How to use Hoof in a sentence as a noun

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Hey mate, are u back in Adelaide on the 14th. If so we should go to the stirl for a few drinks or something that night coz Im leaving on the 15th. Let me know hoof

Die plek bad news almal loop niks God se Gees in winkel van hoof bestuurders

Slegt want ik heb buik pijn en hele erge hoof pijn want ik ben tusen mijn bed en mijn beroo ge valen

*fantasize about bro-hoofing a real life pony, do bro-hoof motion, forget I'm on Skype, feel awkward.* ~Kitty

Good picutres and info about hoof contraction - and what "normal" shoeing normally does to hoofs.

Plaas asb anon ek wil wet doen die hoof nog skeisakke my vriendin wil skei en sy wil deur die hoof gan met wie kan sy prt en waarna toe moet sy gaan

So tha white homie just saved me from some jail time on thakatt williams #!$% oh an i got told by a pigglet me an him gon have some problems when all he hafd ta do was move his crusty ass pig hoof out my mothafuccin door way we dont like pigs feet in this household ffnpd

Saw 2 moose in the yard tonight -camera is full -I need to go to a photo place to down load my pic-not here in the hoof

I'm on board with you Anson!!! But, how do we make anyone listen? Maybe they need these weapons to cut a deer in half and butcher it on the hoof.

Sory fb maats ons sit sonder krag. Di hoof sub het ontplof se hul. 48 uur max sonderkrag.

Geluk H/S Montana, ons is onder die top 10 akademies in die provinsie... Die skool gaan net vooruit... Te danke aan ons hemelse Vader, n great personeel, hoof en kinders...

Oh fridge, fudge and froggie fart....I'm bloody late to my meeting......better get me flash putabomb and hoof it down the motorway for Mt Wellington....chow for now peeps! xx

What is the most common product/thing you use to fill cavities in the quarters or vacant spots in the hoof ? Any new ideas or trends out there?

I'm so glad I no how to trim and rasp a hoof saves me on money!!

The road to my heart is paved with hoof prints ♥

The hoof of satan and the hand of god, Andrew Heldreth, blackblood brothers! Good times!

Yay!!! The upstairs neighbors are doing pony races again!!!! Or pony bowling...Kinda like Polo, but different. It includes lots of hoof noises.......

Jason saw the female moose today when he came home! For those that know our area, it was by Rupars driveway on the road to the public access. I'll send pics that Jason took. Walking hoof print was 3/4 of J's size 13 boat! Cool!!

Can't wait to see my loverly man in 2 hrs...enjoyed seeing him in between his jobs today...and that's all thanks to the rain and Bubby coming up with a fence nail in his hoof...gotta love the big sissy who actually had an issue for once =]

Some lil #!$%@&! piss me off just wait u'll be 18 sooner or later and I can't wait for the #!$%@&! day u do turn 18 cause ima catch u lil #!$%@. Just wait an see lil hoof just wait an see.

Ah don't care what tha future holds fer meh. Ah accept it. Ah reach out to tha hoof that offers muh help..... n' ah accept tha blade that would execute meh.

Gunna have to hoof this broccoli down today !!!

So much stuff im dying to get in my hands my shiny red pvc pants my canvas boots im having painted and my deer hoof cane my friend is making me for free with a a birch bark branch i had in my room and some old metal strap i had probably piece of plumbing or something two pieces connected and im dying for first of month to get here so i can order my dream goggles and get 100% bamboo socks tye dyed and get custom leather suspenders made with brass hardware so much stuff so much stuff

Rez hoof makes nice design on items,.. I love her work,..

Ah..... all done work;now does any one have a hoof trimmer:need to cut the toe nails tonight jp lol

Everybody is just hanging with friends. And I'm just here getting a hoof job by your wife.

How to use Hoof in a sentence as a verb

Q: ever suck a Yoshi's tongue? A:its so slimy and sexy~ it reached all the way to my- *blushes* my hoof :3

Chaga? i thought this was a birch tree, but i have not been able to confirm. i still think it is a chaga. i broke off a piece and compared it to chaga Eric Joseph Lewis gave me, and it is very similar. i do not believe this to be hoof fungus.

Ferrier was out today and the horses got their feet done. They both did excellent and their feet really look great! Huge frogs and nice strong hard hoof walls and good healthy soles. Phil Payne does a great job and trims for the whole horse not just the hoof.

Just returned from evaluating the horse in the foot cast. He is doing really well, but the cast was making him sore. The hoof is growing down well, and the angle change made the cast rub a bit. He is currently in a heavy bandage, to be reevaluated in a few days.

Kelly meyers en Lesley Breda is di jar se hoof seun en dokter tjan

Estoy feliz y kieres saber mi motivo hoof tu eres el motivo te amo espero k yo sea tu motivo para son reir eso es para ty

Driemanskap-Sphume'Egugs,on repeat..."Kill u in ur own home ground"hoof hoof...aaaahhhh bonang mahipi bha Mzansi Driemanskap is da #!$%

This is great for visually showcasing why and how important proper hoof care is! This is too cool not to share! Horses are amazing creatures!!!

When every nail you drive in just splits the hoof wall ,,,

The deer street gangs are getting bad out here. Seven deer were blocking the road on my way home yesterday and would not move. One of them flipped me the hoof. #BadBambi

This is great for visually showcasing why and how important proper hoof care is!

Blik op oneindig daar in je rolstoel, gaf je mij een heerlijk gevoel. met dat prachtige hoof zat je de hele tijd te knikken, Was dat een ja om die druppels van je kin te likken? buying GS cookies through the online order taker! Those girls don't have to hoof it anymore like I used to!

Anything you need just call order and we will deliver from a hoof pick to a HGV Lorry we can supply all So dont delay call today 07974 718059 Lines open till 10pm

I will tread on cloven hoof ever forward and those that dare to stand before me will be met by the thick horns of a rams charge. I will not be swayed from my purpose nor will I change my path

Ditch the Treadmill! For two weeks hoof it outside, instead of in an air conditioned gym or being inside of your home! Smile

That body part found inside a KFC is absolutely disgusting ... Looks like a brain ... Why anyone would eat animal flesh is beyond me ....ohh ill just have a nice intestine sausage or a nice hoof and eyeball kebab ... Don't get it :-| bleurghhhh

I call it a rhino hoof!!! ahahahahahah im done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moeder van graad R seuntjie vra: kosie hkm is jy so vroeg by die huis? kosie:mamma my onderwyser en die skool hoof het gaan braai. ma: wat se jy nou vir my kosie? kosie: Mr. die skoolhoof het oor die interkom geroep mej. Elna bring asb jou klas rooster saam en kom na die kantoor toe, mama weet nou mos hulle gaan braai en weet mamma hoe lank vat 'n braai??? so toe pak ek maar my tassie en kom huis toe! ek wil nie so lank wag nie mama ek wil kom dudu...

5 hrs + of hoof trimming, a quick lunch and then back out to do the afternoon work. My bed is going to look really good toinght! I think my sleep number will be 80 tonight!

Can u pronounce good english:- read along woof, roof, loof, shoof, shoof, woof, loof, roof, poof, woof woof, hoof, woof, roof, shoof. Test results: U r a good dog. Now stop barking.

Zo eerst van morgen huisarts geweest voor de hoof pyn mag geen medicynen in nemen kyken waar het van af kom en woensdag weer terug komen by huisarts vanmidag nymegen geweest op controle foto gemaak van myn rug bloet geprik en myn urine de 16 de uit slag stopen met pretnicon kan zyn da daar de hoof pyn van af kom moet eerst af bouwen en dan weer met nieuwe beginnen ik zy ik ben net een proef konyn ja zy ze we moeten tog kyken waar je wel tegen kan en ik zy op de foto zien ze tog niks daar moet ik voor in de schen ja moet eerst af wagten ap de uit slag en dan kyken voor een schen weer voor myn rug pfff g

This warm up could cause some issues in your paddocks and pastures; especially around the barn doors where the horses go in/out, around water tanks, and places the horses hang out. Their hooves are going to create a lumpy, bumpy, muddy mess!! Dealing with the mud is a bummer in itself but when that mud freezes that way, it could cause some hoof and leg issues for your horses; sole bruises, abscesses, and random lamenesses. It might be worth taking a few minutes and drive over that uneven ground or do something to work out some of the big ruts and safe yourself some headache later!!

