How to use Abut in a sentence as a verb

Am abut 2 let GO and let GOD take d lead.

Over th years tht has gone by.. We hve witnsd th modernsng of sprt,w hve hd abut ampures,reffrs and til to date wath does cardy tel th golfr..?

I need somebody as a political science student what did u understand by dictionary pawer on govt dat one secondly expatiate fully abut rule of law emi ømø yin nöònî öñìlûdë gåfär ìññócêñt

Worst part abut someone you trusted hurting you, is actually being hurt by it

I wonder why sme pple love 2 ask if u miss thm while u hve nthng gud 2 miss abut thm...

Whoever is saying that people like me when they don't shut up cause your wrong they don't they might as a friend but not in a love so shut up cause its getting abut annoying for them!

1st opening dae at work is ol abut decmbr memories

Someppl say that they care abut u but they dønt jast as løng as they ar heppy its øk wit them,u can never say u knøw the ppl in ur lyf u have tø dø wat makes u happy coz even the ppl that say they lv u søme øf them they ar lyin sø jast løøk out cøz u can never say u knøw someøne

Most times d reason why most people will hate u is nt bcos u hav stolen or said any evil words abut them, but bcos u have refused to walk & live in d way they thought u shuld live. Let God's word determine your life.

Not abut yur mouth but what come's frm it,not what u wear on yur body but what come's frm it.

I dnt regrt ,a past i jst rgret th tym i've wsted wht wrong pipo,dnt tke good woman 4 grnted,sumdy sum1 wl cme along n appriciat wat u didn't..i believ dat a strng rltionshp z not based only on sex life,but dat rltionshp builds a strong n great sexlyf n cn only hppn with open cmmunction,abutld evry person close to ur heart bcz one day u may wake up n realise dat u've lost a diamond wth while u were too buzy coleting stones,,lyf z too shrt to wake up wth regrets so lov th ppl who treat u right n 4get abut who don't,,

Psychologists tell us dat admitting our problems is attaining abut 50 per cent victory over them. De moment we admit our true feelings, we begin to move in de direction of solution. But de more we deny our challenges,the worse our solutions becomes.

Beautiful day brins beautiful tins, my mission 2day is lord help me my vision 2day to affect my world, my conclusion of all is God give me wisdom>what abut you

Whn u take abut a frind or a lover ppl dnt seem 2 kw de diff, wel 4 me i tink dey ar quite diff, bcoz dey ar limit 2 frindship y? Though a frind cn stil mak dos sacrifies dat ppl feel only lovers can mak, but u cnt be intimate with ur frind coz if u cal

Take this day and see what you can do. Pray abut it first.

Ham happy two see tod̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ni I don't know abut Ɣ☺ΰ ni ooooooo !

My life is abut 2 take anthr direction,a good 1 ofcouz.

Life s nt all abut hw happi u r,bt hw happi others r when thinking of U

God bless u all please my pelope let pary abut this new year may god open way for us in jesus name amen thank u father for ur mercy

Didn't get no sleep last night been thanking abut thing's .

Sucfulness is not al abut da mny u ve, da abutuses u own, da cars u buy, da capnes u run but its al abt raising da people around u & aknowlagng dem 2mke abetr plce

If some1 couldnt found loves,happy,enjoy,intersting,care,respect of in ur heart,,if u getting tired 4 show her in abut ur heart,but she doesnt intersting with u,,so,dont show to her again,dont force to her anymore...if ur love is true,she ll come back,otherwise,hide of u 4ever...gud after noon frindzz

Inspite of all my iniquities u still av gr8t interest in me Lord jesus, i neva even know dat u can stil care abut such a little me emi erupe lasan ah baba modupe temi o, iwo nko?

Its better to love and fail thn to knw nothng abut love.

Plz im rly mad abut hr but i wnt wht is bst 4 hr bby tady i lov u but 4 nw i cnt tel u face 2 face cuz its hurt 2 b 1 and 2thng at 1 but i wil kip on try evn if u tnk tht im living u but the tru is tht i wil nvr do tht cuz i sw the lok in ur eyes

I wak up dis morn i say to God i tank u 4 yetday & 2 today, if u wakup every morn pls tank God 4 wat he as hav don & 4 wat he is abut 2 do.........Gud morn friendz

Dun need sum0ne wh0 "Sees 0nly g0od thingx in me" But,, I d0 need sum0ne wh0 "Kn0wx abut dA bad thingx in me nD still wanna spend his life wid me...♥ <3 <3 angel <3 <3

Le't talk abut people who are born as iles hay some people they just can't help it but ile, it just say he ve said he family with the president.

Wat abut u my friend, Who do u choose 2 serve.?

I miss you by Beyonce..*rocks* Ths song was a dedication frm my best friend to me n sum guy lol ai nna m dedicating it 2 th 1 n only Esh Mordique..mcin u abut

Iam about to move to campuse.....oh skul dey bee abut class dey bore...!

Tak a chance nd never let it go ,risk everythin nd lose nothin nd lov who u desire ,b youself nt what other want 2 c nd think abut who lov u so much also choose what suts u mornig

All the x-student of shri shikshayatan skul r request to join alumni grp on fb 4 d detail abut the reunion being held on the 1st week of feb!! 4 update join the grp

Hy guyz! abutw gud abut dz new day?

Keep wakin up god abutin help me I woll neaver het a good nght slEep thi must be abut 5th time nw

Life is all abt determination fink abut mrnin fwendz

Gonna take little man over ashurst today wen I left abutspital yesterday they said he looked a bit yellow so I'm gonna get him checked out again coz his face is still abut of colour again zx

Dear frnds,Gudhealt,money,love,happiness,woman,nd joy wch 1 u chose,as 4 me I chose gudhealt 1st,wot abut uoooooo.

Princess,Mam,Jii,...wat d outlines n wat d moral..wat genious want ......sory t say..nathing......he only involvd w'd his creation....wheder he is fond of mony or fame......expecte to b appricited by nothing he only involve with his creation fr own with Joy more or less merely thought abut hw much oders cud enjoy hardly it will be act fr d commn his invention or discovery necessary fr d cmmn people fr d goodness of can be applied fr each n evry stream...Medicine saved d life..songs,Literature give us joy,pleasure,painting sculpture abut in evry concern...hw it help d general one or people....i have heard d name of ''Van guagh''..painter of france...geneous.....he love n gift his own ear of left side to a gal was was abut a long ago.......whn d painter was much in need n to sterved.....nw in art gallary exibition his paint is sold by d rich w'd unaccounted million of dollars........any way am not a genious,not even a skilld person by's not my motive to express me or any stant or a mere singer who songs fr a peny n beging frm dat woman may be v agr vul abut to maffi djieaeaga.....obidient servent.........& Bonded slv....

I hv a word 4 a lady overthere, u ar engage in2 a relationship dat is abut 2 lead in2 marriage: but unfortunatly u cant predict wht is happening 2 ur relationship, luks as if things ar falling apart gradually, i hav a word 4 u dis morning b4 d day goes down my heavenly father shal breath fresh air,peace, untold lov, joy and happeness in2 dat relationship once again.., when he comes begging accept his apology... thk u my Father..

2dae a very special person was born a father,husband,son,brother n a friend sbara sa minaizer hapi born dae abut George!

Hw mny f us guys wnt 4 Male Circumcision,wat abut u wat r u watin 4

Its deeply sad and make me anguish that our two jawans are abuted while doing patroling duty in our own landand our response is like just another day... we r cold...just giving verbal fire as usual..what abut tht soldier whose throat slitted...govt will only keep conveying their protest to pakistani govt..thats man...this is abut...shikhandi attitude of govt over years..

I can see evry thng turnin around 4my own good dis morning , dis week , year nd 4ever wot abut u luvly frnds .

Palz y grlz alwayz conplain abut guyz ?

Hi friends what abut the new years new days.

You see who dea, for you,, so what do you think abut this,

La la la la la la la thats all i have to say abut today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brain hurts - would like to shut down for abut a month!!!

Pay N̶̲̥̅̊☺ attention for does dat gossip in ur back, N in ur present d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣ can't repeat d sametin d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣ gossip abut. Gud morning

This world is nothing think abut your self, because very sun this world will be and end

L am soooo sad and pain abut have to be strong for my 2 boy,

Wht cn we say abut life?cz evtime wn i thnk abut et smetime sme of as we du et lke the wy we lke e zt 2 gy

3 months waiting...abut najud ...Thanks God for another Blessings....

If you deleted me because I feel politics should be kept off FB, then I am sorry!!! I just feel that politics is everywhere, and I must say, I have plenty of friends who are very serious abut politics, but I DON'T see them voicing their opinions on FB!! I could name names but I won't!!! I am proud of them and tonite I lost a friend cuz she kept posting her opinions and I made a few voices on my own and a friend of hers jumped in......well...she wouldn't slow down so we are no longer friends.....but hey, I don't have to see her opinions anymore!!! Halo's!!!!!

My lady Ms Blue Eyez abut to go to work and im abut to catch sme zzz work in the am gdnite its 1101 Brickz BCE

Jada Lomax so u still mad at me. And are u still going to fight me cuz I talk abutt abut Little brother lmao!

Talk abut starting low. I played three different kinect games for cardio in the last 40 minutes and I'm sweating and tired. Enough for tonight just gotta keep it up.

When someone you thought was your best friend becomes the one you hate. that feeling you get when you want to die but then you think abut where you u go if I did die and then you think I might never see my love ones again but then you think that no one wood care people say that they wood care but form some people that is just something people say they don't mean it but I don't want to die yet but I think im just mad at a lot of thing and people

Oluwa mi modupe 3ce modupe modupe modupe 4 today dat am still alive am nt in else were abut ur presence oh lord

abutw the sun isnt looking in da aky so as my frn soniya olso nt find online so pliz inqwary abut her n inform me

5ways 2make a guy happy 1don't ask 4moni 2Never ask 4moni 3Don't talk abut moni 4Forget everyting abut moni. 5Don't collect moni even wen he offers u

The time U̶̲̥̅̊ hve gossiping abut ur fellow being use it †̥ do something reasonable.

After marry everything will change too much, So don't hurry up to marry 4 me more than 3 year just think about it........ abutw abut u dear

Sotin on my mind. wan tuk abut it. felis depa insaid yayaya

It's abut that time...watching some law and order and going to sleep...up early to do some school work and other things before work 12-6

Ooo i told u right from the start i dont one to b one who is breaking your heart no i am not tell sam crazy body evry thing of God ooo let ask tak abut that ooo let ask tak abut that...

Ya thers a lot u didn't know abut me but it was better that way

My old cat just tried to jump in my lap. She came up abut 10 inches short and landed in a sorry heap on the floor. Do they have Lifecall for felines?

Is any bdy knw abut 12th class results..

Sometimes I wish I could still be an early teen again and have not a clue abut life or reality!!

Friends haue any infarmation abut 12th class result then plse inform me that time

This male adeyemi & with de u no abut 3brety

Do not go abut rehearsing what the abut has done or is doing but arise and go on remembering Gods goodness, mercy, faithfulness and love.

Bafana bafana I do not blv in you now they need to do something abut u guy,s as for me abazolibona nangomqibelo we have plane A but no plane B izolo we need people like uno mvete but ke what can we say

So 1 important on mind and i dont not abutw 2 stop thinkin abut him. What should i do?

Missing the beautiful Canada.. but happy to be in Colombia... needing my nephews to make me crazy but happy to be with my wonderful parents that I love... thinking of my sis but enjoining my friends.....and exited abut what will come next!

A bit scary to think about the amount of confidential info you could get and what abut the people who copies their butts and boobs!!! Interesting

Quote Examples using Abut

Drama, drama, drama! I'm sure its hard for some of you to remember, but we are kinda grown now... so abutw about we act like it. His abut and her abut is none of your mother abutin business unless you got stds from him or got her pregnant! Damn! I would love to go a day without seeing or hearing people talk abut about other people when they don't even know what's going on! Paaaaaathetic! My life is not youre entertainment channel k? Don't make abut up and start abut abut abut you know nothing about and cause problems for me. Same goes for everyone else. You think life isn't hard enough without the stupid immature drama???


Sender wrote: Can you imagine ba Chuumbwe the former MMD Lusaka province chairman has the nerve to ask Lubinda to resign. This guy was just introduced to PF a few years ago and he thinks he is a big guy. he fought gbm and now he wants Lubinda. He is a chola boy for Winter. Iyo kwena elo ya cheaper PF anyone can talk about a person of credibility like Lubinda who had the opportunity to be full cabinet minister in MMD but refused. Ba Sata come out clean and show us your position.


I want 2 rmv. Some fr. who cn't knw abut uses fb......... Some stupid r now fr. Wid meh , who r ilttrte........... I hate them who cn't lyk my update , bt i alwys. Lyk my fb. Frnz. Update_______


OMG... I really have turned into that person... I'm really that bad! Was just abut to start typing... 'Haven't achieved much but...' I have had a lovely day with great friends, the kids are happy, I have barely had to get cranky with them since we left abutme this morning .. and my first thought is I haven't cleaned or sorted anything... God when did I forget to have fun...


In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. But they all make us who we are. And in the end they shape every detail abut us. If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn't be the person we are. So just live, make mistakes. Have wonderful memories, but never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly where it is you're going.


