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Do you think the world would be a lot better if everyone was bisexual? Like, that's get rid of homophobia, heterophobia [Is that even a thing... I don't know] and the question "How can you like men and women? You can only choose one." would no longer exist cause we'd all just understand. I'm honestly convinced that if we were all bi, life would be better. :/

Russian lesbian couple seek asylum in Argentina after getting married - They believe that a new life in Buenos Airies will allow them to escape from the homophobia they experienced in Russia, and say they chose ...

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Well done Man City U21s. A team that takes itself off is nearly always held responsible for the abandonment of a game and would invariably forfeit the match so the stakes are high. Instead the referee should be alerted if an incident like this occurs. Well clearly that isn't working. It's only when we see this action at a high profile match will european & world football's governing bodies do something about these backward countries with a culture of racism, homophobia and general. intolerance. So let's see if football's 'big boys' have the stones to do it.


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Homophobia is a choice, not homosexuality': Inter-faith... - Rev Phumzile added: “Within our religions we have promoted hetero-normativity over centuries. Homophobia is driven with ignorance and prejudice.

Homophobia and it's symptoms constitute utterly ignorant behaviour from utterly inadequate people....

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This one brought a tear to my eye. I am so happy to know things can change for the better.

Homophobia definitions


prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality