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Sentence for slogan.

Drove home and saw a billboard for donating blood love th slogan its in you to give like #!$% it is its in me to live

What is their slogan: Cold players on hoy ice ?

Now if Burger Kings slogan is "have it your way" then why can't I have a bud light with my kids meal???

So I suppose I should change my personal slogan from "Obama is a Rat-#!$%@&!!" to "President Obama is a Rat-#!$%@&!!" Nope. I like the original much better. Respect is earned you morons.

Wahai kawan, kalian harus hati hati benar dg slogan wahabi "mari kembali ke alqu-ran dn hadits, mari tegakkan tauhid, mari perangi bid'ah" semua kata2 itu benar dan baik, tapi yg di kehendaki wahabi ternyata adalah kebathilan

So the new slogan for the page is... Don't worry boys we will bring the meat to!!!!!!

The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

"Brasil, mostra a tua cara"... Quem paga? O povo! Brasil, um país de tolos. Esse é o slogan verdadeiro para o governo.

Jan 2013- Best bud n housemate, No 1 dude, Jay Nicolaou sick of the hater-ade sloban " FML " coined up a epic slogan *Love *My* Life * nice one bruv.

MGF pretende mudar slogan do Bahia de "Nascido para vencer" para "cobrimos qualquer oferta" pqp ta barril assim...!

A mother has 3 girls, they all got married, but she wants to know how the sex is, so she says that after the night on the honeymoon, they write a postcard saying how it went. The 1st girl writes: "M&M's." Puzzled, the women buys a pack of M&M's and reads the slogan "It melts in your mouth, not in your hand." The 2nd girl writes: "Campbell's soup." Again the mom buys some cambles soup and reads: "Mmm ... mmm ... good." 3 weeks pass and the 3rd girl finally writes: "Ford." The mom goes to her ford and reads on a sticker: "The best never stop."

"Hi welcome to pizza inn the happiest place on earth" ...what kind of slogan is that lol

Sur de Chile: En el Farwest chileno todos contra los mapuche "Todos contra los mapuche" es el slogan de esta agenda que pretende resguardar la instalación de las inversiones forestales, industriales y energéticas nacionales y transnacionales.

"Viva o lado Coca-Cola da vida" -Amo esse slogan. #ficadika#

Read 'em and weep Was her adjustable slogan

Es verdad aquel slogan oficialista "ya tenemos presidente " se llama Rafael... Lo que no tenemos es libertad de expresión, independencia de poderes, empleo entre otras cosas !!!!

MGF pretende mudar slogan do Bahia de "Nascido para vencer" para "cobrimos qualquer oferta" pqp ta foda assim!

My new slogan and statement for the year "get an education" before you insult my intelligence.

If you don't own at least one coffee mug with a smarty-pants slogan on it, I'm just not sure we can be friends anymore.

Going to watch "from nothing to something" movie about how hiphop entrepreneurs, i like the slogan : hiphop invented nothing, it re-invited everything!

Une semaine après le retour à l'école, c'est maintenant le moment de vous dévoiler le slogan qui a eu le plus de votes et que nous utiliserons comme slogan officiel des fêtes du 40e anniversaire de l'école: "Saint-Henri, depuis 40 ans, au cœur de vos vies." Merci à tous ceux qui ont voté et/ou fait des suggestions. Venez nous visiter souvent pour en savoir plus sur les activités entourant les célébrations du 40e.

Thinking of a 2 or 3 word slogan for speedeaux customs... Any suggestions? If we use yours we will send you free gear.. Thx for the help!!!

Saw a moving company today whose slogan was "we specialize in everything". I'm thinking they missed the second of the phrase "jack of all trades..."

New condom slogan: Wrap it in latex or she's gonna get your paychecks.

Just found out my that my great, great, great grandpa was a slave trader. His slogan was: 'People selling people to people'. Catchy.-Jet Decklin

Seeking fabulous slogan/image/design ideas for t-shirts to sell at Out in the Square this weekend! What's something you would love to have on a t-shirt? We are also taking requests for custom designs!0

Apa nou fret oh oh Rete Vinn lage kek slogan anba post sa mezanmi se weekend wi?? Ex:Ala pwason sexy,pigam pran zo non. ~Kizz~

Galera hoje foi corrido mais enfim saiu o primeiro vídeo oficial da Avantime \z logo menos postaremos o primeiro vídeo, primeira foto o slogan e é isso ai... vamos ajudar no compartilhamento ok ? abraço *-*

Went food and groceries shopping with my wife today. As soon as we stepped into Sainsbury's, the slogan says "Try something new today", so we went to Waitrose.

