How to use Irrespective in a sentence as a adverb

Using "irrespective"

There is something called spirits which come and reside irrespective of the body and shows of themselves to surprise us we human who carry them in some degree to show us their mighty ,these days they prefers kiddos ,! ok we know you

Never let the fear of how long your dream will take to achieve stop you from pursuing it, that time will pass irrespective. do not covet what you don't have or a talent that you don't posses, rather relish in what fits you perfectly and strive to do what only you have been shaped and molded for.

The day you rise above and make wiser decisions irrespective of your caste and religion, you become an Independent Indian

A real relationship is having complete faith, belief, and trust in each other irrespective of the time and situation.

Congress had done Masters in fooling illiterate. AAP had done Masters in fooling literate. BJP had done Masters in developing the citizens of hindusthan irrespective of caste creed region and religion.

U know you're feeling aurudu vibes when u comment on all the relevant status updates in your news feed, irrespective of the fact whether they had been posted by your best friends or random people :p :D Happy aurudu again and again! :D

Hey 'happy new year 2 all ma brats irrespective of all casts, grades n religion' :D - Salma -

Yes we have a number of persistent challenges confronting contemporary South Africa but we dare not fail Madiba's vision of building a nation in which all people irrespective of their race, color, creed, religion or sex - can fully assert their humanity, "after apartheid our people deserve nothing less than the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness", so said the man who dedicated his life to bettering the lives of others.

My two little angels.... Noah has got himself a loyal friend for life...with time and patience Balto and Noah are becoming buddies...Never trust a child alone with any dog irrespective of breed.. but dogs can show great, love and affection.

It's intriguing that John the Baptist left all comfort & relocated to the wilderness yet everyone that had d same comfort left them to locate him. Location is secondary to a man's Spirit. A spiritual man always make progress irrespective of location,once he is in God's will

The only human capacity building I see in Nigeria is rightly located in the political elites irrespective of their different political parties. Or what do you call the ability to plunder a nation dry with impunity and yet make the entire population look like zombie while they struggle to survive the predicament.

Our aim at Dog Destination is to source a selection good quality products with great designs for all dogs, irrespective of whether they are big or small! We genuinely care about whether the products we sell are up to the task because we want our customers to confident when they shop with us. Buying items for your dog can be tricky. We want you to be happy so we have included a number of brand specific size guides to help you on our site, so whether it is a harness, collar or even a crate you are after you should find all the information you need first time. We have recently just stocked some fabulous harnesses by Hurrta and yes there is a size guide to go with them too!

Men may dance around U 2day, but dat is so long as U keep playing dia beats. Wen d beats stops, you'll find d true quality of those who were destined for U irrespective of Ur short comings! Plz choose Jesus today!

Very rightly said by Ravish. Must watch for all voters irrespective of any party you support. Watch it to know n Share !!

True individuals understand their place in the world is anywhere they #!$%@&! want it to be irrespective of class, race, sex, sexuality, blah, blah. That only starts when you stop giving other people the power to label you and contain you.

And just when you think you can watch TV series in front of your parents the characters start banging each other irrespective what what they were doing before. Needless to say there is awkward staring and silence after that! :P

Respect everyone,irrespective of their age,religion and the work they do..

Jordan Spieth,aged 20 has made the cut to the final round of the Masters -Augusta,Georgia. Excellence can be achieved, irrespective of age,gender,color or creed. May the best player win.

And its official, I top d Barclays premier league table irrespective of mancity's 2 outstanding matches #FeelingGood

Men of achievement work in the world not for profit, not for success, but from a feeling that they are doing the right thing, irrespective of whether or not they will be recognised in their lifetime. All that such people want is the secret joy, the sense of fulfilment that they have done the best they could. They do not care whether others recognize them or not, and they remain untouched by either praise or blame.

Surely wisdom is the lost property of a believer, He is in the best position of its custody whenever and wherever he meets it. These wise words to the Presidents daughter and her couple are worth reflecting by all couple irrespective of religion, tribe or affiliation. Pastor Adebayo admonish told them “Edward! You are the head of the family, being the head means that you are extremely important, success or failure of the marriage rests on you. The head contain the eyes, it is the light of the body so you decide where the marriage will go, the head also have two ears and one mouth, be swift to hear but slow to speak “When your wife cooks for you, don’t think it will be like that of your mother, your mother has been on it for long, if there is too much salt in the food, or the meat is tough, don’t blame her but try and use wisdom to tell her”.

For people who think superior of themselves knowing many languages what if i tell you , the future is gonna be much simpler.. Google Glass and google AI team is on a project that adds real life subtitles to people when they talk..... irrespective of their language, including sign language and morse code ... so #!$%@ please !! #technology #google

It can not be hidden, it can not be explored it happens only irrespective of roars

Got a feeling that Liverpool are gonna thrash City today. Whatever the's to a good game. Most importantly, irrespective of what team you support let's remember the 96 that lost their lives at Hillsborough and their families.

A cultured woman will always be a cultured woman irrespective of her degrees and qualifications, BUT a rude,arrogant,naughty woman will still be uncultured no matter her degrees and achievements.

Corruption is a repairable damage but communalism is irreparable. Vote for right person irrespective of the community/party. -Jai Hind

All of us irrespective of our status is born of a woman,therefore a woman is the path into this world of existence...salute woman.

Be grateful to God irrespective of ur unmet expectations bcos where u are, is somebody's prayer request.

Away with plastic fans away KBY I remain irrespective of the results, I am a supporter of this team not a criticiser

There is no "irregardless." There is only "irrespective," or "regardless."

I dont love congress, i dont love BJP, nor do i love AAP ..i love my country ,thats it ...i dont support congress,BJP or AAP..i want good people to go to lok sabha in 2014 irrespective of d party they belong to ..those who think i m not secular should think that secularism should not be practised for d sake of only one community ...those who think i m extremist hindu should consider that ram is everywhere be it mandir ,masjid or church ..being a extremist hindu doesnt mean supporting violence in d name of religion .. jai shree raam jai bharat mata

My heart desire for you today is that irrespective of what you are passing through, it will not defy God's solution IJN

Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion, color, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job and so on

I love you buddies, irrespective of race, religion, social status you are my brother and I will be there for you.

Happy Rongali Bihu - Assamese new year celebrated in April. The most important festivals of Assam are the Bihus, celebrated with fun in abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, and belief.

Evidence is in: there is no qualitative difference between a hangover irrespective of closeness to the north or south pole. Might seem obvious, but it was a worthy research question to me.

#Armyoverpolitics Azam khan don't deserve to talk about the martyrs and the armed forces, because he doesn't even have the common sense to understand the Sacrifice those soldiers have made irrespective of any religion.!!

#HateSpeeches just a #PoliticsStunt.. It neither depict any religion, nor it has any relation with practicality!! Please vote irrespective of Caste, Creed or Culture..

Using beverages or drinks 2 quench ur thirst wldnt give u de maximum satisfaction, u'll still yearn 4 water irrespective of hw many bottles being constumed. Lykwise in r'ships, a lil twist mit cux u 2 find solace in anada awt of spite yet u wldnt be a complete person cux dere's a vacancy in ur hrt wch nids 2 be filled by de ryt person!!!

Some harp and claim to be feminists and when in actuality they can't differentiate the difference between an insult to human being which is irrespective of gender and abuses and insults that are gender specific. Today's insult against JM doesn't fall under the category of "women abuse" but humanity. Clearly these so-called feminists need to broaden their horizon and have a proper discussion.

Thanks everyone for having fought for our country to eradicate Communalism & Corruption, the results of which we will know on 16th of May, irrespective of which our fight for the same will go on.

"Arsene Wenger must go irrespective of today's result.....simple"

And therefore we see that whereas a mere cricket match unites us here..victory or defeat irrespective..politics/politicians divide us and this is when the country's and even our own future is at stake..waah ri janta tujhe salaam..

Never have seen such a tremendous support from public to any road show. Never have seen such a down to earth person accepting blessings irrespective of class person belongs to in the society. How much amount did media sell its dignity in by not showing the overwhelming support in Kejriwal's Ludhiana road show?

No matter your stand in life, irrespective of where you are or who you are, a simple step of faith in Jesus can turn your destiny around..all this great insights from the story of Rahab

Every person irrespective of his religion will have equal right as much as Narendra Modi Namo

Life is all about living on our on terms irrespective of the situation. Else we aren't different from a street dog.

Life can change one's directions irrespective of plans. All one can do is handle it and use it to advantage, conquering all fears and making the impossible to become possible.

35 mins, 2-0. Andy walker "..and some of these rangers fans are leaving." Daly looks like Supper Ally is his nutritionist and black and mcculloch would be two of my least liked players, irrespective of who they played for. Brtual and cheats. Good to see the good guys winning...

