How to use Irrespective in a sentence as a adverb

Irrespective sentences.

When we all grow up to respect the capabilities of another human irrespective of his caste, creed, gender and relation to me...or relation towards the power center... When will we have a society which runs on the individuals thinking process and not on their clans... People always want their clans everything and everywhere.

Jesus died for everyone irrespective of the religion,thank u Jesus for u are my saviour.

The Tiny Horse/Loobs beef has begun, caused by the violent aggressor Pink... I'm coming to the concert Loobs and will perform irrespective...

Before every polling day, that Chhota aadmi urges you to vote for honest and able candidate irrespective of their party, even when his opponents are literally brainwashing you with multi-billion favouring ads. This anarchist is a Pakistani CIA agent, and hence a national threat who should be thrown out of the country to maintain our democratic structure. Indeed.

Treat people humanely, irrespective of their religion, appearance, wealth, status

Good morning to all my pal out there Today is a good day irrespective of the weather. You shall be on top, first not the last, your seat shall not be taken by anyone, what you worked for shall not be reaped by another.

Seriously, we need a law which makes a person to hold the same post not more than 2 terms irrespective if it President, PM, MLA, MLC, minister etc etc!! That avoids this family & person rule by large extent and helps to build a system to address the corruption issue

As we celebrate D resurrection of ur lord Jesus christ,we must remember we must love all,irrespective of times or religious affiliations

Some General Knowledge in India's culture females [irrespective of colour,religion, dress] are considered devi[Goddess] but we Indians have colonized mindset and consider females as sex toy we need to bring Indianess in action without flaunting[show off]

Last day of Tablighi Ijtimah at Fawkner, Melbourne, VIC. Lets all pray for the peace, prosperity and unity of all the Muslims and this globe become a peaceful place full of love and respect of each other irrespective of religion purely based on humanity.

Length of life in a society is not solely contingent upon a people's faith. It's actually largely dependent on how the society the people find themselves is working. If the society is broken, mortality rate becomes high irrespective of the fact that this people profess that they will not die.

Parents who abuse their children verbally, irrespective of their age, is worse than parents abusing them physically. Bad sychology is the worst.

Really & Truly, we are in trouble irrespective of what anyone says or doesn't say. The question is, "how do we get out of this? #Jonathan Presidency

With the giving of Easter speeches I'm reminded that the black church has inspired, nurtured, and given shape to all kinds of leadership irrespective of form. It has been the incubator for emergent hope and hospice for souls in desperate need! The black church has been the primordial context for the creation of enduring and longstanding leadership.#actors#orators#singers#dancers#accountants#managers#leaders#invisibleinstitution&empire

There r lots of people who start judging you for your behaviour and start advising you what you should do irrespective of understanding the circumstances.... My answer to all of them is either go to hell or mind your own business.....

India today-cicero projected vote share of BJP in bengal 19%, left 23%, tmc 35%, cong 17%.My dear BJP supporters plz caste ur vote to BJP irrespective of the candidate's chance to win. Greater vote share of BJP will have a huge impact in bengal politics.

Respect to preity zinta! she's been cheering in the same way since 6 years irrespective of team winning/losing!

Channel 403,guys aparteid wznt a child's play...hope we cn fnd one leader dt can preach unity amongst all South African,irrespective of colour or tribe.

When I see Rahul Baba's interview it will remind me my old school days ................... When I was in 4th standard I also do the same irrespective the subject of the essay I wrote only what I mugged up .......

Be yourself irrespective of wherever u find urself, the people u find urself with etc cux u are all that you can be don;t try to be a copy of something u know within u that u are not cux as usual the original is far far better than a copy right?

That feelin dat u r just not gonna get involved anymore, coz its always back firing irrespective of how best u b to the world

Just returned from a short trip to Ajmer. It is really disturbing to see the mismanagement of pilgrimage sites in India, irrespective of the faith they belong to.

I was spendng my carelss lov with irrespective guy.. Bt my future guy made my careless lov us carefull proud to gt u..

