How to use Irrespective in a sentence as a adverb

Irrespective of sentences.

In contiunation of our consultation visit, we shall be visiting all the nooks and crannies in ohaji/egbema irrespective of party affliation. It is of paramout to seek for people's opinion as well ask for their total support towards this divine project. We shal be kicking off todays tour from ohuba, for those who wish to join us.

I have been reminded today that life is too short. People in our lives, irrespective of longevity can touch our soul and then are taken away from us.

There are 6033 members in this group I would like you all to tell me how you feel about the ice bucket challenge irrespective of whether you did it or not. this is not about judging anyone.... it is about collectively agreeing or disagreeing and making a change. a true change.

I believe is time to make this world a better place irrespective of our race and connections! Am considering taken an ice bucket challenge. #ALS

Wihing all u all irrespective of race,colour,nature n ethnic alienation to live an accommodative lifestyle where various divergent opinions held by us during this time of heated debate about referendum,,,lets ua pillar of guidance be what u think best suits the running of this wonderful nation-kenya,,walk the correct path of choice!

Brilliant write up.....and its by an israeli in an israeli newspaper...... Children are innocent irrespective which side 'they're on'...... #respect

Proper Noun Examples for Irrespective

A newly married warrior was returning home with his wife, rom a conquest. They were crossing a sea, when suddenly a great storm arose; tossing their boat boisterously back and forth. The wife became very scared, the situation was hopeless - she thought. The boat was small and the storm was really massive. They were going to be drowned. But surprisingly in the midst of all the storm's raging, the warrior sat silently, calm and quiet - as if he as if nothing bad was happening. Trembling and she said, “Are you not afraid?” "This may be our last time together; I don’t believe we will be able to reach the shore, because only God can save us; otherwise death is certain." She continued. "Are you not afraid?" "Have you lost your mind or something?" Laughing, he took his sword out of its sheath. Then he brought it close to the woman’s neck, so close that, he could easily chop her head off with just a swing - there was just a small gap between her neck and the sword "Are you afraid?” He asked her, "Why should I be afraid, if the sword is in your hands?", she continued, "as long as it's in your hand I'm not afraid, I know you love'll never allow me to be hurt" she replied. Putting his sword back, he said to his wife, "I know God loves me, and the storm is in His hands" Folks, no matter how boisterous the storms around your life seem to be. Irrespective of how hopeless the circumstances are, understand that it's in God's hands. Learn to develop trust in God; even in the storm. He's there with you; he'll never leave you nor forsake you. Don't fret, the sword is in God's hands, and He loves you bigger than you can ever know. This storm will not consume you. Shalom!

Irrespective definitions


in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks

See also: disregarding disregardless regardless