We may or may not be selling t-shirts at our Out in the Square stall this weekend! Get in quick if you want a custom slogan or design made! And we'd love to hear your ideas for what would make a cool shirt!

Vamos por el Nivel 3 y 4. Espero a que este año 2013 Universidad Santo Tomas logre superar las expectativas propuestas el año 2012 las cuales no fueron cumplidas a su 100%, que sean capaces de contratar profesionales con reales competencias y capacidades como para enfrentar una clase de profesionales de otras áreas, impartir docencia y entregar vivencias concretas, además de gestionar de mejor forma las necesidades del alumnado y que cumpla con su slogan publicitario. Los estaré observando desde mi humilde pupitre como un alumno más que solo busca recibir las herramientas y contenidos necesarios para defenderme en el área y ser mejor que el mejor.

"DQ, that's what i like about texas!" i can't help but sing the slogan everytime the commercial comes on :p

Tande yon slogan konye a janw gouye ou bon eske se vre medam yo ?

Bunun için her gün her yerde her şekilde eylem. Eylem ille de toplanıp yürümek, slogan atmak, gösteri yapmak olarak anlaşılmamalı. Hayvanlara yönelen her tehlikeye karşı bertaraf edici güçleri birleştirmek, bir anda sesi yükseltmek, bir kıyımı durdurmak, bunu anlatabilmek de bir eylemdir.

Random thought: Did the person who created the slogan, ” click it or ticket” ever gotten cited for no seat belt? Food for thought!

''Brasil, um Pais rico é um Pais sem pobreza'' esse é o nosso slogan... mas como evitarmos a pobreza distribuindo esmolas? e não preparo profissional? e educação?

Loving all these great t-shirt slogan ideas! We'll keep it open for a few more days, so if you get a burst of creativity be sure to add to the list. Remember, if we use your slogan you get a ~free tee~

Is 'wear the states' a decent slogan? Or does anyone have any ideas?

Best known for his "Thank you, very much" slogan on TV, longtime local businessman, Lex Brodie, has died at the age of 98. #HNN

Producenci czeskiej wódki nie zrażają się ostatnią aferą. Ich nowy slogan reklamowy to: "Czeski alkohol. Dla ludzi, którzy widzieli już w życiu wszystko."

Hakkını verelim aşkın namusunu kurtaralım mı? 7'den 70'e nam salıp dillere slogan olalım mı..

"Sometimes all it takes is a little misunderstanding... to make something wonderful happen". That should be my slogan.

Pepsi's original ad slogan, "Pepsi Comes Alive" translated into Chinese as "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave"

This is the anthem, the slogan, the summary of events And we all just idealize the past

Bolinho de bacalhau do bar do Dito. Sensacional. Melhor é o slogan: má bom, dá té dó di vende.

With a dining hall slogan like "menutainment!" I know this is the right decision. and the residences offer a significant number of single rooms. the stressful #!$% starts tomorrow

Esse deve ser o slogan dos meus filhotes...

La vicenda di Samuele Monti mi ricorda quel vecchio slogan che andava tanto di moda al liceo: "Ho un debole per le comunali di Torino, per le liste di Lupi e Rabellino...".

Yap fe foli avec la formation musicale au slogan le cri des appaches qui a la participation de mikaben amusez vous.

Most of my facebook friends will remember the slogan from the 60's/70's: Don't let your studies interfere with your education. Well, I'm here to tell ya Boys & Girls, I ain't never let no studies interfere with nothin"!

Boa noite a todos, amigos hoje faz onze dias que Cézar tomou posse para administrar esta linda cidade e o que ouvimos de alguns munícipes e servidores e a falta de consideração após tanto tempo de mandato sob o mesmo poder, e nos últimos tempos com o slogan de campanha "Parnaíba quer mais", nos faz pensar agora queria mais o que, mais para beneficiar quem?. Os servidores não receberam pelo último mês de trabalho, as secretarias impossibilitadas de darem continuidade aos exercícios que beneficiam os munícipes... Acredito que em breve tudo estará resolvido com o empenho e sabedoria do Prefeito César e sua equipe... Sucesso...

Disney World lived up to it's slogan. 'Where dreams come true' indeed.

Well, i'm now a "Scotiabanker". their slogan is "You're richer then you think"..... #!$% do i have them fooled or what?