Die juffrou sé vir die Bybel klas dat die Skool inspekteer oppad is en dat hulle hul moet gedra. Die skool inspekteur kom toe in die klas en vra vir die klas: "Wie het die mure van Jerigo afgebreuk?" ..'n doodse stilte heers en klein Jannie steek sy hand in die lug! Die skool inspekteer vra toe: "ja Jannie, wie was dit?" Waarop Jannie antwoord: "Meneer, dit was regtig nie ek nie." - die inspekteer kyk verbaas na die juffrou, waarop die juffrou sê: "Meneer, ek ken Jannie nou al baie lank en as hy gesê het dis nie hy nie, dan is dit nie hy nie!" Nog meer ontsteld, haas die inspekteer hom na die hoof van die skool en verduidelik die hele storie aan haar, waarop sy ook antwoord: "Meneer, ek ken Jannie en sy ouers ook baie goed en as hy gesê het dis nie hy gewees nie, dan is dit nie hy nie!" Waarop die inspekteer hom eers vererg en na die Minister van Onderwys gaan en die hele ding ook aan haar verduidelik...Waarop die Minister van Onderwys antwoord en sê: "Ag man! Kry drie quotes en bou die muur weer op!!!"

Some horses leave everlasting hoof prints on your heart...

My smekende gedagtes Ek sak my hoof en oordink my vreugde Ligsinnig verkrummel ek die verdroogde blare in my Afrika hand en ‘k laat dit waai soos kaf in die wind Dit smee my gedagtes mee met die onrus in my hart wat bly groei en bloei Waarom verpletter ons die volke van hierdie aarde? Waar’s die regeerders van hierdie wêreld? Ken hul nie Sy toorn? Offers bring en oë opslaan uitroepe van “wees ons goedgesind!” weerklink in my smekende gedagtes Sal ons ooit die Tempel binnegaan? Ek luister na my gedagtes in die mÔre en laat die moordenaars en leuenaars deur Hades swerwend dryf hul ontmoet die gelag van Charon op Styx Nooit sal hul die Elisiese veld bereik Nóg betowerend; nóg kan in delf Hul egosentriese voorland: Tanatos! Sál hul ag slaan op my geroep

Quote Examples using Hoof

Well i guess i hoof it back to gpas... sure is kold. . . I guess a lil handgame music for the long treacherous march to the hood... thru the barrios n hoods... glad it aint bak to grove tho haha...


This is a 'questionare' for those who want to be admin: 1. Why the hell does it say I spelled "questionare" wrong? 2. Favorite Pokemon? 3. Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed? 4. You see a brony. Wat do? 5. Do you own an iPad? 6. Finish this sentence: POP! Goes the _______. 7. Big tits or small tits? Why? 8. Make me laugh. Question mark. 9. Do you even lift? 10. I appear in your room with nothing but a red silk robe on. Wat do. Have at it and don't question my...questions. Respond below. This will definitely help me determine who is eligible.


Seun gan skool to vir 1ste dag. My naam is poepol, die onie vat hom hoof toe en se die seun maak lelike name op. Seun wat is jo naam ? Poepol. Hy slaan hom 5 keer. Die middag na skool loop hy huisto en opad kom sy broer an gehardloop wat volgende jaar skool to gan. Poepol hu was jou eerste dag van skool .Poepol steek vas in sy spore en kyk sy broer en se pieliekies vir JOU gan hulle dood bliksem!


So i am registering to take a riding class at my college for fun and to brush up on my riding skills after being off a horse for so long. You automatically can only sign up for the beginners class unless you get a waiver from the instructor, I show up for my riding assessment and tell the instructor my history with horses and he automatically tells me he will sign off on me taking an intermediate class. but said if I still wanted to ride i could. By the time I have the horse brushed down and his feet picked he has decided that I can proceed all the way to the advanced class. Apparently I was the first student he has seen who claimed they knew how to ride that knew how to pick a horses feet unassisted. See basic horse grooming and hoof care does come in handy not only for your horse but for you as well.


Had to share this. Seun gan skool to vir 1ste dag. My naam is poepol, die onie vat hom hoof toe en se die seun maak lelike name op. Seun wat is jo naam ? Poepol. Hy slaan hom 5 keer. Die middag na skool loop hy huisto en opad kom sy broer an gehardloop wat volgende jaar skool to gan. Poepol hu was jou eerste dag van skool .Poepol steek vas in sy spore en kyk sy broer en se pieliekies vir JOU gan hulle dood bliksem!!


