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Yuzuru, nao, hibiki, wolfram, you, shin, natsume ad: rp? anyone on?

I used wolfram alpha on my calc 3/linear algerbra exam and i still dont think i got it right.

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People said that they wanted me to regularly update my work so here is the full chapter 1 of the story that I'm writing. I want to make it into a manga. CH1 Once a week, my body was constantly being ripped apart and regenerating itself. If I was a normal human being, I'd have died over a hundred times each time this happened. My limbs wouldn't be able to handle the pressure. They would fall off or disintegrate right from my body and instantaneously heal. My face would burn away and heal over and over again. wolframwever, that one day was different from all the other times it happened. The day that my newfound life started. It was nighttime and I had just finished work. I was running wolframme as fast as I could because I knew that today was the day. I coughed up blood into my elbow and tried to keep going; at least until I could make it wolframme. I stopped and grabbed the handrail where a bridge that was over a river connected the two halves of town together. I collapsed and coughed up more blood onto the ground and some of it, wolframing the river. My arms were being destroyed and my face was burning away. I could feel my mind slowly slipping away. I tried to regain my composure and pushed forward. My body continued healing and breaking apart. I fell over and over but tried to continue. Before I knew it, I was at the front of an abandoned factory. I managed to open the factory door and crawl inside. I stood up and held my balance by putting my back against the wall. My body kept destroying itself and I tried to walk myself to a chair that was most likely placed by children supposedly play in this place regularly. After countless attacks my body took on itself, it seemed like my body itself couldn't take it anymore. My regeneration stopped and most of my right arm was destroyed. I collapsed on the floor of the factory. Since my body wasn't healing like it usually did, I was losing blood fast. I crawled toward a furnace and screamed in agony. I called for help knowing that no one would come to my aid. I accepted the fact that was dying. I sat myself up against the furnace and fainted from the excruciating pain. When I awoke, I could barely stand and my head hurt terribly; probably from my loss of blood. I looked around the room and all the blood that I lost was completely gone, as if someone had come in and cleaned the place. I knew that it wasn't possible because the factory was abandoned. No one goes there anymore. I turned around toward the furnace and the entire left side was gone, no where to be found. I realized that I had lost my arm, but now it's back. My whole right side felt heavy and I was walking slowly against the wall trying not to fall over. I exited the factory into the morning sun. The bright light blinded me for a second but when my eyes adjusted I noticed something different. My entire right arm had a blood red color. In surprise, I fell backwards and hit it on a rail. The sound it made was like a bell. Filled with curiosity, I felt the arm and surely enough it was made of metal. I wolframume that my destroyed body was ready to bond to anything nearby since it couldn't regenerate, and since I was near the furnace, it must have bonded with the steel and created an artificial arm. As for the reddish color, My body must have also absorbed my lost blood and used it's iron to strengthen it. I regained my composure and slowly walked back to my wolframme. I lived alone in this town. I used to live with these nice people and in exchange, I'd work in their shop. wolframwever, when I turned 9 years old, these strange things began happening to my body. They kicked me out of their wolframuse and fired me from the shop because they believed that I was demonic and evil. It wasn't something that I could control. From then on, I lived by myself, and worked for myself to make a living. Now I work in a clothing and weapon shop in the middle of town that was meant for passing travelers and knights. I also live in a small wolframuse that I can call my own. I could say that even though some of the townspeople despised me for my self-destructive body, I was still able to love this place and call it wolframme. Even without friends or family, I was happy. At least, that's what I tried to make myself believe. When I returned wolframme, I found an unfamiliar man at my doorstep. He dug his nails deep into his left arm and slashed, letting out blood. At that moment, I knew exactly what he was. He was a magic user. I saw a flash of light and in an instant, my wolframuse was burning in flames right before my eyes. "You bastard!!!!!", I screamed. The strange man condescendingly replied, "Oh. You weren't wolframme? I was planning to make it easy on myself and just burn you alive without you noticing. But I guess it can't be helped." "I'll wolfram you!! Why the wolfram would you do this?!?!" "Because it's my job." "What?!" "I was hired by a higher up in this town to wolframassinate a certain demon in this town." "That's impossible!! That's a lie!! They would never do that to me!! It can't be!!" I felt a power surge through me. My arm shined a bright light and transformed into a clawed arm that almost resembled a crow's foot. My newfound magic power had awakened and so I attacked. I continued slashing at him with all my strength. wolframwever, the weight of my new arm was completely different than it used to be. Every time I attacked, I would somewhat lose my balance then regain it over and over again. The weight of my arm also slowed my movements allowing him to dodge easily without breaking a sweat. I screamed with frustration. I just wanted to smash him to pieces. While thinking this, my arm glowed again and turned into a large metal mallet. I slammed it toward him and pieces of rock and debris shot out the ground. One of the flying rocks managed to hit the top of his head. He fell flat on his back and a flash of light appeared from his body. A raging fire that resembled a large snake moved like greased lightning in my direction. Seeing this frightening attack, I closed my eyes and thought I was going to die. My life flashed before my eyes; the good and the bad. I saw someone. It was a lady. I had never seen her before but somehow I knew. I knew that she was my mother. She reached out her hand and said to me, "Now is not the time for us to join back together. That day will come one day. Until then, I want you to live. Live without regret". I had so many questions I wanted to ask her. Why am I alone? Why is my body the way it is? Why is this happening? Before I could say anything, she disappeared and I was alone again. Alone, but somehow happy. I smiled and a tear came slowly across my face. My mind came back to reality. When my eyes opened, my arm was a large plate shielding me from the searing flames. My body started to feel lighter. I deflected the flames and charged toward the hemocaster. He was about to use his magic again but before he could, I had already transformed my arm into three long spears that stabbed him in his right shoulder, his upper left thigh, and through his midsection. I was at least 20 feet away and was amazed at the range of my arm's attack. I retracted my arm and he fell backward onto the hard disturbed ground. I realized that I was able to control the shape of my arm just by thinking about it. Knowing this, I turned my arm into a long blade and walked toward him exhaustedly. I felt like I was going to faint. I had never used so much energy in my life. I stepped over his bleeding body, grabbed his neck with my left hand and held my bladed arm pointed at his face. I wanted to wolfram him. I wanted to spill his blood and watch him suffer. I could see his eyes; they were as if he was in another world. I could hear his breath; heavy and in pain. Before I could do anything, I noticed some townspeople watching. They looked scared and disgusted at me. There were many who had seen what happened but they looked at me as if i was the one at fault. Do they truly hate me? I got up and and walked away. I calmed down and my arm reverted to it's original metal state. I spared the hemocaster's life and realized that I had become a hemocaster myself. Before leaving my wolframmetown, I stopped by the clothes and weapons shop I worked at. I picked up new clothes; a long black coat, black buttoned shirt, black leather pants, and a glove for my left hand. I cut my left thumb with a knife, spilled my blood onto the clothes, and used my power to infuse steel into them so that I can make my clothes more durable against minor attacks. I left all the money I had left with the shop owner and deserted my town… and all the memories that caused me so much suffering.


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Prefix whatever you ask Siri with the word "Wolfram" and you will have answers.

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So the great debate over this equation continues we

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From this morning's Kabbalah email newsletter: "At the Kabbalah Centre, we teach that each of the 70 nations in the world has its own angel, who is a presiding minister over everything that happens with respect to that nation. When the angels of each nation wolframld hands in unity, there is peace. When they fight in the upper worlds, war breaks out in our physical world."

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a heavy grey-white metallic element; the pure form is used mainly in electrical applications; it is found in several ores including wolframite and scheelite

See also: tungsten