Facebook should have a slogan "The place where Poodles and Potatoes can express themselves" You know, for all you super model duck lip princess's and all you over flexed self indulgent sack of potatoes out there. Your both classes of subordinate humans, your existence is an insult to my ancestors. #gaschamber #firing squad #beheading #hanging #drowning

Mod bravo come sempre, pero' diciamo anche che lo slogan scelto da Maroni, oggettivamente, si presta...

Pronto achamos o mascote e o slogan para copa!

Ettiğin duayı ve de attığın sloganı her zaman düşünmelisin. Bilmelisin ne demek istendiğini.

E il suo slogan quale sarà:"Per un'Italia di ladri"? Comunque il campo scelto è quello giusto

L’amitié c’est la banque de toutes les tendresses, C’est une arme pour tous les combats, Ça réchauffe et ça donne du courage, Et ça n’a qu’un slogan : On partage. L’amitié est comme une fleur, Il faut en prendre soin. L’amitié a une clé de chaque place, A toi de la trouver, Certaines sont cassables…… Mais une amitié fidèle ne peut pas se briser. L’amitié c’est une écoute quand le cœur est en déroute, Qui jamais ne se permet de juger, ni de peiner, Elle peut tout partager de nos joies, de nos secrets, Que ce soit la nuit, le jour elle vole à notre secours, Forte comme l’océan, L’amitié c’est de l’or que l’on garde comme un trésor.

Wesley Davis, this one should be your slogan!

Als er nu al zoveel heisa is rond het afvoeren van 'n slogan die gelinkt is aan het vorige stadsbestuur, wat gaat dat dan wel niet worden als het eerste concentratiekamp wordt opgericht?

Quote Examples using Slogan

Twee weken... repressie tegen vage geruchten over moslim samenscholingen en de stad is niet meer van iedereen. Maar we mogen nadenken over de slogan: hoera, schijndemocratie! Vraag liever wie er allemaal een betaalbare woning wil. Wie er meer scholen wil. Wie een écht dak over de ring wil... Laat het debat over inhoud gaan.


Sabe aquele momento em que te perguntam se você é "crente"... Diante dessa matéria...vou passar a responder NÃO!! Vou dizer que sou servo de Cristo...e deixar bem claro Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil. Podem até dizer que somos "frios", "mortos", e etc... Deveríamos mudar esse conceito de "crente"!! Né não??? Mas, fico com o slogan da ABU: "Fé que pensa. Razão que crê." Pelo amor heim gente!!! Depois do Drive-Thru da oração...mais essa??!!??


The people in power or the people who are making the most "noise" are those who are in charge. They do not only have the ability to make policy and change the way the system works. They can change the way you think. How you see yourself, how you see others, how you see your family and your friends. They control culture to suit them. If the rich control culture then the culture will respect the right to protect property. If the majority controls they will be considered normal and the minority abnormal. This happens online as well. People who are the center of attention make terrible leaders compared to their offline counter parts and yet are given just as much control of their social environment. This social environment is used to benefit them. But what can a person benefit from when it comes to online communities? Ego, self confidence, false feelings of power, respect, "value". The online communities are warped so that they glorify those who are in control of it, those who are in control of it are those who stick out for better or for worse because if everyone else pays attention, then who doesn't? If you ever wonder why trolling is glorified, or why "Dumb people are stupid omg" is a popular slogan here.... It is because the rejects of society are trying to validate themselves here. And they are in control of the social atmosphere. And they are trying to take down different from themselves to validate themselves. Even in the offline world this happens in forms. Burning Man is a place where pretty much no matter what you do people are happy to let you do it, as long as you don't get in anyone else's way. But you can't dress normally there without fear and without people feeling uncomfortable. The social atmosphere is controlled and altered so that the people in charge can be happy. Burning man is a social atmosphere dominated with people who want to "act crazy and have fun" so not doing that is looked down on or at least seen as weird. The online social world is dominated a lot of the time by people who hate themselves immensely so instead they shift their hatred to others and ask everyone else to do the same. It isn't useful to hate people. There are just a lot of people that do and a lot of people who listen/do what they say. I think lost track of what I was saying in the middle of that beep boop oh well beep boop


