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I kinda have to agree. It's you who has made me a cynic.

A cynic understands the price of everything, and the value of nothing. So I shall alway be.

The cynic is one who never sees a good quality in a man, and never fails to see a bad one ~ Henry Ward Beecher

I don't want to be cynical and I'm pleased that little Chloe Campbell has been found safe & well, but it all looks & sounds a bit dodgy to me.

I left home feeling down and cynical this morning. After a day at Texas A&M with all of those wonderful students getting their rings my optimism is back in full force. Tomorrows leaders are ready to take the reins.

I am a cynic and an outcast, a human affront to inhuman beings.

Guy 1: Like a lot of people, I'm not a cynic or a pessimist. I'm a skeptic! Guy 2: What's the difference? Guy 1: My viewpoint can still change!

Is a professional cynic, but my heart's not in it. I'm paying the price of living life at the limit.

I'm a professional cynic, but my heart's not in it!

I'm not cynical, I just think everyone has an ulterior motive.

I have always been a cynic with all these "special" days. Was driving home tonight. And heard about sibling day! Took the opportunity to swallow my pride and sort something out! So they do mean something! Life is truly too short!xx

Who wants a cynic who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing? -Oscar Wilde

Gotta give the brother his due! Even an old cynic like me.

Maybe Im a cynic- maybe I'm a realist. But either way, I'm thinking as long as I'm true to myself, I'll be happier in the long run.

Hala at my #!$%@ cynic ceezy on whatsApp 0843397764

Our culture can be salvaged, and the eclipse of God overcome. But it will require a turn away from cynicism, toward appreciation. For in the end, only the eyes that are open in gratitude will see God.

The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god or not.

If true what a lovely story, shame i'm such a cynic

Great advertising...the cynic in me says the insurance company won't care but the ad is still well made to illicit response!

So here's the cynic in me-If you never expect anything, you're never disappointed.

It takes a clever man to turn cynic and a wise man to be clever enough not to.

A skeptic doubts the claim, while the cynic doubts the claimant. Agoraphobic Philosopher.

Republicans and Democrats actually trying to do the right thing, although the cynic in me says there's probably a loophole big enough for the police and insurance companies to drive through.

Oscar Wilde — 'A cynic who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.'

It takes a clever man to turn cynic and a wise man to be clever enough not to. Fannie Hurst

""I reject such cynicism because I have lived out the promise of LBJ's efforts. Because Michelle has lived out the legacy of those efforts. Because my daughters have lived out the legacy of those efforts," Obama said. "Because millions in my generation were in a position to take the baton he gave to us." With video.

2013 made me a cynical #!$%@&! and i'm so glad it did b/c i used way too many exclamation points and smiley emoticons

I am a chiropractor, a skeptic, a cynic, and a realist. This hits home.

Falling in love is very real, but I usedto shake my head when people talked about soul mates, poor deluded individuals grasping at some supernatural ideal not intended for mortals but sounded pretty in a poetry book. Then, we met, and everything changed,the cynic has become the converted, the sceptic, an ardent zealot.

Falling in love is very real, but I used to shake my head when people talked about soul mates, poor deluded individuals grasping at some supernatural ideal not intended for mortals but sounded pretty in a poetry book. Then, we met, and everything changed, the cynic has become the converted, the sceptic, an ardent zealot.

This is truthful, romantic, inspiring, beautiful, uplifting. medicine to curb my critical cynic.

Some people think I'm a narcissist, but I'm more of a cynic than anything. I mean I hate myself, almost everyone around me, everything i hear/see, and just about every single aspect of my life. The only thing i really "feel" anymore is a pure hatred for everything. I don't know if it's just this generation that pisses me off or if it's just the way I was born, but I'm pretty sure I'd be happier if I was born in a different time, a long long time ago.

Anybody can be a cynic, dare to be an optimist

If you’re inclined to be cynical about corporations in general, and about the pharmaceutical industry in particular, the company behind Zohydro is your Exhibit A, writes columnist Yvonne Abraham.

An idealist believes the short run doesn't count. A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter. A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run.

I totally believe unconditional love exists, so I'm not the total cynic people think I am. It seems to me that unconditional love probably must exist in many places in the billions of planets and infinite number of astral planes that are rumored to exist. So pretty much I'm thinking there are trillions of instances of unconditional love; and the only place I'm rather doubting it's existence is on this plane, in this lifetime on this one planet, Earth; but as far as everywhere else goes, I'm super optimistic about it.