Is it me have sky got this wrong. Say irrespective if we win and derby win aswell we won't go up :s. Well we will wont we because there will only be 6 points to play for then while we are 8 ahead

Friends, you don't necessarily have to be a religious hardliner to prove you're religious, in fact most hardliner tend to neglect or are found wanting in other religious obligations. Let's love one another irrespective of our believes as both Islam and Christianity teaches its adherents to respect and love mankind, with special emphasis on Neighbors and you will agree with that, as Nigerians, we are all Neighbors to one another. Happy Easter to you all my Christian friends....let's use what the Easter teaches to make our country a better place.

Time has come for us to be united and rise up with one voice, irrespective of where you come from. Enough is enough, we cannot be wipe away.

Nobody can predict how long will u live,, irrespective of your age. RIP my dearest frnd.

Happy Easter to you all. Remember we are all one irrespective of our religion. Hapi celebration

Happy Easter everyone, may you see many joyous returns, and may such days of spiritual celebration bring people closer together irrespective of faith, color, race, class, language, citizenship, or any form of distinction.

Certain emotions are always accompanied with tears......irrespective of gender

"Consequences of erudite vernacular utilized irrespective of necessity: problems with using long words needlessly" - Danny Oppenheimer

...Easter Sunday blessings to one & all, irrespective of religious beliefs, background or if ur simply an atheist..enjoy ur day, but am happy to say he rose today..❤️ to one and all...

The message of Easter is peace and joy. May the risen Christ bring peace to all my friends and followers and to our country in this trying period of our history. Lets continue to live together irrespective of tribe and religion, all which we shall leave behind when we die.

To those who were kicked out of their churches for being "different", God loves you irrespective. Have a Blessed Sunday!

When life gives you lemons, be grateful for it. Because irrespective of what the maxim suggests, at five bucks a pop, lemons are a valuable commodity.

Failure is common to man irrespective of color or size... If u doubt it ask chelsea football club.

I request all nationalist irrespective of their political ideology to vote for Narener Modi

Today as I celebrate Easter, I pray that Jesus may rise up in every one's life I know irrespective of their religion, the past four months have been the hardest in my life, a lot has been said and heard but today I decide to put all that behind my back and forgive all those who have made life hell for me, I forgive all those I loved and instead they treated me like an enemy, all those I trusted and instead took my trust for granted, this lent period has been one of transformation and forgiveness, if I have wronged any one pliz forgive me, today I make a new covenant with God to serve him and to always share his word whenever I will go, humans will always hurt us but not our God,,humans are replaceable but not our God, I give up all the worldly things I have cherished and today I raise up again with Jesus, l pray that those who feel your lost too, its not too late to transform and come back home, God will always welcome us because he says there are so many rooms in his father's house, u just have to accept him, remember the bible says "seek first my kingdom and all these things will be added a to u " my friends this was not an easy decision but today I decide never to look back and I ask for all your support, May God bless you people this Easter

We just love celebrating all the festivals and special days irrespective of religion, caste or nationality so here's wishing all our friends and fans out there a very Happy Easter! "\V/"

How can we in your prayer say “our Father who is in heaven…” yet in our daily lives we deny to recognize the pain behind the smile of that stranger, neighbor or a brother? Humanity is one irrespective of tribe, tongue and nation. We have one Father and we are one nation. May the resurrection of Christ remind us each day how we keep on crucifying him on that cross of hatred and greed. Happy Easter morning Africa!

Wishing one and all Happy Easter. May you reflect on Peace, Love and triumph over death at this time irrespective of your beliefs.

If you are aware enough you will know that you are not a doer, things happen through you irrespective of good or bad ! Because what you think as good today may result in bad , each one of us are just medium for that time and place in doing , thats why be aware of your awareness, in last every thing is bound to be in accordance to His will , to which we have known as good karma

Lord irrespective whatsoever am going tru,l will alway praise ur name.

What would you do if u were steve Bruce and hull city - let arsenal win so they secure their top for 4 place and irrespective of what happens in the FA cup final, hull will play in Europa league or - try and get points against Asrenal, derail their champions league quest and derail hull's chances of going to the Europa league or else the can win Arsenal at Wembley?

GOD is no respecter of person,irrespective of Ur position,Money or power.

A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing but a man loyalty is tested when he has everything, irrespective let ua dreams be bigger than ua fears and ua action louder than ua words

Met Jaswant Singh on board the Ranchi-Delhi flight today..wonder how BJP can sideline a personality so strong and rare like him? Wish leaders like him reach Parliament irrespective of BJP or Congress!