[경찰일일모의고사-영어] ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 같은 의미의 표현을 고르시오. 1. Sean became afraid of swimming in the ocean after he saw the movie Jaws. ① bowed out of ② got cold feet about ③ got the better of④ saw about 1. ② get cold feet about ‥에 대해 겁을 먹다, ‥을 두려워하게 되다 get/have cold feet:to suddenly become nervous about doing something that you have planned to do ▷ He was going to ask her but he got cold feet and said nothing. bow out of ‥을 사퇴/사임하다 get the better of ‥에 이기다, ‥을 극복하다 see abut ‥을 고려하다, 검토하다 ; ‥을 조사하다


Gud morning all. Just abut awek after ur new year resolution was made! Hw far? If nobody is complaining den u ill complain but if everybody is complaining den God ill complain. Be please wit what u do nd dos who lv u ill b... Live 2 pls ur God n men ... U.


Another nightmare starts the grade 1 starting the first year of school but the no of intakes at varsities and colleges around 10000 but there are abut 95000 matriculants who have no abutpe competing for 10000 vacancies. Can't our minister of education see the disaster ahead. Only 12 new schools opening. At this rate thers no chance of getting out of our literacy problem. Gudluck fellows we can only abutpe for the best.


Art class for Marcus after work, no coffee today. Children who don't know the meaning of "go to sleep".. Yeah that would make me abut abuty today. Not to mention a fab note from Marcus' teacher. I need a punching bag right about now.


Proper Noun Examples for Abut

Abut 2tak off God pls Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ mε̲̣̣̣̥ through

Abut to smoke go to sleep to gt up I. The am to go abutme

Related Sentences for Abut

Ask me any quetion i 'll ansa u corret

Taking the boat to the weir in Albury on the weekend who's keen to come

Chilling with my new friends at cameroom streets thembisa

Staying awake for 17 abuturs has the same effect on your body as drinking 2 glasses of wine.

What to do with this Split piece 1 2 3?

Ahhhh I miss ma abutme sob2:wanna abut bck again...

Hi, please keep my name anonymous, I'm a 26 years old lady, I have had this friend for over a year now, we were so close that people even started doubting our friendship, he had a girlfriend whom he loved dearly, in June 2012, they broke up, the girlfriend accused him of cheating with someone else, I tried speaking to her, asking her to take him back, yes he flirted with this other girl but they didn't date...the girlfriend refused to take him back as she said she ddnt trust him. In dec we were both on leave, we went out to places together with other friends, we spend 90% of the abutlidays together as a result we ended up falling in love, we both scared of people finding out about our relationship, we both go to same church as well as the ex girlfriend, I feel bad as, lot know us a good friends, he was like my older brother now he is my lover, I love him dearly bt our love wl cause problems especially at church.....what should we do

Sometime, life is neva wht we think it is

Dont complain all the time try to appreciate sometimes please.

Every man lie 2 take there ministry 2 d permanent site

abuto boys and girls..... Koi cha mo sanga inbox garna......

I need a able admin for my page....who can give regular 50 likes to my page.... Plz report in the comment box if u r intrested

I wish i culd tk bck the days nd spnt with biza again

Anybody knows here abutw to setup SVN server?

IT S nver too late 2 be what u might have been....,2morrows are wished 4 you..........beginning 2day and lasting your whole li fe through......

I tot na women who dey gossip s3 men too dey gossipp koraaa pass women

Since justin bieber smokes weed now is it cool to like him? Or is that only the case for wiz khalifa? To be fair I think they're both talentless spastics.

I knw God will help me to forget of him or else it will be difficult to luv again.

Tunji and his wife Kemi have bin living in a supposedly rented duplex on Island for d past 10yrs. He just discovered dat for the past 10yrs, the abutuse they had bin living belongs to his wife and they had been paying rent to an agent with normal yearly increases and the money goes to Kemi pocket. What would u do if u were in Tunji's shoes?..:s:]Y

Thank u lord for covering me to dis 2013.

Is anyones fb weirding out besides mine? It has new news mixed with old news, I wasn't even sure abutw to spell weird so checked it out and it said both ways.... that's creepy.

As parents loving your kid and going all out for them is good but then being obsessed in turning them into perfectionist or persuading them in to chasing a dream u never got to fulfill is something else cos u may not only get to let them live ur dream instead of thiers but u may get to lose them bible says train up a child in the way that he should go..#Mornings <3

Only GOD knows if truly i deseve a beta lyf in diz weakend world!!! Mornin frnds......

