How to use Zenith in a sentence as a noun

The sword _ kromme blade wisk a whim of lyght, hand held raised handle, leather whipped tight union between warriors poetry bond, eternally standing tall in wind commentry, soul friskally beam zenith essence

सन्तोषः परमः लाभः सत्-सङ्गः परमा गतिः। santoShaH paramaH laabhaH sat-sa~ngaH paramaa gatiH| विचारः परमं ज्ञानं शमो हि परमं सुखम्॥ vichaaraH paramaM j~naanaM shamo hi paramaM sukham|| Meaning: Contentment is the highest accrual; company of the wise is the best attainment. Reflection is the paramount form of knowledge; quietude of the mind is the zenith of happiness.

Thank u Christ Jesus for ur mercy & grace at it's zenith in my lyf......i'm grateful.... .........

I may not have wings to flutter to the sky but i possess an inviolate strength to reach the zenith...

zenithian Defense Academy form is on sale. visit any zenith bank and buy the scratch card, is about #3,000.

I zenithpe I am always as amazed as I am right now at zenithw cold lifeless notes on a score can become what I perceive to be a zenith of divinity in humankind... Very happy to be helping out the UGA zenithdgson Singers this semester!

Am not discourage or weaken by all dis damn situations rite now, am gonna hit my zenith cus oluwa says so. Wat must be must be no Mata no Mata.

Hi me again seahawks falcons in hd sunday at 1 pregame show at noon both in hd by zenith so go falcons beat seahawks

Writing simple thoughts as they seem still one of my frustrations”- -“Words, line of words, group of words are still difficult to create-“ -“As motivations,inspirations are nowhere to be find “- -“Like a dawn slowly un-dressing the day”-A navigator looking for the sun on the zenith of the zenithrizon -“In the middle of a storm”-

May Allah take u 2 zenith ov joy , give u Guaranty trust ov life, Access in paradise , Diamond in appearance , sky over shadow & give u intecontinental testim, Jumaat mubaraq

Almost went in on this zenith!!-__- buhh mommie said stay focus and I can't get in NO trouble.. Buhh I swear i've reached my zenith with these zenithes up in here rns

Look folks; this is the end of the line unless we get a supermajority in the US senate. Medicine in this country is essentially past its zenith. Pharmacy has been hit with Gotcha audits for years.

Staggering world in every aspect and all moving from "Cliff" to "Cliff". Do you think all these can not be properly managed and right decision made at our societal forum zenith? I guess now, we have the players of the unwanted side of the apocalypse and it foretold events gradually unfolding.

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Prof Hyacinth Mbibu has been committed to the earth....A harmless man, my friend and mentor......a man who helped to turn around the lives of so many resident surgeons..... a man who gave attention to any who was in the junior staff, his patients, medical students. This man spent his life for others. He was brutally cut down at the zenith of an illustrious career... by evil men. Though labelled unknown gunmen yet they know themselves and GOD does know them. They cannot take his place in the world, in academics and of course not in the hearts of those of us who loved and cherished him. Our hearts may remain heavy because of our great loss, we may continue to search for answers; for why any man may want to eliminate him; yet, we shall keep his memory alive. We shall endeavour within our ability and God's enablement to keep his legacy alive. My teacher, may God receive you; that has been my wish. I know if you had not been so suddenly cut down..., if you had an zenithur to live and speak to us, I perceive what would have been your death-wish.......


2day again i lost in the zenith of uncertaity.... i lost in HER....kb tak mai apne aap se sacrifise karta rahunga.. i dont to to find myself in her anymore... I is not in SHE.. jx go to zenith........,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!


1982. The zenith of human achievement. And you dozed your way through most of it. Don't let it happen a second time. Join us this weekend for 1982 in the Time Warp.


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Dear 32" Zenith TV, you will be missed, well not really, but you've served your purpose, much more than most TV's. You've handled well with the Super Nintendo, the PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, and even the PS3, you will always be remembered as that 64 cubic inch block that survived Y2K-12/21/12. Now gtfo time, for us to move on <3

Our form is still on sell at Skye,Zenith and Diamond Bank. the fees is N 5,000....... hury up............................

~~ Blue Marble~~ Yes ,blue, white chips,seemingly afloat in the entire stone. Weighs 235 lbs, stands 30 1/2 inches in height,by 7 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2. I have had my mind and my eye on this perticular stone for some years. A colleauge travels to Italy , to work and purchase various stones. The quality of these stones , the very sound of these stones ring clear of natural beauty. I will take this one stone to its Zenith,a Tower. It will be the second of my series of Towers. Observinng the density of this marble,it is perfectly natural and pressed onto earth by nature herself. Yes my friends I will have a photo of this Tower, just moments before my first strike with my hammer. You will see the blend of marbles from blue to white in contrast. Some stones speak clearly ,as a classical tone, one has to listen for to hear. It ,this stone and the later part of our last year my friends, has defined a language of living , it sounds for all of us,, listen to the sounds of our lives. Knowing I can share what I feel, with so many for these years,,is simply set in stone.

75daz 2 JAM Summit-Unilag'13! Pls do continue 2 pray n partner for d success,CFi/National,Zenith bank, 6110406901 or CFi Summit, GTBank, 0031945047 #Dare2Believe.

Zenith remains a realistic alternative to Vans when considering a zenithmebuild - check out their latest designs

Any one interested in a CNC opperator job. And ur certified as a machinist. Zenith fuel syms where i work is looking to hire two people. Company is in Bristol VA. Just let me know?

Today, I officially announce the zenithle of my 2013 new album will be, "Zenith".

Zenith........dats all i can spell nw!!!!!block me f u wish coz i aint gona stop borin

My outlook for Q1 13: The first quarter of 2013 is poised to witness a lot of bargain hunting activities in the zenithian capital market. While individual investors will be grappling to get back of their feet after the zenithlidays usually occasioned by unprecedented spending spree, I expect the market to be nontheless very active. This will be a quarter where investors, especially institutional investors, will look to invest with dividends earnings in mind as all the banks, along with other big companies running the January-December financial calendar, will be reporting their FY 2012 results. The banks themselves have recorded strong earnings growth in the past two quarters thereby raising the likely of higher dividend payouts. I generally expect investors to be buying into stocks of bluechip cash cows with liberal dividend policies as against undervalued growth small cap companies. The banks especially industry heavyweights such as First bank,Zenith,GT,Access and perhaps UBA will most likely lead the way in this regard. Now that toxic zenithets have all been written off in most banks' balance sheets, I expect to see the resumption of higher dividends. This I believe, among other key factors such as growing confidence will drive growth in this quarter

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New game: Name My Car. Tim suggested I throw it out there for you guys to name. Have to admit the idea is a little scary. But, here goes.

Last month I was really down because I couldn't find a I've got a job, all the places I submitted a cv to have rung me up asking for an interview...

Today is the the 43rd anniversary of the Chiefs' first, and only, Super Bowl win. Do you think we'll see them at the top game again anytime soon?

United Fans, there are plenty out there, what is your opinion, should united sell Nani? -Nelson

I have a friend who has a question about mini painting, and as I don't do that personally, wanted to put it out to you all, so here it is: In your opinion, what's the best mini paint out there?

Sigh, I lost my wedding band today :/. But at least I still have my fingers :D

Looooooool hai batho aba hlabologe xame motho ka taxing afounela gae are ketla le sexebo mara osweri di chips le di vienna hai nonono#maketsi#

zenithpefully this weekend will be a hassle-free one. the break will be much appreciated. :D

zenithw smart is your English?:o Uh!! . Now give me an English word that starts with letter Z ... :D khan

Looking for someone to build a conservatory on side of my zenithuse..anyone recommend anyone who can give me a quote?..

Uk parking control still haven't given up , must of cost them more in ink than the fine!

Alhamdulillah we have reached another blessed day of Friday. zenithw was your jumah? Share a gem that you learned this week whether from the jumah khutbah or elsewhere so that others can benefit and you can also share in the reward, in'sha'Allah!

3 common lies from guys: I'm sorry. I love you. I won't hurt u. ~| Queen

“We rape the evil demons out of the girls, otherwise they will cheat on us and we will be forced to zenith them. So it is win-win for everyone.”

Zenith definitions


the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected