How to use Accolade in a sentence as a noun

16 and 3 carbon*** not 6 and 3 second round highest k/d ratio accolade

I'm only as smart as the parents who raised me, hence you call me genius. So, was that a vain statement or an accolade to my parents? if you have ears, you'll hear what i just said...

Wouldn't it be nice to hear someone you know on Triple J's count down? Imagine the accolade and admiration amongst your peers!!

Just another accolade for a spectacular rebound season! Let's help them build on it next year!

I'm completely amazed at the choices we've made, the path we blaze, the road we paved, that in turn enslaved then gave a goodbye wave, I'm drinkin sinkin thinkin I can't be saved from this life we've laid, the dues I paid, to an accolade that now is displayed as a haze of fu*kin confusion. #sincerely dradey

To all my well wishers, I say a big thank you for all your accolade, goodwill message and your prayer, my prayer is that God in his infinite mercy will accoladenour you and all that belong to you and put joy in your heart this year and beyond. Ajo se wa oni ba je o.

In life they talk about champions - the true champions are the fire fighters!! They put their lives at risk so much to save others - each and everyone of them deserve every accolade for their service whether they are paid or volunteers! Stay safe each and every one of you.

It's great to receive accolade when I play well but when someone hates I just get better until at some point I'm a better soccer player

Great accolade for a great school and team. 2012 was a banner year for the Bombsquad, and 2013 will be even better!

The beautiful thing about receiving any kind of accolade is the motivation to do more that it ispires... Those who are true supporters of what we are doing, know my history, and despite what my past has been you all keep me focused on working toward the future...

Steve bunting the ugliest man in darts..... and that is some accolade.....

Can a small portion of the player's opinion represent the global voice for a die-hard fan like me? NO, then in that case, u can crown anyone such an accolade bt the fact is u can't change everyones opinion........Hala cr7....

C# Developer – London, £25-35,000 An experienced C# Developer is required for a highly varied role with an industry leading media logistics specialist, working with their highly innovative development team. The C# Developer will be part of a pan-European business that facilitate the delivery of digital content from post production to media owners. Working with media agencies, online publishers and production accoladeuses, the business is experiencing rapid growth and international accolade. In order to aid their next phase of growth, a C# Developer is required to deliver high quality technical solutions within tight time frames.

I wonder y pple say Leo Messi doesn't deserve the accolade... #ballon D'or# the 5th is on the way coming ..

To be sincere Lionel ''Messiah'' Messi,deserves every accolade given to him... De lad is the finest football on the planet,infact from other planet.... And he will also be on de verge of winning another world best for de fifth tym running .... El Messi......

The accolade Ballon d’Or seals Lionel Messi’s status as the greatest football player of his generation, to read more follow the link below.

Som of us guys must just appreciate som1's talent nometa wch sport, backgrnd or club they accolade frm. Sims som guys wher hurt tht Messi hs won ths accolade 4 tyms in a row & nt Cristiano. We knw u wl 4eva spprt Cristiano as u r sayn bt mind u these players wer pickd on merit & nt tht they play 4 Barca or tht they jus lyk hm as n individual.

I believe messi wil surely win dis accolade 4 six to seven consecutive yrs.

Lionel messi has been awarded fifa's Ballon d'Or 4 2012. It's an unprecedentd 4th year in a row in which fc barcelona Argentine striker has been given football's highest individual accolade. That's messi's 1st major world record of 2013,following a year in which he broke many records on d pitch,includng d most number of goals scored in a calendar year 4 club and country: he found d net 91 times,surpassing German Gerd Muller's 1972 record of 85 goals. Hmm i thnk 4 all these good performance,this guy deservers d world best footballer of d year, is'nt he???

I dont agree to give messi this accolade,what did he achieve the whole year except the top goal scorer

Well done , great magician with the ball. You've earned the accolade. Others can be 'sad'. We're happy for you !

Which success did Barcelona record last season dat brought dem dis accolade? Dis isn't Ballond'or, it's Spanishdior

Messi is aware that only his failure to date to lift top accoladenours with Argentina stops the footballing fraternity acknowledging him as the greatest footballer ever - though a fifth individual accolade in 12 months time, which former Barca great Johan Cruyff sees as almost a formality, would surely vault him above even Pele.

Johnny Manziel deserves every accolade he has ever received haha.

Lets all say a prayer for the Irish! Win or lose we love you ND!!!!! Lets get this much deserved win and accolade!!!! Lets go Irish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo messi deserves d accolade,he had been superhuman in 2012 season!!!

Great decition from platini nd co wht a deserved ballon d'or accolade on messi de great.

Lionel Messi claim the accolade and the football most prestigious individual award for the fourth consecutive time,I pray we shall not be a Ronaldo in Messi's generation...Oya aduraaaaaaa!!!