Blessed are those who finish their December salary in December for they shall know the true meaning of endurance in

Those days u need ur ex bcos he is the only one who would understand what ur going through. *sad*

Evryth I do in my lyf it goez double I hv 2 legs,2 hands,more thn 1 frnd's, 2 abutme's kloptown an PTA , 2 parents mum an dad, brother an sister , using two cell phone's lol besides one thing mmmm I hv one gf lmaoo. Mornn frnds

Morning frnds,ma broke chabe ba january ma broke 2mch

#99 Hi everyone dis isn't a confession but i jst need ur 23 yrs old,came from costal area n m in a steady relationship..i love My bf so muj n we plan to have a futr together..we always tok about kids,have our own business or travel overseas together..Anyways,to cut the story short,my mum went ahead n arange for me to marry some1 i have no idea of..she was sayin dad his a lawer n that he'l help with da family's busines. M so confused n heart broken,should i just run away with my bf whom i love so mujj or jst listen to my mum.... I need ur help,plis no swearing....Thankyou!!!

I don't care what people say abt me, all I know is dat dis year is a year of signs and wonders in me life.

♥ Love love i love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Good morning my freandys

abutw many forms ve beenreleased dis yr some1 pls tell me

I lov my cute baby gal,i lov her more thn anythng,shz my lyf,mummy lovz u so much.

Can I be happy for once? Please? Find a guy to love me for me? To call me beautiful everyday, to wake up to cute messages from, to make me feel loved. Is it /abutnestly/ that hard? Lumos / Noxxieϟ

Who agrees with me that alliens are us from the future, and he had to evolve to be able to use the technology they have in the future cuz of gravity and G-force n be able yo fly there space ships.

God all i nid is ur help my world is crashing down plssssssssssss

Betrayed by the left! And the sad reality is, the left still voted for him!

OMG itz soooooooo cold 2dy....i m almost freezing.........i miss my bed.

abutw am I? I am a nervous wreck. I am likely going to buy a slightly-owned car tomorrow and it's going to be a lot of additional expense each month. But it seems a must, so here I go down the rabbit abutle to slay the Jabberwocky car debt once more. May my hands skillfully guide the vorpal sword with bulls eye wisdom and may I come out as well as Alice did.

Anyone watch movie jab tak hai jaan? ? ? ? ?

Playing with somebody's heart isn't even funny at all.

Why b my fwend on facebook when u hate me ....just go on and block me...

Mehnnn na wa oo cold dey shall cos am freezinn seriously!

That moment when people say Atheist are abut or worship satan, when in reality, we don't believe in him either. xD

Back in Wellington! That was a long and exhausting trip but it was definitely worth it. :P

Prince Shakee, that OBJ's advise may be reasonable but political. an epic battle ahead of the next Presidential nomination in PDP.

Some say that musicals can't cover serious material and should stick to happier subjects. What do you think? Let us know!

Hi all! Do any of you have any tried and tested tips for toilet training girls??? Would love to hear your them <3

Wen u fall in love evrthng seems beautiful .....

Its a shame when ya own momma ain't got no love for ya and it hurts smh its cool tho now I'm feeling like I can't trust nobody family and friends turn its cool I was born bymyself and ima die bymyself never again will I come abutme so many corrupted ppl around me its cool tho all I got is the lord that's all I need I go thru so much ppl dnt understand why I'm like this and such a angry man I never seen a happy day and I don't need no love so abut love #fareal

Was looking at Thunderlane, wondering why I never found any of his R34 abutt, until it hit me. I don't think mohawks are attractive. Huh.

#Virgo is quite romantic ! They will drive 100 miles just to tell you they love you. :d

Could it be the black helicopter crowd taking out the patriotic wackos of gun nut land.

14 people died of the flu just this season...everybody including myself need to hit our knees and tell God the truth ..#What is the World comin too! I dont mean know harm but if you coughin or sick Imma pray fa you cause I aint takin no chances...I kno he gone take me when he wants but Lord....not like this ...not like this..God Bless America

Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having, morning every1.

If we truy nid revival,upliftment & God's manifestation in our livs,God has to mke us undrgo wat i wud call a rebasin process were we huv to rebase our thots,altitud,relationshps,frendships....for as long as certain pipo r in our livs & certain thots r stlll in us..we'll neva c true upliftment or God's manifestation .....

There's so much to know in this world.. But we prefer wasting time behind unnecessary and useless things..

Thr only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm clock against the wall in the morning' is the fact that the alarm is also in my cellphone Akward moments... Back to school

Abut definitions


lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

See also: adjoin border butt edge march