Nếu một ngày anh rung động trước người con gái khác. Em sẽ ra đi! Em từ bỏ không phải vì em thua. Mà là em không muốn chạy đua với những gì không xứng đáng. Bởi thằng đàn ông phản bội cũng chỉ là thứ đáng vứt đi. Và đứa sở hữu cái thứ đồ bỏ đi ấy cũng chẳng có gì đáng để phải ghen tị cả!!!


"hey mama? Was there a small Minotaur back here ?" "Back where?" "Back here in the back seat. There's a Minotaur footprint." "Are you sure it's not from the dogs?" "Yes I'm sure. There's a small hoof print." We go back and forth like this a few more times. "I think there was a tiny Minotaur back here. Are you sure there wasn't one?" I have to admit; " without a video camera I honestly cannot be sure that a hoarde of tiny minotaurs didn't take the care out joyriding." "Okay." 0____o


I totally agree with David Cannon on this. Just because you don't agree with someone being homosexual doesn't mean you are homophobic or hate the person that is homosexual. Political correctness has gone way too far in this country when some can't even state what the believe without being told they are hateful. Please, if you feel that because I don't agree with homosexuality that I am somehow a hateful person, then unfriend me because you obviously don't know me very well. The bible says to love the sinner but hate the sin, and I fell like I do a good job of that.


#!$% me if I'm wrong, but 2+2=6. -.^ Nah. I can't do that... I've always looked for those stallions a mare can stay with forever... I need to win their hearts. This isn't the way... Sorry about that.


Bad, Bad, Bad Horsie- I bought some very expensive studded hoof boots for Penny so we could ride safely in the winter. We were on our second excursion with them the other day, when one of the back boots came off, leaving it flopping on her ankle by the velcro gaiter. I quickly dismounted and removed the offending boot. Then, assuming it was best to remove the other hind boot, I walked around Penny's tail end and stooped down to remove it. Before I could get my hand on her hock, she took off on me. "Penny! Penny!" I called, and with one brief and hesitant look back she kicks up her heels and takes off at a full run, reins flying, over the hilltop and out of sight. While I was confident Penny would head straight back home to her pasture buddies, I was worried about her tripping over the reins or throwing one of the other three boots and seriously hurting herself. It was a good day for a half-mile truck through the snow. Along the way I found the second hind boot which she had managed to fully disengage herself from. When I got to the barn, there she stood, her head handing sheepishly down with only one full boot on her left front hoof and one very torn gaiter sans boot on her right front leg. Today, I thought it would be a good idea to work with Penny on standing still when the reins are dropped -- something she knows and I've never had trouble with in the past. I took her into the arena, dropped the reins, said "Whoa!" and walked away. She didn't budge. I walked around her backside twice. I walked out of the arena and she didn't even shift her feet. What a crazy, girl!


As Eli Megan and I had just finished supper. We hear a knock on a door. An 11 year old boy saying that he just got dropped off at his aunts house across the street and no one was home and asked me for a ride home. Gave him a ride home. Not a problem. But on the way I told him that its probably not a good idea to go around knocking on strangers doors asking for rides home!!


1 Hoor, julle seuns, na die tug van die vader, en luister om insig te leer ken;. 2 want ek gee aan julle goeie lering, verlaat my onderwysing nie. 3 Toe ek 'n kind by die voete van my vader, teer en 'n enigste in die oë van my moeder, 4 het hy my geleer en vir my gesê: Laat jou hart my woorde vashou; onderhou my gebooie, en lewe. 5 Verkry wysheid, verkry insig, nie vergeet nie en wyk nie af van die woorde van my mond. 6 verlaat nie haar, en sy sal dit jou bewaar;: lief vir haar, en sy sal dit jou bewaar. 7 Wysheid is die belangrikste ding, dus kry die wysheid, en met al wat jy verstaan. 8 Esteem haar, en sy sal jou verhoog, as jy omhels, sal sy eer. 9 Sy gee 'n lieflike krans vir jou hoof: 'n kroon van heerlikheid wat jou red. 10 Hoor, my seun, en aanvaar my woorde, wat die jare van jou lewe vermeerder. 11 Ek jou geleer het, die weg van die wysheid, ek laat jou die spore van geregtigheid. 12 Wanneer vloere is nie benoud in jou voetspore, en as jy hardloop, sal jy nie struikel nie. 13 Hou vas aan van onderrig, laat nie los nie, want dit is jou lewe. 14 Kom nie in die pad van die goddelose of wandel in die weg van die slegtes nie. 15 Vermy dit, gaan nie daarop nie, wyk daarvan af en gaan verby;. 16 Want hulle kan nie slaap as hulle doen wat verkeerd is, en van slaap beroof nie, tensy hulle iemand struikel. 17 Want hulle eet brood van goddeloosheid en drink wyn van gewelddadigheid. 18 Maar die pad van die regverdiges is soos die lig, wat al helderder word tot die volle dag. 19 Die weg van die goddelose soos duisternis: hulle weet nie waaroor hulle sal struikel nie. 20 My seun, luister na my woorde neig u oor tot my woorde. 21 laat hulle nie wyk uit jou oë hou hulle in jou hart. 22 Want hulle is die lewe vir die wat hulle vind en 'n genesing vir hulle hele liggaam. 23 met aanwending van alle ywer Guard jou hart, want dit is die fontein van die lewe. 24 Draai weg van jou maligniteit van die mond, en verleng die valsheid van jou lippe. 25 Laat jou oë vorentoe, en laat jou ooglede kyk reg voor jou. 26 Maak die pad van jou voet gelyk, en laat al jou weë. 27 Draai nie aan die regterkant of aan die linkerkant: af nie, hou jou voet ver van boosheid.


Go on. Just keeping on robbing my piggy bank why don't you. It is not as if I ever asked for anything more than to be able not to just live one day after another for the endless shabby struggle to survive and nothing else. Just pack up, let the bailiffs come round and pick everything else off, rip me apart and throw me into the street. Thanx a bunch.


Brakpan Seun gaan skool toe vir 1ste dag. My naam is Poephol, die onderwyser vat hom hoof toe en se die seun maak lelike name op. Seun wat is jou naam ? Poephol. Hy slaan hom 5 keer. Die middag na skool loop hy huistoe en oppad kom sy broer aan gehardloop wat volgende jaar skool toe gaan. Poephol hoe was jou eerste dag van skool. Poephol steek vas in sy spore en kyk sy broer so en se Pieliekies vir JOU gaan hulle dood bliksem!!


#PoorCollegeStudents ran out of gas 4 miles from our office. Time to see the Brotherhood support network kick into gear. Wish we had a superhero costume for the consultants. "Captain AKL" or "Man of Character". Although they probably wouldn't wear the tights.


Im watching the news and i jst want 2 yell at that baby killer. omg she has a good deffence layer. mark brayford. damn the good lawyers work for the wrong ppl. money talks. God is the true judge and jury.


Is dat aud wâere ? Oma haef gôsting in eine kräem . Zeet opa " Zal iech diech dae ins hoale , Lieske waat moos-te , ' nne platte of ' n toët ? " ...... " Bring miech mér e tuutsje mèt twieë bölkes , eine witte en eine sjoklate " ... " Jungske zal iech het efkes op sjrieve " ... vrueg ze hiel leef . " dat hoof neet , iech kén dat wel onthauwe " ... " ech neet opsjrieve ? " en terwieler zienne floere jas aan duit zaeter ... " nei-j dat hoof neet , iech bén gei klei keind ... tis ' nne witte en ' nne sjoklate bol in e tuutsje , ierstig dat höps op gesjreve , bén iech al trûk ". en dan dreink iech miech rap e paar sjnepskes , dacher . Nao e keteerke iser nog neet trûk , oma begint al te grommele ... " boeë bliefer nôw , ofwel ziter aan de flesj , ofwel iser Leike tege gekome , daë kalt aug nog éns geer ... eser seffes mer neet é stôk in zien veut haef , want dan kömper miech allein neet mier weg " . Nao ein haf oor kömp opa trûk mèt e plastiek kelbeske ... mèt twieë toête fritte in ... Begint oma te sjandale ... " meh zjengske toch ... zuuste nôw wel , dat is mèt diech umertôw het zelfde, nôw béste de majonäes weer vergete " .


Death rode a pale horse and cut men down by the thousands... I'm not, like, implying she's promiscuous or anything, hardly. I mean, she seems like a really nice person, and respectable... I... oh look, the pony has hoof warmers, how dapper. :D


Kind gaan skool toe vir die eerste keer in graad een. Mr vra hom seun wat is jou naam en hy antwoord: My naam is Poepol Mr. Mr is woedend en vat vir Poepol na die hoof toe. In die kantoor hoor die hoof wat Mr te sê het en slaan vir seun met vyf houe. Oppad huistoe vra Poepol se broer wat volgende jaar skool toe gaan vir hom hoe was die eerste dag? Poepol stop dood in sy spore en sê Pielietjes vir jou gaan hulle dood slaan hoor!!!!


Die skooljaar is weer in volle gang en dis Bennie se tweede dag op skool. Tot sy ma se verbasing is hy tienuur die oggend al terug by die huis..Waarom is jy nou al terug?" vra sy ma…..."Die meneer en die juffrou het gaan braai," sê Bennie. "Gaan braai, op 'n Dinsdagoggend wanneer hulle moet werk? Hoe weet jy dit?" vra sy ma. "Meneer het vir juffrou oor die interkom geroep en gesê sy moet haar rooster bring. Toe kom ek maar huistoe,want ek weet hoe lank vat 'n braai!" Lms


Brakpan seun gaan skool toe vir die 1ste dag. My naam is Poephol, die onie vat hom hoof toe en se die seun maak lelike name op. Seun wat is jou naam? Peophol. Hy slaan hom 5 keer. Die middag na skool loop hy huistoe en oppad kom sy broer aan gehardloop wat volgende jaar skool toe gaan. Poephol hoe was jou eerste dag van skool. Poephol steek vas in sy spore en kyk sy broer so en se pieliekies vir jou gaan hulle dood bliksim!!


Proper Noun Examples for Hoof

Beste likers van Schoenen van Hoof zouden jullie het al leuk vinden om foto's van de voorjaarscollectie te zien ? Laat het me even weten. Want dan kunnen we per dag een foto doen als jullie dat willen . Groetjes Wilma

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Môre maikies jul moet 'n leke dagie hê. Ek gou besag om die laaste goedjies reg te kry by skool vir maandag......ek nogal besag.....lmklaaa. Mhaw geniet jul dagie.

Playing far cry 3 at cousin's Is fun stuff

Lol Damon wants to buy a pony, I don't even know how to look after a fucken pony Bahahahahahahaha

Happy Friday everyone! What are your exciting plans for the weekend?

Dealer adverts.... Is a horse ever really 'bombproof'? Please don't name specific dealers, thank you!

Moes topickle to bills and back to pickle

I love love n i love loving her she is my soul mate luv u bby i alwyz missng u

I finished a cup of coffee tonight and found a dead spider at the bottom. I threw up so hard I think I blew a blood-vessel in my eyeball.

I've got veins in me arm and elastic bands like a fooking race horse. What's that all about?

Ai sal ek dit nou se,,,,,het weer begin ,,,#*$ vandag, ma ooh vader help my groot asb ! Die desember het my sleg gelaat ! Mooi dag almal

AfriForum vra inligting oor handboeke wat nie afgelewer word nie!!

.....a hair trigger smile, laser beam eyes and a disposition just this side of untidy.....

A question for horsey people....has anyone ever used easy boots on their horse instead of shoes?what do you think of them and did you have problems with them?I'm thinking about trying them as I want both horses barefoot and if I take Lucky to endurance rides I heard they have to be shod??don't want to shoe him as he doesn't really need it

Um still confused, a mme boroko bone ke tlaa bo bona.

Juf saulse het my gister gebless met Psalm 32v 8 neem dit saam met juLle ve die dag asook die eerste skoolweek

Vroeg wakker ai, maandag soek ek d bietjie tyd om te slaap!

What is the purpose of having borium on horses shoes? Looking for a specific answer.

Hope everyone has a great evening, it is too early to tell if mines going to be mediocre or really bad.. Wait...

Some one chat meh, I'm bored at work, need entertainment :/

I don't even have a marefriend so how could I have a wife? Lol silly ponies

Can you believe we just had this conversation? D: I only recently found out milk came from a cow? M: How long ago? D: About 15 years ago. M: Where did you think it came from? D: I don't know. I thought somebody made it like Kool-Aid or something.