Acho importante compartilhar algumas experiências no face, para que as pessoas, não cometam o mesmo erro que cometi. Então vamos aos fatos... Um dia desses, pedi um pizza na tal de pizzaria mosaico, cujo slogan dizia ser a melhor pizza de Macapá. Cheguei a compartilhar minha triste experiência com vocês. A pizza custou 48 reais, o atendimento pelo telefone foi amador, a pizza tinha uma aparência bizarra e um sabor escroto, além de ser total enganação ao consumidor, porque dos três sabores que eu pedi, nenhum veio como estava descrito no cardápio. Foi uma noite frustrante, pois comi apenas a metade de uma fatia. E jamais esquecerei, pois até hoje quando lembro ainda dá azia. Hoje, volto para compartilhar, um grande elogio para uma pizzaria, que merece todo reconhecimento, em todos os sentidos: atendimento excelente, preparo em 20 minutos, apresentação nota mil, sabor sensacional, e o preço vale a pena pagar por cada centavo, porque a pizza é boa demais! Na verdade sempre compramos lá, mas em um dia infeliz resolvemos variar e nos ferramos. Por isso, quero parabenizar a Pizzaria Bizzum, a qual todas as outras de Macapá deveriam seguir o mesmo padrão de qualidade e todos os requisitos que fazem dessa pizzaria uma excelente escolha!


Perfeito Lucio Flávio Bortoti, são essas decisões obscuras, mandos e desmandos que vão contra a vontade dos clubes que não dá pra entender, como pode os fundadores e membros desse órgão tão distante que se denomina federação paranaense de futebol e esses membros não cobram e não fazem nada pra mudar e melhorar. Ai um ou outro clube se rebela contra essas atitudes, como o atlético e londrina, e ainda são mal vistos pelos outros clubes. Eu acredito na força de uma frase, que é o slogan de onde eu trabalho, a cooperativa integrada, que diz, a força da união. O motivo pelo qual mal e porcamente temos um ou dois times na primeira e segunda divisão nacional, nenhum clube do interior em divisão nenhuma do futebol brasileiro, um campeonato fraco tecnicamente, publico sofrível nos estádios, são indicativos que o lema do futebol paranaense é desorganização e desunião. O dia que os presidentes de clubes se unirem de verdade, para juntos, visualizarem o melhor caminho pra fortalecer esse nosso campeonato, ai sim, poderemos voltar a um dia ter vários clubes do interior no cenário nacional e os clubes da capital serem obrigados a manter elencos fortes pra evitar os títulos dos caipiras. Enquanto isso, sorte dos clubes curitibanos que tem o luxo de não ligar pro paranaense e ter um calendário cheio e lucrativo. E nós do interior, assistindo o crescimento deles e a extinção de clubes como união bandeirantes, masturbara, vários grêmios de Maringá. Parabéns pelas reportagens e continue com esse seu dom esportivo, investigaríamos e informativo, que toda a nação alviceleste só tem a agradecer!


"Nossa tristeza é uma energia que liberamos para curar. A tristeza é dolorosa. Tentamos evitá-la. Na verdade, descarregar a tristeza libera a energia envolvida em nossa dor emocional. Contê-la é congelar a dor dentro de nós. O slogan terapêutico é que o sofrimento é o sentimento cicatrizante."


“Don’t be deceived when they tell you things are better now. Even if there’s no poverty to be seen because the poverty’s been hidden. Even if you ever got more wages and could afford to buy more of these new and useless goods which industries foist on you and even if it seems to you that you never had so much, that is only the slogan of those who still have much more than you. Don’t be taken in when they paternally pat you on the shoulder and say that there’s no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fight because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretence of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they’ll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces.” -- Jean-Paul Marat


I was sitting at a stoplight yesterday, minding my own business, patiently waiting for it to turn green even though there was no on-coming traffic. A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting anti-A merican slogans, with a half- burned American Flag duct taped on the trunk of their car and a "Remember 9-11" slogan spray painted on the side, was stopped next to me. Suddenly they yelled, "praise Allah" and took off before the light changed. Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler came speeding through the intersection and ran directly over their car, crushing it compl etely and killing everyone in it. For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself, " Man...that could have been me !" So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a truck driver.


Kimsenin ahı kimsede kalmıyor. Ve en büyük hakim olan zaman cezayı elbet kesiyor. Bir zamanlar ''Ben ocak başkanıyım, benden izinsiz milliyetçilik yapamazsın, Türkçülük dinsizliktir.'' diyenler, bugün yukarıdan ''Anahtarı bırakıp siktir olup gidin'' cevabını almışlardır. Biz ise yeri gelip eleştirilip, eleştirsek de gen. merkez de gidip çayımızı çorbamızı içiyoruz. Kavgamız ocaklar içerisinde ki son piç temizlenene kadardır.


