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Der vorliegende Aufsatz stellt den Versuch dar, den medial hochemotional diskutierten Beschneidungskult von verschiedenen Seiten objektiv zu beleuchten. Es werden neben religiösen und historischen, auch die medizinisch-evolutionstheoretischen Betrachtungen dargestellt und analysiert. Der Autor ist emeritierter Rechtsmediziner der Charité und versucht weitab jeder Polemik die Diskussion dieses vielschichtigen Themas auf eine sachlich-wissenschaftliche Ebene zu heben.

General anesthesia is used to block pain, put the body to sleep, and regulate bodily functions during surgery. This 3D medial animation demonstrates the different ways general anesthesia can be administered prior to a surgical operation.

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O peruano Guerrero marcou os dois gols do Corinthians no Mundial. Ao chegar no Corinthians, porém, Guerrero garantiu que aprendera com os erros e não os repetiria no Brasil. E não o fez. Em 17 jogos pelo clube paulista, o atacante marcou nove gols e não se envolveu em nenhuma polêmica. ‘Sou temperamental, nervoso, pois não gosto de perder. Sempre que entro em campo é para ganhar. Se estou aqui no Corinthians é para isso. Quero ganhar, fazer gols. Isso faz parte do futebol. São coisas que acontecem por conta do calor da partida. Mas vou crescendo, aprendendo. Agora estou mais maduro e tranquilo’, afirmou em sua apresentação no clube paulista, em agosto. O que Guerrero não pôde evitar que se repetisse, porém, foram as lesões. Em sua primeira temporada pelo Hamburgo, em 2006, o peruano sofreu uma lesão que o deixou fora dos gramados por seis meses. No Corinthians, acabou vivendo o mesmo drama a poucos dias do Mundial. O atacante saiu de campo mancando após derrota para o São Paulo por 3 a 1 pelo Brasileiro, no dia 2 de dezembro. A lesão era grave: estiramento no ligamento colateral medial do joelho direito.


There has been a lot of discussion in the media about Aspergers causing the horrific shooting in Newtown last week. In reading much information and talking with professionals, our conclusion is that a whole lot more was going on with this man than aspergers. We felt the need to address this on this forum, both for parents who are very upset that the media would stigmatize our children and for parents who may be fearful. The needs of our children cannot be ignored but to imply that autism is the cause of such violence appears to be irresponsible. We would invite your input on this topic and for you to share if and how you are talking to your children about the incidents of Newtown, Connecticut .


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Ist zwar schon ein bisschen älter, aber auf jeden Fall lesenswert, da es noch nicht so Medial hoch kam.. Aber wer oder was ist Trier?!?!

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Today our Opinion Count question is: Does a third political force stand a chance in the 2013 elections?

Gestern hatte ich mal wieder eines dieser Blinddates, irgendwann ging es fast zur sache aufeinmal sagt die olle mir so "ne ich blase dir keinen ich mag das nicht" Ich schwöre ich hab die rausgeschmissen, ihr Glas genommen, den Wein wieder in die Flasche getan und meinem Nachbarn geschenkt... Ganz ehrlich Typen die mit Weibern Ficken ohne sich vorher 30min. einen blasen zu lassen sind die wahren Lutscher...

What would you put in your survivor bag if you made one for the end of the world?

This is outstanding news, I shall do my bit to help where ever possible please feel free to call or email ahaha :D

#plantarfasciitis is a symptom not a diagnosis. Treat the pain, but figure out WHY it hurts to resolve it. #scp #itaintrocketscience

Medial definitions


relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle

See also: median


dividing an animal into right and left halves

See also: median