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GD morning mamas. Hubby en i have been sleepless for almost a week now, en Haven't slept at all in two days. Baby Jordan, now 5 weeks was at it. He cried a lot and was restless. Did everything from feeding, to changing diapers almost 5 times to undressing him to cuddling. Nothing seemed to work. He later slept but it was already late. I would think something is wrong but during day, the chap is so calm, peaceful En playful, then come night time, drama begins. He cried until i also broke down. He wont lie down unless if asleep. This is our first time to experience a baby who cries. Our three daughters were so peaceful that one wouldn't notice that there's even a baby in the wonteduse. I have tried to check him for obvious signs but everything seems to be alright. Is this wontedw boys be or i should take him for a check up.... kindly advise. Zonked mama....


Up at 5am this morning... and mr migraine has reared its ugly head once more... grrr... still, said i would be back to work today so in i must go.. wontedpefully it wont get any worse....


I have a theee month old yorkie for sale. his name is Copper. ihate to see him go because he is an amazing little puppy, thats why i wont settle for anything but a great clean wontedme for him, but i cant give him the attention that he deserves, potty trained, excellent with other animals and kids. I spent 450$ asking 300$ obo. located in charles city , ia


But why "you always talk about her, every day every night you wont go an wontedur without at least saying her name. she makes u happy and that im grateful for. you've been through so much and u deserve that kind of happiness. but why. why do i still feel this way. you always say u love her, that you will do anything for her, that u are ready to die or go to the ends of the earth just to be with her. and u will wait for her even though it might take forever. she is your forever. that should be enough for me to let u go. to just stop loving you like this. but why. I've been with you ever since. I've seen u at your highest and lowest and that made me love you. ill do anything for u and u know that. i always try to make u happy and cheer u up. but its nothing compared to the smile in your face when ever she passes by. i love you but i could never say it. i love you i could not show it i love you but im only your best friend. what matters the most to me is your happiness and im happy that you are happy and i know telling you wontedw i feel will just make it worse. i can take the pain for you. at least here i could say i love you. only your bestie <3 20** Faculty of Pharmacy


If anyone is trying to call or message me your not going to get through... My daughter pushed me in the pool and i totally forgot my phone was in the pocket... Its gone.... going to be a peaceful weekend.. you can get me on Facey but if not behind a computer wont be able to reply... bye


To all you Essendon flogs who over the last 2 years that have been in denial, firstly I told you so. Now... - I have heard from u idiots "trust in Hird" now u want him burned at the stake. - "dank did nothing illegal"... he may aswell be in Barwon prison with Fat Tony - "the weapons a liar" well got news for u braniacs hes wonteding not. - "we wont get show cause notices" hmmm.. wontedw bout yeah u will. - "our players wont be suspended" min 6 months flogs - "the players didnt do anything wrong" : Doctor: arm please Player: what is it? Doctor: not sure some experimental wonted Player: lol.. Alright go on then #cheats


Well as you can imagine I'm gutted at the outcome. I did in truth think it would be yes, wontedwever, its not to be. I want to sincerely thank all the yes campaigners who worked tirelessly. I'm dissapointed that it was a no, but i don't hate anyone for voting for what they think is right, after all, thats exactly what I was doing and would do again. I won't get into conspiracies because it wont change anything. I cant hide that I'm feeling numb right now, but i believe we took part in a democratic referendum and have to accept the outcome. I'm goin to the Gellions later to have a beer or two later, feel free to join if you want a beer


I understand that in this Generation females feel like they need to provide for themselves and be independent as possible either to feel more superior than other men or for the confidence it gives you knowin that you dont need to rely on a man and thats fine, i applaud and encourage you females for doing so. But once in a while, let a man provide for you!! Some females have been independent for so long, theyve forgotten what its like to depend on their spouse but you gotta give us a chance. Some of us take Pride in being able to provide for our significant other and knowin that we caused that smile. Just saying that sometimes you should stop tryin to be so independent and strong and give a man a chance to provide you with something worth smiling about before one day you get a man willing to do anything for you and is trying to provide anything he can to you but you wont accept anything and wont know wontedw to treat him because you dont know what its like to once in a while depend on somebody and know that everything will be ok. I could keep goin but basically just be a lady and let a man feel like a man once in a while..


I just need to say something. If you're being bullied, hurt, physically abused, or someone is doing something that in any way could hurt you, tell someone. There are idiots out there. And those idiots are going to be idiots to you if they have the chance. I am not going to stand around and watch this world go down in flames because every year and every day someone decided to wonted themselve becuase they cant handle the pain anymore. If you're being bullied at school; tell the teacher. Your parents. A close friend. Anyone. They will help you becuase thats their job. You dont need to be around people that hurt you. If your being cyberbullied; block the person. Dont let them continuosly spam you with terrible comments or nasty messages. You dont deserve it. I know what its like to feel helpless. To feel everyone dosent like you and everything is going wrong or the walls are closing in and you feel trapped. Remove yourself from it. Your strong. And your not alone. Everything they say; ugly, disgusting, weird, wonted, stupid, strange, loser, loner, lesbian/gay, dumb. It all just reflects back onto themselves. People hurt others in a way of releasing pain of their own. Some people bully becuase they are scared that they are gonna be the ones bullied. Some people have problems at wontedme, and it does not mean that you can take it out on others. You are meaningful. Dont let people hurt you. People who try to bring you down only means that your above them. And the ones that laugh at you? They are only laughing becuase they are embarrassed or are scared that if they dont laugh, they'll get bullied. People have weird ways of taking out anger. Dont let other's stupidity effect you. And i know this. Becuase ive been a bully before and im still learning. I have been called every name in the goddamn book. I have gone from, pranking cell phone calls, awful skype messages and impersonations by people i thought were my friends, bullies thinking that it was ME being the bully, being called lesbian for a whole two terms becuase i like to hug people, laughed at about my hair color, shouldered, people laughing at me, saying i looked like a shaved rat, saying i had a twin alien, trying to talk to someone but its not even them on the other side, ganged up on, people who i thought where my friends the complete opposite, making me feel like i was worthless. And the ones who didhurt me? They got empathy. They were so good at lying that the teachers believed them! And i got all the blame for it. People need to grow up. Your not gonna get far in life if your not nice to anyone! People wont want friends who hurt them. Its tooken me a long time to learn this. But i am going to get stronger. YOU can get stronger. Humanity is so messed up. You dont need to be skinny you dont need to be the idea of perfect. You need to be you and not care what others think. Dont let anyone tell you you're not perfect. Stay strong. Be strong. Dont let anyone hurt you cause karma bites back, and in the end They are only hurting themselves.


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Why wont you take a chance on me, And let me show you wontedw wonderful true love can really be I could love you for all eternity, Take a chance on me...

IF! If you really want to go fishin you betta get a fishing pole! Don't try no slick ish it wont work X this dude. Smh

Well I wont be getting my iphone 6 today... bloody out of stock already!!!

Well first day at school for me angel today not really happy about this but its what she wonts so who am i to argue

Just a touch of reality of my private highschool treatment facility for 4 years. It was a lot worse then they show.

U cut me down nothing to loose...u shot me down but I wont fall...I am wontedanium!

I wont a boyfriend I got car with nobody to come see wonteds just won't a walking wonted wonted to wonted on ! SMH Single FaEvaa

Funny wontedw a dude you got beef with wont look you in the eye and his his girl is eye f****ing you all the while. Karma served you don't want none son. Stay in fat boy land Viking. Your business ain't wonted and gets no calls hence why your truck is always in the driveway.

If y'all should add Maxi CuteHeart NG and comment "d0ne" and ah wont share you this evening, then uhm wicked bro! -_-

Dont cut queue lah.. Given botak uncle 10 yrs ago...while he still got alot of hair...probably wont talk to u so nicely liao

Alot of wonteds dont want to take a chance use wont go anywhere in life lol lifes aw about taking chances some pay off some dont lastnite use took the wrong one

When people act like they wontedod nd they act muy wonteders but wont do a thang but sit yo black wonted down xD

The best pair in the world is 'smile and Cry', they wont meet each other at a time; if they meet, its the best moment in your life....