Can you help us pick a slogan for the store? Since we changed to House of Football, we need to change our slogan, and what better way than to ask you, football fans? Choose 1,2, or 3 when you reply, please. 1. Genuine NFL Merchandise for the serious fan. 2. The NFL fan's one stop shop. 3. Probably the best one stop shop for NFL fans.


Najpierw Jarosław Kaczyński zaproponował powrót do przeszłości, czyli symetrię praw mniejszości niemieckiej w Polsce i Polonii w Niemczech, teraz publicysta tygodnika Gość Niedzielny proponuje stosować podobną zasadę w relacjach chrześcijan z muzułmanami. Kojarzy się to raczej ze starotestamentowym "oko za oko" niż z ewangelicznym nadstawianiem drugiego policzka. Wydawało mi się, że wolność sumienia i swoboda publicznego sprawowania różnych kultów są dowodem siły Europy. Bardziej jednak intryguje mnie co innego. Co zrobimy, kiedy np. na Białorusi zaczną wsadzać Polaków do obozów, a w krajach muzułmańskich zaczną palić kościoły?


I was sitting at a stoplight yesterday, >> >> minding my own business, >> >> waiting on it to turn green. >> >> >> >> >> A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, >> >> shouting anti-American slogans, >> >> with a half- burned American Flag duct taped on the trunk of their > car >> >> and a "Remember 9-11" slogan spray painted on the side, >> >> stopped next to me. >> >> >> >> The light changed, the Muslims praised Allah, >> >> shook their fists, hit the gas & darted off ahead of me. >> >> >> >> Suddenly an 18-wheeler came speeding >> >> thru the intersection >> >> & ran directly over their car, >> >> crushing it completely, >> >> killing everyone in the car. >> >> >> >> For several minutes >> >> I sat in my car thinking to myself, >> >> "Man... that could have been me!" >> >> >> >> So today; bright and early, >> >> I went out and got a job >> >> as a truck driver. >>


Proper Noun Examples for Slogan

KFC's New Slogan: When your done with the breast and the thigh, don't forget to put your bone in the box.

Slogan anyar uing yeuh ... ngabela persib make tiket jeung arak .... hahahah tanpa arak hidupku buntu...

Come up with a Slogan for our new shirts. If we choose yours you get a "Free" Lunch Meal for One

Slogan avondvierdaagse 2013 is ' No smoko mi mati, ow broko yu!'

Kennt ihr diese Spende-Aktionen wo immer als Slogan steht 'retten sie mit 10cent jemanden das leben' Was soll der Typ sich mit 10cent in Afrika holen döner oder was ?

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Sambil menangis kau katakan kau tak akan pernah kembali ,dan dapat kupahami satu alasan yang kau beri apa yang mereka ingini segala yang terbaik untukmu... . jika itu memang terbaik untuk dirimu walau berat untukku berpisah dganmu ,hapus sudah air matamu aku mengerti ini bkan mauku ini bkan inginmu...

Phoebe is my best friend because when I'm frantically sobbing cleaning up hundreds of maggots on the kitchen floor she willingly sings encouraging delta goodrem songs on loudspeaker to encourage me.

Gizmodo says HyperMac's "booth babes" are just a "harmless art installation." We disagree. Click below for more updates on the #NotBuyingIt campaign calling-out Hyper for using lifeless naked women to attract people to their booth at the Consumer Electronics Show:

"...guns pose a monumental challenge to freedom, and particular, the liberty that is the hallmark of any democracy worthy of the name — that is, freedom of speech. Guns do communicate, after all, but in a way that is contrary to free speech aspirations: for, guns chasten speech."

Back home already from lich, it was #!$% tonight haha!

If a woman gets a tattoo of a horse on her breast by the time she's 55 it will be a giraffe.

Buwahh ahh 0-2 rain or shine . . .

Nooooooooooo mañana a clases que perezaaaaaaa y encima Xpo grrrrr ya no doy mas por hoy OUT!!!

Test your creativity with this verbal challenge. Write a short story—and use only seven words to tell your tale.