Quote Examples using Irrespective

Salaam, Good day all, we on 1509 members Alhumdulilah. Increased by 6 members. Welcome to the new likes, here at MHH we strive to assist anyone in need irrespective of colour or religion. If you can contribute towards anything, please get in contact with us OR if you know of anyone in need, please do a request via Inbox, it will get assessed and help will be given In shaa Allah ameen. Our assistance are solely reliable on members volunteering to assess, so if you can and willing to help assess a case, please respond. Also note that we solely rely on donations / zakaat, so please support this worthy cause and donate. Jia / thank you all


The human mind likes & loves #answers. So much so that we search for them desperately. And are very often satisfied with just having an answer; irrespective of the quality or correctness or completeness of the answer. An answer - that is all we want very often! This frantic search for answers hinders growth & progress. We need to develop a sense of patience, of internal quiet, of peace - that enables us to be much more comfortable with questions - of unanswered questions - that leaves matters open. Open to judgement, exploration & learning. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle. In celebration of the spirit of #questions & #questioning.


To succeed in life, you must let go all the offences. Forgetting the past will help to give birth to a better future. Holding on to offences overload your mind with evil and may soon dry you up. Learn to let it go irrespective of the offence . Father , thank you for teaching us the act of forgiveness . Grant us the grace to live by it and act it in our daily life adventures. For the past, let your mercy prevail IJN. Happy new week. It is our week of liberty , resurrection and total restoration IJN . Exceeding grace.


One thing I like about AAP is that it is one of the very few community-neutral party where we talk about common concerns: corruption, rule of law, rights of a common Indian irrespective of any religious or community affiliation. This is what separated AAP from traditional political parties which divides people rather than unite. So my dear AAPians please stop posting and discussing "communal" issues. Please let's get back to our strengths. Let's talk about a corruption free, hatred free, progressive India!


We should elect good candidate from our constituency irrespective of any party rather select any candidate just to make some one as prime minister. That some one can correct everything. This is a myth. This is not vote for change. We are killing the the spirit of the great Indian democracy. Ask your candidate where he is getting this huge money before you cast you vote. Else you deserve to be exploited another 5 years.


This is the time I am proud to be an Indian, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Jai Hind! What a comeback by Maroof raza! Shame on those who use us and split us in spite of our inherent unity. Kick these ba......s out of our society. They are a shame to us. India is what it is because of its diversity. That is why we have survived and are among the oldest civilizations. Please watch this video till the end.


Win it for the man who has given everything to the club. The man who stayed with the club irrespective of the money that came calling. Win it for Steven Gerrard coz he deserves a premier league title to his name. Go LFC cause its ur title to lose now. #DoitforStvieG


The transient part of life and the human disposable nature by death at unexpected time irrespective of the age, social status and one's promising potentials is the more reason humans should look inward and frighten by God's supernatural power and His existence on earth and beyond to involve in all manner of good behaviours each and every time that passes. I still find it difficult to believe that an articulate young Arch. Muhammed Suleiman could be taken away by death at his early potential exploit in life. I couldn't help but shared tears as his remains was being lowered into the mother earth yesterday, there and then I quickly realized that life is transient and the only thing that tells about human is good deed in life one was able to live. We love you the young Architect but God loves you more, so the reason HE allowed that to happen. Goodbye and you shall ever remain in our memory till we meet again.


Recent articles by Femi Fani-Kayode warning his party against electing two Muslims as their Presidential candidate has sparked a huge debate over what factors Nigerians should consider before voting in 2015. Those who agree with Fani-Kayode say religion is a strong factor. But many 'progressives' say religion should not count, rather, the candidates' likelihood of delivering good governance irrespective of their religious bias. In the 'progressive' view, our next presidents could be both Christians, or Muslims or none of the above as long as they can deliver. Going into 2015, where do you stand, Competence first or Religion first?


Left for Delhi with enthusiasm, hopes but tears in eyes... Thanks to all of you to be there during ma Gud and bad times ... Really njoyed this phase of life with you all.. Here starts new phase of ma life.. Hope we all will b as we are irrespective of our bzi schedules... Luv u all.. Always keep blessed.. Seriously gonna miss you all...