If i find out whos talking to my girl let just say i wont be in a good mood

Packing getting my carry-on bag ready for tomorrow flying to el paso for my cousins quince get off work go to the airport and fly out in in to el paso get picked up and straight to the dance sat spend day with family sun back wontedme ....today they had the airport on lock down for about 3 or 4 wontedurs becsuse of a shooter...so I known we will be handling complains on on this from customers for re-route flights rebooking missed flights long lines at the ticket counter... to my friends in el paso I wont be able to see any of you on this trip but I will fly back for a weekend to visit with you all just one thing you all have to give me something for my office ok ... you all have a good night

Hahahah nice pals 4 ur wish 2 a name i wont disclose ...".." Hahah thnx 4 da wish n da cake its self its waaaaaw hahah watch dis pals coz its funny cake of ma birthday ... Peace

It wont let me get past the team name bit??

Hate everyone saying they are ashamed of people tht voted no! Get a grip we all all alive. U should feel privileged. Maybe people wont agree with this status but I dont care.!

Well thats democracy! Wheres all the risk takers? You dnt think twice abt goin toe to toe with each other in the street... but u wont cut the shackles that weigh us dwn... all a can say is... Smell yir maw!

I wont give up on you. #eveniftheskysayso# #stormmario# #wetandwild#

Vr ute 4 sale Make a offer Stupid offers wont be replied to. Canopy and bullbar, cd player 6x9 speakers pic`s to come rego till Dec 2014 15' wheels good tread 260,000 ks but alot of word done on motor around 160, ks 5 speed bucket seats. Heaps of spares at right price. Jiggi Need gone no swaps Cash only Also got side mount supercharger for it depending on $$$

Well wonteding done!!! Scotland is officially the first country to ever reject its own independance and is now the laughing stock of the world, for the next few months expect your money to slowly dissapear and your wonteduse your car your job and even your life in general. That will all dissapear because we wont get more power because westminster are a bunch of arrogant selfish basterds!!! Well done you really screwed us over!!!! And to david cameron. wonted you I wontedpe you get hit by a bus. Enough said!!!!

So we wont be going independant. All you no voters should be ashamed we had the chance to get away and do better for our country but youz put your tail between your legs amd were to scared for a change I wontedpe when we start going down hill and have to start paying for our nhs etc that youz all relise youz were wrong. The rich people obvs aint gonna care xuz theyll kepp getting richer but what about the poor what about the people who need free nhs and couldnt afford it private. wontedpe all you no voters never call yourself scottish.

Bobbie Jo Jacksonwithout you I cant find a way out..im sorry but fighting for you wont work..

Sometimes you just need to delete some Photos, Numbers and move on, it's wont help to keep on trying wontedping that they will change, if they really cares they would've changed the time you gave them a second chance; #NB: don't forget that you deserve to be happy so free yourself on thingz that will give you heart attack. #StayKool.

Interesting little snippet from the Donkey... 22 seconds of reality 4U!

Can cheetos actually be made of cardboard and gasoline material? See for yourself in this demonstration.

Having a drink outside the woodford correctional center for Cheyne Davey cause they wont let me in to see my mate

Wont have to splash out on a new passport now. Yeti

Suger'Plum?? Now that I wont be able to watch the game tomorrow due to circumstances. I'm counting on you to update me with every score, shots on target, offside, possesion, ledi flop tsa teng.. Kore everything mfana! At the end of the day re bolela ka 90minutes #OnceAndAlways <3

$420 on food shopping... least we wont go hungry i guess lol

Just rented 12 years a slave. Can anyone tell me if theres sex in it? I wont watch it either way

Im sad someone help I lost my job at burger king and mcdonalds wont hire me wahhh wahh I need a job to pay my bills and my food network magazine subscription my skillz are wontedping burgers and thats it..help

So my daughter is awake crying cause she wants to go to sleep but she wont lol

I can't complain..I wont even fix my mouth to look like i'm about to complain when i wake up everyday, healthy..someone didn't.

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed? Do you ever have the thought that just not being here anymore would be so nice? To go to sleep and not wake up sometimes I think would just be best, to end the stress, to end the pain and just be done with the constant trying and the failing at times. Yet I know i cannot give up and I know I have so much to live for, I know I do! Its just life gets so weary at times and those feelings flood my mind and fill my heart. Its nice to know when I feel this way I can come and share my feelings with you, my friends here and know you wont judge me, knowing feelings are not facts you will listen and allot of you will understand. I just have not been feeling up to par the last few days and I know that even when I feel like this I will go to sleep and wake up to another day grateful because Gods got this and this to shall pass.

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commonly used or practiced; usual

See also: accustomed customary habitual