A maioria das janelas piscam ao mesmo tempo. Globo...a gente se vê por aqui... ¬¬'

28 #!$%@&! degrees tonite in Vegas what the #!$% im not a polar bear i guess ill drink some beers

Nossa... Sem querer me gabar, mas na cozinha... me viro muito bem. Criatividade, higiene, delícias e gostosuras, rs Arre égua!!!! Já posso me casar, uahshuashuahsuhsu

K'bhagiaan trbesar dlm hiddup adlah ktika aq masiih d'berii k'smpatan tuk m'ngenal muh,, .hahaha...... .lebay ment !!! # 11

Polyfilla have brought out a new product, its called jimmyfilla, it'll fill your crack in a second and you wont be bothered by it for another 50 years!! Suck I know lol

Dulu heboh dengan bintang yang nggak jatuh jatuh,,,,sekarang heboh dengan rolling yg nggak jelas jelas...besok ado apo lg yo?

Alguem me ajuda... quem lembra do orley e sua orquestra? Tinha outra orquestra e a gente quer lembrar o nom

Mf..... I done rode all the way to saraland Walmart only to discover the eat better today card at home!!!!Uuuggghhhhhh

Hoy toco d cena agnolottis a la caruzo ahora a lavar la loza

Fico impressionado com a facilidade e a frieza com que muitas igrejas obrigam, por assim dizer, um profissional, seja de qualquer área, a se tornar um "servo", justamente quando carecem de seus "serviços" profissionais! Ja vi excelentes profissionais cristãos de algumas igrejas, serem deixados de lado por estas que, além de contratar gente de fora pelo dobro do preço que pagariam a eles, ainda pensam que, por pertencerem ao rol de membros, não deveríam cobrar absolutamente nada pelos seus serviços! Se isto não é falta de amor, então o que seria???

Everyone seems to be extremely critical and easily offended lately. Haven't your mamas ever taught ya if you can't say something nice, the stfu or do it yourself?

Sitting in a Sonic parking lot waiting for Mike to come rescue me in the truck. Zero traction on N. Mccarran; slid all over the place and almost into a few cars.

Jika u mencintai seseorang maka cintailah dy sewajarnya mencinta, jngan terlalu dekat karna itu akan membuat dy merasa ga nyaman apa lagi kalau u sampai mendekati semua orang terdekatnya dy akan merasa di awasin terus sama u sehingga dy menganggap dunia ini menjadi sempit karna pacarann sama u...

Asu!!! habra algun hombre en este tierra q no conoczca la mentira!!!..neta!!..xfavor...reportarse

I've written over 100 movie scripts This happens in about 23 of them! Brown wins everytime

Bir de durumlarında, paylaşımlarında sevimli olma adına aralara küfürler sıkıştıranlar var ya!... Neyin eksikliği ve manyaklığı acaba bu...

+++La Sinistra di Vendola apre a Monti+++ titola domani mattina Repubblica. Che pena! La base batta un colpo, anche due, tre...

Okay - as some of you have a creative streak - fans ideas here?

Finally Ambien is getting the crack-down is deserves.

Just heard on the news that our stupid vp is going after our video games like black ops and cod for there idiotic gun control and safety bs.. I really hate this administration and there communist ideals. Soon this place will be like Afghanistan.

Ayer tuve una reunion sindical d maestros y n lo queria comentar, pero lo voy a hacer, critican d manera muy estupida a peña nieto, y yo les digo hay q hablar con propuestas con trabajo, pero stan como los vagos del 1 de diciembre son unos guevonasos q nada les gusta, y vaya q han ellos han podido mejorar la labor docente y sindical, y no lo han hecho, si llueve tiene la culpa epn y si no llueve tambien, para ellos y para los pendej.,. Q critican a lo wey, hablen con argumentos no sean pendej... Y como dijo un compañero mtro. No escupas para arriba por q t puede caer en la cara.

Do you have extra tooth enamel? Dissolve it away quickly with Smarties Candies, those compressed discs of sugar and chemicals in all the powdery colors of the rainbow. Smarties--one roll is never enough.

Ma questa cosa che i partiti mettono le regole interne "per non candidare condannati passati in giudicato"? Cioè, c'è bisogno di una regola interna? È come se nel mio contratto di lavoro ci avessero messo la clausola "il dipendente si impegna a non pisciare sulla scrivania dei colleghi". Voglio dire, ci si aspetta che io non lo faccia, a prescindere, no?

Caso cerrado es el programa más basura que he visto en un horario prime time!

Cool! We've been talking about this for ages. Wish it ran until after the bars closed... that'd be sweet!

Slogan definitions


a favorite saying of a sect or political group

See also: catchword motto shibboleth