The sun always sets on a party irrespective of how loud the music is or how vibrant it's colours are. And the sun will always rise on the hung over, the sleepwalkers and the star gazers. These are those certain things that are beyond our control. No matter how hard someone might argue, a wax candle when lit will always melt into wax, time will always move in one direction and the heart will beat harder at the sight of your love after a long wait. So when things don't go your way, when situations seem to listen to everyone but you, then the choice rests with you. You need to decide whether it makes sense to hold on or to let go. Holding on is an illusion which just sets the ache in motion meanwhile having no real control over anything of consequence. Letting go is an exaggeration. You don't, can't let go. There is very little effort involved from your side. When you begin to agree with whatever is happening around you, you create the charade of letting go in your head. So rest your energies where the control lies with you. Choose for there is little you can do beyond that. Choose even if the choice is an illusion or an exaggeration.


Proper Noun Examples for Irrespective

Irrespective of how people like bo JZ says ka #Rustenburg but wait until you be stranded in other towns then you will realize how best our town is...

Do you know what I find encouraging? A senior, one of our elders, fighting against the same evils as I do, fighting against the same wickedness and tyranny. Irrespective of the immense amounts of #!$% with which they've been bombarded, they stand and continue to fight against ultimate wickedness and ultimate stupidity.

Could Nashik take challenge to set record of 100% voting? Irrespective of party and candidate you support.... Lets set .... I will cast vote..... with 4 others who cant

Irrespective of what we are going through, we need to trust the Lord. He will never abandon us. He is dependable and trustworthy. He has a perfect track record. Put your trust not in money, your career, even family, but in Jesus Christ. He will give you the desires of your heart.

Irrespective of whether he hands over the mantle to Misa immediately or not, circumstances have forced Lalu Prasad to project her as a rallying point to strengthen the RJD’s roots and its leadership.

Irrespective of how the league finishes, in the last 10 games we have won games that last season we would have probably lost. Fantastic progress!!!!!!

Irrespective of any political party in power,common people are only the loosers. So better vote for no one. But if you doesn't vote, party which is incapable of ruling will come into power. .... Then what can we do ?

"Irrespective of where we have come from, it is where we are going together as women for independence and gathering support along the way which is of prime importance. Unity in the fact that we all wish for a more socially just, equitable and equal Scotland for all who live and work here."

Irrespective of how fantastic a car looks, if it can not drive then it is a useless car. Abraham started living at 75 years of his age, because that was when he discovered God's purpose for his life. No matter how wealthy, educated you are if you are not fulfilling God's purpose for your life then you are just existing! #Pastor Adeniji Ayokunle #FirstService #DestroyingRoadBlocks

Narendra Modi ji to meet Rajini sir today ! Irrespective of not being in direct politics ▪▪▪and even not a single film release since 2010 ,But still the man and the name is still the most wanted ! Wow ! It is a great feeling to see my idol in such a position ! Masterstroke by BJP !

Irrespective of who forms the Government, what I'm personally super happy is about the record turn out of voters in each round. 80%+ voting yesterday? That's an all time high for India ever in history. Very proud!

Irrespective of the devil’s plan, you will fulfil God’s agenda for your life in Jesus’ name!

Touch your heart & ask..... Irrespective of political party ... Is there any leader in India better than Modi in all aspects. Who can lead India....does any other name come to your mind. Seriously....!!!!

It is sad that the entire political scenario is filled with hate. Irrespective of whatever group one belongs, race or caste, sex or marital status, religion or state, it is a deluge of venom called hatred. It does not matter now, in the name of change or status quo, we have started hating each other more than ever. One can fight for justice, but not revenge. Revenge is selfish, justice is selfless.

Irrespective of what the nation feels about Rahul Gandhi, I feel he is a man of great humility and understanding. It's good to see him finally come out of his cocoon... it may not help him win the trust of the nation - perhaps, it's a bit too little and a bit too late - but it surely sends a strong message that he is there to stay... and, if ever his day comes, he will not run away from responsibility. #RahulGandhi

We should never ever forget Hillsborough. Irrespective of the team you follow 96 people went to a FA Cup semi-final and never came home

Decent half. Robbo pulling off a wonder save followed by us conceding a very soft corner. Irrespective we banged 3 good goals on. If this finishes 3-3 now I'm closing the page down haha. Come on lads. More of the same second half \0/

Irrespective of the party you select to vote, I would just request everyone to please vote for National parties rather than Regional parties, as a Coalition government with a fractured majority wouldn't be able to take independent and bold decisions and will try to appease other parties to stay in power..

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Shared ... thanks for the link to Van Badham, Julie ... woman of sense!

Irrespective definitions


in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks

See also: disregarding disregardless regardless