"I am proud to be an Indian and I shall try to be worthy of my country that has a very rich and varied heritage and I pledge my love and service to all my countrymen irrespective of cast,creed,race,religion or region"

It has always been the case for every religion. The founder of the religion always welcomed everyone, irrespective of race or religion. It is only the followers who created divisions.....

By every word, thought, action, and deed shall Us all be judge travelling on the path we has so chosen. Life's lessons can be an unfinished business when one become selfish and treat you unkindly irrespective of all the kindness you has done. Isn't that we should be thy brother/sister keeper instead be judgmental, and not merciful wt Jah's blessing? We've learnt that for a piece of bread a man will transgress and deny his fellowone for physical achievement; yet the conscience clearly dictates that if one speak wt a smile, it can be like the song of life to uplift the downtrodden into the realm of consciousness. {FRF}

We go to a doctor irrespective of caste & religion, We go to a teacher irrespective of caste & religion, We go to a barber irrespective of caste & religion, We go to a shop irrespective of caste & religion, We go to a lawyer irrespective of caste & religion, We buy things irrespective of persons who made the goods, We do friendship irrespective of caste & religion,4 We love film stars irrespective of caste & religion, We seek blood in emergency from a person irrespective of caste & religion, but Why vote with respect to caste & religion ?

Quote Examples using Irrespective

“Justice should be done to whosoever deserves it, irrespective of his religion, tribe, political inclination or position. If there is justice, there will be peace and stability. Peace and stability are the prerequisite of development. “If there is development, people will be occupied with employment and there will be no idle people. Where there are so many idle people, there will be problems in the country. Justice is what can ensure all these. People cannot be governed by force; never by fear or power. “Justice is what is lacking. If we have justice, we will have leaders who are just and have the fear of God. Such leaders will not lie. They will accept in public what they have accepted in secret.”


Jaf ji Maharaaj the great one of all times always follow few teachings among them one is of Prophet Mohammad " In night, when you are going to bed to sleep, forgive everyone". Its a sign of a good human irrespective of your religion. Good things of all religions must be followed by humans.. only then those humans may become someone great like me.. Chalo ab bolo Jaf ji Maharaaj the great one of all times ki jai ho!!!!


Leave Binyavanga alone. We all have various sexual issues to deal with. From insatiable sexual appetites, paediophilia, erectile distinction, multiple partners, musterbation, prostitution etc, our hands are just full. This is irrespective of our religious persuasions. I'm I too honest?


It was some time back since I visited Penang and boy, has it improved! Old majestic trees were not chopped down, streets & the beach were clean, toilets were clean, people are courteous. Everyone spoke English to us irrespective of whether they were Malays, Chinese or Indians, even the hawkers that served us or the pakcik in the elevator. Places of interest to tourists were or are being upgraded. Even F&B staffs spoke impeccable English with 1st class service. Hmm... I wonder if KL is lagging behind.. Time to say bye bye 2 the Pearl of the Orient and RIP Tiger of Jelutong, a towering Penangite!


Let all men of goodwill, irrespective of party, religion or creed come together to find a solution to this unending and unconscionable killings and shedding of blood. We cannot continue to dance on the graves of our dead children and compatriots and claim that we were elected to lead them. We loose our credibility and legitimacy if we dilly – dally in our collective response to the near genocide taking place in our country. Nigerians deserve better. They deserve peace. They deserve a government that can apply itself to the task at hand. I join other Leaders and Nigerians who are committed to the search for solutions to our problems and who seek a non- partisan approach to solving problems that affects our fate as a people. May the spirit of Easter nudge us all in that direction of selflessness and service to our motherland.- Bola Tinubu


"Easter"just does not have a religious interpretation. . But a sign that eventually good will prevail.. irrespective of all those that conspire against you... its conspicuous that they are there for a reason ... the opportunity of you overcoming the obstacles presented and eventually sitting in the arms of happiness... wish you all a blessed easter and a happy life...


No matter who you are or what you do, never look down upon yourself. At the end of the day you're alone in this crowded world irrespective of the endless promises of togetherness. Be with yourself. You need yourself the most. Cheers.


Proper Noun Examples for Irrespective

Irrespective of heritage and race, those people who help hold you up at your most troubled times, are family.