Wow! The coyotes are just going nuts, carrying on across the river and KodaBear Hayes is yowling away at them. Fun times! Owoooooh!

I am a proud owner of a Tanzanian goat, which will help feed a family for many years. Now, I need to name it. Any ideas?

I have no sexual regrets.....well okay maybe that midget and donkey wasn't a good idea but everything else I'm good with.

BronyCon Fun Fact: Our paninis are created with love and hand stamped with approval from our panini master chef.

Dont forget we are giving a bottle away to much needy cause, please write down a bit about yourself and why you need this amazing product.

Lost my phone feeding up while ago, but i found it after a cow stepped on it, it aint working now,i reckon it lasted longer than i thought it would.

Does anyone know any good painters? Just need two rooms painted just to change the color.

Dit is al 02h45 en ek is nog altyd wakker dit kan mos nie soe aan gan nie wanner gan ek dan 'n boom saag ???

We know have a 10 cow farm....YEA!! We just brought home 6 new Jersey bulls. Hopefully in the next week we will have our 11th cow our heifer should be having her baby soon, it will be the first baby cow born here on our farm we are so excited!! Our future food supply is doing good and growing fast, makes me happy!!

Thought the end of the world was starting, yet again, when I noticed multiple dead birds scattered about at work...... Sadly it was just the electric perimeter fence actually being turned ON for once.....Please take note....The Starlings are finally catching on to this new trend....slowly.......

At the vet with Sadie. Her leg swelled way up from the knee down & it ends up she has a puncture wound & they are flushing it out. It looked so bad the first thing I thought of was bone cancer & do did they. So good news and I am do relieved it's not cancer.

Information for drivers. Please share and make sure all drivers know what to do if they meet a horse on the road.

When god made me , he was showing off :x rotfl.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. I love looking at the range of people, form those that I knew when I was a smart ass teenager to those I just met a few years ago.... So awesome.

So apparently, For Today guitarist says and quote "Don't be deceived, homosexuality is a sin" Wow, that's some self righteous bullshit my friend. Your god is so powerful, infinite and beyond the scope of man do you really believe he gives one iota of a #!$% whether or not you are a chick that eats muff or a dude that sucks #!$% on a planet that’s a “mote of dust trapped in a sunbeam?” This is why I can’t stand religion, it’s full of hypocrites and judgmental fucktards.

All the gypsies deserve to be shot, after watching this... You are a disgrace to the human race... Minks !!

Our pet pony has been coughing all day. He's a little hoarse.

Just went on an afternoon walk and a deer ran out 6 feet in front of me, I could have touched it... then 3 min later, I turned the corner and 6 of them pranced across the field as they looked at me.... I love where I live!

One Ned down tonight I believe, Thats what you get when you mess with the big boys Son!

The horse from the field opposite is back after his accident. He's said to be in a stable condition. .........................................................................

Looking forward to shoulder surgery tomorrow morning. Wish me luck my fb peeps!

I don't advise reading the back of a jar of hot dogs before eating them. In saying that I actually quite enjoyed them...

Tempted to hike agrentine road and visit waldorf and argentine pass! Weather is calling for 50% chance of snow high of 20 and low of -1.. And wind gusts of 50 mph!! They are not saying how much snow but how bad could it be at 13,000ft?

I just asked a friend if he would teach me about guns, and if anyone wants to take me to a range that would be great, in other news I'm working on my 2nd month as a vegetarian

I think it's safe to say that Maggie is enjoying herself on the farm and playing well with others...

For those "tricky to nail to" feet ...

When Paul Revere made his famous ride to alert the colonists that the british were coming, he made the alarm because the British were coming to confiscate thier arms.

Great photo by Tamar of our horse Smokey during today's snow storm. Handsome, isn't he???

Why the #!$ are Pne so unlucky grrrrrrrr

Jesus is the answer for this world today! Ek se vir evg,stanley die wereld soek vir antwoorde, en ons het het die plek van antwoorde! Glory

For today has always and will always be a band that is about loving people, we have no hatred towards any people regardless of what they believe or how they live. We may not agree on everything but Jesus loves you and died for you. And so would we. Blessings, For Today

Livid at the football to say the least!