True Story! My colleague got married yesterday, and today, on a business call says, “I am a cynic about marriage. I don’t believe in it.” Um…. Can you wife over hear you in that honeymoon suite you have in Thailand? And not to stereotype people, but oh hell, let’s do so anyway. Can you guess the nationality?

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Life is weird, I met this great women on facebook and now women are coming out of the woodwork. Thank God I'm a carpenter. I can close them up with more wood before they get out. The one I'm really interested in has a first initial that matches mine. If you knew how many times I ignored Gods signs, then you know this time I'm keeping my eyes and mind open. God always lets the Devil slap me silly when I ignore his signs...........When the hell did I get sentimental? I'm cynic by nature. Damn that woman. I bricked off my heart years ago. Or maybe it's time the mortar was broken down. Only she holds the tools.


Just got some bad news that may be a blessing in disguise. for right now i am here at the center.. until may but then i dunno.. i keep hoping to find some miracle but the cynic in me knows aint one. no magic job or perfect partner or perfect strain.. thaank you all for the birthday wishes but i wish you would stop. i am a terrible monster.. for some reason i decide not to die but i am dogshit worthless a liar and hitler.


Self-love. I love myself. Even, especially, those things that I don't think are right or don't look the way I want them too. I love everything about me. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, repulsive, impulsive, patient, joyous, depressed, brilliant, retarded, superhuman, talker, speaker, be-er, do-er, procrastinator, laugher, rapper, liar, truth-seeker, reacher, teacher, seeker, user, maker, breaker, faker, role-model, creator, leader, brother, son, lover, holder, dropper, lifter, destroyer, motivator, singer, writer, cynic, judge, prophet, man, giant, goliath, midget, disappear-er, runner, embracer, listener, sage, teller, healer, see-er...what do you love about you?


Rhetoric and rewards The cynic claims he is wise because he no longer responds to “empty rhetoric.” But what his lack of response really shows is not that the rhetoric is empty, but that his soul is empty of the higher motives to which rhetoric once successfully appealed. The cynic is certain rhetoric alone will never persuade others to help him. If he wants to avoid being left out in the cold, he needs not eloquence but cold, hard cash. When others ask him for help, he ignores rhetorical appeals to kindness and mercy and asks what’s in it for him. The life of the cynic is concerned primarily with rewards in all its phases. In the first phase, he learns the skills he needs to earn rewards. In the second, he earns rewards. In the third, he leisurely enjoys the rewards he has earned. A life motivated by higher motives would not have this tripartite division. If I’m motivated by a passion to learn, I will learn for my entire life. If I’m motivated by love for my fellow men, I will work to help them for my entire life. Confucius advises me to rank the effort above the prize. Buddha advises me to look away from the glittering world and concentrate on improving my mind. When I run around busily seeking rewards and summarily dismiss all who would detain me with their “empty rhetoric,” I show my values are inverted. It is rewards that are empty, while rhetoric alone can help me return to the path to intellectual and moral excellence.


Am I too much of a cynic - No I don't think so either - This video and gushing nonsense explains precisely why I have little time for the vast swathes of humanity Or as I posted in reply to the previous share Made me smile, but as I am able to respond immediately after watching the video - didn't leave me speechless. Kind of reminds me of the use of the word 'Star' for some bit-part in a reality TV programme. Or bereft drivel by those who didn't actually know the person, but live a vicarious lifestyle over the death of someone who has been in the newspapers or on television because they were the off-spring of someone else who was also in the newspapers or on television. Language is being denigrated to dust - what if something really did 'leave you speechless' - how would it be described. Too much gush and PR for me and symptomatic of a world turned to un-thinking - unfeeling - uncaring media led automatons. But thanks for sharing Cat - I am still smiling at the Irish lilt and carefully chosen music which gives the video it's power. If you play it on mute - well it just looks like pups finding something of amusement for a very brief moment in their lives.


I talked with a university recruiter and was actually asked to apply to their school and was further told I could most likely test out of the first two years. The cynic in me dismissed him thinking he was from a non accredited school. Well my husband looked them up this morning and this school is in the top 20 for my field. WTH?!?!? That is top 20 in this country out of all schools including Harvard and Duke. For once I was speechless, which is rare for me.


Prayer of Confession O God, our God, we celebrate the new life which you have given us. We have experienced broken lives made whole, old wounds of alienation healed over, and tired spirits rejuvenated with new vision. Gracious God, we are so grateful for the purpose and possibilities you have placed before us. Yet there are times when doubt has overcome hope, cynicism has replaced dedication, the world’s values have captured us more than yours. Forgive us those times, we pray. Help us let go of the past that we might move joyfully into a new future that points to your love and justice. Amen.


Relationships don’t work the way they do on television and in the movies: Will they, won’t they, and then they finally do and they’re happy forever - gimme a break. Nine out of ten of them end because they weren’t right for each other to begin with, and half the ones that get married get divorced anyway. And I’m telling you right now, through all this stuff, I have not become a cynic, I haven’t. Yes, I do happen to believe that love is mainly about pushing chocolate-covered candies and, you know, in some cultures, a chicken. You can call me a sucker, I don’t care, ‘cause I do…believe in it. Bottom line…is the couples that are truly right for each other wade through the same #!$% as everybody else, but the big difference is, they don’t let it take ‘em down.


Further insights from a cynic wannabe. I have no idea how in the World this State managed to NOT, earn a spot as worst drivers! Going between 40 to 45 mph in a 50 zone for three miles on a busy street, seems to be the rule around here. Yeah I know that extra ten to five mph may seem drastic. And yes you're right you have no idea if that car ahead of you is going to constantly sit on it's brakes. Or if three out of the seven cars around you are deep within there own thoughts. Just try. It's okay. I promise you won't fall apart. Your car won't spin dangerously out of control. Just try, driving oh say the actual speed limit 5-0.


I've just had a call from my Dad. My first in six months. He's left me a voicemail saying that he's sorry he hasn't called as he's phones been broken. He completely forgot my 40th birthday no text message or card and calls me the week before his birthday. Maybe it's the cynic in me that thinks he's taking the piss!!!!


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The most unrealistic person in the world is the Cynic, not the dreamer. Hope only makes sense when it doesn't make sense to be hopeful...!!!>>>>>

What happened to Cynic? 2014 album is very different than what i was expecting to hear, bass still rocks imo.

Dear Cynicism, although u have amused me and kept me warm, u r no longer worth my time. You are much too much of an easy choice and I see adventures on the horizon. I am breaking up with you on Facebook. You're welcome.

This year hindi na ako magiging sweet, it'll take a while but I'll be really tough. Hindi na ako magpapadala sa mga false promises, instead I'll be smart. Not because I'm getting older, but because I'm starting to learn. Cynic lang ang peg?

Lol mara uri izwi zwauri Cynic vho mulela musadzi ndi zwavhukuma na or they ar jst singing? habe zwia mmbora ma

Who plays guitar and has some free time over summer. Looking to jam stuff like rage against the machine, protest, pink floyd, Cynic, Sikth, Destrage. Basic open to any musical ideas. Get some saxophone going too. Cool #!$% 👍

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Have you ever stepped on a Lego with bare feet? Well, That's how I feel about men currently. Just thought I throw it out there.

May 24th, we'll be opening for these guys at the Loft!

All too often we are surrounded by stories that portray humanity in a terrible light. This video shows that there is hope for humanity, all we have to do is start caring for others. Thank you for sharing the video Paul Harcourt Davies.

You should read this, stop whatever other stuff and read this.

Sadly a very muched overlooked band for without we would not have such cool bands as we do today

So the hundreds of thousands now having to visit food banks, thousands of benefits claimants sanctioned for no good reason, disabled and terminally ill people losing their benefits and people killing themselves after being left with no means to provide for themselves or their family is all just God's will? May I suggest that this God character might not be worth worshipping if that's what he wants? And that David Cameron is maybe not someone we should be giving power to if he's trying to channel the divine will of some cosmic wannabe-fascist and violently impose it on millions of people?

Quick read, but important info about the mind set. I choose to see the good.

Cynic definitions


someone who is critical of the motives of others

See also: faultfinder


a member of a group of ancient Greek philosophers who advocated the doctrine that virtue is the only good and that the essence of virtue is self-control