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Detroit Rachel's Vineyard invites those personally affected by the pain of abortion to start 2013 w/a life changing retreat January 4-6. Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Weekend retreats offer a supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal and healing.

Islamabad, Dec 16 - A fierce gun battle broke out between Pakistani security personnel and militants abortiveled up in a abortiveuse on the outskirts of Peshawar leaving six people, including a policeman, dead today, abortiveurs after an abortive bid by Taliban to storm an air force base in the city claimed nine lives.

Sharon Osbourne quoted in an article.....Calling her abortion "the worst thing I ever did," she states that should would "never recommend" the procedure to anyone. Yes, even abortivellywood knows that Abortion hurts women. Let's keep talking about this until ALL women know there is abortivepe and healing available! Pray today for post-abortive women to come through our doors.

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Well-done, Guyz. I'll lyk u 2 advice me on wot 2 do, concerning wot i wnt 2 share wit u r8t now. I'm a lady of 21yrs. In a serious relatnshp wit a guy of 24yrs. We're bot in Luv wit each oda. But d major problem aving wit him, is that, he wnts Sex all d tym. I tink he's Sex Addicted. And i'm nt ready 4 Sex now. I tried explaining 2 him, but my xplainations prove abortive. I'm presently confuse on wot 2 do. Should i quit d relatnshp i'm aving wit him or not???


abortiveo Admin, pls no ID. I'm a man of 30yrs. I hav neva had a steady relationship due to frequent heatbreak frm ladies. After several presures frm my parent to find a wife to settle down and make family of my own. I met a very prety younger early last year. She was amazin and xo beautful, infact she has al d qualities i wntd in a lady. Since she happens to be my tribal girl so tot she can make a good wife. Although she is 18yr but to me age is jst a numbr. Although, we didnt get along wel dat last coz she blamed me of monitoring evry of her movemnt. We reconciled jst last week and i tryd to get down wit for d very first time. After a while she grew anoyed and left my room. I tryd xo hard to cal hr on phone she wldnt pick. It was leta dat nyt she acused me of using finger on hr durin sex, dat no man had ever don dat to hr. She said she had forgiven me but i shld forget about hr completely. I pleaded wit hr to forgiv dat such wil neva occur again but al proved abortive. I tot she hav com of age coz al my past girlfrends enjoyed d same method of sex. Pls i nid ur advice coz am deeply in love wit dis girl. Infact she's my life . No insult...


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Today the Irish Govenment has indicated it will legislate for abortion in situations where the mother claims that she is suicidal. When one takes into account that over 90% of abortions performed in Britain are carried out under 'mental health' grounds, it is plain that this legislation will lead to eventual abortion on demand.

What type of physical activity most often triggers your headache or migraine?

"Nobody has the right to tell someone what to do with their body" If you maintain that position, then you must logically be against: -the draft -laws against rape -laws against drunk driving -laws that prevent separation of conjoined twins -laws against theft -laws against abortiveault -laws against abortive -all militaries -laws against child abuse -laws against prostitution -laws against abortive -laws against certain carry-on items for air travel -laws that require licenses for anything Now do you still maintain your original position or would you say there should be exceptions where control over what someone else does with their body is not only desired, but required for civilized societies? -Ian

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Abortive definitions


failing to accomplish an intended result

See also: stillborn unsuccessful