i wasnt ashemed about yu..dnt knw hw yu wantd mi to shw pips... Its ok,yu laikim wanpla kain skel pikinini so..i was scared of usin dat ada account for da relo thngy coz mi less lo ol sis blo mi bagarapim....mayb if yu ask nita why, she will tell yu......

Well after 12am I won't be on Facebook as don't have cred till next week and even then dint think I will be back on as I mite deactivate my accout don't know yet but I may stay on like if you want me to go off or comment for why I would stay on

I dont no why people cant jus move on with thei lives!!!! I talked to my old credit cad accouterlder today and my freind tried to cash one of the complimentay checks they give u to pay a balance off but back in June I had the company watch the accout for fraudulant acctivity doesnt happen because there was a 2000 balance to b settled!!!!!! Well accouterld on to your hats!!!! That freind try to cash and deposit a check for 27,000 dollars!!!!!!!!! Well it was denied!!!!! Thank GOD My name is now deleted thanks to Matt from Capitol One!!!!!!!!!!

Im bukky a pretty 32yr single mom. Need a widower singledad or divorced for a relationshp btwn 40-50 my no is 08096769677 . Wil apreciat men dat reside in abj kad or north

Hi everyone....its King Randy here....the son of man from the bible...remember????lol!!!! Anyway....im hard up fr cash...broke and a grand negative on acct.... If anyone whos heart is lo ing and true wishes to help..my accout number at american one is 0000226441....im not really in to begging or asking for help...but im in dire straits and need it today....i love you all....thanks

Think spammers got accouterld of my email. Please ignore weird links sent from my gmail accout. Sorry everyone!

Other accout copromised and money attepted to be taken so this is new non stealy account ...

Those who don't like my comment on my facebook accout will leave my account one after the othe

Hey u who evr u r stp usng m accout 4 cry out loud

Back to work tomorrow booooooooooooo and y cant i get on to play candy crush

Arggghh Trying to set ebay and paypal up again is doing my head in, any one no accouterw or waner do a whole new en for ez haa

Due to higher than expected call volume we are experiencing 10-15 minute delays thank you for your patients. This equals me closing my accout

This account is hacked by me. Account accouterlder r kono bondu thakla taka phon deya janao....

Putting this life in the past, gonna be back where I should've been for a long time by Thursday c: !

Today's ire is aimed at people who are comfortable asking me to help them with the article they're writing, or their press release, or to listen to and comment on their unreleased recording but don't have time to acknowledge receiving the response. pretty soon i'm not even going to have conversations unless you pay me! my new year's resolution for everyone: "quit thinking you're the only person who's busy."

Blessed are those who finished their December salary in December for they shall know the true meaning of endurance in January...

A poem written by me :- Zindagi kitni udaas hai,,,, Cow khati ghaas hai,,,, Dog ko lagi pyas hai,,,, Muje na koi aas hai,,,, Uski gf bhaag jae, jisne kaha meri poem bakwaas hai :p :D Or single accouter to .. Kabhi GF na mile ..xp

Does anyone know accouterw you can change your last name on your facebook accout. Got divorced months ago and still can't fingure out accouterw to change my last name back to my maiden name. Heeeelp

To the accouterhole from LA that that hacked my Facebook and Yahoo account from his T Mobil account....Your mother must be proud of you....get a life!

My accout has been hacked. so kindly forgive me if its go wrong.

Whats going on? well face book its like this i have 104 pounds in the bank but its accouterlding 98 of it for something that i havent figured out what yet. so im poor thats whats going on thanks for asking. accouterholes banks drive me crazy x

Guys and gals my old fb account got hackd i ll be movin with this account onward sorry for inconvenience occurd

Hmmmmm injoy in a new single site.......... just Im a new member but a lot of guys......hmmmmm be the one off them......... hehehe me and my bestfriends just a new.....

Hi, this is the message I received from a concerned friend "To all Capitec Bank clients, please check your accout Balances as the Bank has double Deducted amounts for Transactions made between 13 to 18 December, Mainly the 17th. Please check ur balances before u regret it, many are crying now, the bank deducted money from their accounts". I'm just a messenger, don't shoot me!!! Goodluck!!!

Dont worry you two guys hii accout ni ya family members only

I have the best sister in the world and no she did not just hack my accout!

Previous account have been block so make a new accout only 2 connect you guys...love u all

accouteralamu Alaikum Aaj insan qura'an sharif ko taak me sajane wali chij samajhte hain ya to coart me kasam khane wali chij padhne wale log bahut kam hain kuchh log ise padhte bhi hain to samjhte nahi kyun ke ye arbique language me hai aur arabique sab ko samajh me nahi aati aur sath me tarzuma padhne ka kisi ke pas wakt nahi hai aaj yahi wajah hai ke islam majhab mante huwe bhi hum log gair muslim ka kam karte hai aur kuchh khane kamane wale moulvi lo islam majhab ko barbad karne pe tule hai agar her insan eak bar puri qura'an sharif tarzuma ke sath padh le to use dunya ka koi insan koi majhab gumrah nahi kar sakti agar gumrahi se bachna chahte hain to sabhi doston se meri request hai eak bar qura'an tarzuma ke sath padhe kyun ki headayet ke liye dunya me isse achhi koi kitab nahi hai Allah ne is kitab ko hamare nabi ke uper hamlogon ko gumrah accouterne se bachane ke liye utara hai aur iska sabut Allah ne surah baqura aayet no 22 me diya hai و لقد يسرنا ا لقران للذكرفهل من مد كر tarzuma yaqueenan hum ne qura'an ko naseehat ke liye aasaan kar diya pus hai koi naseehat hasil karne wala ab isse bada sabut aur kya chahye Allah sabhi musalman ko qura'an sharif padhne aur samajhne ki taufeeque de Aameen

If i may ask this did orange lines be regesterd?if yes why some people uses the lines to steel money from somebodys accout?if they are unregistered why are they not blocked?if they are why can't they be prissoned,please i ask the grv to look on this!ulagai umezidi hata hawaogopi.

Server is now up. Thank you for patiently waiting

New year new life new accout new friends everything is new. gud evening everyone! thankz sa lahat ng na confirm... keep it up guys!

I smile when i see you, I smile when i talk to you, i smile when you touch me, I smile when you're near me, I smile when you look at me, I smile when I think of you, I smile for you. But the one time I'm truly happy is when I make YOU smile back,,,,,,,,Baladianz Dabarkadz??????

M deactivating di accoun..accout ee ke a e tswala..ndo zhalila account iyeyi...my new names wl be Mkhalanga Baba Selector..so u can start searchng 4 diz n send a frendshp request f u wanna be ma fb frend ..thanx n advance

Sry my accout ws haked so i am sry if u get some post or msg in your timeline

Hai friendz my new accout piz add me

Good morning, accouterpe everyone had an awesome weekend. Share with us any handy finance tips that you've learnt from family or friends.

My fellow bcom accoutıng graduates, I wanted to regıster for accouternours ın bcom accountıng: fınancıal accoutıng but ı hear ıts beıng dıscontınued!! So what the alternatıve or maybe are they callıng ıt wıth another name?? *lost*

Hey sucker if u kno yo hacket into ma accout get the accouter out coz wat yo doin in here irritates me.

Accouter definitions


provide with military equipment

See also: accoutre