Cheers for A great day in 1st grade but jeers for car rider duty out in the shoes soaked through and piggies are freezing! lol

Me and Aimee Barker are going to the R and R sale if anyone wants to join us i will drive and we can share the petrol costs

Anybody want to walk a couple of obstreperous, retalcicant Borders? No financial reward. Must have a good line in apology. Thought not. X

Random question: If you had a racehorse what would you call it?!

Seke ma als los di wyn n rook,ma mt vriende soos di vn my sl k kan is di vraag

Another week is nearly over! What did you learn this week about your horse? What are you goals for next week?

It might be sappy to say but I swear watching My Little Pony has made me a better person!

Q4. Name 3 items out of a grooming box?-Chloe

Damn you Quality Street....May you burn in the depths of hell !!!

Things are getting real on Facebook. Jeez. I didn't think a pug 106 could even do 120mph let alone the grief she is getting for doing it. Wow.

Not one for New Year resolutions but this was the nearest thing! So this is me communicating. Hiya

Hang in there peps. Were trying to open rds for the school routes, , but rds keep drifting up, so hang in there,

Is there a classier word for pussy? Writing a love letter...

Adams tries to fling in a deep cross but its just a bit to deep and goes out for a goal kick.

The dog just chewed my left chancla. I swear, if we don't find a house with a yard soon, I'm gonna make some very special tamales.

So anybody up for a dinner? My treat. Just need to finish the soup first... :D

You jus been knocked the f_ _ k out

Hey fb peeps I need some advice my landlords have two horses on the property one is very dominant and won't let my gelding near food water or into the barn there are two barn that can be cut off with a fence so I did that the landlords horse barn is two large 12x12 put together they don't separate their horses so I thought that barn would be best they have access to the biggest paddock the woods water and a large barn my gelding has access to a small dirt pen water and a 12x12 stall but they are saying my gelding has exclusive access and that I need to let there horses in there to but I am worried for my horses well fair the alpha mare is mean takes all grain and good hay and kicks and bites and chases off my gelding I do not want to move my horses and I do pay 200 for both my horses to stay there I feed their horses twice a day I provide shavings for both barns and I pay water and electric as well for both barns please if anyone has any advice I'm all ears these people don't know horses they have learned everything from one lady who thinks she knows about horses!

My fb vriende, vanaand het ek jul gebede baie nodig, ek voel siek tôt in my diepste wese, my bloeddruk was te hoog soveel so dat ek amper n stroke gekry het, Dr gee kursus meds en bloeddruk val soveel dat ek nie krag het nie. Dr staak alle meds en net di genade vd Here wat my staande hou. Ni bang vi dood maa wil darem sien Ashwin maak 21 en Alshaan se matriek want met Alicia kon ek ni. Bid asb samet my vi krag.

Iemand een weekje mee op wintersport in februari of maart?

Like = en ik geef u punten op 10

That is, assuming she doesn't suffer from another "blood clot."

En daar doen Prieska se matrieks dit weer die 20ste agtereenvolgende jaar wat hul 100% slaagsyfer het so wat sê dit vir julle stuur julle kinders na Prieska se skool toe Prieska Hoërskool is tops. Baie geluk aan al die matrieks

Kon kon razai mien fb use kr raha, hit like post.. Thn commnt here.. Start chat..

Nothing like sending a text intended for a friend saying the boss is a weasel and sending it to the boss instead of the friend.

Treated my family with some good potjie kos,tjo pitsa ya nama e fedile,they say I must move back home, neh,the best

Horsie friends i wanna go ride harley but snow stickes to her shoes :/ what can i do!!

Raak net al hoe meer en meer impress met Noordheuwel Hoërskool!

I have came to the conclusion Kratos needs theropy. Most cats arent very social but he is like having a one yr old child that cant let their moma out of their sight. Went into the boys bath room to work on painting, shut the door to keep him and Chaos out of my way and out of the paint and the entire time I was in there he is meowing, scratching at the door and sticking his paw under the door. I mean really? Can a cat have seperation anxiety?

Today's phrase is a useful one. "Unnskyld. Hvorr er toalettet?" It's not hard to guess this means, "Excuse me. Where is the toilet?"

Me and my best bro dating twins would be #!$%@&! awesome

Hoof definitions


the foot of an ungulate mammal


the horny covering of the end of the foot in ungulate mammals


dance in a professional capacity



See also: foot