How to use Jubilance in a sentence as a noun

Solve this puzzle चार खंडो का नगर बना चार कुए बिन पानी चोर 18 उसमे बैठे लिए 1 रानी आया 1 दरोगा सबको पीट-पीटकर कुए में डाला. बताओ क्या?

Related Sentences for Jubilance

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I really enjoy the Facebook birthday ritual, especially as I think I have worked every birthday for the last 8 years. All those sweet little wishes. Rowan made me a felted heart that says I love u and Willow made me a felted unicorn that is blue and shaped like Gabby.

I thank God for perspective and because of that I appreciate the support from everyone. I also appreciate the criticism.

Jubilance definitions


a feeling of extreme joy

See also: exultation jubilancy jubilation