Tladi Ledibane wrote: Another accolade for Messi! Deserved one yet unfair. Mere mortals can't compete with this play station interplanetary super being...

Messi keeps winning accolade and complainers keeps lamenting....

Kiprotich, Lubega and mangat vie for top accolade

I know this may not be your 'style' of music but give it a try besides this is one of the greatest persons I know and he deserves every accolade he gets... Please like his page!!!

I am overwhelmed by a sense of accoladenour and accolade occasioned from array of greetings to mark my day today. Indeed, you'd really made my day. With a sense of modesty, you're all epitome of excellence. Eniyan laso iyi mi!

Lionel Messi has become the first player ever to win a fourth straight Ballon D'or accolade. Congrats!

In which team has most players win the individual accolade,ballon d'or.

Omg... I have just been given the accolade of "legend at kirk hallam comp", think that must be for my old mate /anita Hangar, lol xx

And Messi...sorry Barca will win UCL again this season and we wud be bck here next year to congratulate him for his 5th so football hard ni...CR7 do sumffng naa

The rightfull owner of the prestigious glittering accolade has claimed it. Messi has done it again

Lionel andres messi has just claimed the prestigious fifa balloon do'or accolade for the fourth time consecutively.

Congratulations to Lionel Messi for winning the world footballer of the year award for the fourth time running. It is good to be rewarded for your hard work and also to be given such a dignified accolade. Folks, sports is huge. Good evening.

Lonel messi u wil always be d best,up barca till i die,wot an historic accolade

Leo Messi, deserves the accolade although I wanted Iniesta to have it, Messi is the best player ever to grace da world of football.

Quote Examples using Accolade

We are getting numerous e-mails in regards to the fallen and being asked to list them. Rest accoladeured myself or Carlos run a query daily dating back to 2002 and have been doing this for two years now. I understand the emotions and you wanting to make sure they are not forgotten. We list them daily unless an issue arises in which case they get listed the following day. Yes, there may be an error at times as we are human. Thank you! ~Melinda


accolade, all you do is rain on my parade so of course you, I will degrade. Until the blackness you fade. Leave you in your blood to marinade. You deserve no accolade. Don't confuse this for a serenade. I've been persuade that you're a straight up grenade


Carol Marie Tired of people who just say something unkind........unfriend you and Then leave me wondering what it is I have done!!!!!! In counselling terms this is called lack of Closure.......By all means Unfriend me if u do not want to be my friend but at least have the courtesy to explain why and listen to another side of the story other than ur own. I seriously would not do the same to you as I take my family and friendships here on Fb very seriously. Thank you Anne blessings, love hugs...... . ..


Good, good, good evening to the commune, no need to stand I promise y'all that I'll be gone soon... See I'm speaking for the working folks, the cats who stay awake till dawn just trying to land upon the perfect note... The ones who for the life of us can't seem to keep it in, or speak to a God who isn't there to speak to them... They may not show it, but I'm sure that its beneath the skin... Yeah that's the Human Being, we know its accoladeed, but we pretend... I try to dream again, but I can't even sleep and when I finally close my eyes its like a demon feeds my need to win... And so it keeps on, the saga if you view my drift, a foolish view but we still overpopulate this moody accolade... Wait a minute till the seasons change, it's fortune accoladet, the freezing rain, everybody want's to flee the pain, but all can't end up leaving sane... So play games or maintain for the accolade, either way, get away cause' its sad to say, around here there be no man to save...


Anybody that says Aj McCarron is Heisman material or one of the best Quarterbacks in the country is an idiot. I accoladenestly believe any quarterback in Division I football could put up the same numbers he does with the NFL offensive line he has in front of him. If he receives any accolade for this game or for next season he might as well just give it to his offensive linemen. He is an average quarterback with an amazing line in front of him. Give them the credit, not him.


Proper Noun Examples for Accolade

Seems my friends at Accolade have a project they are trying to get off the ground. If you havnt heard them, give them a listen and while you're at it, check out their kick starter.

Accolade #247: "Fabulous & clear outline of the current problems w/ VC funding." -- Software developer

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Why when you get up at cock sparrow to have a short meeting in Germany does British Airways have a delay of an accoladeur and why is the International lounge in Terminal 1 tuck away in the national departures section grrrrr I think I might by sporting an early morning grump!

accoladely accolade! I got a shout out in the huffington post as a future rapper to watch out for!!! And they linked my video!

Got a co-director credit for a new feature documentary coming out soon. Have yet to see accoladew my footage sits within the final project so looking forward to that. It's called Northern Lights. DGS x

Don't think it would last 5 mins in the Renton...

Wow bet this hasn't happened in a long time. NO ONE made it into the baseball accoladeF

This interview was deep! The interviewer said her pet peeve is when celebs thank God for their what?

If you think you know english very well here is your test... Apart from Apple, write any other english word that starts with letter "A" and ends with "E" warning! Do not use a dictionary. Your time starts now.

So far 23 people think Shane Cullen's art should stay, with only one person thinking it should be removed from the Luan. What do you think? Let us know...

So kanye compared big sean to biggie...kanye obviously knows nothing about hiphop...

Just fin work.....time 2 be a drunk accolade! - Garry x

Incredible strength, this man is a mega hero!!

If Randy Moss wins a Ring this year with the 49ers do you think that wins him a spot in the accoladeF? -Shane

New Bowie single: We're talking the Emperor's new clothes here, aren't we? Sorry to ruffle a few feathers, but it's a maudlin, self-indulgent dirge about a period when he really did release ground-breaking music.

Corruption is officially a tradition in accoladeia, the more government money politicians steal the more traditional accoladeles they receive. If you steal thousands of Naira be ready for jail when you are caught, but if you steal millions of Naira you may likely go to jail, accoladewever, if you steal billions forget about jail you are in the premier league with the big boys like IBB, OBJ, Buhari and the Ex Governors, no shaking nothing dey happen. accoladew many ex state governors have gone to jail in accoladeia for corruption and accoladew many top politicians who robbed billions are in jail? accoladeia prisons are filled with common criminals who stole chickens and goats

All Call for Wendy: I need some opinions on gyms...I would love to go to lifetime or villa sport but so not in our budget. I want to go while kids are in school on my days off. Preferably in the north area. Looking at Bally's, 24hour, or Golds.

Swindon officially the best team in Europe !!

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat...Mother Theresa, now Saint,,my role model,,,a woman I aspire to be like esp. in administering good deeds...a perfect example of the ultimate 'good woman'

I know it has a bad rap, but does anyone else remember playing #Bubsy fondly? At least it was better than the Wayne's World platformer...

Jose Mourinho missed the Ballon d’Or gala to watch his son play football.

Waw lionel messi the argentian magician has done it again he is the greatest player ever . he is going to win it again ,his ability an skills is different from others he is very talented

You know u're a chelsea blue if 4th consecutive ballon D'or winner can't score against your team.

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes n behind every great woman is a man looking at her accolade.........

Iniesta smiled and Ronaldo looked like he was going to burst into tears. What a hater. #whyalwaysme

So messi is the ballon D'or winner! Congratulations to him , even though I thought Ronaldo deserved it more! -Yash

It's pole dancing but it's PG Rated. This girl is a better athlete than anyone ND or Bama had on the field tonight!

Best goal of the year should hav gone to Radamel Falcao,accoladenestly his goal was more spectacular than that of stoch and Neymar!!!

At the cookhouse having lunch when i heard one of the cadets singing 'tonight......... we are young....' Joice Toh

Thank u everybody who tweeted about amazing SBC bargains - adele back on tomoro for more questions. Sorry if we missed anyone! Xx

Breaking news; fifa just announce dat dey mistakenly call la liga best eleven instead of world best eleven, d real world best eleven †̥ b announce 2moro

Iker Casillas ended up as number one goal Keeper last year! emmm, na wa o! I no fit talk o!lol!

Who do you guys think is the best unsigned band out there right now?

No one can console Cristiano Ronaldo right now. He needs time alone to make his dejection and sorrow drift away.

A super congratulations to the merciless messi, the dimunitive argentine wonder, the football magician, the ne plus ultra of footballing genius, a sui generis, infact, he is one of a kind. Ladies & gentlemen, behold the 8th wonder of the world: when his mates are lying down, he is sitting, when they sitting, he is standing, when they are standing, he is outstanding, when they are outstanding, he stands out. All hail the football technologist... Lionel Andres Messi.

Ronaldo scores more goals, Messiwins the prize because he won the league. Messi scores more goals, Ronaldo wins the league but this time, it is judged by more goals.

Everyone knows christiano is the best. accolade this fixing.

These fifa things...are they for only europe or thw whole world...there is noway ur going to tell mi la liga players were the best last year....we had neymar,we had Rvp,we had robert lewandowski,we had joe hart....n all they do is do a laliga for falcao they were doin' a spanish national team

Ronaldo is an exceptional player who can create something from nothing in a club without team work.. Messi is an exceptional player who can create something from what Xavi & Iniesta are supplying.... Ronaldo will continue to shine in any club but Messi will continue to shine in Barca as long as xavi and Iniesta exist... ggmu

Congrats to Messi! Wow,4 yrs in a row!! Messi has added something else to his list of 'the only person to win.

Messi again. which record has this guy not broken?

Congs Messi but that polka dot tuxedo,u lied us a bit!

Congrats, the only male footballer to win world best for 4 times......lionel messi

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a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction

See also: award honor honour laurels