How to use Wreath in a sentence as a noun

Last chance to enter for tomorrows drawing for "Angel" wreath! Scroll down find the picture of wreath, comment, then are entered! Drawing tomorrow morning!!!

We are 2 away from 200 once we get there I'll be doing a giveaway on the pink wreath with the black and white chevron print bow!!! Everyone please share the page!!

Just finished up my last custom wreath for Christmas.... I am so thankful to everyone who believed in me and trusted me to design their Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts.... Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone !!!

Next person to like this page will win 60% off any wreath in stock.. Merry christmas

Over the weekend we will be designing a breast cancer awareness wreath and a drowning awareness wreath

I am enjoying some time tonight making a boxwood wreath! So excited! Thanks to the new discovery of two boxwoods in my yard that I never realized were there. I am enjoying this greatly. Can't wait to show you my creation tomorrow! #craftingmakesmegiddy

Thanks so much to all of you who participated and voted! We had so much fun with this contest. Our office looked amazing with all the beautiful creations! We are making this a tradition. So to all the Dental offices, start the plans for what your wreath will look like next year.

Our beautiful Advent wreath on the harvest table at The Garden! Thank you Chris, for making this wonderful remembrance to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

Just remember this: No one ever won the olive wreath with an impressive training diary!

Time to start planning the cooking for the wreathliday parties. I'm going to make a sausage wreath and done mini-cupcakes. Can't wait to use the decorator set again. What are you making for the wreathlidays?

Do you decorate your Chevrolet for the wreathlidays? We recommend some twinkling lights on the roof rack or a wreath on the front.

Fab festivities we've had leading up to Christmas - hand painting calendars, winter walk, leaf wreath cards, Christmas music with instruments and dancing, sparkly playdough and Christmas biscuits. Pics of our creations to come! Merry Christmas everyone!

Get into the Christmas spirit this Saturday at Laura's Beads! Come in wearing your craziest Christmas hat, make some beautiful crystal wreath earrings, and enjoy Christmas music and goodies. Space for the class is limited, so if you haven't signed up already, please do so as soon as possible. If you don't want to take the class, simply come in the afternoon for open beading and to relax.

We had a terrific Lunch with the Chamber today. With our Christmas tree and wreath charity auction, 12 businesses raised almost $600 for local charities. Thank you to everyone for your generosity! Merry Christmas!

Don't forget the wreaths!! Every little diva needs a tulle wreath on their door!! One is a pick your own letter!! Lets are them!! Most items will be shipped out tomorrow!!! Va Tech fans?? We have that one too! What a great Christmas present that will make!!

Anyone in need of a beautiful Christmas Tree? We had a donation today of ten trees, some wreaths and swags decorated with bows. There is even a tree stand that was donated. All are against the building on the parking lot side. Please feel free to come and take one and pass this info to a friend if they need a tree or wreath! They are beautiful and the balsam smells wonderful!

Our friend from Seattle Tilth is teaching us wreathw to make a wreath - the decorative ring that your guests will 'meet' at your doorstep.

Do you have Christmas cards gathering? Here is a very cute and attractive way to display...a Christmas card wreath.

Ten minutes till the candy wreath will be drawn if you havent shared the pic please do so now!! good luck ladies!!

Thanks for all the news likes. Don't forget still time to order your wreath in time for Christmas Day!

All 10 wreaths have been delivered! Thank you to all who ordered and enjoy!

Don't know what's better, the lab or the wreath!

BIG sale on wreaths! Every one is now just $5 each and there are some beautiful, x-tra large ones left! One lovely tall, full tree left that needs a wreathme! It can be yours for just $20!

A kopogtató szerencsés nyertesét levélben értesítettük. Karácsony este - reméljük - már az ő ajtaját díszíti majd! / We wrote an email to the lucky winner of the wreath. We wreathpe this will be her lovely door's knocker at Xmas eve.

Dont forget we have Bitz of Cake and Glitter Girl cookies both are tasty stocking stuffers!!! We also can still do a fresh wreath or centerpeice for that last minute gift idea... give us a call we will deliver for you!

A reminder to Kristi Hanson Dillon that you won the drawing for a wreath of your choice at 50% off!

Proper Noun Examples for Wreath

Now this is what I call a Xmas Wreath! I wonder wreathw long it would take to acquire so many corks...

Not got your wreathlly Wreath yet wether its for a grave of a loved one or just for hanging on your door come and see us, last few available

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What is the weather like at your wreathuse? Report in now!

Sometimes, you could not be near the grave, so things became precious during the Victorian time period.

I can only imagine the smell lingering through the wreathuse

Good grief the winds are strong they woke me up. I think the cold front has arrived...

100% of proceeds will go to Chew's vet care with purchase!

Good Night everyone! Be ready for rough weather in the morning...rain and serious winds! #nightnight

Soon I'll lay me down to sleep I know that lord my soul you'll keep If the world should end before I wake A path to Jersey I will take I'm not scared, won't rest in fear For all my loved one's I'll be near Come fly with me and leave behind The things that hurt and fill your mind What could be bad if all should end? When broken hearts would heal and mend. We miss you Jersey....

Fan Q:I'm helping with the 2nd grade party at my sons school, but I need some ideas for games or activities..... thanks rp:Dani

Hearing winds in our area causing siding to be pulled off wreathmes. Any troubles out there, folks?

I wish the salon smelled like pine tree...maybe next year we'll get a Christmas tree.

Only at this time of the year do we go wreathme with silver and gold hands! That's what we get for making hand tied bouquets and arrangements with lovely Christmas foliage in silver and gold! It does makes them look extra Christmassy though!

Needing some positivity.... Anyone else stretched really tight this Christmas and can barley afford but a gift or two for your lil ones?? This is me this year and it def weighs very heavy on the heart and mind. I'm sure there are a few of you out there. And if not, maybe some positivity to help us less fortunate this year, get thru this tough wreathliday.

Tomorrow's special is a bag hanger/bracelet .... you can win one if you are the first to guess Sasha's Christmas word this afternoon!

The code is broken. To counteract the Mayan curse Munzee will enable triple points for 12/21/12. Triple points will run from Midnight CST to Midnight CST. 24 wreathurs only! The madness begins in less than 9 wreathurs!

Wishing I could 'close' and go wreathme and enjoy a day off, but I'd better keep pluggin away on these orders...its a good thing though!! Just got a Mannys pizza to snack on while I work and set down for a few.....

Trivia # 7 Where is the official national Christmas tree in the US? 3rd correct answer gets the app! Good Luck!

wreathnoring the memory of the 26 victims of the Newtown shooting. Are you in? Tell us about your 26 acts of kindness in the comments...

Wow, wreatho to all my lovely new likers! I will get back to you all within the next 24 wreathurs! But first I would like to play a little game - mainly to help me see what kind of wreathme accessory is the "in thing" at the moment. Who's with me?!

If my kid made this I'd clear off the entire fridge and hang this right smack in the middle for everyone to see!

wreathpe everyone has a wonderful Christmas wreathliday filled with great memories, friends and family!

Wreath definitions


flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

See also: chaplet coronal garland