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Hello Canadia. Vancouver airport must be one of the nicest ones around, has ruddy fountains and all

Looking forward to a ruddy good night out!

If i burst den d next blood wen go touch u naa acid cos all na blood spill cos i nor be ruddy boy but u dey tempt me i nor wan give u wetin u nor fit swallow cox life is jst a #!$%@ on my dick i wan let my mama knw cosd next person wen e flow dey smeall na to switch

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Enk g ea low jd gigolo. . . Hahay. . .


A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train's window shouted... "Dad, look the trees are going behind!" dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old's childish behavior with pity, suddenly he again exclaimed ... "dad, look the clouds are running with us !" the couple couldn't resist and said to the old man... "why don't you take your son to a good doctor?" the old man smiled and said ... "i did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today..." Every single person on the planet has story. "don't judge people before you truly know them. the truth might surprise you... think before you say something...!!!


Mau mandi dlu ah.. Mau kepsar. Mau nukar gelng kaki.. Glang kaki qu ko tiba" puts sndri ea..? Ih jemblin kah ah.. Bru aja 4 hri ud puts gelng kaki nya.. Sretl bnget ea qu ne.. Untng aja qu ad rezki.


Well ive got flu i shouldnt have as ive had jab, but i feel like #!$% i ache from head to toe. cant breathe properly and nose is just beyond funny now..Santa will think he left Rudolf behind..just put my pjs back on and really dont feel like doing anything else. ....hope it goes soon. still smiling tho so i hope you all are smiling toooo. love to all xxxx


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Ps. Ruddy Gracia: No es lo que sabes lo que provoca importantes cambios en tu vida sino lo que pones en practica...

Eek, the guilt is seeping in so I had better go do a touch of cleaning and washing and then come back to finish up these buntings. Ruddy conscience! Lol, back soon peeps xx

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I know why am not sleeping, because me bezzy mates in Australia and am up pudding laughing and catching up, love you kezza, Ivan, Nathan and Morgan xxxxxc

Aq pling g ska kalo se"orang yg sangat aq syangi tu membohongi aq.!!!

Ada yg tau g g'mn crnya ngilangin keinginan buat smzn?

On road 't wreck ville ... ahh i miss you mrs smirnoff ya sexy #!$%

Ya no pienses en mi, conoceras a alguien bueno para ti, xq yo te ayudare a ponerlo en tu caminooo, y volveras a reir yo volvere a nacer en ti... ruddi la escala

Ruddi rain good job I have raingear x nice stew now xxx

Hadeecchh,,,bngunn tdur badan q kox trsa cpex,pillex,batux n mkan gk enax,waaach emang dah jd satu paket,,,!

Ndelok wjah e wong iku kyok ndelok taek hahaha

One day , everyone will regret what they ever said & did to me because when im gone , You will all feel like the pieces of #!$% yous really are . Im done being nice and there for everyone but when im down all you #!$%@&! do is just kick me .. 1

Ruddi gerbil makin me feel ugh xxxx lewis is a cad x

Tuhan....sgala kuasa ada padaMu....angin ribut gelombang smuax itu Kau redakan........Yesus bri kami k'kuatan... T'istimewa Adik kami Ruddi yg smntara di udara ke k klimantan .....

Lord I jejuan come to u an ask u to look over my family me ruddi shug because the devil is on the run I rebruk u devil n the name of jesus!!!! U have the last say so u only can fix these n the name of jesus!!!!

Its a girl. A lovely wedding anniversary gift from God and my beloved wife. Thank you

Utaaaa cerraron el bar pinche sustote llegaron a madres dije ya valio madres pero eran polis pero para saber ya me habia tirado al suelo chingaoooooo dije otra nooooooo pinche psicosis esta cabron pero estoy bien a buscarle en otro ramo ni pex esto se esta poniendo de la chingada cuidense razaaaaaaaaaa

Mi amor vamos a jugar esta noche traje condones de sabores ...deja apago la luz y tu adivinas el sabor ...ok mi amor Este es de Sardina salada con queso....Esperate mi amor que todavia no me lo pongo Hahahahaha

I fil xo fuckd up goin bk 2 system....

Wasnt a nice day for me yest,, i slept most off it, and knowing son is Homeward put a massive smile on my face, .xx, <3

Kee haal a looko..?? kn kn zinda..??? o_O *gumnam

Apart from having to go to shop, ive been in bed all day,,, and after a quick soak im off back too, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx feel ruddi awful. x

Kecewa bnget sma kmu pdhl ak kngen bngt sma kmu v kmu'a mLah tlfonN gk tw sma cypa n udh g2 lngsung tdur! #!$% lh arrggh

*_* waLLaaaHggg _ mALah ditnggal FutsAL m ci kuntiinxz___ West2, ngko neg pegel kont mijeti ruddi yaaaa ___*_* bu2g wae lahg, mantaappp

Daru e elaaj kardi Shote mote feekra da Gut pee ke ruddi marka Lage Sara pind mitra da

Rudi Worsnop con l oque sea se arma lml

Hp dibuat maen game, online, muter musik,, udah dE.. Langsung habis lum da satu hari. Beli power bank,, eh colokane malah gak cocok. Alhasil,, Stanby charger ditas selalu.

Check it! New lyric video in prep for the new EP release new month! Thanks x

Semua persiapan sudah siap, UNtuk beSok pagi ujiaN test di universitas nasional... #semangatjuang45

Gizmo is OK! The vet gave him a clean bill of health. Yay! Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and support for Gizmo while he was sick.

A reader has asked us if we know of anyone local who teaches beginning guitar students. Can any of our Voice friends suggest someone?

I have not watched BB for about 7 years, however, this line up has got me all tempted!! worth it?!?!?!

Kata "maaf" tdk bisa ngilangin rsa kcewa ini !! ____ The L0st heart

Ruddy definitions


of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

See also: blood-red carmine cerise cherry cherry-red crimson red reddish ruby ruby-red scarlet


inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life

See also: florid rubicund sanguine