In the Name of Jesus, you will be celebrated and become envy of all those who think you will amount to nothing. Irrespective of what's going on in your life, God will still cause you to laugh last. Those mocking you because of what you are going through now, will soon come and bow to your God in Jesus name.... Gudmorning all my pals

Irrespective of your personality, riches or deeds 6 feet at last will make us equal. So treat your fellow human being as yourself. Good morning.

Even after 2 decades, my reputation proceeds me in lieu of who I actually am, or what sort of good things I have done in my life. Irrespective of anyone's negative opinions, I will continue to wish the best for others, with no grudges against them for their bad reputations from a quarter century ago. Best to all, whoever you are.

We may not be together rigth now to celebrate this beautiful season togther. Irrespective of wherever you are, I know I am part of you. We are a family! We are Lions! That's what matters! Happy Easter to my beloved Lions and Leos all over the world. Serve and smile.

Irrespective of his play, Maxwell attitude is too good....

My wishes to all who celebrate Easter. Irrespective of ones spiritual path, the message of resurrection is universal. When we take away all the symbolism that religion brings in its wake, the essence and teaching of all religions in its purest form is valid to all human beings. So also is the essential wisdom that this day teaches all of humanity, that to grow evolve and free us into better human beings we have to find the courage to walk through our suffering in whatever form it may appear in our life.

Irrespective of the nature and name of a relationship, a bond of love is not a bondage. Love is fearless, expansive and one has complete freedom to be himself even when in the relationship. If there exists fear, jealousy and a feeling of being constricted, it's just an obsession, not love. When in such a relationship, one needs to examine the situation from two angles, as to why possessiveness exists in the relationship and why one puts up with it. #anupamasj

Happy Easter FB. Irrespective of faith, time for prayer and reflection. The world is becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Praying for a more centered and spiritual planet.

If you're rejected at home, you'll also be rejected in Rome. Irrespective of where you are, be good to people because no body knows tomorrow...I've experienced this in many occasion where the head becomes the tale, therefore stay humble and leave a legacy not a vacancy. #MrWiLLsSpeaking! "Team Wills"

Irrespective of the number of times I have visited you, you have treated me the same-- Mugu.

Irrespective of your religious belief, I would like to share this holiday with you. Believe in resurrection and rid yourself of anything dead inside. We all have the ability to rise up each morning to a new life filled with love and goodness. No matter what tragedies occurred in the past, you can decide to make today be Your New Day. <3

Irrespective of odds against Jesus, He rose on the third day. It does not matter what is working against you at present, you will rise and triumph above all of them. Happy Easter!

Irrespective of the state the economy, I can never eat grass. It's not pride, it's just who I am!

Irrespective of the odds against you, you are going to succeed in Jesus name....

34 years of Greenfields! 34 years of sheer dedication to the cause of the young child! Irrespective of the changing times - AC classrooms, fancy franchisees, Greenfields stayed close to nature & hence stood the test of time. At this juncture of life , when i look back i realise how we both - Alokadi & self struggled to get it going & today 34 years hence, Greenfields has become an institution of joyful learning - a name synonymous with quality education! I thank my Creator for standing by us , for giving such wonderful colleagues to work with over these years and being able to touch the lives of so many children!

Irrespective of the party..Our community has got the opportunity to send someone to represent us in the assembly. Does our community has it in us to send one of us. Only one person got the opportunity to represent us from CPI party vijaiwada West. Guys who are from vijaiwada go out on may 7th and vote for our voice. Smt Koraganji Durgamba from CPI..time to show the unity of Nagaralu. If we are not able to do now then it's unlikely we get a chance next time. Let us show our unity. Don't look at the party vote for the candidate. Vote for CPI !

Irrespective of the odds against you, you are going to succeed.

Arnab Goswami behaving like Pappu in this interview . Irrespective of answer , same question being asked -_- . pakau . #Rajthackrey

Irrespective of the odds against you, you are going to succeed. Amen

Irrespective of the circumstances surrounding you; you can still be happy. Its a choice. Be happy!

Irrespective of d odds against me, am goin to succeed

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Careful guys and gals.... Be vigilant when you vote! Don't fall for rigging.

This is what I think of when people say "if my kid is gay I'll beat it out of him" yeah, go #!$% yourselves

Irrespective definitions


in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks

See also: disregarding disregardless regardless