How to use Writ in a sentence as a noun

A lapse in any of those payments can result in what is called a "writ" being issued. It is essentially a bench warrant for your arrest.

Surely he's just using it as a readily understood metonym for liberal arts majors broadly writ.

Privatization is "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine" writ large, plain and simple. Russians who are not in some way aligned with the thieves' guild which has been running that country since the Soviet collapse by and large quietly recognize this fact.

Totalitarian government is entity writ large; external coordination is easy, since those costs are zero. But internal coordination, as Hayek and the Austrians showed, is hard and costly; central planning doesnt work.

A subpoena is a writ compelling testimony or evidence. A subpoena is not synonymous with being a defendant.

Com/media/2011/04/18/robot-journalist-writ... You'd have to tweak it for a different domain but I'm sure that would be feasible for your average gossip-rag type story.

It would be awesome to see this as the Streisand effect writ large - everything that people want to see buried actually gets a new surge of attention.

This is society writ small. If someone exercises free or critical thought, they will be labelled a 'crazy' or 'radical'.

I'm genuinely surprised to see it writ here about a photo-sharing app.

Js is just this principle writ large. > Calling it "JavaScript" is just a semantic game.

I wonder; is it not increasingly obvious that rating agencies are fraudulent by nature/rent-seekers writ large?

Would it be ok for the police to come into your home, no proper warrant other than a "general warrant", like the writ of assistance for which Americans rebelled against UK, and take your stuff, as long as they promise to not look through it? I think that would be completely unacceptable and immediately be declared unconstitutional.

Applied science is no less worthy of the title of science than is pure science, and the private sector is applied science writ large. As for pure science and government funding, I'm not against it, and promoting one over the other is not my intention, as they both have their roles to play.

Thus, we can assign a lower probability estimate to the hypothesis that the problem is the American educational system writ large. It seems to be a problem localized in certain parts of the system and population.

An American citizenship should not be considered a writ of special treatment for a terrorist. If you're going to say that terrorists can be killed without judicial overview, which I think you have to, then you can't say that doesn't apply to those terrorists who happen to be American.

Writ definitions


(law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer