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Irrespective sentence.

Crimes against humanity that they both are, I wish 'Western' & 'pro-Western' powers could express the same shock and anger towards Israelis bombing hapless Gaza residents as they are doing against Russia and pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine for shooting down MH17. Human lives are worth the same I guess, irrespective of the geography you are born in!!!

I've learned that irrespective of our different struggle being content with yourself is the secret to happiness

I might not be vast in the usage of Arabic but I tell you, Allah bestowed on me the wisdom and knowledge to know what is right and wrong. Many Muslims are going hay wired over Israel on Gaza but they were never like this over those fake Muslims sects terrorising the world. Muslims are to make Peace everywhere we go and in all situations irrespective of tribes, ethnics, religions, nations & complexions. Islam teaches us peace.

We are al d same irrespective of wot u can do. The only different is d tim horizon n d degree of one's achievement.

Really sad bit about this is the same applies irrespective of party. They all piss in the same platinum pot

I think if our law is changed like that of 1960-80s where the party with the largest number of MPs forms the government, the quality of debate plus participation in politics would be higher. Because the leaders of all political parties would concentrate on grass root politics in order to raise a number in parliament plus district councils instead of concentrating on president and we end up sending incompetent individuals to parliament. And we should understand that focusing on the quality of MPs is better than choosing the best president because a vibrant parliament plus district councils have power to impeach any president who is going astray. But with the current law it has shown that the person with a lot of money wins election irrespective of the capability & political activities are only concentrated in urban areas leaving out the peasant in rural areas who are the majority.

Thank you Arti for this great #review of 'Tick-tock we're 30':".. the book written in first person.. very funny at times, so funny I would burst out laughing irrespective of time and place."

Let's be Thankful to be counted amongst the living regardless, irrespective of all our struggles and challenges .... God is still God and nothing is impossible for Him, giving up is not an option for we've come too far by grace and faith. A peaceful and productive week ahead...

Quote Examples using Irrespective

Satan is a diabolical being. We all detest him. However, it is important to know that he was once an anointed angel. He occupied a glorious position before he fell. The devil’s fall from stardom should be a great lesson for us. We, too, stand the risk of using what God has endowed us with to fight against Him. Learn a lesson from Satan’s fall. God created Satan as the most beautiful angel, built a pipe organ into his body and dressed him up in many different beautiful stones. God even anointed him and made him stand behind His throne. God also made him a choirmaster. Pride made him to want to be higher than God. It was then God decided to reduce him to nothing. There are many today who are endowed with beauty but who have turned this into a curse. Some can sing well but pride has turned this into a curse for them. A lot of people are blessed with brilliance but rather than use this to the glory of God, they are busy claiming there is no God. How can you preserve your blessing? How can you keep what is good? Anyone seeking to do the will of God must remain holy, humble and ever ready to serve the Lord anytime. Such a fellow will get better and stronger; he will prosper and go from victory to victory. You can choose to do the will of God forever, irrespective of whatever position you find yourself, or you may decide to turn your back against God. The choice is yours today.


Abubakar Atiku speaks. He said: “The APC is a party for all Nigerians, irrespective of their religious, ethnic or regional identities. Let no one get confused. The APC is the party to stop the looting of the treasury. “We will thoroughly investigate and uncover whatever is missing of the alleged $50 billion stolen from the sale of crude oil. We are going to stop the government-backed theft of crude oil, which swings between the daily averages of 100,000 to 300,000 barrels a day. APC is the party to create jobs and end joblessness.” Can we see these in the APC controlled states?


Encourage and enable them Rape is one of the crimes that the media take utmost interest and highlight. People protest against police for their innate incapability. One instance becomes the talk of the town, as though no other major crimes of burglary or murder for gains and the ilk has not taken place at all in the city. Days later news comes that suspect is caught and produced before a magistrate. There ends the story and the media expectantly waits for next heinous rape to take place in the city. Nobody is ever safe in a city where vagabonds and small-time criminals outnumber the civic community and are nurtured by political beginners, irrespective of police being efficient or otherwise. If rape is the only crime, let us build more self-confidence in women and girls; let them wear sharp edged slippers and beat the criminal wearingly, without a fear of law; provide them gun licenses on demand. Now media are terrorising the womenfolk more than the criminals themselves.


Proper Noun Examples for Irrespective

Irrespective of d economic breakdown of d jungle The lion doesn't feed on grass

Irrespective definitions


in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks

See also: disregarding disregardless regardless